JC Torpey

JC Torpey

JC Torpey, owner & writer at Virtual Copy, IT specialist turned freelance writer with 10 and 5 years of experience, respectively, and lover of all things Goth, tech, and writing related, she lives with her husband and two cats in Philadelphia, PA.

JC regularly covers topics ranging from mobile devices, laptops, wireless networking and telecommunications carriers to social media, building and maintaining PCs, identifying and removing malware and other Internet and PC security issues, and even about the politics of the technology industry.

While she is an expert in the tech industry, she can sling dating and relationship advice with the best of them while dueling about debt and design on the side. Other topics in which JC is an experienced writer include everything from pets and politics to SEO and social media topics, among others.

With a number of customer service, management, IT, and writing certificates earned and awards won, JC participated in the YCN Featured Technology Contributor program from October 2009 until the program ended in December of 2012.

JC combines her IT knowledge with her writing skills and Gothic Geek Chic style to create controversial, but fun, articles for everyone.
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Currently@ Ashford University for BA Journalism & Mass Comm, Pol.Sci & Gov. & Web Design. Former: Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Kaplan university for Interactive Media, IT Systems and Web Design.


Love Is The Law, Love Under Will - by Aleister Crowley

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