Laura Wrede

Laura Wrede

Author and Photographer- My first real career was real estate. I left the industry when I remarried. I joined my husband in his printing and graphics business where, among other things, I learned computer design and small business operations. I was also crazy busy in those days raising five kids while working full-time.

When the kids left home I went back into the real estate industry planning to work for another twenty years and then retire.

Then winds of change blew in like a hurricane as the real estate market crashed and my retirement landscape changed. That was the turning point. I decided to pursue my true passions: fine art photography and writing.

Now I spend my days writing articles for Yahoo and other publications, writing for clients at PGS Studio, shooting fine art photography, and writing books.

I guess sometimes it takes a storm to blow you in the right direction.
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Currently pursuing creative endeavors like writing, after leaving the real estate industry.


Degrees-Theology, Leadership, Communications, Liberal Arts with Honors


Live life fully with a creative mind and eternal spirit filled with faith, hope, love and laughter
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