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Optimist who enjoys writing, laughing and spreading good news. If I have but one life to live, I hope to make mine memorable. My epitaph will read: she lived, she loved, she left.
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If I have one life to live, I want to make it memorable.
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  • The Family Photo
    Psalm 128 outlines the blessing of a long life. May you live to see your children and their children. Our family portraits capture the moment but the heart captures our memories. Rest in peace, Pop.
  • Shabbat Shalom
    Eye witness account of a Jewish ritual involving Monday morning prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings of a new day.
  • Do You Wonder Why God Used Salt?
    The bible uses salt throughout the new and old testaments. Since the bible is the inherent Word of God we should never take the meaning of salt with a grain of salt.
  • Unspoken Love
    The bible tells us that no one knows the hour or the day when we will depart planet earth for the heavenly realms. Let no words go unspoken before your sunset.
  • No Greater Love
    This is the story of the immortal Four Chaplains during WWII who put others above themselves as the Dorchester was struck by a torpedo off the coast of Greenland. 700 on board would perish in the attack.
  • Leaving the Story Behind
    The average American lifespan is 78 years. There are stories left untold that are taken from our midst and forever gone. Help those we love to leave their stories behind.
  • Where is Heaven?
    Dr. Eben Alexander recently shared with ABC News that he had been to heaven and back. People are scouring the Internet daily for directions on how to get to the other side.
  • One Step at a Time
    Life can turn ugly without a moments notice. There are so many times over the course of my fifty plus years that I can recall a time when before I could blink I was brought to the brink.
  • A Diamond Wood Walking Stick
    The mystery of God and His plan to allow us to connect here upon the earth amazes me. I met Ken Laninga, The Stickman, when I researched Diamond Wood Walking Sticks. All because of the kindness of a stranger at a campsite.
  • Bobby Unser’s Federal Crime Not Really a Crime at All
    Bobby Unser made a mistake that day in 1996 when he snowmobiled onto Federal Property. The government settled with Unser in 2011 after spending a million dollars by fining him 75 dollars and slapping him with a misdemeanor.
  • Putting the Post Script on the Top
    Postscripts are afterthoughts when you have finished saying what you need to say. Sometimes I place them at the beginning because God did not give me the gift of Shut Up.
  • Turning the Corner with the Dog
    Adopting a rescue dog requires patience to understand that there will be some behavioral problems to overcome. Patience, love and reassurance can change everything.
  • Aches and Pains when You Get Older
    Oscar Wilde wrote that the soul is born old and grows young while the body is born young and grows old and that is the tragedy of life. There is splendor in the grass long after the flowers wither.
  • Good to the Last Drop Reveals the Marketing Message
    Only after I had completely finished my entire cup of coffee did I get to see the hidden marketing message in the bottom of the cup.
  • The Urban Impact on Kids in Pittsburg
    Hiking the Appalachian Trail is not for the faint hearted. Very few make it all the way from Georgia to Maine. This is the tale of two who are hiking for Urban Impact Foundation and the kids in Pittsburgh. No rain, no pain, no Maine.
  • Water Around the World
    Unsanitary water and drought conditions kill more people than any war or conflict each and every year. Think about that when you turn on the faucet or take a hot shower. There are those folks who are dying for a drink.
  • More Than 100 Candles on the Birthday Cake
    This is a slice of a long life. There are more than 71,000 Centenarians living in the United States these days. Activity is the key to longevity although not all things that launched in 1912 made it that long. The Titanic sailed and sunk in 1912.
  • Worry Will Not Block Trouble from Showing Up
    Jesus said, In this world you will have trouble. Worry will not block its entrance. There is a quote by Leo Buscaglia that says, Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. Trouble will come even when you worry that it might.
  • How I Fell into a Marketing Career
    I spent 12 years working for one of the largest lighting companies in the world and 8 years marketing medical products. I have enjoyed owning and marketing my own business and these days I am marketing myself.
  • My Life in the Toilet Bowl
    Life is just too precious to be flushed away. James Biddinger was convicted of manslaughter for killing his roommate over a clogged toilet.
  • One Thing You Are Never Too Old to Do
    There is no age limit regarding organ donation. Many people well into their eighties have successfully become organ donors. The old saying that you cannot take it with you should be changed to read: You should not take it with you.
  • Curfew for Cat Cafes
    Feline aficionados who patronize Japanese cat cafes must embrace a curfew on June 1. After eight is too late to drop by and socialize with the four-legged friends.
  • It is Easier for Some to Believe in the Bunny
    Easter is more than a basket of eggs or an Easter Bunny. It is the celebration of the resurrection and the belief of eternal life with God in Heaven.
  • Six Continental US Casualties During WWII
    The Japanese produced a highly secretive weapon during WWII that would launch from coastal Japan and land on North American shores. Six Americans were killed in Bly, Oregon on May 5, 1945 and became the only continental US casualties of WWII.
  • Which One Sends a Greeting Card?
    Are you just sending a sympathy card or a get well greeting? The greeting card industry is a huge business and Hallmark estimates that there are billions of dollars spent on greeting cards each year. Job’s friends offered a hug instead of a card.
  • Recording the Stories of Veterans
    The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that WWII veterans are dying at a rate of more than 1,000 a day. There are several Veterans Oral History programs to record their stories before they leave our midst.
  • Dead Lies and Deadlines
    Ben Franklin told us that nothing is certain except death and taxes in this world. Choosing not to believe in God makes certain that this world is all you will have ever. If you are not living with the hope of eternity than death is your final deadline.
  • Give Yourself a Gift
    A heavy heart will weigh you down and the best present that you can give to yourself is to let go of the burden. Forgive someone, erase the grudge and embittered feelings and free yourself to love through the tough times.
  • Intelligence for Your Life and Living the Dream
    John Tesh was earning a huge salary working as a host for Entertainment Tonight but he chose to risk it all and live out his passion and dreams. Today he has his own radio show, Intelligence for Your Life and is performing in live concerts.
  • Language Preservation on the Reservation
    Desiderata is a famous poem that mentions taking kindly to the counsel of the years and listening to your elders because they have much to share such as language, tradition and culture. This is the Nkwusm Salish Language Institute story.
  • What is New at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo?
    The Smithsonian National Zoo is located in Washington, DC and an estimated 1.6 million visited during 2011. The Zoo is only closed one day each year on December 25. If you have never visited the National Zoo before, put it on the calendar for 2012.
  • Enough of the Grinches Already
    Christmas is a time of rejoicing for Christians everywhere and in 1 Peter we are told that we should not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among us but we should keep on rejoicing. Therefore, I will say Merry Christmas.
  • A Heartwarming Tale of Dog Freedom
    Recently rescued beagles were freed from a laboratory in Spain after spending their entire lives in cages. The dogs were rescued by The Beagle Freedom Project of Animal Rescue, Media and Education better known as ARME.
  • The Ten Weirdest Life Forms for 2011
    We live in a technological world and oftentimes it is difficult to believe everything we see but National Geographics has revealed the top ten weirdest life forms and they have been authenticated by scientists. You have to see some of them to believe them
  • Kamikaze Turkey
    President Obama pardoned two turkeys this Thanksgiving. This is the story of the one that did not get away but chose instead to end his life in a Kamikaze fashion by diving through the Window of a restaurant in Pennsylvania.
  • Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center
    There is a place in Oregon where sick and injured animals can go to rehabilitate and be released back into the wild. It was started by J. David Siddon in the early 1980s and continues today under the direction of his son, Dave.
  • On Thanking God in America
    Too many Americans have left God out of the celebration. Thankfulness to God for all things, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, is an American tradition. Let us not forget to remember from whom all blessings flow.
  • New Warnings About Canned Foods
    Just in time for Thanksgiving and new warning are surfacing about BPA in canned foods. You may want to rethink those canned veggies and pumpkin as you prepare the menu.
  • Bad Economy Births Many Events
    American birth rates drop and tempers flare in a bad economy. This is nothing new and we need only to revisit the Great Depression to see that what goes around, comes around. Proverbs 22 tells us that the borrower is servant to the lender.
  • Do You Commute?
    The International Space Station may have the least congested commute of all. Americans spend on average 28 minutes commuting and the worst commute on planet earth goes to the city of Beijing whose rush hour just got an hour longer.
  • Who Will Be the Next First Spouse?
    Introduced in 2007 and set to last until 2016, the US Mint is releasing the First Spouse gold coins in honor of our First Ladies. Who are the First Spouse coins for 2012 and who is one of the first non-spouses to be honored?
  • Which End Do You Trust?
    Mixed signals occur on a daily basis all over the globe or around the neighborhood. When a dog is wagging their tail and barking and growling, which end do you trust?
  • Developing a New Dump Through Solar Landfills
    Americans produce trash at a rate of nearly twice what the rest of the world does. The EPA estimates we generate 4.6 pounds per person per day or 251 million tons per year that go to landfills. Solar technology for landfill reuse may be the answer.
  • Little Boy Plays Santa in Atlanta
    Bradley Thomas is just a typical seven year old who understands the commandment in Matthew 22 that says to love your neighbor. He has decided to devote his time and talents to help a family in need this Christmas.
  • Never Too Late to Tie the Knot
    Ann Thayer and Paul Walker recently got married. It was not the first marriage for either of them but it may be the last. They are octogenarians who have been dating for 17 years.
  • Breaking the Language Barriers
    Throughout the world and even here at home, the language debate heats up all the time. For those of us who reside in the US, pressing one for English causes resentment. In Latvia, pressing two for Russian is causing concern.
  • Saving the Dogs
    Thousands of dogs have been saved so far through the PetSmart Waggin Tail Rescue. The one dog to take the title of number fifty thousand was able to walk the Red Carpet and walk into her new digs at a loving home in Colorado.
  • Change Course to Reach the Destination
    William Arthur Ward once shared with us that while the pessimist complains and the optimist expects change, it is the realist who adjusts the sails. I believe that we have much to learn from the Polynesian Voyaging Society.
  • The Library Has Got the Geek
    The Public Library has transformed itself into more than just a quiet place to read a book and many are the one-stop job center and free Internet access. The Public Library has recently launched the Geek the Library campaign.
  • Life is a Family Circus
    Cartoonist Bil Keane who created the Family Circus cartoon has left our midst. He left behind almost 50 years of funny glimpses into family life through the Family Circus.
  • Everyone Knows Someone Who Has Served
    This Friday is Veterans Day and everyone knows someone who has served or is serving in the United States military. Take a moment to thank the veterans in our midst who preserve our freedoms we enjoy in America the Beautiful.
  • Focus on Parents in the Case of the Missing Kids
    There are two missing kids in the news recently. In both cases, the parents have come under suspicion. The bible tells us that not even one of these little ones should perish. I pray that is the case for both these kids.
  • Catholics Changing Response
    After 40 years of repeating the same response, the Catholic Church is changing things up a bit. Many will be confused after repeating the same response for so long and still others are welcoming the new translation.
  • Child Slavery in Cambodia
    While we slept, there was a heroic rescue taking place in Cambodia. Many girls were rescued from the bondage of child slavery thanks to the efforts of Samoly Mam Foundation. Nicholas Kristof of the NY Times accompanied her on the mission.
  • The Sounds of Impatience
    A study has confirmed that Whining is the most annoying sound in the world. We are wired to whine and some of us do it more often than others. Have you ever paid a fine for whining, my father almost did recently.
  • Devitt’s Nursery, Christmas on the Farm and Eggbert the Talking Egg
    If you lived in the Hudson Valley during the 1970s thru the 1990s you could have been one of the 80,000 people who flocked to Devitts Nursery to see Eggbert. This year, for the first time since 1999, Eggbert and his animal friends return.
  • Chinese Cyber Attacks
    China and Russia are cyber attacking the US these days. I would rather see our country involved in a Cyber War than another global conflict. Perhaps a better solution would be a sharing trend so the wars can end altogether.
  • I Would Rather Be Content Than Be Happy
    Happiness fluctuates on any given day and happiness is also temporary. Diane Sawyer announced the Most Happiest Woman in America. If she ever wants to meet the Most Content Woman, I hope she calls me.
  • Snowstorm of October 2011 - Slideshow
    It is simply amazing what you can live without when you have to survive. The freak storm of 2011 knocked the limbs off of our old maple tree that has stood for many years. The weight of the snow was too much for her to hold.
  • The Elephant and the Dog
    Tarra and Bella were an odd couple who showed the world that anyone could overcome immense differences and just be friends. They were the elephant and the dog that lived and played together at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.
  • The Scoop on Dog Poop
    Dog poop is messy and now there is a company that uses CSI technology to reveal who is not cleaning up after their pets. PooPrints claims that a single dog generates on average 276 pounds of waste per year.
  • What You Can Get at the ATM
    There are vending machines and ATMs the world over that dispense everything from flowers to cash. In Mumbai you can now get diamonds from your ATM. What is in your wallet and is it enough to use this ATM?
  • The Telegraph and the Internet
    The telegraph celebrated the 150th anniversary recently. The first telegraphers used a language all to their own and it resembled Twitter. The world was forever changed and wired together.
  • New York Governor Addresses Missing Adult Alert System
    Governor Cuomo of New York announces the Missing Adult Alert system that will be similar to the Amber Alerts used for children. Over 95 percent of missing adults are located within a quarter mile of home.
  • What the EPA Did to John Pozsgai
    John Pozsgai was a Freedom Fighter who saved thousands of lives in Hungary before coming to America to live the American Dream. The EPA turned Mr. Pozsgai's dream into a nightmare. This past week at the age of 79, he left our midst.
  • Who is Playing Ping Pong in China?
    Robotic Technology took a leap forward in China recently with the introduction of Kong and Wu. Two table tennis or ping pong playing robots. But, the cutest robot of all is yet to be introduced and his name is PaPeRo.
  • Saudi Prince Dies in New York Hospital
    Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud died in NYC this morning at the age of 85. He had reportedly been battling colon cancer since 2009 and was the half brother of the ailing Saudi King Abdullah.
  • Tall Ship LYNX Docks in Newburgh, NY Slideshow
    She is a 114 ton Lynx, which was hired to train the cast and crew of the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean. She flies pennants and flags from the 1812 era making her one of the first ships to defend our nations freedom.
  • Celebrating Birthdays
    We gathered to celebrate a birthday for my sister and mark the passage of another year and the one to come. Generations gather around the table and delight in this event.
  • Until Death Do Us Part
    Norma and Gordon Yeager died holding hands that they had held for 72 years of their marriage.
  • The Black and White of Marriage
    All the single ladies are searching for something. For the black ladies, it would appear that it is harder to find as 70 percent of professional black women in America are single these days. Who is at fault is the question.
  • Let My People Go
    The Coptic Christians are being killed in Egypt and tourism has suddenly come to a halt. There are fewer than a handful of cruise ships sailing down the Nile. I am reminded of Exodus and Moses when he said, Let my people go.
  • Who Will Be the 7 Billionth Person on Earth?
    Sometime at the end of the month around Halloween, the United Nations has determined that the 7 billionth person will be born on planet earth. Researchers believe the baby will be born in India and will most likely be a boy.
  • School Owned and Operated
    Leeton was once a booming town but the current financial crisis had forced the only grocery store in town to pull up roots and close the doors. Many in the community were left with no place to shop locally. Until the Bulldog Express came to town.
  • When the Flood Comes
    Sometimes we are not equipped to handle situations alone. I know who to call because I have been given a helpmate in my husband who comes to my emotional rescue.
  • President Obama Sends US Troops to Africa
    President Obama has ordered 100 US Special Ops troops to Uganda to advise against the LRA. What can we expect to really accomplish in Africa and when will we ever learn that there are just some places we should not go.
  • Yes, Virginia, He Lives
    It is the most famous editorial ever written. It was written in response to a little girl when she asked if Santa Claus was real. Imagine if the editorial was written about the Christ instead of the Claus. I have taken the liberty of rewriting it.
  • Hanging Out the Dirty Laundry
    Safe Homes hung up the dirty laundry and revealed all the dirty little secrets that exist behind closed doors all over America and even in Orange County, New York. It is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the shirts are still haunting me.
  • Temporary Tents
    Understanding is the key to peace in the neighborhood. If we consider the entire earth as one big neighbor, then understanding different religions and cultures can promote peaceful coexistence. As a follower of Jesus, my body is a temporary tent.
  • Only One Left in Afghanistan
    Try to imagine what it would be like to be only one in 33 million people left standing or worshiping alone. There is only one Jewish man living in Afghanistan. You have to wonder how he must feel.
  • One Day, One Breath, One Moment at a Time
    We only have this one day, one moment and one chance to change everything. Encourage one another and never stop praying. Prayer is the best gift for any occasion.
  • Snow on Saturn and the Abominable Snowman
    Snow has been discovered on Saturns moon, Enceladus. The Huff Post reported that the Abominable Snowman has been located in Siberia. Maybe he can move before the search heats up and he melts away.
  • Flash Decisions
    There is a price to pay for the daily decisions that we make whether it is speeding up through a yellow caution light or crossing a railroad track with the warning lights signaling. The children are watching our flash decisions.
  • One Small Step
    On July 20, 1969 the Eagle landed on the moon. My brother Frank was a part of the Operations Team who set the stage for Armstrong to make his historic speech, One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind.
  • Love Has Everything to Do with It
    Our Pastor is doing a marriage sermon series and mentioned that Mexico is considering a proposal to change marriage to a two year contract. Marriage would no longer be for better or worse or until death do us part.
  • Tell Me a Story, Dad
    The Oral History Program records the stories of veterans. My father will be recounting the events of December 7th for the 70th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. His story will live "in infamy" for future generations lest we never forget.
  • Trio of Women Take the Nobel Peace Prize
    The Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo, Norway this morning announced that three women have taken the coveted Peace Prize. All were diligently working on Human Rights issues in their countries. Give the girls a round of applause.
  • A Time to Offer Criticism
    There are circumstances everyday where we should stand and correct the actions of others. This was true recently when it came to my mothers dentist. Proverbs tell us that an open rebuke is better than hidden love.
  • TNT Slideshow
    There are a group of senior citizens who began tapping their feet. They are called TNT and have performed at venues all over the State.
  • Do You Have a Watch Goose?
    Even the best of sentries can get distracted and before you know it the enemy can arrive undetected. Everyone needs someone to stand guard but you should keep your own eyes open anyway.
  • Finding God on the Golf Course
    Faith based films are growing in popularity. The world is searching for answers and sometimes they are found before you reach the 18th hold.
  • Freedom of Speech
    Americans enjoy so many freedoms and one of them is the Freedom of Speech. As a writer for a community newspaper I enjoy that freedom to encourage, inspire and influence. I will never take that liberty for granted.
  • Christmas Music Fills Me with Joy
    Listening to Christmas music fills my heart with joy, even in July or September. The world will call me weird but Jesus warned us in Mark 13 that the world would not understand the source of my joy.
  • Hallmark Cards for the Unemployed
    I spoke to a representative at Hallmark this morning and she shared with me that Hallmark has been producing a few of these cards for the unemployed for the past two years in the encouragement and shoebox line of cards.
  • Faraway Friends and Family
    Funny thing about family, friends and community is that you are never more than a whisper away from one another. They will hear your whisper and come running because we are all one in the same spirit of love and unity.
  • Start the Music as Russians Change Seats
    There is a bit of a musical chair scenario happening in Russia as they gear up for a Presidential election next year, along with the United States. Already events are unfolding in Russia that will affect their Presidential election next year.
  • Who is Going Postal?
    The United States Postal Service has decided to wave the death rule. Now living people will be eligible to be honored on US postage stamps. Help to choose who should be the first to go postal.
  • We the People Will Fix the Economy
    Liquid Church in New Jersey is offering a Reverse offering to their parishioners. The people are investing the money back into the community. We the People are fixing the economy by biblical proportions.
  • Don’t Keep Your Hands to Yourself
    There is healing power in the human touch. Sometimes a simple touch can speak volumes to another human being. Reach out and touch someone.
  • I Am Being Followed
    I am being watched. I am being followed. I know because I have over 400000 pageviews. To God be the Glory.
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