Magnolia Miller

Magnolia Miller

Magnolia Miller is a freelance health & medical writer and professional blogger in women s health. She is the founder and owner of Pink Zinnia Publishing & Health Communications, LLC. She holds a professional certification as a Health Care Consumer Advocate, and is also conducting graduate research at Antioch University Midwest in Medical Anthropology with a focus on women’s health. Magnolia is the founder of the popular blog, The Perimenopause Blog where she writes extensively on perimenopause and menopause issues. She writes a weekly column on menopause at, and was recently named one of ShareCare's "Top 10 Menopause Health Influencers" for 2013
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Bachelor of Science in Accounting (LSU 1998) MA in Medical Anthropology (Antioch University Midwest 2014)


You don t have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step - Martin Luther King, Jr.
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