Amy Browne

Amy Browne

Amy has firsthand knowledge about heart attacks and works on a daily basis to prevent further heart attacks for herself and those around her. She wrote an e-book titled “3 times Heart Attack Survivor” which details what the heart attacks felt like and how she got healthy once more.
This single mom s firsthand knowledge includes Rheumatism, Asthma, AHDH, Bells Palsy, Developmental Delays, Lung Disease, and Migraines. She often writes about those conditions as well as the medical conditions, which affect the people within her life. In a former career, she worked as a CNA and a PCA where she furthered he education in the medical field.
Aside from the medical articles, she also loves to explore games on the social networking sites and often writes about her favorites. Her work has appeared online in different websites, ezines, magazines, and newspapers as well as print.
Amy Browne has written many short stories, which are available on Amazon and Smashwords. The author has fiction and nonfiction titles available. She also writes short stories as a member of Circle 8 Writers group. Her work is published in all six of their books, which are available on Amazon.
Born and raised in rural north east Pennsylvania she also shares local places to visit. She also enjoys writing about dating, relationships and a bunch of other topics. She loves sharing her views on the world and looks forward to sharing that knowledge with you.
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Graduated Athens High school, Athens PA,Corning Community College, Liberal arts and Computer Info Systems, proficent in MS word, Excel, computer technology as well as web design.


Dare to dream, you never know how far you may soar!
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  • Chronic Wasting Disease FAQ
    Chronic Wasting Disease is a term that you may be hearing more about in recent years if you live in a rural area. What exactly is this disease and what risk does it pose to humans who consume the meat of an affected deer?
  • Autism Communication Delays
    Why are the communication delays in Autistic people so noteworthy? Some patients are severely affected, and stay in their own world while some can function in the real world.
  • Beat Stress Before it Beats You
    Beat stress before it beats you. Here are some ways to combat stress in a healthy way, to get you over the hurdles and back into the game. Does life seem to be throwing you curve balls at every turn? If so, I know this is causing stress within your life.
  • Fallout NV Game Play
    Fallout NV is an rpg developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and was published by Bethesda Softworks, who is famous for the Elder Scroll series. It is set in a post apocalyptic Nevada.
  • Fleshing Out Characters in a Novel
    Having strong characters that your fans grow to love are an essential part of a novel. Flat characters without any real depth will kill a good plot, no matter how good the story line is. I am going to share with you how to make some strong characters.
  • Free Advertising for Self Published Books
    There are plenty of free advertising opportunities available for self-published books. Indie authors should know about this free advertising and they should take advantage of that, as it will help them to sell more books.
  • Plot a Novel with Excel
    How does one plot a novel? For some people it is just as easy to write without a plot and they figure out the story as they go. Others of us use a plot line as a general guide as to how our book will flow. I use Excel to plot mine.
  • Prepare Kids for Flood Safety
    Our rural children learn how to get out of a house when it is on fire thanks to the efforts of firemen who visit the schools yearly. Those life saving lessons become second nature to children. What our children need is to learn how to prepare for a flood.
  • Map Making for Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
    When you are writing a science fiction or fantasy novel, the plot is only half the battle. Your character may visit lots of place in the world you create. You will get confused easily and send characters in two different directions.
  • Marketing Your Self Published Book
    Self-published authors have a distinct advantage over traditional published authors as we control the marketing of our books. Some self-published authors may think this is a disadvantage, but it really is not. There are ways to promote your book free.
  • Heart Patients and Summer Foods
    In the summer time at picnics and other gatherings, there is a variety of foods cooked by different people. Heart patients will not be able to enjoy the offerings as much as other people will. This is because the summer foods usually have tons of salt.
  • Migraines and Salt Intake
    Many people do not realize the effects that salt has on their bodies. After I had my heart attacks in October of 2009, I had to go on a low salt diet.. Within months, I realized that the migraines that plagued me since I was five were gone.
  • TADD Turn Around Don't Drown
    If you live in a flood prone area, you have no doubt seen the word TADD, which is ‘Turn Around Don’t Drown’. I have seen firsthand what damage a raging river can do when it floods. Authorities know what they are speaking of, so heed their warning.
  • Knickknacks: Where to Get Rid of Them
    Cleaning out a parents home when they pass is always a tough thing to do. This is a job for those parents to do before they pass on, this way you know where your items are going, and the kids are not fighting over it.
  • Writing Seasonal Content
    It does not matter when you write content for Christmas but it matters when you submit it for publication. The same holds true for all seasonal content. Obviously you want to get it up there when the editors want it & when people will be searching for it.
  • Heart Patients Need to Be Careful in the Summer
    Everyone likes to have fun in the sun but heart patients need to use special precautions during the summer time so that we remain here on this earth and not under it. This does involve exercising caution with food, sun, and exercise in the summertime.
  • Paying it Forward Hamster Cage
    Paying it forward is a great thing to do. It is very important to pay forward any act of kindness that was bestowed upon you. All that positive energy circling around your community is a good thing. I have been on the receiving end of things as well .
  • Living with Juvenile Arthritis
    Juvenile arthritis is something that I was born with so pain is a normal part of my life. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I did not change my life nor worry about the future, as I needed to live in the reality.
  • Deer Sausage, Ground Burger, Hotdogs, and Snack Sticks
    If you have not had sausage made with deer meat, you are missing some of the best sausage on the planet. The same holds true for hotdogs, jerky as well as a ground meat made from venison.
  • Flood Evacuation Plan
    Those of us who live in flood prone areas need an evacuation plan for flooding to protect our families. This includes people who live along mighty rivers, creeks and other water front property in the United States.
  • Repeated Abortions: The Risk
    Do repeated abortions damage the uterus? Should a woman employ repeated abortions as a form of birth control? What are the dangers of repeated abortions?
  • Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition
    Midnight Club 3 Dub edition was a game developed by Rockstar games. It is a racing game with a street-racing feel. There are quite a few licensed cars from Toyotas, to Mercedes Benz.
  • Biohazard Aka Resident Evil
    Biohazard originated in Japan, and is currently a huge franchise. Known in America as Resident Evil, it has made zombies in video games a staple. The story revolves around a corporation that has caused a viral outbreak.
  • Zombies in Video Games
    Zombies are becoming very popular in entertainment. One of the most popular places for this zombie craze is video game. Once upon a time zombies were of very little importance in video games. They would appear as enemies once and awhile.
  • Identity Theft Happens More Often Than You Realize
    Identity theft is something I thought only happened to people who are careless with their credit cards or other personal information. I learned a hard lesson that identity theft can happen to anyone, even people like me, who guard against that.
  • Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive
    There is nothing more loving than keeping the memories of loved ones alive after they pass on. Yet we see in society that families drift away when the patriarch or matriarch passes on. Here are some great ways to ensure that our family stays united.
  • Breast Self Exams Are Critical to Your Health
    Performing self breast exams should begin when a woman is in her twenties according to the website. Early detection could save your life, that’s why it is so important for all women to check their breast on a monthly basis beginning at age 20.
  • Unique Characters, Make Your Book Pop
    Making unique characters for short stories and novels is a learned skill. It is not a hard skill to learn but you must take the time to get to know the character before you can tell their story.
  • Gluten Free Diet and Celiac Disease
    A Gluten free diet is a restrictive diet that prohibits the consumption of gluten and gluten products. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye according to the Mayo Clinic website.
  • Video Game: First Person Evolution
    Video games are a very big part of society, and entertainment. One of the most popular genres of this art form is Shooters. There are various versions of shooters. But the most popular one is First Person shooter.
  • Heart Attack Grill Faces Media Attack
    The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has claimed its second victim. On Tuesday April 24, 2012, a woman in forties was eating in the restaurant and became unconscious according to a report on the Fox News website.
  • Video Games and Advertising: A Marriage Made in Heaven
    Video game continues to be a growing art in the entertainment. With millions of consumers around the world, who wouldn’t want a piece of the action? This move benefits games, video game developers, and companies alike.
  • Ways to Get the Deer Out of the Woods
    How does one transport a deer out of the woods after it has been field dressed? There are a few different way to accomplish this task, and some are easier than others are.
  • Doom 3 Game Play by Play
    Doom 3 is a first person shooter developed by ID software, and published by Activision. It is technically the fourth game in the series, but the third one was called Final Doom. Doom 3 is basically a reboot of the Doom series.
  • Field Dress a Deer
    How to field dress a deer is the focus of this article. In many rural areas, deer or venison as it is sometimes called is a staple. It is easy to field dress a deer. The meat on the body is very tasty is prepared properly.
  • EBook: Amazon and Smashwords
    Selling your eBooks on Amazon and Smashwords is a great idea for indie authors who want to sell eBooks. I have been doing both since October 2011 and am finding good success.
  • Deer Hunting, Things to Take to the Feild
    If you are headed out deer hunting there are certain things, which you need to take. These items will help you have a successful day. Other than the gun, bullets, bow or arrow you would do well to remember the following items.
  • The Doom Series Evolution
    Doom is a video game franchise created by ID software. If Doom was ported to another console, or system Activision would publish it. When the original Doom was released a phenomenon was started. First person shooters had become a huge hit.
  • Articles to EBooks
    Any freelance writer who types content for a living can turn to eBooks with ease. We already have the skills, we simply need the inspiration and to be pointed in the right direction.
  • Selling Books Locally Add These Things to the Table
    If you sell books locally at craft fairs or some other event in your small town, this article shares some ideas about other items you can put on your table. As books sell space empties, and no one wants an empty table.
  • Write Short Stories that Sell
    Short stories that sell, is the topic of this brief article. We have all read some short stories that flow better than others do. Have you ever wondered why? Well it is because there is a formula to writing the short story.
  • EBook Cover Options
    There are many options when it comes to your book cover. All of these options work for eBooks as well as any size of print books. Some of these options are free while others are options, which require a payment of some sort.
  • Venison, Soups, Burger, Back-Strap and More
    Venison meat can make all sorts of meals from main entrees, soups, stews to snacks. It is a safe meat for the most part and is less susceptible to contamination than meat purchased at the local grocery store.
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted: Strategy
    Need for speed Most Wanted was released by EA in 2005. It is a racing game with a street racing theme. It takes place in a fictional city. The player starts off in a race against a rival. Halfway through the race the player goes into a flash back.
  • Autism and Repeated Phrases
    Autistic people will also use the same phrase repeatedly or do the same actions many times in a row. With a medium to high functioning child with this disorder, parents or caregivers can use that to their advantage in a way to help the child.
  • Rocking 50th Birthday Party
    Here are some alternatives to 50th birthday parties that will make the party rocking. This is a milestone birthday and it needs to stand out.
  • Write a Novel: It's Easier Than You Think
    Writing a novel is hard work but the work is easier when you have a great editor who gives you constructive criticism and suggestions. Some writers may wish to create a full novel length book but it takes a long time to write it.
  • Heart Attack Survivors and Sleep Changes
    Sleep is very important all of us but for those among us who are heart attack survivors, it seems to be more important. Generally, we sleep more because our body is healing and adjusting to the medications.
  • K-E Diet Side Effects
    The K-E diet boosts quick weight loss involves inserting a nasogastric tube into the nose of the person who wishes to lose weight. No websites list all the side effects of this diet.
  • Setting Goals for Fiction and Web Content
    Setting goals for fiction and web content can be tricky but for writers who also sell digital or print this balancing act is essential.
  • K-E Diet Sweeping the Nation, Dangerous or Not?
    The K-E Diet is a fast weight loss program that is sweeping the nation. The fad diet promises to help people lose ten pounds in just ten days, according to a report on AAJ TV website. One must ask the question, is the K-E diet safe to do.
  • Tips for Summer Fun Pools and a Bug Table
    Summer is here and if you are headed out to a cook out or for the afternoon, you want to stay safe and have fun. Here are some handy tips you can use to keep safe and keep the day fun.
  • Self-Publishing Versus the Traditional Route
    The goal of any novel writer is to get a book published and there are two main avenues to do this. Writers can go the self-publishing route or the traditional route of getting an agent. Which is better for profit, ease of use and reaching the ultimate goa
  • Minecraft Game
    Minecraft is a sandbox type creation game designed by Mojang. Mojang is an Indie game company from Sweden. There is no true objective to Minecraft.
  • Bingo Blitz by Buffalo Studios
    Bingo Blitz by Buffalo studios is a game on Facebook that has over 200 million players who use the app on any given month. It is addicting to bingo players as well as other types of gamers.
  • Top 3 Ways to Spark Your Inspiration when the Muse Hits the Road
    All writers have moments in time when the muse takes a vacation and we cannot seem to make the words flow. There are ways to combat this and all it takes is a few minutes of your time.
  • Halo 3 ODST
    Halo 3 ODST is a first person shooter developed by Bungie. It was released on the Xbox 360. Originally it was intended to be an add-on for Halo 3 but in the end it was released as a standalone game.
  • Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition
    Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition is a great game. Back in 2001 Bungie awed the world with Halo Combat Evolved. Ever since the first edition was released, Halo has been considered the best First Person shooter franchise.
  • K-E Diet and Nasogastric Tubes
    The popularity of the K-E diet that delivers liquid nutrition that a person needs to consume to sustain life prompted this brief article on the nasogastic tubes. Too many times, we as a society want a quick medical fix and we just do as our doctors or die
  • Halo 3 ODST Tips, Hints and Strategy
    Halo 3 ODST is a tough game, but with these tips you will sail the level. ODST may be the hardest game to pick up in the series. In the other games you play as an armored Spartan, with energy shields so you can take a lot of damage. But this all changes i
  • A Safe Walk in the Cemetery
    While a walk in the cemetery may seem morbid to many, it actually is a very safe place to walk for children.
  • Living With Heart Disease
    . As heart attack survivors, we need to recognize that if recovery is meant to be, we should to do it ourselves. We can make a decision to live a healthier life style and avoid more attacks or we can keep things the same and risk more heart attacks.
  • Minecraft Cave Exploring
    There is a trick to Minecraft Cave Exploring, and I’ll give you some pointers to help you out. An essential part of minecraft is mining. This will explain the basics; this is written mostly for peaceful mode. To mine we will need some things.
  • Halo the Best Game Ever
    Halo is a series of video games originally created by Bungie studios. The Halo games fall into the first person shooter genre. It is a Sci-Fi first person shooter series set in the future.
  • Halo Reach Installation 04 Fireflight Map
    Halo Reach Installation 04 firefight map is a great action packed map to play. Installation 04 is a map that came in the Anniversary map pack.
  • Kindle Select Program First Person Experience
    Many people wonder what the Kindle Select program will do for them. I was one of those people, who wondered about it, then I dived in and put an eBook into the program on February 7, 2012 and I am so glad I did.
  • Selling Your Self-Published Book Locally
    If you have a self-published book that you are trying to sell, rather than traveling from town to town selling it out of your trunk there are options for you. Granted you may sell some books like that but there are better options.
  • Minecraft Survival Mode Basics
    Minecraft Survival Mode Basics are the focus of this article. Minecraft is shipped with two main game modes. Survival mode is exactly what the name describes it to be. The player is set in a new world, and must survive.
  • My Addiction to Video Games Almost Cost Me My Life
    Soon the line between work and relaxation blurred. I began playing the games as a break from writing and I turned it into a business venture. That was not much fun for me, as I simply wanted to play a game to relax.
  • 290 Million in Mega Millions Jackpot
    While the Mega Millions jackpot grows to an estimated 290 million for the drawing on March 23, 2012, people are scrambling to buy their tickets. This is one of the biggest jackpots in history.
  • Women of Survivor One World
    Survivor One World is full of powerful women who will make the world stand up and take notice. Some bring hidden strengths into the game that may just surprise fans.
  • Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill
    Saving money on your grocery bill is necessary for most of us. Especially those of us who make too much money to qualify for food stamps. How can hard working Americans pay the bills and still buy the groceries?
  • 3 Best Camping Chairs
    All of these camping chairs have the cup holders but each has something different, which makes them unique. These are my top three picks of must buy camping chairs.
  • 3 Top Beach Chairs
    With the right chair, you can have your cold beverage nearby while you let the water kiss your feet. Life is good when you can sit in the spray and relax. Here is a list of my favorite beach chairs.
  • Watching Athens, Pennsylvania, Rebuild After Flood
    There is nothing quite so humbling as walking down the main street in your town and realizing it is there by the grace of God himself. My small hometown of Athens, Pennsylvania, is in the process of rebuilding from last fall’s flooding.
  • Gaia Online: A Popular Gaming Community
    Gaia Online is a popular online community portal, it is also a gaming site. Over seven million people around the world play it on a monthly basis. Players have access to the games, forums and profiles and can interact with other players.
  • Mabinogi: a Free MMO-RPG Game
    Have you ever wanted to play an MMO RPG but you have not been able to decide on which one to play? Well I have a suggestion for you. Mabinogi is a MMO RPG that is played in third person perspective that you can play online.
  • Call of Duty and Nazi Zombies
    Call of Duty: World at War, or WAW as it is affectionately called by its fan base, is a first person shooter. My favorite was the cooperative game mode called Nazi Zombies. Shooting zombies is great in the game.
  • The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
    ‘The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D’ is a great game. It is similar to the original game only better. As most gamers know, ‘the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time’ is the best video game of all time.
  • Formatting an EBook at the Beginning
    One questio, I am routinely asked is how do you set up Microsoft word so that it formats text ebooks correctly. It is easy just follow these systematic instructions on setting it up to format correctly.
  • 5 Best Boats for Fun on the Lake
    There are many different types of boats you can use on a small to medium size lake. These include speedboats, rowboats, cuddy, pontoon, and of course pedal boats.
  • Bestseller Status on Amazon with Free EBooks
    Selling your eBooks on Amazon is profitable but you can become a ‘bestseller’ by giving away eBooks freely. The trick is not breaking any rules so you do not jeopardize your Amazon account.
  • Pricing Your EBook
    If you are selling your eBook, you may wonder what the best pricing model is. Everyone has their own opinion, but there are some standards.The pricing models also seem to vary by website, type and genre of eBook.
  • Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Kids Cards
    Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Kids Cards are the focus of this article. It has become this an expensive holiday over the past few years but there are still ways you can save on the cards for the kids.
  • Best Ice Fish Lures
    When you are ice fishing, you want the best possible results. The best results come from the right conditions, hungry fish and the right lures to catch them.
  • Sleeping Bag Purchase Guide
    Sleeping bags have many uses, and if you are looking to purchase them you may be overwhelmed with the choices on the market. There are three different styles of sleeping bags, two main fillings, different sizes.
  • 5 Budget Friendly Sleeping Bags for Kids
    The best sleeping bags for kids’ have the features and price the parents want along with the designs the kids’ desire. All of these sleeping bags have a price tag of around thirty dollars.
  • Three Awesome Speedboats
    A speedboat is a great purchase to make because they are so much fun. It does not matter if you are lying on the deck, water skiing, wakeboarding or behind the wheel. A day on the water is exciting and at times very relaxing
  • 5 Best Fish Finders
    When going ice fishing it is important to find the fish before you can catch the fish. If you are fishing and there are no fish near by, you are wasting your time. These fish finders can show you where the fish are hiding.
  • 5 Best Lake Boats
    If you are shopping for the best lake boats, there are things you need to consider before you go shopping. First determine what the boat will be used for and secondly what is the price range you are considering.
  • Best Wakeboard Bindings
    Wakeboard bindings do a lot more than look good. When you are enjoying the sport of wakeboarding, you must protect those toes and ankles.
  • Top 5 Ice Fishing Jigs
    Here are five of the best ice fishing jigs to attract all sorts of fish such as Walleye, Trout and Crappie. The best types of lice fishing jigs have free moving parts and bright colors to attract the fish.
  • Four of the Best Boat Propellers
    What is the best boat propeller on the market? Boat propellers are of different materials such as composite material, aluminum, and stainless steel. Here are four of the best ones.
  • Best Boat Lifts
    Boatlifts are actually a winch system that allows you move your boat easily. Some of these are electric and some are manual. There are different boatlifts for the different type of boats.
  • Self Publishing with Creatspace
    Self-publishing your book is not a failure; it simply means you are taking fate into your hands. It is also very easy to do, I have done it and I will share my knowledge.
  • Self-publishing EBooks for the Kindle or Nook
    Self-publishing eBooks for the Kindle or Nook is easy. I have my eBooks available in many places on line and I am sharing my knowledge here.
  • Crock Pot Meatloaf is Simple to Make
    Crock-pot meatloaf is nice and moist! If you have never made a meatloaf in a crock-pot then you are missing out. It is very simple and easy to do.
  • Crock Pot Soups Make Dinner a Snap
    Every Kitchen needs a crock-pot for one-dish meals. It is so convenient and really helps me make better use of my limited time. Perhaps these crock-pot soups will make your life easier.
  • Crock Pot Sauces Are Easy to Make
    In the wintertime, I often use my crock-pot for the tomato-based sauces I use to feed my family. It is so easy to toss all the ingredients inside and forget about it until mealtime.
  • Visit a Food Pantry
    Visiting a food pantry is not usually a place someone wants to go. For years as a single parent, I could put food in the house, but this year I could not. I had to visit my local food pantry.
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