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John Soennichsen

John has written more than 200 magazine articles and four books. Over the past 30 years, he has experimented with forms of writing ranging from ad copy to screenplays. His most recent book is "Bretz's Flood: The Remarkable Story of a Rebel Geologist and the World's Greatest Flood." John remains open to considering any and all writing assignments.
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BS - U. of Oregon, MFA - Eastern Wash. University


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  • But What About Tiger Woods' Car?
    We know all about Tiger Woods' marital and extramarital life. But why won't he fess up about his car?
  • Top 10 Twilight Zone Episodes
    There are many well-deserved Twilight Zone episodes that do not get near the press of the same five or 10 we always hear about. So here are my top 10, and they're not necessarily ones you'll remember seeing.
  • Top Ten Celebrity Predictions for 2010
    Curious to know what your favorite celebs, tv shows, music artists and politicians will be up to in 2010? It's all here!
  • Cruising the Columbia Gorge
    Considered the heart of the Columbia Gorge, this green and idyllic stretch of the river offers a myriad of sights to soothe the soul and excite the senses.
  • Cruising the Columbia and Snake Rivers
    When you cruise east of Hood River on the Columbia River, you will soon note the change in scenery as you enter the east-side rain shadow of the Cascade Range.
  • A Christmas Carol - Versions from Hell
    Believe it or not, there have been 69 filmed versions of Dickens' Christmas classic. Unfortunately, some of them were very, very bad.
  • Oregon, Washington - Cruising the Columbia River
    Past the Bridge of the Gods, the Columbia widens, and the mountains on either side grow as you pass through the very heart of the Cascade Range. The sights of Hood River, including colorful wind surfers, await.
  • Five Unique Christmas CDs
    Some overlooked and underplayed masterpieces of holiday music by a collection of highly regarded artists.
  • From Portland to Lewiston: River Cruising in the Northwest
    Cruising the Columbia and Snake Rivers offer a unique way to experience the geology, history and scenic offerings of the Pacific Northwest.

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