Oscar Crawford

Oscar Crawford

Writer, Film Maker, Publisher, Retired Minister, Human Relations Consultant, Human Rights Advocate, and formerly Online Full Time Faculty at Grand Canyon University.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in French and Spanish 1978
Master of Divinity 1993
Master of Science Administration of Justice and Security 2008
Love and relationships of family and friends are personal priorities. I create original audio, video, print, and live presentations that serve humanity through information, inspiration and entertainment. I live in Chandler, AZ with my wife and writer Bonnie.
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Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Justice and Security


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  • Simple Leadership Tips Anyone Can Follow
    People find themselves in leadership roles at home, at work, and at play. The following tips lean more towards business application. They can be applied across the board. Apply these and your leadership will develop competence, influence, and respect.
  • Leadership Designed for Special Responsibility Not Special Privilege
    The article provides direction on the special privilege of leadership as service. It also speaks to leadership's role in quality team building.
  • Three Tips to Control Calls
    This article provides tips on taking back control of phones and eliminating invasion of privacy in the telecom era. No one has to feel frustrating stress over who is calling.
  • Common Sense Leadership
    This article speaks to common sense leadership, team guidance, and team empowerment. Common Sense Leadership is lifelong learning.
  • Tips to Boost Your Leadership Skills
    This article provides information on how to become a better leader through boosting leadership skills. Tips include honesty, trustworthiness, and affirmation.
  • Top Tips About Leadership that Anyone Can Follow
    This article speaks to basics benefiting the person responsible for leadership and productivity in organizations.
  • Quality Customer Service and 3 Tiers of Restaurants
    This article examines three tiers of restaurants; fast food, restaurant chains and fine dining for customer service, ambiance, and food.
  • 10 Reasons to Read Retired Senator John Danforth's Book “Faith and Politics"
    John Danforth's "Faith and Politics" leaves no doubt this retired Republican Senator from Missouri was a champion for the people during his three terms in the U.S. Senate. Here are 10 Reasons he may be the last great Republican for the people.
  • "Four Weeks to Renegotiate a New Relationship"
    Follow these practical steps to negotiate, renegotiate, make a deal and seal the deal to a new relationship in four weeks. You deserve the love and relationship you want. Ask for it. Negotiate for it.
  • Why 2013 is Not Socio – Economic and Political Panacea
    The employment numbers are good if you are working a job that pays a living wage with benefits, particularly healthcare benefits. The numbers may represent the facts. They do not represent the complete picture. Many Americans are struggling, suffering,
  • 25 Years Since 25th Anniversary of the March on Washington
    This article is about how my family has been present for the events and influence of Dr. Martin Luther King from Kentucky State University' Graduation of 1957, to the 1963 March on Washington, to the 25th Anniversary Honoring the March on Washington.
  • "Military Attacks on Syria Are Just"
    America's actions against Syria will meet just war action criteria. Action must be significant and decisive as reaction response by Syria's allies China, Russia, Iran and terrorists will be consequences to follow.
  • How to Survive Guilty Secrets
    The proclivity to lie and cover wrongdoing has persisted in all humans of every age and stage. There are some things many of us if not most of us will do anything to keep hidden from view and others’ knowing.
  • Feeling Moment's Surreal Ecstasy
    Time stands still for the experience of being alive in an eternal perfect moment. Sometimes experiences planned for with hopeful anticipation exceed expectations. Other times, their pure random nature is beyond all logic.
  • Tim Tebow Persecuted Prophet Athlete
    Tim Tebow is a sports legend who lives out his faith and values on and off the field. His legendary achievement won the Heisman as a sophomore and won BCS Championships. Are his quarterback skills questionable or his demonstrative spiritual behavior?
  • 5 Easy Ways to Honor Earth Citizenship Duties
    Honor your Earth Citizenship through 5 Easy Ways. Collaborate to Do No Further Harm. Heal and Regenerate the Elements. Celebrate rituals. Leave the world better. Give back your back. These are doable.
  • Praise and Worship Benefit Human Sexuality and Spirituality
    Praise and Worship honor God and life, provide opportunity for intense intimacy, and deliver release form stress. Who knew being a cheerleader with purpose could yield powerful benefits.
  • Three Easy Ways How to Opt Out of Conversations on Sex, Race, Religion, Politics and Economics
    Conversations on Sex, Race, Religion, Politics and Economics establish polar perspectives of presumed superior points of view, waste time and can generate more hostility than good when unplanned. Here are three easy ways to opt out of the madness.
  • Best Legs in Women's Sports
    Women's images move the market place. Women's sports bring more players to the table. Women's legs are standout features among the women athletes of the world. Here is a Top 10 List.
  • The Positive Value of Routine
    The word routine feels boring to many. The value in routine is dependability and production. The earth, the seasons, the human body and football offer examples of the positive value of routine.
  • Is Everybody Sexually Preoccupied in American Politics?
    This article speaks to the preoccupation American have with the sexual behavior or high profile males in leadership. This preoccupation sensationalizes the trivial. Is everybody sexually preoccupied?
  • How to Avoid Living in the Blackout of Preoccupation
    This article focuses on how to live a focused life. It speaks to the consequences of living in the blackout of preoccupation and ways to be alert and attentive in the now.
  • How to Add Value Real People Feel
    This article details four behaviors that add value real people can feel. Universally, people want to feel good at every age, stage, and condition. Presence, encouragement, empowerment, and praise are applications for how.
  • How Blomkamp’s Elysium Portrays Real World Disparity Between Haves and Have-Nots
    The article contrast the coming epic science fiction action adventure thriller, ELYSIUM, to real world disparities between haves and have-nots. Overpopulation pushes the people of the Earth to violent conflict.
  • A Book Review of Dan Brown’s Latest Work, “INFERNO”
    This is a book review of Dan Brown's latest work, Inferno. Robert Langdon tries to the prevent pathogen release that will kill 4 billion people. It is a race through hell to save humanity and the Earth. Can he do it in time. The answers are in hell.
  • Napolitano Leaves Obama Administration - is Run for White House in Her Future?
    The article examines Janet Napolitano leaving the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration for Presidency of University of California Schools. It also reviews her rise to high profile service.
  • I Saw What I Saw - There was No More I, Only WE
    Meditation allows for experiences beyond the normal sensory range. Thought broadcast in images, messages with unspoken words, undeniable and real to the receiver.
  • Two Key Tools Necessary for Relationship
    Information and Self - Awareness are key to the formation and development of quality relationships. Trendy assumptions about self and others short circuit opportunity for meaningful connection.
  • How to Negotiate Reduced Prices for Food when Grocery Shopping on a Budget
    This how-to details how family food shoppers organize to produce savings by reducing costs for food. Learn how to organize purchasing power in the best interests of families and business.
  • My Name is Not Jor - El
    This article is a prophetic warning to humanity of the stakes to irresponsible relationship management with the Earth and each other. It is late but not too late.
  • How to Meet Other Couples Older Than 50 Married More Than 20 Years in Three Simple Steps
    Couples older than 50 and married more than 20 years can make new friends and build new relationships by intentionally meeting other couples in the same situation.
  • July 4th - America and Americans Clyde and Betty Crawford Celebrate Independence
    This article provides a glimpse into the married and shared life of Clyde and Betty Crawford married on Independence Day 1951.
  • 4 Best Practices for Couples Over 50 and Married 20 Years to Manage Money, Family, Health and the Future
    This article provides four best practices - how to approaches - for managing money, family, health and the future for couples over 50 and married more than 20 years, nearing retirement.
  • How 21st Century Values Turned Superman into Something Less Than Super
    This article draws attention the the shift in American Values from the mid-20th Century, the ending modern era, to the present. This shift is reflected in the different levels of character in Superman.
  • OZ, the Great and Powerful - a Review
    This is a review of the feature film prequel to the 1939 classic film written by L. Frank Baum, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • Four Places to Go and Things to Do to Meet New People
    Greeting, meeting, dating and mating are primary imperatives to the human experience. This article presents simple how-to strategies for greeting, meeting and dating new people.
  • The Man of Steel - a Review
    This is a review of the feature film, Man of Steel, a revisionist perspective on the 20th Century story of Superman.
  • Questions for Men to Ask or Never Ask a Woman
    Asking questions is what people do. We do it all the time whether not we have thought them through. This article draws attention to the questions men ask or should never ask a woman.
  • How to Respect Aging at 60, 70, and 80
    This article speaks to the process of aging in four generations of family from the great grand parents to the grand children. We honor and respect life. We honor and respect aging.
  • How to Quit Smoking and Increase Blood Flow
    This article reveals how I quit smoking for good after hearing the right six words from the right person. I was done. I had every motivation to immediately stop.
  • Movie Review: Now You See Me
    In the IMDB (the International Movie Database) tagline, Now You See Me is a film about ‘an FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.’
  • How Six Yahoo Contributors Reached 10 Million Page Views
    Going for the gold is a recognized world class standard of achievement, This article is what six Yahoo Contributors report is their top 3 - 5 activities that have earned each of them more than 10 million page views to more than 34 million page views.
  • Star Trek into Darkness Satisfies
    This is a review of Star Trek Into Darkness, the latest installment of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Wagon Train to the stars, is the best of all Star Trek films. Into Darkness delivers everything fans expect in a Star Trek Movie. Into Darkness satisfies.
  • How to Love Your Family Through Consistent Acts of Love
    This article demonstrates practical ways to show love to family through communication; calls, asking questions and writing letters. Application works across different relational contexts.
  • How to Meet a Stranger, Love a Stranger but Not Exploit a Stranger
    A stranger is a person not yet known. A strange person is a person not yet well known, appreciated or understood. Life is exciting when making new friends and building new relationships. Strangers are friends we have not yet met.
  • How to Build Effective, Productive and Profitable Relationships in 21st Century Soil
    Social Media is the 21st Century soil, a new agricultural context where the global community comes to plant. Planters sow seeds of invested time, talent, and money to enhance relationships and profit.
  • How Shaquille O’Neal is Not Just a Giant in Sports
    Shaquille O’Neal is literally a giant celebrity with albums, films and sports awards that would film a museum. In addition, he has demonstrated a passion for education, earning multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • How to Avoid Sickness and Disease Contamination from Touching
    Being clean is the best protection from bacterial and viral infection. Hands, fingers, oral and genital touching can cause life-threatening conditions. This is a how to protect yourself from sickness and disease spread through touching.
  • How to Protect Your Family in Crisis Requires Advance Planning
    When a person shows up with a gun is not the time to ask them to wait while you develop a response plan.
  • How to Manage Family and Community During Times of Crisis
    We, the people, individually and collectively must have designed calculated crisis management plans of response before these actions take place. The following is an approach when plans of response do not exist.
  • How Small Children Make a Difference
    How to be Relevant at Every Age through giving gifts and volunteering service shares ways people at every age and stage are making a difference through giving gifts and volunteering service.
  • Why Loving People is My Super Power
    Super Power Love's gifts, privileges and responsibilities have been handed down through generations of keepers of the super power gift. Intentional and on purpose love prompts the desire to connect though touch. You do it all the time.
  • How Love Evolves in Three Stages
    Discovering real love follows three stages of development. They include the euphoria, after the euphoria and into love and truth.
  • How to Move from Courtship to Commitment
    Men and women excited to learn the how-tos of love and relationship get what they want from their relationships because they know how to move from courtship to commitment. Learning how to do things that excite us prompts us to want to learn more.
  • Why I Become Vegetarian at Midnight Ending New Year’s Eve
    I am vegetarian from January 1st until Easter. I detail why, how and what is accomplished in this article. Let is inspire you.
  • Why Men Love Plus Size Curvy Girls
    This article describes why men love plus size women with curves. The attraction and fascination is grounded in nature and science.
  • Why Immigration Reform is About People Not Politicians
    Federal Immigration Reform and Arizona Politics are at odds. I had not envisioned this 21st Century America in Arizona at age 61 after serving non – profit civil and human rights organizations, taught at colleges and universities, and marched for peace.
  • How Hand Massage Can Relieve Stress and Pain of Headache
    Learn how to minimize headache pain with hand massage. Technique is simple. Anybody with fingers can do it. Help for yourself that is natural and free.
  • World’s Cry for Trustworthy Leadership - Pope Francis the 1st?
    The people of Earth cry out for a trustworthy leadership able to inspire and motivate people to create world of productive peace and plenty. Is it Pope Francis, the 1st?
  • The CDC, Superbug CRE, and the State of Arizona
    This article speaks to the response of the Sate of Arizona to Health Care Associated Infections generally and the Superbug identified as CRE, specifically. CRE is a strain of infections resistant to standard forms of antibiotic treatment.
  • Why Women Want to Be like Angelina Jolie
    Angelina Jolie is appealing and attractive, successful and influential, maternal and mated. Women across the world want to be her. Here's why!
  • How the Arizona Trial of Jodi Arias Has Become Travesty of Justice
    Jodi Arias is on trial in Arizona for murder. The State of Arizona allows jurors to ask questions just like attorneys. What interests can jurors have other than the responsibility to weigh the evidence as presented by the prosecution and the defense?
  • CDC Report SUPERBUG CRE Found in 42 States
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report infectious bacteria resistant to standard antibiotic treatment; superbugs have been detected in hospitals and long-term care facilities in 42 states. Up to 1 in 2 patients diagnosed do not survive.
  • 21st Century Post Resurrection Reconstruction Strategies for Black Men
    This article correlates the conditions of many contemporary Black Men living out dead conditions to the dead army's bones observed by the prophet Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 37.
  • How to Celebrate Your Wife of 20 Years with a Party Her Girlfriends Would Die For
    This article details how to celebrate your wife of 20 years with a party her girlfriends would die for. Organizing activities and budget strategy are included.
  • Overweight with Chronic Conditions at Age 60 Not a Death Sentence
    I have dealt with high blood pressure since my late twenties and being overweight since my late 30’s. Sleep Apnea, hernia, cholesterol concerns, a chronic respiratory condition, being over 60, and my vanity demanded action that followed with results.
  • Superheroes Are the Souls of Legend
    This superhero story recounts the paranormal experience of how one ordinary man's falling gave him the superhero ability to use his mind to alter reality. Could it happen to you? Would you want it to happen to you?
  • The Hunchback and the Beautiful Blonde
    The Storms' story is not known and you will not be able to tell anyone what you learn. Nobody would believe you anyway. The Storms are the result of Nazi Science gone terribly right.
  • Breaking News! Tennis Star and Coach Missing Since 1996 Found
    BBC sources are reporting today that after going missing more than 17 years ago; Tennis Phenom Trinity Queen has been found. With Queen was her coach, former Wimbledon and Olympic great, Markus Lee. Old questions may now finally be answered.
  • How to Deal with Anger and Transform it into LOVE
    This article speaks to how to manage anger from a christocentric perspective with step by step practical application. When the emotional energy of anger is transformed into love, life changes for the better.
  • Look at What I was About to Miss
    This article describes those prized moments of ecstasy when time seems to stand still for experiences of pure sensational joy. Feel full alive in a perfect moment.
  • Online Love Shopping Centers Are Hazardous to Women’s Hopes, Self-Esteem, and Safety!
    Recent events in Vegas where an online dating site matched a woman with one who maliciously attacked her by stabbing precipitates the need for this article. It speak to the risks women take when shopping online for love without thorough investigation.
  • The Desire to Love and Be Loved Has Many in Pain
    This article speaks to human drama of people in love. One abruptly takes their love away without notice leaving the loved one left behind wounded and in emotional trauma.
  • Sexual Behavior of Christians is Nothing to Brag About
    Christians would have the world think they live out a higher level of sexual morality than others. The idea is born of what is perceived and believed written in the contexts of biblical texts speaking to the acceptable do's and don'ts of sex.
  • Sir Paul McCartney's Come Together Invokes Perfect Climax to 30th Olympiad's Opening Ceremonies
    This article describes the climax to the parade of nation and opening ceremonies for the 30th Olympiad in London, England.
  • 11 Ways How to Know when You Are Loved
    Men and women all over the world are on a quest for love and would not know love if love was staring them in the face. This is the first installment on 11 Ways How to Know That You Are Loved. Are You Being Loved?
  • Easter Sunday Morning 1972
    This article recounts my first personal experience of Easter. I was 20 years old. It was 1972 on the Mediterranean Greek Island of Crete.
  • Five Most Essential Skills of the Online Full Time Faculty
    This article represents a sample of online full time faculty perceptions of the five most essential skills of online full time faculty.
  • Sal’s Gilbert Pizza
    This review is of Sal's Pizza in Gilbert, Arizona. Sal is originally Sicily living many years in New York before coning to Arizona. Eating at Sal’s and enjoying the personal hospitality of Sal, Gracie and their service team was a moment to remember.
  • Popular Arizona Voter Refrain: It’s (Still) the Economy, Stupid
    This article reveals the views of seven registered Republican voters on the day of Arizona's Republican Primary, February 28, 2012.
  • Romney Win in Arizona Will Send Mixed Signals
    This article speaks to mixed signals a Romney win in Arizona will send of the presidential hopeful's intent to create a U.S. 1070 like Arizona's SB 1070. It was not good for Arizona. Will America want to alienate the world by following suit?
  • Just Loving
    This article gives an account of loving encounters I experience everyday. I never know the when, the where, the who or the how love will take place. I only know that love will happen in person, onlne, or on the phone. This is my life and I love it.
  • Woman Hit in Crosswalk on Christmas Eve
    What appears to be a drunk driver in violation of many statutes for operating a motor vehicle is not exactly what it seems on Christmas Eve.
  • 12 Pearls of Christmas, Part One
    Pearls are a reminder that the artist of Creation never wastes a hurt in the oyster or in women. Beauty always follows where love and beauty choose to live.
  • Looking for Johnny Depp
    The Legend of the Mad Hatter lives on. Meet the Ms. Mad Hatter.
  • The Value of Organizing
    We can make a difference. Each of us can make the world a better place first beginning with the value of organizing ourselves to be an asset and not a liability.
  • Where Was God on Sept. 11?
    The morning of September 11, 2011 began no different for us from any other. We all made our way to work with no idea life was about to change not just for us but for all America.
  • Metropolitan Phoenix Sport and Entertainment
    Metro Phoenix is ablaze with large sports and entertainment venue able to seat more than a quarter million fans when the spring training stadiums and high school stadiums are added to the mix.
  • Virtual Unknown
    It was the moment when mouths stood wide open in shocked disbelief. The unthinkable and the impossible had happened all in the same day. Three things happened that should not have happened.
  • Today, Let's Pray
    Once more and again our dear heavenly father, a few of your weak and humble servants come before you with humble hearts and bowed down knees to thank you.
  • The Master Jesus' Model
    Jesus says at end of Gospel of Matthew that all power (ability to act and accomplish desired outcomes) is invested in him. From declaration, Jesus identifies the common purposeful activity of all influenced to follow his model directions for living.
  • The Q ONNN Tayy Ooom
    Are you ready to know where you come from and where you are going again and literally where you have always been? If yes is your answer, then prepare to let go of your reality because where we are going is not real; or is it?
  • Whistle Britches Goes to a Wake
    This humorous story is about the experience Whistle Britches had the night he went to a wake. His mama had always told him an idle mind is the devil's workshop and if he thought about doing something wrong, he would turn to stone.
  • U.S. Economy's Immediate Benefits
    This article will speak to and reveal the U.S. Economy's immediate benefits of bringing all of the half a million U.S. military personnel and their dependents currently posted and serving worldwide, home. Foreign properties and infrastructure currently
  • Using Beauty as a Weapon, Part Two
    This is the second article in the series. Today;s installment asks the question, "Are We All Narcissists?" Well, are we?
  • Using Beauty as a Weapon
    The purpose of this part one of the article series, '..."Using Beauty as a Weapon' is to reveal the behavioral trends and activity of men and women with an exaggerated sense of themselves, their appearance, their intelligence and overall importance.
  • Suzi Q, the Best Motorcycle I Ever Owned
    The article is about an exciting time in my life. It was the summer of 1977. I married and bought my first and only motorcycle. It was time for the honeymoon road trip.
  • The Colored Man's Gold, Part Two
    This is part two of the story my great grandfather Pierre Lee told me just before he died at 103. He was a colored man with gold.
  • Confession of YES
    Americans are angry, stressed, and overly sensitive at what seems to be our triune form of government's inability to get the current job loosely known as raising the debt ceiling done. Raising the debt ceiling means approval to borrow money to pay debt.
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