Mary  Swingler

Mary Swingler

My life is a daily blessing from Jehovah. I have five amazing children, who have grown into loving responsible adults. I enjoy spending time with my four special grandchildren. Jehovah and my grandchildren are often the subject and inspiration for my writing.
I would describe myself as self-taught, why? I have learned skills through personal research, repetitive practice and focused determination.
My relationship with Jehovah sustains me through all of life's challenges. Without his loving support, I would have not been able to endure the turmoil in my family, becoming Deaf and my many health issues. He is my joy and my strength.
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an associates degree in english, an early childhood certificate


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  • November 1963 Was an Ideal Time
    This story is an editorial about life in 1963. My personal reflections about my community Santa Barbara. What affect did the Kennedy presidency and his subsequent assassination have on me and my neighbors.
  • First Person: 'Retirement' Means Keeping Financial Head Above Water
    Retirement is the “Great Expectation” of many senior citizens and I was no exception. I looked forward to the day I would reap the reward for a lifetime of hard work. My plans were quickly derailed; circumstances common to other seniors.
  • Living With Multiple Sclerosis
    Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects all aspects of your life. How can you meet the daily challenges of living with multiple sclerosis?
  • Travel to Florida and Experience the Essence of Cuba
    Travelers in Florida have two outstanding destinations from which to immerse themselves in the Cuban experience. Plan a visit to Ybor City in Tampa, Florida and/or Little Havana in Miami, Florida, to enjoy the essence of Cuba.
  • Autumn is a Notable Season
    My poem is a creative composition about the autumn season that expresses my inner thoughts and feelings. These rhyming verses describe why autumn is my favorite time of the year. This poetic composition explains the memorable features of autumn.
  • New Florida Side Trip Options
    Are your Florida excursions mundane? Do your activities leave you unimpressed? Do you often visit the same destinations out of habit? These recommendations will eliminate excursions that result in discontentment for Florida’s tourists.
  • Elegant Jewelry for Women
    Pandora Jewelry is an exclusive style of jewelry for women. Its patented design incorporates a durable threaded system that expresses a woman's personality, mood or highlight the special moments in her life, by revealing the essence of her individuality.
  • Features and Benefits of the Amana SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump
    The Amana SSZ14 Distinctions heat pump is under review. This unbiased evaluation is for the benefit of the consumer, who is contemplating buying a heat pump. It details the benefits and features of the Amana SSZ14 Distinctions heat pump.
  • A Home for Collie Dog
    Can someone survive homelessness, poverty and dangerous predators? Their lives changed; Marylou and collie dog formed an unbreakable bond. Collie dog gains a loving home and a purpose in life. Marylou regained her independence and a lifelong companion.
  • Just for Us: Bible Verses that Inspire My Life
    Godly wisdom is supremely qualified to guide us with practical and relevant instructions. If we apply the scriptures to every aspect of our lives; we can succeed in any circumstance, improve all our relationships and overcome any hardship.
  • Favorite Movie of 2011: The Help
    The Help is a movie that will stimulate your senses, engage your mind and tug at your heartstrings. A cast of excellent actresses bring real characters to life. Their honesty and depth will make an indelible impression on your life.

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