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Mark Martin

Mark is a Yahoo! Featured Contributor with over five years of experience in writing in the fields of technology, business, finance, health, food, and DIY. He makes every effort to provide useful and helpful information in his publications. Mark is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Washington.
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  • The Kindle Fire: Not Just an E-Reader
    The announcement of the the new 7-inch Kindle Fire so far has drawn as much attention as the original, first introduced in 2007. With its touchscreen, it acts just like a tablet—and its $200 price tag seems tiny when compared to products like the iPad.
  • Home Security: A Breakdown of the Best Tools
    While considering home security options, the latest and most expensive technology is not always the best choice. The most effective systems are ones that are conspicuous enough to draw attention and yet useful enough to spot intruders.
  • Must-Have Home Entertainment Systems for Winter
    With colder days coming, splurging on some great home entertainment equipment will help liven up some of those boring days spent inside.
  • Cleaner and Healthier Electronics With These Products
    In today's digital age some of our most prized possessions include our computers and phones. However, many of these everyday items are actually full of germs and other pathogens, and they also have screens that can easily smudge or scratch.

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