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Gary MacLean

Mr. MacLean is first a Christian and a firm believer in the Christian theology. Gary is happily married to his wife of 20 years and they are enjoying a peaceful retirement. He is a 40-year veteran of the industrial Quality Assurance discipline. He carries professional certifications in Inspection, Technician, Engineer, Auditor, and Manager. Gary has served on local, state, and national boards and forums regarding specific Quality issues and standards. He has also served on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the Michigan Quality Leadership Award, and the Muskegon County Quality Award boards of examiners. Mr. MacLean received The Golden Quill Award in 1993 for the best selling, technical reference text Documenting Quality for ISO 9000 and Other Industry Standards. He has been trained and is certified through the RAB, as an ISO 9000 Assessor, and is certified in the Plexus training system for QS 9000 / TS16949. Mr. MacLean has written two mainstream books; You Know I Love You, a self help book for the emotionally abused and I Didn’t Know I Wasn't Black, an autobiography of the first 14 years of his life in a racially mixed family in early 50s, prejudiced America.
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  • Commentary: Gay Marriage Ruling Could Jeopardize Some Wedding Small Businesses
    Wedding officiates fill an important gap in the marriage arena. They accept most anyone the church refuses. Is that versatility coming to an end?
  • Income Tax Refunds for Retirees
    Being retied, with a very decent retirment, both social security and a small pension, allows for a certain degree of social freedom. However, any temprorary increase in an otherwise "fixed" income is always a welcome surprise.
  • Should We Raise Our Children Without Television
    There seem to be as many opinions about the power or benfit of television as there are televisions. Is there any redeeming factor in allowing our children to watch television?
  • When to Start Dating After a Divorce
    We may sometimes find ourselves in a position where we have to sever relationships with our spouse. If that happens when is it suggested to start searching again?
  • It's My Job
    Everyone's curse; we all have to work.
  • Buying that Used Car
    Most of us, at one point or another, will be faced with looking for a used car to purchase. Be wary of certain salesmen's ploys to "trick" you into answering the way they want you to.
  • True Forgiveness
    Some of the easiest word to say are "That's allright, I forgive you." But when said do they really mean what they sound like they mean?
  • Milestones
    We all have those important, the most important, moments in our lives. We refer to them as our milestones.
  • Spring Break
    I had heard stories every year about the fabulous times my buddies had in Floria during Spring Break. Now it was going to be my turn.
  • The Real Cost of Cheating on Your Partner
    We all know the distate a cheating spouse leaves in our mouth. What has that partner sacrificed for those few moments of "illicit" pleasure?
  • Is There a Preferred Diet to Help Guard Against Heart Attacks?
    Are there preferred foods for those at risk of having a heart attack that they should consume, or foods they should stay away from, whether they are overweight or not?
  • First Person: Work Hard and Retire Early
    It is possible to get a good retirement from social security on its own. It requires hard work, strong work ethics and perseverance.
  • Buying Art on the Internet
    The Internet today is a great place to purchase almost anything you could ever want. Artwork is one of those things you can get, but you do need to be careful.
  • Successful Weight-Loss Resolution
    I didn't like being diagnosed with diabetes, but there was a silver lining around that bleak cloud.
  • The Saga of the Disappearing Book
    There is a thrill to reading a brand new book. Do the technological advances of today, the tablets and readers, threaten our cherished hard covered book? I think not.
  • What is a Friend
    So freely we toss the term "friend" around. But what is a true friend? Is there any difference between a friend and other people we know?
  • I'm Just a Man
    How do you know what your man is thinking? How do you know what he wants. Here are some suggestions.
  • Has Your Long-term Relationship Stopped Being Fun and Fresh
    After being with the same person for a period of years things may seem to have gone sour. Maybe it just seems hum drum and routine. Take a closer look, maybe you have accomplished something few ever do.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas in Sports
    The 12 Days of Christmas has become synonomous with the 12 days of many things. Here are my 12 days of sports.
  • Can the Children Be First in a Divorce
    We often hear "put the children first" when concerning a divorce. Is it really possible to ever put the children first in any divorce?
  • Can a Guy and a Girl Be Just Friends
    Many levels of relationships exist, at least in a girls mind. Can a guy have any more than either a sexual or no relationship with a girl?
  • Was the World Created from Nothing
    There are many different views on how we came to be. One of them is thrugh the creative genius of the Christian God. If God is the source of life, did he create it and the world from nothing?
  • The Benefits of a Platonic Relationship
    A platonic relationship is between a man and a oman but does not include any intimacy, so to speak. What can a man gain from such a relationship?
  • Should a College Education Be Available to Everyone?
    How available should higher education be made to American students? Should anybody be able to attend any school of their choice based only on desire, with the ultimate deciding factor being whether they are successful or not?
  • My Personal Experience with Divorce
    Divorce may seem like the cure to many a malady, but it is more often part of the malady itslf.
  • The Summer We Share
    Very little is as invigorating as a bright, hot summer day. We never have enough.
  • Father, I Knew You but a Moment
    It is so difficult at times to really see your parents as a kid. I'm privileged to be able to see my dad today for who he really was. Alas, I never knew him as I should.
  • My Foreclosure Nightmare: We Had the Dream, Now It's Time for the Reality
    Something is happening that many people still do not recognize. We, the working public, are losing. In the midst of one of the worse financial debacles of our country's history our citizens are losing their homes at an alarming rate. Where is the relief?
  • The Hungry Owl
    Owls are voracious. As intriguing as they are they are one of natures most dangerous predators.
  • Mom or Mother
    Call her Mom or call her Mother. Mom's from yesterday and those of today are still the loving parent we all need.
  • Is Smoking Grounds for Divorce
    Divorce rates are at an all time high. Many different reasons are given for divorcing. Should one of the reasons be that the other partner refuses to quit smoking?
  • Cinco De Mayo
    The small Mexican army, only half the number of the French, fought bravely and with determination in the Battle of Puebla. They fought back the French and won their short lived independence.
  • How I Started My Home Business
    Many peope would like to work for themselves. Some of us voluntarily take the leap and give it a try. Others, through the magic of downsizing, are invited into the world of owning your own business dragging your heels.
  • I Met My Wife Playing Games
    The Internet has brought us all so much closer. Is it any wonder that many of us meet on the net and establish lasting relationships?
  • Super Mario Brothers: The Game that Started it All
    There is always something ready to change your world. In my case, Nintendo introduced the gaming change of the century.
  • Why Guys Have a Hard Time with Relational Committment
    It seems, or at least the general concensus is, that guys tend to not want to commit to a relationship. If this is true what are some of the possible reasons?
  • How to Love Your Life
    Life, at times, can seem to get us down. Things happen that may seem to be overpowering. We must always look at life in a positive sense though. We must always love our life.
  • Should We Accelerate Our Brightest Students
    America tends to spend a lot of money on education in general. Special attention is paid to those who seem to have a learning problem. Some, however, naturally rise above everyone else. Should those top achievers be nurtured and promoted?
  • What is the Reward for Writing Online Content
    What drives people to write for online content sites? What gives us the drive to press on?
  • Earth Day
    The earth is primarily renewable, but for those aspects that are not what are we doing?
  • Things to Do in Spring in Los Angeles
    Another humorous look at what you can expect from America's biggest cities. Again, minus the frills.
  • One Liner Jokes About Men
    Everybody likes a good laugh, especially a clean one.
  • Job Interview - You Will Need More Than a Shoeshine
    Good preparation for a job interview can only be second nature in todays very competitive job market.
  • Women and Infidelity
    Why do some women have affairs and not others?
  • Why Won't He Get Married
    Why is it men seem to shy away from marriage.
  • A Photo Album for Gramma and Grampa
    One of the leisure activities all grandparents seem to enjoy is reminiscing over a batch of old photos. It can be difficult to keep them organized and in order though. Why not try an electronic version?
  • How to Impress a Girl
    Guys want the girl to like them, they want her to be ifatuated with them. What are some suggested ways to make this happen?
  • What Needs to Change About Campaign Finances
    We hear tales of the millions each candidate spends on their political campaign. Why can't we get a handle on campaign finances and make the election more about issues rather than who has the biggest advertising budget.
  • How Trust Creates Intimacy Within a Relationship
    What is te link between trust and intimacy in a committed relationship?
  • Facing Foreclosure
    The rash of home foreclosures lately has been deemed a tragedy, a financial disaster. Yet, this is one disaster where nobody will come running to help.
  • Family Game Night
    It's just plain good therapy to have at least one night a week where the family gets together and does something; perhaps that something is play a game.
  • The Change in Newspapers
    Newspapers are closing, shutting down business. They are reducing the number of days they offer printed news. Is this a good thing?
  • Should the United States Legalize Gay Marriage
    There seems to be a great deal of dialogue lately, regarding gay and lesbian rights when it comes to marriage. It seems to be the fashionable thing to do to support such a move. What are some layman's thoughts on the isue?
  • Symptoms of High Blood Pressure
    Sometimes you may think you just feel bad when in reality you are experiencing the symptoms of high blood pressure. HBP can be dangerous, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms.
  • Things to Do in Spring in New York City
    Just a humorous idea of what to expect when you visit New York City, minus all the flowers and frills.
  • Bible Verses with an Easter Promise
    More than bunnies or baskets, Easter reminds us of a promise made to us about 2000 years ago. If we will only believe we all can have eternal life.
  • Spring Break Surprise
    This was to be my first real Spring Break in Florida. I only hoped it would be as fun as the way my buddies described it.
  • Is Smoking a Legitimate Reason for Divorce?
    Smoking has come under extreme scrutiny lately. If your spouse refuses to try to quit should that be allowed as grounds for divorce?
  • Spring Wedding
    Weddings are all beautiful but spring weddings seem to carry a magical essence.
  • He Gave His All
    No greater love hs anyone than that he give his life for them.
  • Christianity as a Campaign Issue
    Christians are typically a quiet, subtle group. They seldom raise a fuss about anything and generally keep to themselves. The 2012 Presidential election will see a different Christian, one who is battling for personal survival.
  • Should We Accelerate Our Brightest Students
    For some reason some of our students show an extreme grasp of the material they are studying. Should we spend extra time, effort and dollars to try to capitalize on this inherent talent?
  • Why Do Men Have a Problem with Commitment
    Men seem to shy away from making a definite commitment with one woman. What are the reasons for this hesitation?
  • The Enigmatic Internet Mate
    The Internet gives us so much reach today. The world is no longer that vast wilderness we will never experience. Within seconds we can imagine our very own romantic partner. Is she real?
  • Love Your Life
    Life is the only thing we have that is worth having. Without it we have nothing. We need to learn how to love our life no matter what it is.
  • An Electronic Rendevouz
    We all meet our true mate in different ways. I was one of the few lucky ones to met mine over the waves of the World Wide Web.
  • Arise My Angel on Fire, Fly!
    It is so difficult to truly express a deep feeling you hold for someone. Perhaps a pet name will do it best. Mine, for my wife, is my Angel on Fire.
  • Your Wedding Emergency Kit
    Something is bound to go wrong, you know that don't you? Here is a kit that will help you prepare for many of the most common wedding disasters.
  • Writing Your Own Wedding Vows
    If you have decided to write your own wedding vows be sure to consider a few things.
    Christmas commemorates the birth of Christ. It may not be the right date, but it is the time we remember his birth. Still, there is something to be said for the food, gifts, candy and joy surrounding Christmas.
    There is always that one guy who is just a little bit better than you. The trick is to be able to recognize that guy.
  • WHO is SATAN
    We hear of Satan, we even speak his name. Is he fantasy or reality?
  • Personalized Auto Repair Tips
    Your first objective should be to avoid expensive auto repair trips to your local garage. Here are some tips that can help you do just that.
  • As Deep as the Ocean
    Nothing seems so immense as the ocean. Yet there is one thing, my love for my wife!
  • Christmas Sled
    There is always something special you want so bad for Christmas. This year I wanted a wodden sled.
  • Christmas Morning
    Christmas is so exciting, song, food, presents. But what excites me the most is the reason we celebrate Christmas.
  • Winter's Claim
    The wintery white can be beautiful, but what it is really here for is to claim the old and make way for the new.
  • The Cycle of Fall
    Fall is indeed a beautiful way for the earth to die and prepare for the Spring.
  • Snake Road
    Our travels took us on a road dubbed Snake road because it was so fullo of curves. Tonght travel discovered a little something on Snake road we were not expecting
  • Dead Man Walking
    I saw him just minutes earlier, at our front door, yet there he was, impaled by the steering column, sitting in his destroyed automobile.
    How do we know? How can we tell if we are saved or not?
  • The Simplicity of Starting Your Own Business
    Don't let the seemingly technical aspects of going into business for yourself scare you away. It is simpler than you may think.
  • Once Alive, Now Still
    Old schoolhouses tell so many stories, so many achievements. Let them stand forever as our constant reminder of years gone by.
  • Today, as Never Before Since 9/11, Hate Fuels Me
    Even with no direct, personal connection to the atrocities committed against the people in the World Trade Center, I feel a sense of loss. This is a never to be sated sense of loss. So I hate instead.
  • Angel on Fire
    That one special girl, the only one, where does she come from?
    Video games are now a part of the American landscape. So many available, but which one is the best one?
    Getting that one all important interview is the first challenge. Landing the job is the ultimate objective. What are some things you should not do when preparing for that big interview.
    Managers of any activity have many responsibilities. One of their primary responsibilities is their people. What traits are characteristic of a good manager?
    Credit cards seem to overpower our spending habits today. We can buy anything, even a fast food burger, with a credit card. What are the benefits of using credit cards but also, what are the downfalls?
    Some of us simply have to rent; conditions dictate we do so. We shouldn't have to accept being the victim in all rental agreements though. Ask a few simple questions to help protect you in your next rental.
    Hiring in our volatile job market today can be a real challenge. You need to find the best person for the best price. What are some things you could ask that would give you an inside look at your hopeful young candidates.
  • WHEN to QUIT a JOB
    Even in todays economy, it is sometimes best to quit a job. How do you know when you should?
    We all want the most from anything we sell or trade in. Here are some tips to help you when you decide to trade in your vehicle.
    Things may look bad but there is always a silver lining.
    What should you get your boyfriend? What wil he like?
    For guys, it is always a mystery just what to get our girl. We want to do it right, we really do. Here are some time proven suggestions.
    The publishing world is rapidly changing. Only recently someone prepared to introduce the first "all electronic" newspaper. What will this change do to you?
    Jealousy can be frustrating. How can you effectively help someone through a jealous ordeal.
  • Becoming a Wedding Officiant Online
    It's simple enough to become a wedding officiant. One click and you are on your way.
    Some say yes, other say no. Should we continue to assess the death penalty to our most heinous criminals?
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