Deb Martin-Webster

Deb Martin-Webster

After a successful career in Art Administration, at Temple University/Tyler School of Art, Deb has taken on a new challenging career as an aspiring writer. Her essay submitted to Yahoo in 2010, “A Short Story with a Moral Lesson -The Sailboat” continues to attract over 1000 reads a week.

Author of short story A Hot Dog Stand in the Himalayas Deb has written her first novel publish by HumorOutcasts Press entitled, Love, Montana which she describes is not your typical romance novel.

"What starts off as a love/hate relationship develops into a witty, sexy, bitter sweet love affair between a laid back western novelist with a Ph.D and a burnt out New York City art magazine columnist. Add to the mix a tightly knit group of neurotic friends, devoted family members and amusing Native American wisdom, Love, Montana promises to keep you entertained from start to finish."

Both books are currently available, in paperback and Kindle on
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University of the Arts, Graphic Design/Illustration/Photography. Former Director of Student Life and Services at Tyler School of Art/Temple University.


Education is the sustenance for a malnourished society. - Deb Martin-Webster
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