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K. Coggeshall

Originally from New Mexico, Katharine is currently living in France with her husband and two young children. Traveling and parenting are at the core of her daily experiences which she draws upon when writing. Her interests in science and medicine are supported by her education received at New Mexico State University in Chemistry and Biology. Katharine is a young writer with fresh experiences and well-informed ideas.
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  • Top 10 Free Coloring Pages for Preschool Girls
    Your little preschooler will be delighted with each of these 10 excellent coloring pages. The best part is all of these sheets can be saved and printed again and again for free!
  • Visiting Champaign-Urbana with Kids
    Whether you are traveling to C-U in the summer or winter, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your kids entertained. This "twin-city" is known for its outstanding free children's programs as well as pay-by-the-session activities.
  • Las Conchas Fire Threatens Los Alamos, N.M.
    Although most of the nation is watching in panic over the idea of a nuclear lab catching on fire, the townspeople of Los Alamos keep their faith in the careful preparations that the lab updated after the Cerro Grande fire.
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  • Best IPod Touch Apps for Ages 3 to 4 Years
    Save yourself the searching and read here which IPod Touch apps are perfect for your preschooler. The top 4 games for girls and the top 4 games for boys are listed and detailed.
  • Bern, Switzerland
    Slideshow featuring Bern's old town sites, bakeries, and architecture.
  • Tips to Reduce Dental Care Costs
    How can you reduce your dental care costs without compromising your dental health? There are several ways to accomplish just that with these simple and practical tips.
  • Top 10 Summer Jobs for Teens
    For teens, summer is the perfect time to make some extra cash. Here are excellent summer jobs that offer plenty of earning potential while maintaining your free and flexible schedule.
  • Top 10 Items to Buy at a Garage Sale
    For some items, it is best to purchase them new, but there are 10 key items which are always fantastic garage sale finds.
  • Best 5 Plants for Your Garden
    Whether color, scent or maintenance are your deciding factors when selecting foliage for your garden, these top 5 plants are sure to please. Each serves multiple purposes that are sure to benefit you.
  • Tips on How to Sleep Deeper and Reduce Night Waking
    Whether you need to break caffeine and sugar habits, increase your physical activity, make your routine predictable, discipline your mind or enhance your bedroom, a solution exists for your nighttime problem.
  • Travelling with Kids Through the Geneva Airport
    The Nursey in the Geneva airport may seem like a mirage for travel-weary families, but I assure you it is real and unparalleled.
  • Spring
    A true description of spring as a season of beauty as well as one step from winter.
  • Your Guide to Geneva, Switzerland
    Free museums and parks, reasonably priced restaurants, and well-planned site-seeing make for a satisfying travel experience to one of the most expensive cities in the world.
  • Visiting Los Alamos, New Mexico with Kids
    Los Alamos, New Mexico, is a wonderful place to visit with kids as long as you know where to seek out entertainment. The Family Strengths Network, public library, and Bradbury Science Museum are all fantastic places to visit with kids.
  • Your Travel Guide to Los Alamos, New Mexico
    Rarely will you see a sky more blue, a sunset more vivid, or smell air as fresh as in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
  • Top Children's Book by Age Group
    Choosing an engaging book to read with your child is the cornerstone of a successful story time.
  • Luzern, Switzerland: Day-Trip from Zurich, Switzerland
    If you are interested in taking an unforgettable day-trip into the Swiss countryside, Luzern is the town to visit.
  • Luzern, Switzerland
    Luzern is an authentic Swiss town rich in history and culture. Included are images of the Ritterscher Palace, Franciscan church, and landmarks.
  • Best Summer and Fall Vacation 2011: New Mexico
    Two of the most exciting centennial events -- Centennial Salsa Fest Kickoff and the International Balloon Fiesta -- will be taking place in New Mexico this summer and fall 2011.
  • Your Guide to Ferney-Voltaire, France
    Ferney-Voltaire offers stellar bakeries, a large open-air market, a charming cobblestone main street, and, of course, Voltaire's Chateau.
  • New Mexico
    Pictures of the blue sky, mountain ranges, and characteristically New Mexican items.
  • Best Travel Entertainment for Your Three Year Old
    Nothing spells disaster like a bored three year old on a quiet airplane! Whether you are traveling by plane or car, taking a long journey or short, these preschool entertainment ideas are sure to create a smooth ride.
  • Most Useful Gifts to Give a New Mom
    While many mothers-to-be feel obligated to create their own registry, a first-time-mom is generally confused about which baby items will be most useful.
  • Our Family Trip to Europe
    Surviving Chicago and escaping Ireland were nothing compared to what lay ahead'"arriving in Switzerland on a Sunday.
  • How to Help Your Child Adjust to Living Abroad
    Moving to a new country with a foreign language, culture, and cuisine will undoubtedly be alarming to your little one, but assuredly for only a limited amount of time. Patience is the key to a quick adjustment period!
  • Reduce the Risk of Your Child Having Autism
    You can reduce your child's risk of autism by spacing your children more than 3 years apart and having your children in your 20s.
  • How to Treat Common Baby Ailments Naturally
    Most babies encounter minor ailments, such as cradle cap, dry skin, eye discharge, and tummy upset within their first year. The best approach to treating your baby is to use natural remedies and alternative medicine.
  • Resources for Parents Traveling with a Baby in France
    Be organized and prepared for your trip to France with your baby. Know what to buy and where to buy it!
  • Best European Winter and Early Spring Vacation: Spain
    Travel to Spain in late winter and early spring to enjoy the celebrations of carnival before the season of lent. Take advantage of the perfect climate, friendly people, and amazing culture.
  • Tackling Two Tasks: Find a Job, Find Childcare
    Down economies make ripe grounds for enthusiastic individuals with a strong work ethic, and I think I am one among this group.
  • Top 5 European Destinations for Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day is the perfect time to visit Europe! The flight fares are cheap during February and the cities are full of local people. Enjoy an authentic European experience on the most romantic day of the year!
  • Travel to Paris for a Valentine's Day Vacation
    Your February vacation to France will be filled with romantic walks, accomplished cuisine, and marvelous sites.
  • Alternative Medicine to Reduce Inflammation
    It is critical to understand the inner workings of RA and gain insight into the role that inflammation plays. Then, alternative therapies can be applied to prevent rheumatoid arthritis at the root of the problem.
  • Budapest, Hungary
    Images of Hungary's capital, Budapest.
  • 5 Fantastic Tourist Destinations in Paris
    Experience this amazing city through some of its best kept secrets and off-the-beaten-path activities.
  • Top 5 Small Towns to Visit in Switzerland
    The more rural towns of Switzerland, often overlooked, offer more authentic experiences.
  • Zurich, Switzerland
    Pictures of Zurich, Switzerland's largest city.
  • Traveling to Geneva, Switzerland in January
    Many of Geneva's main sites are located outdoors, so your vacation plans may need improvising if you plan to visit in the winter. Here are some tips from flights to food to ensure a fantastic visit to Geneva!
  • Moving to CERN: Resources for Moms with Kids/Babies
    There are many resources in English, French, and German for stay-at-home parents with spouses who work at CERN.
  • Driving Through Switzerland: Geneva, Bern, and Zurich
    Switzerland's small size makes cross-country travel practical by car, so you can experience Geneva to Zurich in less than 4 hours time!
  • Selecting a Proper Diet for Your 6 Month Old
    Things to consider when designing your baby's diet are the ease of digestion of the food, your baby's nutritional needs, and the proper balance of selections.
  • Christmas in Haute-Savoie
    Some must-sees in Annecy include the Christmas market, pine tree maze, and pedestrian shopping street. It is a spectacular destination for families young and old.
  • European Wedding dress fashions
    Images of upscale European wedding gowns.
  • Bern, Switzerland
    Pictures of the beautiful capital of Switzerland, Bern.
  • Moving to CERN: Finding Housing in France
    Moving to CERN is an excellent opportunity to work on a worldwide collaboration that is largest of its kind. If you choose to live in France, finding housing can be a challenge when confronted with both a new area and possibly a new language -- french.
  • Christmas in Annecy, France
    Pictures of this charming town's Christmas market, tree maze, and shopping streets.
  • The Perfect Gluten-free Christmas Cookie: Brunsli
    Brunsli is a traditional Swiss cookie that is perfect for Christmas. The most amazing feature about this simple treat is that it is completely flourless and gluten free!
  • Cattolica, Italy: The Benefits of the Off-Season
    Cattolica is a beautiful coastal town on the Adriatic Sea, located in the Rimini Province of Italy. There are numerous benefits to vacationing in Cattolica in December.
  • Cattolica, Italy
    Picturesque Italian town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Images taken in both the summer and winter.
  • Geneva in December
    Pictures of Geneva in December including escalade, snow, lights, and shops.
  • Moving to CERN: Switzerland or France?
    There are several factors to consider when moving to CERN and one of them is whether to live in Switzerland or France.
  • Make a Personalized Coloring Book Portfolio for Your Child
    While the novelty of a child's presents wears off in a matter of days, thoughtful gifts will please your little one for years to come. One idea for a unique and personalized gift that you can make for your kid: A coloring book!
  • Low-carb Meals for Kids
    Providing your child with one low-carbohydrate meal per day will boost their protein and vegetable intake while keeping their carb intake within the recommended range for the day.
  • Best European Ski Vacation December 2010
    The December 2010 ski season is off to a fantastic start in the Geneva region of the Alps!
  • Annecy, France
    Pictures of a gorgeous French town.
  • Influential Children's Books for Parents to Read to Their Kids
    Reading-time fosters cuddling as well as communication by choosing books that teach your family's morals and beliefs. Your child will develop an amazing appetite for reading once you select the perfect gourmet of books!
  • Great Presents for a 1-year-old
    One-year-olds are still easily over stimulated, so it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a present with flashing lights and irritating music. Instead, opt for a gift with staying power'"one that will be played with for years to come.
  • Great Presents for 2-Year-Olds
    The key to buying a great present for a 2-year-old is in finding a toy that can either move with the child or that the child can manipulate with his hands.
  • Lyon, France
    Photos of the second largest city in France, Lyon.
  • Gruyere, Switzerland
    The breathtaking views of the medieval village, Gruyere, Switzerland.
  • My Papa
    Poem for a Father
  • Alternative Medicine Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Massage
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition which you need not suffer from any longer. Avoid costly and unnecessary surgery by practicing simple massage.
  • Help Your High School Graduate to Choose a College Major
    At this point, it may not be clear what your job as a parent is, but guiding your child through choosing the right college major will ensure him a successful career.
  • Technogym Flexibility Equipment at KeepCool Gym in Ferney-Voltaire
    The popularity of the gym has begun to climb, but many are wondering what the gym has to offer. Is there anything unique about this fitness center?
  • Best Plants for Your Dorm Room
    Plants make for perfect dorm decorations. The key is in selecting a plant that is aesthetically pleasing to you and within your maintenance range.
  • Cheap Traveling in Europe
    It is a matter of transportation that stands between you and your European journey. Train, plane, or car, read on to discover the cheapest ways to travel through Europe.
  • How to Get an "A" on Your Chemistry Final
    Chemistry can be overwhelming because of the massive amount of information, so concentrate on these 5 areas to get an A on your chemistry final.
  • 3 Great Gift Ideas for Women
    Save your money and your relationship by selecting from these 3 fool-proof presents for women.
  • Decorating Your Dorm Room
    The excitation of moving to college can quickly sputter at the first sight of your new dorm room. Think of this as an opportunity to use your creativity in order to transform this blank canvas into a welcoming work of art.
  • 5 Reasons to Avoid Apartment Living
    The idea of an apartment can sound appealing at first, but a closer look at the living experience may make you think twice.
  • 3 Tasty Treats Unique to Europe
    Europeans are known for their long-lasting meals where they savor the flavors of their fare. These three treats are unique to Europe and should not be missed if you have the opportunity to sample them.
  • Reasons to Love October
    October is one of my favorite months out of the entire year. From the warm, earthy colors to the crisp, cool air, it is all the essence of autumn in thirty-one amazing days!
  • How to Pay a Ticket in France
    Unfortunately, tickets happen no matter where you are and France has some heavy fines for those who misbehave when behind the wheel. The question is: what to do once you have gotten caught and been issued a citation?
  • Des Alpes Charmey: An Annual Swiss Tradition
    Set in the charming town of Charmey, Switzerland, a grand Swiss tradition takes place each September. Des Alpes (from the Alps) celebrates the descent of local cows from the Swiss Pre-Alps to graze in lower altitude pastures.
  • Recommended Professors at New Mexico State University (NMSU)
    Anyone who has taken a college course knows that not all professors are alike. Some have a knack for making the knowledge accessible, fun, and easy to follow while others make you more confused than if you had never set foot in the classroom.
  • Fitness Gym Opens in Ferney-Voltaire, France
    A new physical fitness gym is opening its doors in Ferney-Voltaire this September 2010!
  • Have a Successful Academic Year 2010-2011
    Make this academic year of 2010-2011 one of success by earning an A letter grade. Master the keys of study skills, which are essential to raising your grade, with these tips.
  • Kid's Lunch Classics
    Whether you have a picky eater or are just cooking challenged, these classic recipes always receive top marks from kids. Keep the traditions alive while putting a satisfied smile on your little one's face!
  • My Mama
    A daughter's love for her mother.
  • Best IPod Touch Apps for Ages 2 and 3 Years Old
    Finding appropriate iPod Touch applications for the youngest of users. Read on to discover the best apps for your 2 to 3 year old.
  • Fashion on a Budget in the Geneva Region
    Geneva, Switzerland is currently the 9th most expensive city in the world1, so shopping on a budget can be a challenge. Stay in style without breaking the bank by following these tips.
  • Best Kid's Parks Near Geneva, Switzerland
    The outskirts of Geneva is filled with a variety of playgrounds, each with its own special charm. Boats, planes, and castles will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end!
  • Solving Toddler Sleep Issues
    Follow this advice on how to minimize the sleep loss for the long-term and regain a well-rested family.
  • "La Grippe": H1N1 in France
    As the swine flu spreads steadily across the world, each country is responding uniquely.
  • What's for Lunch?
    Give the ramen noodles and frozen pizzas a rest without making a huge dent in your wallet! Enjoy a satisfying meal for lunch like you deserve.
  • Christmas Party Ideas for Families and Children
    Show your child the true spirit of Christmas by gathering friends and family for an unforgettable celebration!
  • Taming Morning Sickness
    Whether you are in the throes of a nausea-filled nightmare or are desperate to prevent another attack, these home remedies will help to reduce your morning sickness.
  • Successful Travelling with a Toddler
    The excitement of an upcoming trip can often outshine the reality of travelling with a toddler. Avoid the tears and tantrums that test your patience in public by following these successful travel tips.
  • Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for Children
    With the holiday season fast approaching, money may seem elusive. Bring fun and delight to the children in your life without exceeding your budget.
  • Geneva Region and Surrounding Areas
    The real attractions of the Geneva area showcase the culture and beauty of the Swiss-French frontier as locals experience it daily. Taste, smell, and see the region as a Genevois rather than a tourist.
  • How to Save Money While Raising Kids
    From food to entertainment, children cost an incredible amount of money. There are some tricks to spending less but not losing out.

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