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Justin Strout is a music journalist for a variety of national magazines, has written several TV spec scripts and an original pilot. He is a former script reader for Deep River Productions and was an office assistant on films like Little Miss Sunshine and The Honeymooners.
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  • Fear and Paranoia on Radio Disney
    n an era of radical censorship, teen angst must be delivered under the radar. That's where Radio Disney comes in. An extremely tongue-in-cheek look at what really lies beneath the mass-marketed "Disney" pop stars.
  • Rap Artist The Game Talks about Hip Hop, Hospitals, and Heroes
    Justin Strout talks with rapper The Game about his influences, his rise to fame, and that infamous night that changed his life. Article also examines how The Game fits Joseph Campbell's mold of an Orphan Hero.
  • Essay on Music: B.I.G. and Radiohead
    This is an essay regarding the historical impact and artistic similarities between Biggie's album Ready To Die, and Radiohead's Kid A.
  • A Patriot's History of the United States
    This is a review of the Conversative guide, Patriot's History of the United States. It is a rebuttal of Howard Zinn's People's History and this article looks at the impact both could have on our culture.

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