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Mark Martin

Mark is a Yahoo! Featured Contributor with over five years of experience in writing in the fields of technology, business, finance, health, food, and DIY. He makes every effort to provide useful and helpful information in his publications. Mark is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Washington.
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  • Four Unforgettable Classic Sports Video Games
    The standards for a game to become a “classic”—to not get lost in the hundreds of titles released each year, but to make a significant impact on video game culture—is demanding. Here is a list of classic sports video games to prove just that.
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  • The Top 5 Sports Video Games Out There
    It always irks me when I see any “Top 5/10” list for video games, because it casts a shadow on many great and underrated games. And yet here I am making a list of some of the best sports games the gaming industry has to offer today.
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  • A Taste of the Fight: EA Sports MMA
    Though in recent years the mixed martial arts—or MMA—field in sports video games has been dominated by the UFC series released by THQ Inc., one of the more visible alternatives is EA Sports MMA, developed by EA Tiburon for PlayStation and Xbox 360. The ga
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