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"It is impossible to stop a man or woman who will not quit" Mike Humes



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  • Micha's Corner - Topic: Using People
    Using someone and lying about how you feel, just to get close to someone else, is not only insensitive but dangerous.
  • Top Three Women in Commercials
    The marketing team hit the nail on the head with these ladies.
  • Michael Sams
    Now that Michael Sams has come out, will this affect his draft options?
  • 5 Signs He/She is NOT the One for You
    Romantic relationships can be tough whether they are new or old. In the long run, relationships can be a blessing. At the same time, there are some relationships we find ourselves in that are unhealthy.
  • Poll Question: Does Defense Fake Injuries?
    Does defense sometimes fake injuries to slow down the momentum of the offense? Yes or No? Additional thoughts on the issue?
  • Poll Question: The Kardashians - Do You Care What is Happening?
    Most of us cannot turn on the TV, check out a magazine rack, or look at trending topics without seeing something about Kim Kardashian, Khloe' and Lamar Odom, Kourtney and Scott, Kris Jenner, or other members of the famous family.
  • BigDaddie Sports Season 3
    Season 3 has begun, and the guys are at it again with straight-forward talk, bold predictions and humor that will keep you entertained throughout the show.
  • How to Handle Unsolicited Parenting Advice
    When to speak up and when to hold your peace
  • How I Broke My Shopaholic Habit
    How I realized I had a shopping problem and what I did to fix it.
  • Poll Question: Foul or Flop?
    Is flopping a good strategy to get a foul call or is this a form of cheating?
  • All-Female Sports Show
    My goal of being a part of an all-female sports show.
  • Poll Question: How Important is Facebook (FB) in Your Life?
    Is it just me or does every other argument you hear about have something to do with FB?
  • Memories of Travis Alexander
    Travis Alexander was a friend. I miss him very much. I wanted to share just a few memories I cherish of him.
  • Muay Thai Fighting
    Here in Arizona, president of Siam Fight Productions, Thiago Azeredo, provides young fighters with a stage to demonstrate their skills within this art form.
  • From Proud Parents to Small Business Owners
    Proud Sports Parents LLC is a brand new small business that has not yet launched. The purpose of this article is to share the beginning of the journey.
  • Baseball Playoffs (Haiku)
    A haiku is a unique poetry form consisting of 3 line, non-rhyming, stanzas each containing 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line.
  • Memphis Fans Boo the Fact That Blake Griffin Can Walk
    Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs: Blake Griffin gets hurt. Grizzlies' fans boo when he is able to walk.
  • My 10th Toastmasters Speech: 86,400 Seconds
    This edition of Micha's Corner focuses on the amount of time you allow certain people to be a part of your life.
  • Micha's Corner
    The theme of Micha's Corner is "Even the positive girl gets irritated sometimes."
  • A Dream Come True?
    Flash fiction is a form of writing where a story is communicated in 100 words. The story carries an implicit message.
  • Micha's Corner
    Micha's Corner is a column based on the theme "Even the positive girls gets irritated sometimes."
  • Micha's Corner
    Micha's Corner is a weekly column based on the thought "Even the positive girls gets irritated sometimes."
  • Micha's Corner
    My weeky column discussing minor irritations. After all, even the positive girl gets irritated sometimes. This week's topic - New Year's Resolutions
  • Winter in Arizona (Haiku)
    A haiku is a poetic form consisting of 3 unrhyming lines and 17 total syllables - The 1st and 3rd lines have 5 syllables while the 2nd line has 7 syllables.
  • The Birth of Jesus (Poem)
    Celebrating the birth of Christ
  • Self Focus (A Villanelle)
    A villanelle is a poem made up of 19 lines (5 tercets and 1 quatrain). Lines 1, 6, 12, and 18 should end with the same word, just as lines 3, 9, 15, and 19 should.
  • Christian Women's Business Expo
    Keep your calendars marked for November 12, 2011, from 10am until 3pm. Christian Women’s Business Group is hosting “A Shopping Experience for ALL Ages.”
  • Remembering 9/11 (Haiku)
    A haiku is an unrhyming poem consistening of 17 syllables in 3 lines. The syllable pattern is 5-7-5. This haiku is in memory of those we lost on 9/11.
  • "Sunday's Best"
    My thoughts on the show and why I do not intend to watch again.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    There are thousands of organizations that need the time and donations of people like you and me so they can continue to be a blessing to the community. Please take the time to find out more about them and how you can help.
  • My Sad Friend (Tritina)
    A poem written in the form known as a Tritina
  • The Joke is on Her (Villanelle)
    My first attempt at the poetic form called a Villanelle
  • A Night to Remember (Haiku)
    A haiku is a poetic form - The first and third lines have 5 syllabus, while the second has 7
  • Wedding Wishes
    A poem inspired by new love
  • Bible Verses for Daily Life
    Here are just a few of the Bible verses that guide me through good times and bad times. I wanted to share them in the hopes that they will encourage someone else as well.
  • Miami Heat: On Fire!
    Spoelstra and his team are on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. So much for the naysayers.....
  • Memories of Graduation Day
    The only thing that will stop you from graduation is quitting.
  • Charles Barkley: The Simon Cowell of Basketball?
    Am I the only one who cannot help but think of Simon Cowell, at times, when Charles Barkley is sharing his thoughts on a game or a specific player or coach?
  • Just Say No
    We all hate to disappoint others but when we overextend ourselves it typically leads to mental and physical health concerns.
  • Interview Mistakes to Avoid
    Interviewing can sometimes be tough but we can make the process easier for ourselves by avoiding a few simple mistakes. Here are five that I have seen over the years that will put you at a quick disadvantage in the interview process.
  • When to Quit a Job
    The average person will change jobs several times over their working lives. People grow, interests change, opportunities arise, and skills develop. How do you know when it is time to quit a job and move on to a new opportunity?
  • Suggested Weight Loss: Should You Be Offended?
    Weight is a sensitive topic for many of us. If your significant other suggests weight loss to you, do yourself a favor and take a quick step back from the emotion of the situation, to truly verify where they are coming from.
  • Wedding Debt
    It has often been said that one of the top causes of divorce is financial strain. That being said, it stands to reason that starting a marriage with wedding debt is unwise.
  • Friends in Pain: A Poem
    My prayer to be a blessing to those in pain
  • 2011 NBA All-Star Game
    Well, another All Star game has ended and once again, there can only be one MVP when it is all said and done. This time the honor when to Kobe Bryant. Kobe had a spectacular performance finishing with 37 points.
  • Hot Headed Parents Breed Hot Headed Children
    Just when I thought I had seen it all, parents were having to be restrained at my son's basketball game today.
  • Parent Behavior at Children's Sporting Events
    Our behavior at our children's game will either positively impact them or negatively impact them. What do your actions say about you in this situation?
  • Christina Aguilera
    "If you would stop analyzing everything and just look for things to appreciate, you would live happily ever after." Abraham-Hicks
  • Stalking Will Not Bring Him/Her Back
    Stalking is a dangerous game that results in dramatically low self-esteem, addictions, restraining orders, and even death.
  • Disagreeing with Tact
    Ever notice how after some disagreements you are drained and nothing is accomplished but frustration?
  • Do You Have a Dream?
    Do you have the faith to move forward when others don't think your goal is unreasonable? When it gets hard? When there are naysayers?
  • Like Attracts Like
    If like, indeed, attracts like, then that may very well be the reason that some men/women are not attracting the type of man/woman they want.
  • America Perseveres Through Tragedy
    As America grieves following Saturday's attack on Representative Giffords at a Safeway store in Tucson, Arizona, the question once again arises as to what could have been done to prevent this vicious attack?
  • The Conversation Series
    The Conversation Series aims to focus on topics that many people do not like to discuss publicly, if at all.
  • Life Lessons from Football
    What gets me so excited every time I watch an NFL game? The inspiration I receive from the players.
  • Drink Responsibly
    Hints and Tips for a safe New Year's Eve
  • Are You Insane?
    We have heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Do you still have the same resolution this year that has gone unmet over the past several years?
  • Christmas Morning: A Poem
    A short poem I was inspired to write when I woke up this morning.
  • A Poem for Tina
    A poem inspired by my friend, Mrs. Tina Sykes.
  • The City of Cleveland Vs. Lebron James
    This article speaks to the reluctance of Cleveland Cavalier fans to move after the exit of LeBron James to the Miami Heat. Some therapy might be indicated. Ca we get a call in to Dr. Phil?
  • Miami Heat: Taking the Heat
    Sports writers and correspondents have begun to analyze every move to the point that it begs the question of whether the team is being over analyzed.
  • Makeup Advice from a Professional
    From licensed esthetician and owner of the Divine Hands Day Spa , Angela Fort, comes 10 makeup tips you cannot afford to miss.
  • Always Thankful, Always Grateful
    A Thanksgiving Day Poem
  • Movie Etiquette
    Do you know someone who needs a lesson in movie etiquette? Are YOU the person?
  • Black Friday
    Holiday shopping without going into debt.
  • Why Good Girls like Bad Boys - Three Theories
    It's an age old question. Why do good girls often go for bad boys? Everyone knows a young lady that fits the stereotype of a good girl but she does not go for boys who fit a similar profile. There can be several reasons for this.
  • Double Standards: Which Ones Do You Carry?
    Are double standards learned behavior from our parents or mentors, or do we create our own through life experiences?
  • Sweetest Day
    What is Sweetest Day and why is it typically observed only in the Midwest?
  • Things Parents Do that Embarrass Their Children
    The three most common things parents do that make their children want to run and hide.
  • "The Talk"
    No parent looks forward to the day they will have to have "the talk" with their child. The very thought of it is enough to make some parents feel sick or even have a panic attack.
  • Dirty Football or Good Strategy?
    OMG, was my only thought as I watched Gano make a 52-yard field goal that did not count due to a timely time out call by the Texans' coach, Gary Kubiak.
  • Steps to Handling Customer Service Complaints
    Handling a customer service complaint does not have to be a stress-induced situation.
  • Kanye West: Let it Go
    Some fans have taken their distaste for Kanye's behavior a bit too far.
  • When the One You Look Up to Lets You Down
    There are some people in life that we expect to let us down. But, what happens when the hurt comes from the place we least expect it?
  • How to Handle a Buzzkill
    How many of you can name someone, right now, who is a buzzkill? Try not to respond out loud if the buzzkill is sitting next to you while you are reading this.
  • Depression is a Symptom
    Is depression a condition or just a symptom of a more serious condition?
  • Facebook Foolishness
    For those of us who use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, there are things we love about Facebook and there are things that we look at and shake our heads.
  • Facebook Foolishness
    For those of us who use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, there are things we love about Facebook and there are things that we look at and shake our heads.
  • Buffets Are Not Your Friend
    We have all heard the startling statistics on obesity. We are the most overweight country in the world. There are many factors that experts attribute to this.
  • Can't We All Just Get Along?
    Have you ever wondered why a group of women cannot seem to get along? We have seen it with various types of female groups from business to entertainment. I have often thought about where this stems from.
  • A Heart Filled with Thanks
    My family and I arrived home safely today after a week long vacation, during which we traveled across the country by car. During this time we experienced no accidents, no tickets, and no car trouble.
  • True Commitment
    True commitment is defined as, "doing what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in is gone."
  • Lebron James: Judge and Jury
    Undoubtedly, the hot topic of yesterday evening and all day today is Lebron James' decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and move on to the Miami Heat.
  • To Let it Go or Not Let it Go.....That Is the Question
    Where is the line between being the bigger person and walking away, or unleashing your frustration so that it does not stay bottled up? The answer to this question will be dependent on the person you ask and their current situation.
  • Purple: A Haiku Celebrating Yahoo
    Yahoo has taken over Associated Content! Here is a haiku to celebrate. A haiku is 17 syllables total consisting of 3 non-rhyming lines. The number of syllables for each line is 5, 7, 5.
  • Church Etiquette
    By recognizing and eliminating things that can distract us and others at church, we can all grow together.
  • Guilty by Association
    Has anyone ever assumed something about you because of the company you keep? Do you hang around with someone who steals, lies, or cheats? What about someone who is easy, cheap, or keeps a messy house?
  • Committed Fan, Obnoxious Fan, or Bandwagon Fan: Which One Are You?
    When it comes to the playoffs, for any sport, the true fans begin to surface. This is not always a good thing as some fans tend to make the playoffs an enjoyable event for all and some tend to make the playoffs very stressful for anyone that is near them.
  • How a Wife Wants to Be Treated by Her Husband: One Woman's Perspective
    Five suggestions for husbands regarding treatment of their wives
    Also published on:
  • Common Sense Parenting
    There is no manual when it comes to parenting. Everything is not black and white. Some decisions can prove to be tough, such as discipline, dating, school choices, and more.
  • The Power of Pedaling?
    How human muscle is used to create electricity.
  • My Must-Have Fashion Accessories Are Jewelry Sets from Avon
    Accessories tend to make you feel good, make you feel in charge, and make you feel attractive. For me, my must-have accessories are the various jewelry sets I purchase from my local Avon Rep.
  • Steps to Reduce the Likelihood of a Cheating Spouse
    issues that often lead to cheating and ways to address those issues
  • Guide to Making Your Own Graduation Announcements
    How to make your own announcements for as little as 40 cents.
  • Peripheral Vision
    a short story about a woman who sees a threat coming but has a hard time facing it
  • Bowing Out: How Easy is it to Get You to Quit?
    things people sometimes give up on as soon as a problem arises
  • Benefits of Complimenting Others
    How paying compliments can increase your happiness as well as that of others
  • Interracial Dating: Why You Should Support It
    Reasons why interracial relationships should not be viewed as negative
  • 10 Ways to Avoid Road Rage
    steps to maintaining your sanity when other drivers don't observe the rules of the road
  • Financial Fasting
    How one family is taking ownership of their finances
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