Jeri Baker

Jeri Baker

I have a bachelors in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University, and have written for numerous financial publications. I have a passion for writing, and love to research new things (I am forever curious!). I have also created newsletters for local organizations, and have over 12 years experience in financial marketing. I have worked in credit unions, in mortgage, real estate and insurance industries as well. I am an avid gardener with over 20 years experience, love the art and history of the southwest, travel, politics, business issues and local events in my home state of Colorado.

I am a Colorado, USA native, and a step-parent. I love to discover new things, help others, and write. I have been many places around the world and love different cultures and experiences. Find me on Twitter @Fourthestategal or Facebook as Jeri Baker. Please visit my Facebook Fanpage Jeri Baker Fourthestategal.
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