Andrea Rowe

Andrea Rowe

Andrea Rowe is a 2003 graduate of Arkansas State University achieving a BSE in psychology, honors club and a minor in English. She is a nearly thirty year survivor of childhood cancer having experienced many of the trials in attaining appropriate health care, employment, and social stigma attached to the word "cancer" as well as lots of -oscopies, -otomies, -omas and other cancer related experiences. Andrea is a mom of 2 children ages 8 and 10 who, along with herself, have a rare genetic condition called Cowden Syndrome. Andrea writes from the uncommon perspective of a childhood cancer survivor moving into adulthood roles and loves to focus on ways to make the transitions easier. She is a Southern Baptist with a strong Christian belief and loves to share articles about areas of interest she has recently learned.
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2003 graduate of Arkansas State Univeristy in Jonesboro, AR BSE in psychology, English minor


Once upon a time, I wanted a time machine so I could change everything. Now if I had it, I would change nothing.


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