Anni Sofferet

Anni Sofferet

Anni Sofferet (which translated from Hebrew means: I am a novelist) is the online pen-name of Tal Boldo (author of The Sound & The Echoes Anni is a full-time freelance writer and the DIY warrior behind Her accomplishments on YCN include the Rising Star Award, Best of AC, and Hot 100.

You can find her writings on Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Homes and Yahoo! Shine, as well as Yahoo! Movies, News, Your Wisdom and YCN. Outside the Yahoo network, Anni is a published novelist with degrees in English Literature and Sociology.

Anni s areas of expertise include economics and finance, based on her experience as a former small business owner and manager. Her four year DIY renovation of an old house taught her much about home improvement and decorating, wisdom she enjoys sharing on her DIY women s website and articles. In addition, Anni has owned and trained rescue dogs for over 10 years and loved them for over 20. She currently owns 3 rescue dogs and writes about her experiences to help pet owners everywhere improve the life of their furry friends.

In her free time, Anni has enjoyed crafting since she was a little girl. Her grandmother taught her how to sew and knit, while her grandfather taught her woodworking. Anni enjoys making her own clothes, knitting sweaters for the family (dogs included) and creating holiday and home decor. Putting her woodworking skills to good use, Anni likes to build furniture and home accessories.

Anni is also passionate about philosophy, politics, psychology, economics, classic literature and poetry. On the lighter side, Anni is a classic movie buff and enjoys British comedies (all of them). She also plays the piano and guitar.
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4 year renovation of an old House, B.A. in English Literature and B.A. in Sociology, published novelist.


Imagination and pigheadedness will make your dreams come true.
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