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Born in Hilo, Hawaii. Currently live in Peoria, Arizona. Certified USBC Bronze Coach. B.A. International Business Management. Master Instructor Rating.
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B.A. International Business Management, Certified Credit Counselor, USBC Bronze Certified Coach


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  • Developing a Bowling Spare System
    It only takes two to three more spares per game to achieve that kind of rise in average. Once they are taught a sparing system, their averages invariably go up by a minimum of 15 to 20 pins.
  • The Shape of Your Bowling Shot
    PBA tour and international elite bowlers are migrating to the "straighter is greater" theory and using various methods to counter the "snappy" reaction of their bowling ball arc.
  • A Solid Foundation for Better Bowling
    We need to become better bowling students. The problem is that we're trying to get our games to come together too quickly.
  • Some Bowling Specifications for Targeting
    The significance of these "minor" details is that you'll be able to use them to adjust for different lane conditions and become a better bowler by making finer adjustments in your targeting methodology.
  • Bowling and Walking
    Here are some of my overall improvements thus far - the three board drift to the right I've always had is gone, my arm swing has begun to get “effortless” and I'm able to bowl 10 games with seemingly no effort.
  • Bowling Breakpoints for Targeting
    Regardless of the length of the pattern, it APPEARS that the "Ideal Breakpoint" seems to be right around the seven to ten boards at around the 40-feet to 43-feet mark down lane.
  • You've Got to Adjust Quicker
    I always stress to my students that they may have to continually make adjustments because there are just too many variables in our sport. You cannot, and should not, stand in one spot and throw to the same mark game-after-game.
  • Developing Solid Bowling Foundations
    Regardless of your style of bowling, there are some fundamental techniques that must be established and fine-tuned in order to have a solid foundation for your bowling game.
  • Always Strive for Excellence
    "Commit yourself to striving for excellence in all aspects of your bowling when you're practicing."
  • Adjusting Hand Positions
    A bowler doesn't have to know all the technical details of how the lane is oiled, what type of oil is being used, or what pattern is laid down. They just have to know how to adjust so they can get a better shot to the pocket and carry.
  • Your Bowling Ball Arsenal
    Remember that there are varying lane conditions you'll have to perform on. Chances are that the one ball you are throwing will perform better on one of the conditions, but not both.
  • Change up Your Bowling Technique
    This article is intended to make you think about the manner in which you're bowling your game during competition - "Food for thought," if you will.
  • When Things Go Wrong While Bowling
    Then, over the course of several practice sessions, pretend that each of those "things-that-could-go-wrong," actually do.
  • Whining or Bowling?
    Life is too short for us to spend it feeling frustrated and stressed out because we shot a low game or low series. I believe we will one day look back on our lives and reflect on why we wasted so many days feeling bad, being angry, or complaining.
  • Get Organized for Bowling Success
    Modern bowling is no longer a matter of throwing the ball down the lane and expecting to score high because you have lots of "natural ability and talent."
  • The Foul Line Correction
    Here's the gist of it: as the ball is released, the bowler senses that something doesn't feel right and makes an unconscious, automatic correction of his/her release to set the ball on the lane in the proper strike or spare line.
  • Bowling Under Adverse Conditions
    One of the things I advise people to do is to imagine everything that could go wrong when they are bowling in competition and write them down.Could you continue to bowl and finish or would you give up in disgust because your equipment let you down?
  • Adjustments for Your Bowling Center
    The variances in conditions from lane-to-lane, from one side of the house to the other, and from one time of day to the next, are caused by many factors that people tend to overlook.
  • Call Center or Contact Center?
    To me, a "call center" is one that makes repeated calls to a customer to try to establish contact (like a collections company, where I worked back in the late-90's).
  • Bowling Practice at Home
    It is understandable that their degree of advancement is directly proportional to the amount that they do their exercises away from the bowling center. Something else to mention is, at some point in time, the progress they make may rise exponentially.
  • My Corny Bowling Jokes
    Well, they weren't corny enough for me and I had to make up my own so that I'd get the bowlers listening and groaning - once they caught on that I was making some kind of a bad joke, they listened to the other general announcements that I was making.
  • Your Own Worst Enemy
    Have you sought out a bowling coach but feel it's not worth it because you're still not getting any better? Have you dedicated yourself to your efforts but it just seems that you can't catch on and only seem to get worse after every practice session?
  • House Balls and House Shoes
    I'd like to give some tips to those of you who'll continue to use bowling balls and rental shoes provided by the center that you patronize.
  • A More Knowledgeable Bowler
    The technology of our sport is advancing so rapidly that everyone - newcomers and "old-comers" alike - have to continually upgrade their knowledge of the game to keep up.
  • Check the Approaches
    One of the most common things that will occur on a bowling lane is someone sticking on the approach. In some of the cases, the person will fall and possibly suffer an injury.
  • Set a Bowling Goal and Roll
    you'll build a series of attainable steps so that each time you accomplish one, you'll be kept in a positive frame of mind. These positive gains, though small, make you see that the large objective is getting nearer, and easier, to attain.
  • Elevate Your Bowling
    Here's some of the many tendencies I've seen over the years that prevent bowlers from getting better. Let's cover some common problem areas that are working against them
  • Different Hand Release Positions
    My current "3/4 roll" is the most comfortable for me. There are times, though, that I will turn my hand under and throw a "semi-roll" because I can get the ball further down the lane and get more side roll on the ball.
  • Hints for Quality Bowling Practice
    those comparisons are the same as "apple-to-oranges" because it's a different day, different lane condition, and different environment. Still, they continue to practice bowling worrying about their score rather than working on their game.
  • The History of Junior Bowling
    Throughout the 1990's and early-2000's, over $3 million in scholarships have been awarded to junior bowlers annually and it is a worthwhile program.
  • Bowling Courtesy and Etiquette
    Bowling is a social sport and it's "rules of etiquette" are something everyone should learn for their own enjoyment as well as for others.
  • Simple Bowling Lessons
    I don't have a lot of time for all the details. I also don't want to buy any equipment because the balls at the center and the rented shoes are just fine for the amount of times we go. We usually get together about three or four times a year to bowl."
  • B.A.R.S
    Here, then, are four common adjustments that you should practice in order to be able to move comfortably between them when it's necessary to do so. A good acronym for these adjustments would be BARS - ball, angle, release, and speed.
  • Re-Inventing My Bowling
    It has been, at times, trying and very frustrating; but, I've stuck with my game plan and the rewards are on the verge of breaking through. Between my poor performances, there have been some of my highest games, series, and averages.
  • Instinctive Bowling
    I told him that he should have trusted his intuition and made the change when he first thought of it and he just sort of nodded his head without commenting.
  • Blac Ays Please
    From this position, they will follow through completely, be able to look down at their sliding foot and see that they walked straight, and watch their ball roll over their mark.
  • Success in Bowling
    What is success? Is it being a high average bowler? Is it being a great junior bowling coach? Is it being a PBA member and appearing on television?
  • 5 Bowling Practice Routines
    I hope you take the overall attitude that in practice, scores do not matter; rather, improving and sharpening your bowling skills are what's important.
  • Games Within a Bowling Game
    I'd like to introduce three other games that can add excitement to a night of bowling.
  • P League in Japan
    About a two to three years ago, I was doing research for my writings and stumbled across YouTube videos of a Japanese bowling program called the "P League."
  • Don't Over-Think Your Game
    If you find yourself worrying about all the little things when you're bowling in a league or tournament, you may find yourself scoring worse than if you just threw the ball down the lane mindlessly.
  • Self-Sabotage Your Bowling
    We are all human and we may all fall into the trap known as "self-sabotage." We do it to ourselves.
  • Play the Current Conditions
    The lanes will change and you can't expect them to play the same every time you come to bowl. There are too many variables to mention in this article.
  • Buying the Latest High-Tech Equipment
    Don't be jumping to spend your way out of a slump by buying up all the products and gadgets out there. What good is brand new equipment if you haven't gotten the fundamentals down solidly yet?
  • Patience when Coaching Bowling
    I sometimes have to answer the same question over and over again. I have to be very tolerant and extremely patient at times.
  • Maintaining Your String of Strikes
    So, keeping in mind that we are only human, the best we can actually hope for is to make the "right-adjustments at the right-time" in order to maintain that string of strikes for as long as we can.
  • Your Comfortable Bowling Style
    The basic fundamentals of our sport are solid foundations to strive for - firm starting position, excellent timing, rock solid ending position, and release of the bowling ball for maximum leverage.
  • Too Much Concentration
    You are wanting to master every detail all at once, therefore, you really aren't mastering anything.
  • What is Lane Oil?
    I tried. I searched and read articles on the internet, numerous bowling publications, and talked to pro shop people as well as several lane mechanics, a couple of whom had over 20 years of experience. No definitive answers, I'm afraid.
  • Adjusting for Oil Carrydown
    This back portion of the lane depends on nothing more than what is referred to as, "carry down." In other words, every time a ball is thrown, it picks up oil and carries it down to the drier part of the lane
  • Bowling Becomes More Mental
    So with regard to bowling, the better you become, the more your game will shift from the physical to the mental aspects of the game.
  • Bowling Ball Pitches
    One of the frequently discussed topics among bowlers is a thing called, "PITCH." It refers to the angle each of your holes are drilled into a bowling ball.
  • Your Pre-Shot Routine
    Every top professional has a certain procedure that they follow, step-by-step, prior to executing their shot or entering the game.
  • Basic Bowling Specifications
    The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) is the governing body tasked with certifying and setting the standards for all the equipment used in our sport on a worldwide basis.
  • Recreational Bowling Tips
    There is a lot of literature at the bowling center to help you learn about all aspects of bowling. Also ask your control desk person about any rules, etiquette, and other courtesies which will help you enjoy bowling better.
  • Your Dominant Eye
    Knowing about your dominant eye may help you understand that in order to hit the 10 board, you actually have to aim for the 8 board.
  • Get a Grip
    There are two basic types of grips in the sport bowling - the "conventional" and the "full fingertip." (There used to be a "semi-fingertip" grip that was recommended but not so much in the modern game anymore.)
  • One Frame, One Ball
    We know from our experiences in life that we cannot dwell on things we have no control over - the past is gone and the future is yet to occur - so why spend time worrying about those two things?
  • Short Bursts of Concentration
    A successful pro bowler thinks of bowling the greater majority of their day; us "non-pros" get to think about bowling for probably 15% of our day, if that much.
  • Basic Bowling Lessons
    I am always for having new bowlers come into our sport so coaching others in their beginning stages is a prime factor as to whether their will enjoy themselves going forward. It is never good to rush their training
  • Developing Your Bowling Mental Attitude
    As you continue to improve in the physical aspects of your bowling game, you will find that you have to get control of your mental attitude in order to move to the next level of what you want to achieve.
  • Axis Tilt and Axis Rotation
    These are concerned with the manner in which the ball moves down the lane. Being able to control these two factors will go a long way towards being able to play any condition that you may encounter
  • Paying Attention and Concentrating
    Is it natural ability? Is it luck? Is it pure skill? I believe we can all agree that some of those attributes can play into the picture; yet, they do not account for consistently high levels of performance.
  • The Red, White, and Blue Oil Patterns
    It has been officially announced that the RWB patterns are being released nationwide for use. The only "wild card" is that the use of the standard is optional at this time.
  • Before Changing Bowling Balls
    Whether it is finding the proper ball or making the optimum "manual" adjustment, I advocate that it is the bowler who can find the "sweet spot" on the lane for that particular day is the one who has the advantage.
  • Some Forgotten Bowling Tips
    You will not bowl great all the time and neither will you bowl bad all the time. Shooting high scores all the time are things we strive for, but, not the reality. Peaks and valleys are the norm. Great scores and slumps never last forever.
  • How to Read the Lanes
    We do not really "read the lanes;" what we really do is "read our ball reaction to the lane condition."
  • The Growth of International Tenpin Bowling
    According to the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA), there are now "over 100 million bowlers, of which 10 million are participating in tournaments, leagues, and championships."
  • About Bowling Ball Balance
    If you're going to get serious about bowling, you would surely want to learn and understand about what you're doing when you spend upwards of $150 for a state-of-the-art bowling ball.
  • A Bowling Accessory Kit
    Every athlete, I'm sure, has an accessory kit (aka "personalized first aid kit") that they carry with them hidden away in their bowling bags or lockers.
  • A Budget is Important
    One of the most important things budgeting does is make you aware of your spending and in turn, helps you gain control of your spending.
  • Bowling Breakpoint Theory
    It is a practical technique in common use by almost all of the top-ranking pro bowlers. Any tool that helps me improve my carry percentage and raise my scores, I have to learn more about and master.
  • The Modern Bowling Game
    There are very few bowlers nowadays who can do well in traveling leagues or tournaments with only one bowling ball or one style of bowling.
  • Some Basic Bowling Terminology
    This is a short list just to get the beginner started because there is much, much more terminology. The more you go bowling, the more terms you will learn.
  • Improving Your Accuracy in Bowling
    A bowler has got to go beyond just throwing to the second arrow and hoping that the night's lane conditions will happen to let them score higher.
  • Debt Settlement Companies
    it should come as no surprise that debt settlement (or debt reduction) companies have popped up, it seems, everywhere. Although they have been around for many years, they tend to proliferate during bad economic times.
  • Your Bowling Armswing
    You may change balls, change stances, change your starting position, and change your target, but the one constant that must remain straight and relaxed is your armswing.
  • The Rules of Bowling Conduct
    Everything that we do as a society has "standards of conduct." We are held accountable for our actions and how we interact with others. These standards are really nothing more than "common sense;" and the sport of bowling is no exception.
  • How to Make Your Job Less Stressful
    Your workplace has got to be one of the most stressful places, bar none. Why? Because you do not like your job and would prefer to be somewhere else
  • Negative Thinking
    Even if we are feeling absolutely great about things in our lives, we should keep them subtle and not speak too highly of them. Have we developed into a society that believes pointing out negatives is better than being positive?
  • Six Tips for Success in Bowling
    There really is no "defense" against what others say or what you automatically think. Your only "offense" will be your mindset and attitude towards overcoming your limiting beliefs.
  • Admire Your Bowling Shot
    Other coaches and instructors have referred to this as, "posting the shot," "posting your position," and "trophy bowling."
  • Types of Bowling Tournaments
    These weekly events have become social gatherings for people. A chance to get together and compete in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. It's a great way to meet new people and make friends.
  • Bowling Personal Injury Safety
    I was reminded a few days ago of a subject that we should pay attention to, but don't. We take it for granted even though we may argue that we are participating in a "sport." And that subject, my friends, is personal injury safety.
  • Bowling Comes to Hilo, Hawaii
    Hilo, Hawaii, in the late-1950s was, as I remember it, a big city of around 25,000 people. Well, in my eyes, it had to be the most modern because we were the city that everyone came to all the time. Like, we were the center of the universe.
  • Visualization Techniques for Bowling
    Visualization should be a part of every bowler's game in order to develop their competitiveness and raise their average.

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