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Mark is a Yahoo! Featured Contributor with over five years of experience in writing in the fields of technology, business, finance, health, food, and DIY. He makes every effort to provide useful and helpful information in his publications. Mark is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Washington.
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  • The New Xbox One, Unveiled
    It's been a long time, but it's finally here. The Xbox 360 debuted way back in fall of 2005; it's been a whole 8 years since Microsoft released a console. Now, finally, the next generation is on the way, with the new Xbox One.
  • Battlefield 4 Campaign: Not Just Another Call of Duty Clone?
    The Battlefield series has long been looked down upon as a badly done add-on to the main multiplayer bulk of the game. With the recent release of a long Battlefield 4 single player trailer, it seems this is exactly what we'll get.
  • Bioshock Infinite: Irrational Games’ Latest Success
    When I first heard about Bioshock: Infinite’s release, my first reaction was to travel as far as I could, away from the game. Looking back now, I can’t help but laugh at how foolish I was, because it was one of the best gaming experiences of my life.
  • What Will the Next Xbox Look Like?
    The blown up controversy regarding Microsoft creative director Adam Orth’s recent comments have pushed the new Xbox into the spotlight. So let’s take a look at not what it is, but what it should be to meet expectations and uphold the success of the 360.
  • Nintendo Proves Handheld Gaming is Not Dead with Luigi’s Mansion 2
    Nintendo makes yet another splash in the gaming industry and proves that handheld gaming is far from dead, this time in the form of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.
  • Battlefield 4 Breaking Reliability of the Battlefield Line
    If past Battlefield releases are any indication, Battlefield 4 is breaking the trend followed in the past by Battlefield franchise games. Big fans of Battlefield are probably excited, but this new development is beginning to worry me. Here's why.
  • EA: America’s Worst Company -- Twice!
    It’s not often that you come across a company that sinks low enough to receive an “America’s Worst Company” award, wait a year, and then win it once again. Yet that’s where Electronic Arts stands today.
  • Warframe: A Pleasant Co-op Experience
    Gamers that have tried Warframe recently may feel that it is nothing more than a multiplayer version of Mass Effect. What it can boast, though, is a promising co-op experience to any that is willing to give it a chance.
  • PC Sales Continue to Slump; Windows 8 the Culprit?
    Regardless of what our personal opinions on Windows 8 are, the market seems to have come to a pretty simple conclusion about Windows 8 since its release. The market says it's a failure.
  • IRS Snubs Email Privacy
    We get a lot of good things in the US, including a constitution, the Bill of Rights, and court case precedents to protect our privacy. Well, the IRS seems to think it can and should be reading our email, without needing to ask for a warrant.
  • Wireless Charging: Next for Your Phone?
    If you have spent some time in department stores, malls, or electronics stores that sell mobile devices, then at some point you've probably seen ads, demonstrations or even displayed products that provide an interesting new feature: wireless charging.
  • Hear-it One: New Headphones by Pro-Ject Audio Worth It?
    There are a few brands that tend to have big names in audio, like Beats and Bose, but recently a relatively unknown company, Pro-Ject, has shipped out a decent new audio product in the Hear-It One headphones.
  • Dell's Future Direction in Question
    Dell is one of the world’s giants in terms of computer hardware and selling prebuilt OEM systems. And right now, their board of directors is in turmoil over who is going to take over the company.
  • Will Diablo III for PS3 Break Its Bad Rep?
    Diablo III, a decent game with a host of problems that resulted in a terrible reception of it by PC gamers, is now gearing up to launch for the PS3 and likely the PS4.
  • T-Mobile Goes Contractless
    T-Mobile has now completely put a stop to all of its contract-based cell phone plans.
  • The iWatch: Competition Quickly Rising in New Smart Watch Market
    Despite the general groan of popular opinion when the iWatch was announced and the flood of condescending remarks it started, the idea is apparently popular enough that Samsung is working on a smart watch too.
  • Google Driverless Cars: Tech for the Future
    With Google Glass coming out soon, the next big releases, at least for Google, are already in the works; one we might see in a few years are Google driverless cars.
  • The Blackberry Z10: Good, but Not Groundbreaking
    Blackberry's been around a long time. But with their newest model, the Blackberry Z10, the company has not strayed far enough from their old models to keep up with the now racing market.
  • NVIDIA Shield: This Isn't a Graphics Card!
    With the Shield project, Nvidia is partnering with Google to create a console that not only has excellent hardware but is well rounded enough to run on Android and support games off of Steam and Google Play.
  • The Witcher 3 Looks Amazingly Promising
    As a single player gamer and a big fan of RPGs that are both deep and broad, The Witcher 3 looks amazingly promising. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will definitely be something to stay posted on.
  • Still in Business: Splinter Cell Blacklist
    I’d love to see the upcoming game Splinter Cell Blacklist put Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell back on the top of the sales boards, but with some of what we’ve seen of Blacklist, it looks like it may just do the opposite.
  • Google Glass: More Tech to Come Soon?
    Google Glass will offer a wide variety of new and advance technologies packaged into an entirely new type of device that seems like it fell right out of a science fiction movie.
  • Google Glass: The Next Step in Technology or Just Another Gimmick?
    My first thoughts when I went to the homepage for the Google Glass project was that it looked like something I’d always imagined out of a spy movie, except that now a consumer head-mounted display device was actually being developed and prepared for sale
  • EVE Online: A Revolution in the MMORPG Genre
    EVE Online just crossed the half a million subscriber threshold today. To celebrate that, let’s take a look at how EVE Online has revolutionized the player-driven MMORPG genre in its 10 years of release.
  • Tribes: Ascend - Game of the Year Edition Not Worth the $40
    As many of us who are gamers are probably aware, recently Tribes: Ascend received a large update as new content was released with the Game of the Year Edition of the game. However, it doesn't appear to be worth the $40 to purchase the expansion.
  • Personal Security on the Internet: Why it Doesn’t Exist, and What You Can Do About It
    The problem of keeping one’s personal information data safe while still using it on the Internet is a problem as old as the Internet itself and one that will exist as long as the Internet is used. However, many steps can be taken to mitigate these risks.
  • Social Networking: Now an End, Not a Means
    The Internet has become irrevocably important to today’s world. But as the Internet becomes more and more of a self-sufficient end and less of a means to complete other goals or make other parts of society more efficient, its benefits begin to wane.
  • Projectors on Handycams: Sony Targets Features, Not Functionality
    Sony seems to think adding projectors to Handycams will be worth enough to customers that they will be willing to pay a couple hundred dollars extra for it.
  • Anonymity on the Internet and Defending Yourself
    We all hear stories on the news about big businesses and websites being hacked and losing profits, infrastructure, or occasionally customer and user information. Fortunately, there's plenty we can do to prevent ourselves from feeling vulnerable.
  • Video Game Microtransactions: To Buy or Not to Buy?
    In big-brand games, especially ones with multiplayer components, microtransactions are becoming more and more common. What is concerning is that big-name developers are now adding microtransactions that allow players to bypass in-game requirements.
  • Indie and Video Game Pricing: How Prices Matter
    Indie games are beginning to have an interesting and counter intuitive effect on video game pricing across the market.
  • The Wii U: Revival or Death Sentence?
    Nintendo bet a lot on its new console, the Wii U. It certainly didn’t do as well as expected on release, but whether it will ultimately keep Nintendo in the running with other big game companies or drop them one step further into decline is unclear.
  • Planetside 2: A New Scale of FPS
    It’s rare for a developer to try to bring the MMO and FPS genres together, and even rarer for them to do a good job of it. Planetside 2 is an exception.
  • Dark Souls: A Guide to Magic
    In Dark Souls, magic can be one of the most useful tools but also very confusing. In this review I will discuss the different types of magic, their covenants, and their utility.
  • Understanding Abilities in Dark Souls
    I recently picked up Dark Souls for the first time and was initially very confused by the stuffed level up and item selection screens. After extensive play, I have found out more about these stats and how they relate to different game mechanics.
  • Dark Souls: Not Hard, Just Different
    Dark Souls will not register well with the average light hearted Mario Cart player, or the player who needs tutorials and tips, or even the fans of Skyrim, Call of Duty, or League of Legends.
  • Saints Row the Third Redefines the Meaning of a 'Saint'
    Whether it’s destroying the streets of Steelport with a tank or calling in an airstrike on a local gang, the choice is yours with Saints Row the Third.
  • Borderlands 2: Putting Other Sequels to Shame
    It was love at first sight when I first saw the Borderlands 2 trailer. With its trademark graphics, witty humor, and no shortage of weapons and ammunition, Borderlands 2 appealed to me for all the right reasons.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum – Another Win for Eidos
    I’ll be honest: my opinion on comics and their transition into today’s media has always been mixed at best. And let me tell you sincerely; Batman: Arkham Asylum is as good as comic-based video games ever get.
  • First Person: The Young and the Jobless
    My name is Dylan Young. I am majoring in computer science at the University of Washington. I am also looking for a job, and as I come closer and closer to graduating, my savings come closer and closer to running out, and I get more and more desperate.
  • Dishonored: A Refreshing Experience
    Giving freedom and choice to the player is what Arkane Studios seemed to focus on with its hit first-person stealth action adventure game Dishonored, and, for me, it delivered in a way no other games have in recent times.
  • Contrary to Popular Belief, Mass Effect 3's Ending was Good
    Mass Effect 3 has been cited as having a huge pile of good traits. But there’s one thing that many supposedly look down on the game for: its ending.
  • First Person: My Worst Fears Regarding the Fiscal Cliff
    As a college student two years into his studies, I can’t emphasize enough how the so-called fiscal cliff could affect people my age.
  • First Person: First Impressions Are Everything in Selling a House
    In trying to boost the perceived value of my house, I made simple but effective improvements. By the end of the upgrading process, my only expenses were several hours of my own work along with less than $500 of supplies.
  • Football Manager 2013: Realistic yet Immersive
    When I say “football based video game” I’m going to guess that the first thing that comes to your mind is something like Madden, and definitely not Football Manager. However, I’ve found quite a bit to like in Football Manager 2013.
  • FIFA Soccer 13 for Wii: Breaking Wii Stereotypes
    Whenever those two words “for Wii” are tagged onto anything related to serious video games, a lot of people tend to start groaning. But last weekend I got my hands on FIFA Soccer 13 for the Wii, and was pretty darn baffled.
  • Politics and Party Tension as a College Student
    In the U.S, everybody makes a big deal out of politics. As we start to approach Election Day, tempers run high, and arguments between friends and family over political alignment and affiliation become more and more commonplace.
  • NFL Blitz Reboots the Series
    NFL Blitz, another of EA’s attempts to pick up a series that was once popular but was dropped just long enough to collect dust, released this January.
  • The EA “Street” Line: A New Direction with New FIFA Street Game
    Much of the future of EA's "Street" line of sports games hinges on the success of the new FIFA Street, making it a focal point for fans of the series.
  • Market Competition Returns to Basketball Games
    Many fans of NBA based games had long since set a lot of store in only two NBA based series: one, the now canceled NBA Elite, published by EA, and the other, 2K’s NBA 2K.
  • Sports Video Games: A Dying Genre?
    We’ve all seen video games centered around sports. But as technology and the gaming industry develop, do our classic sports games hold any chance of keeping up?
  • Magicka: Redefining the Genre
    There’s no looting in Magicka. There’s no experience, no leveling up, and no monetary system. So what do we get? Ten elements. And from these ten elements, an immersive and captivating story rises, where every player experiments with them to find his own
  • Bastion: An Indie Gem
    Every little aspect of Bastion comes together to make Bastion a real work of art--and I don't call video games art very often.
  • Madden 2013 Promises Innovative New Features
    The Madden franchise of football games has been oft-criticized over the years for not being inventive enough and being the same old game with new rosters. The 2013 edition of the game brings in several new elements that promise to fix this perception.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 - a Viable FIFA Alternative
    Never heard of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)? FIFA has been eating its market share away over the past ten years – but PES is making enough of a comeback now to be seriously considered again.
  • Assassin's Creed 3: New Exciting Updates
    The upcoming year promises many hugely anticipated games, including Assassin's Creed 3. Here's a little preview of what to expect from Ubisoft's next addition to the immensely successful franchise.
  • E3 2012: Halo 4 Grabs Spotlight for this Gamer
    Two years after the release of Halo: Reach comes the announcement of not one, not two, but three new Halo games at E3 2012.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Same Old Multiplayer; Fun New Survival Mode
    With my previous experiences with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, I was extremely excited to purchase and try Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. However,while the game turned out to be satisfactory, it was not up to my expectations.
  • Tribes: Ascend: An Intense F2P Experience
    Time flies when you're playing Tribes: Ascend, whether it's racing to capture the other team's flag with five enemies on your tail or just wandering around in a deathmatch bout while enjoying the fantastic (although sometimes too desolate) scenery.
  • Tecmo Super Bowl: A Sports Video Gaming Milestone
    Tecmo Super Bowl was the legendary predecessor to the modern Madden football franchise. Released in 1991 for the NES, this game provides a great escape into the past.
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: For the Entire Family to Enjoy
    If you’re searching for a fun family-friendly game that will get you and your children moving, this game is a must-get.
  • Undisputed 3 for PS3: Martial Arts from a Gaming Perspective
    Undisputed 3 presents mixed martial arts history from a gaming perspective to create one of the best wrestling games of all time.
    Also published on:
  • Four Unforgettable Classic Sports Video Games
    The standards for a game to become a “classic”—to not get lost in the hundreds of titles released each year, but to make a significant impact on video game culture—is demanding. Here is a list of classic sports video games to prove just that.
  • The Top 5 Sports Video Games Out There
    It always irks me when I see any “Top 5/10” list for video games, because it casts a shadow on many great and underrated games. And yet here I am making a list of some of the best sports games the gaming industry has to offer today.
  • WWE All Stars: Bringing the Heat On
    Three words can be used to describe WWE All Stars: hard-hitting, sweaty, and amazing.
  • NHL 12 by EA Games
    After being released just over six months ago, NHL 12 has exceeded the first week sales and online activity of all previous NHL series games. This article covers the improved physics, gameplay, strategy, and graphics found in NHL 12.
  • Madden NFL 11
    The popular installment in the Madden NFL series, Madden NFL 11, has been out for almost two years now. Even then, it still remains one of the popular sports video games to date.
  • Can Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Match Its FIFA Counterpart?
    Before every new release, Konami—the Asian company behind Pro Evolution Soccer—ups the hype about the new installment in the series, promising fixes and new features. But have the games actually measured up to the company’s promises?
  • A Look at FIFA Street 3: Slamming Graphics and Authentic Gameplay
    Street football—or soccer, as Americans call it—is a favorite of millions, the sport that’s physical, fast, and exciting. As expected of games made by EA Sports, FIFA Street 3 features stunningly realistic graphics and an extraordinarily wide range of fea
  • A Taste of the Fight: EA Sports MMA
    Though in recent years the mixed martial arts—or MMA—field in sports video games has been dominated by the UFC series released by THQ Inc., one of the more visible alternatives is EA Sports MMA, developed by EA Tiburon for PlayStation and Xbox 360. The ga
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  • Madden NFL 12: Another Fun-Packed Sports Video Game
    The Madden NFL franchise is known for its unique double mode style of gaming, with on-the-field play as well as a “management mode.” Madden NFL 12, as the latest installment in the popular football video game series, features realistic action and is packe
  • Marathon 2012: A Video Game Proposal
    Imagine Gran Turismo but without the repetitive lap after lap grind. A well-developed running video game would be an instant genre-breaker.
  • World of Warcraft: Playing as a "Noob"
    I never understood the appeal of multiplayer role-playing games. When I played World of Warcraft for free for a month years ago, it seemed slightly redundant, involving a continuous cycle that, in the end, never really accomplished anything.
  • Team Fortress 2: Alternate Game Modes
    Tired of 32-man dustbowl, 2fort, and badwater? Dislike the competitive aspect of the game for intruding on what is supposed to be casual and for fun? There are numerous places to go in the world of Team Fortress 2 without needing to constantly get frags.
  • First-Person Shooters for the PC
    As PCs continue to compete with consoles in the gaming industry, PC gaming has still kept its roots in the form of first person shooters.
  • Team Fortress 2: HUDs for Competitive Players
    The default HUD for Team Fortress 2 is decent for lunch-break gameplay, but its unnecessary elements just make it more clunky and harder to play. For more competitive play, it is best to get an alternative HUD.
  • Steam: A Revolution in PC Gaming
    Quick and simple to use, Steam provides game updates, friends lists, and much more.
  • November 2011's Hottest Games
    November has seen the release of a plethora of highly anticipated games.
  • PC Versus Console First-Person Shooters
    Although both consoles as well as PCs have a variety of first-person shooters, anyone who has played on a decent computer can attest to the superiority of PC gaming. It’s easier to move around, shoot, and get used to how the game works.
  • The Kindle Fire: Not Just an E-Reader
    The announcement of the the new 7-inch Kindle Fire so far has drawn as much attention as the original, first introduced in 2007. With its touchscreen, it acts just like a tablet—and its $200 price tag seems tiny when compared to products like the iPad.
  • An Introduction to Competitive Gaming
    After a while playing a game such as CounterStrike or Quake, many players turn to gaming at a more competitive setting. The players who have gotten tired of beating everyone in regular servers often look for a new way to play the game.
  • The Physics Engines Behind First-Person Shooters
    In-game physics engines are growing to be more and more sophisticated. However, it has not always been this way. Here’s a look back at the best FPS engines developed on the PC.
  • 6 Best Video Game Soundtracks
    Music in video games has grown from being a series of computerized notes to full orchestras and choirs. Nowadays, the best video game soundtracks are able to leave an impression on those who play the titles.
  • Smartphones With the Best Cameras
    For new devices--and especially smartphones--a high-definition camera is a must. But for consumers that focus on taking pictures or recording videos with phones, picking out the best one is difficult.
  • Home Security: A Breakdown of the Best Tools
    While considering home security options, the latest and most expensive technology is not always the best choice. The most effective systems are ones that are conspicuous enough to draw attention and yet useful enough to spot intruders.
  • Halo 4: It's on the Way!
    This is the news millions of Halo fans have waited for: Halo 4 is on the way. Yes, Halo 4 has been confirmed by Microsoft to be in development.
  • Must-Have Home Entertainment Systems for Winter
    With colder days coming, splurging on some great home entertainment equipment will help liven up some of those boring days spent inside.
  • Cleaner and Healthier Electronics With These Products
    In today's digital age some of our most prized possessions include our computers and phones. However, many of these everyday items are actually full of germs and other pathogens, and they also have screens that can easily smudge or scratch.
  • Dota 2: The Show Stealer
    Dota 2, the upcoming addition to the Warcraft universe, will have a massive effect on the gaming community and market.
  • Using Google SketchUp to Create Models: An Introduction
    Google SketchUp is a great program that allows you to create 2D and 3D models of objects, no matter how complicated, in an easy-to-use and quick interface.
  • Real Life Sentry Robots
    Robot sentries seem like something out of a bad sci-fi movie or a hit video game. However, robot sentries have been developed for government and military use. These real life turrets have considerable benefits as well as implications to humans.
  • RuneScape's Vibrant Player Community
    The largest MMORPG in the world, RuneScape, has an extremely vibrant and exciting player community. From trading and bartering to questing and "bossing," the culture of RuneScape actually mirrors a real-life medieval society.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: The Best Game for Wii Yet
    In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo takes the revolutionary original and adds on in such a way that makes Super Mario Galaxy 2 the best game for the Wii yet.
  • Onwards
    Onwards is a Shakespearean sonnet written to celebrate National Poetry Month 2011.
  • Team Fortress 2: Introducing the Classes
    Valve Corporation remains one of the gaming industry's most prominent developers. This article will give an introduction and overview of Team Fortress 2 to anyone who is yet to experience its appealing gameplay.
  • 7 Must-Have iPhone Games
    Anyone who uses his or her iPhone regularly should check out this fairly rounded "must-have" list. With two or three classics, an FPS, an RPG, and a racing game, these apps are sure to satisfy the needs of any bored iPhone user for hours.
  • The New 3DS from Nintendo
    Following the Wii's revolutionary introduction of motion-controlling to the gaming world, Nintendo has unveiled the brand-new 3DS. What can we expect of the first 3D portable gaming system? Read on to find out.
  • Pokemon Black and White - What to Expect
    Pokémon Black and White will hit stores March 6 in stores around North America. Apart from a brand new region, new Pokémon, and improved graphics, what can we anticipate of this famous game?
  • Is RuneScape Suitable for Young Children?
    Is RuneScape, the world's most popular MMORPG, appropriate for all people? This article takes a look at why RuneScape may not be suitable for young children.
  • How Runescape Has Changed My Life
    At first, I may not seem like a "gamer." However, since I discovered the MMORPG RuneScape a few years ago, my entire life has been changed.
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