Tiffany Bailey

Tiffany Bailey

Tiffany is currently a stay at home mom and a part time freelancer.

She enjoys watching crime drama and reality television shows. Law and Order: SVU and Big Brother are two of her favorite shows. Her passion for these shows and more is evident in the content she has produced, some of which has been featured on Yahoo TV.

Tiffany also likes to write about relationships. Having been in some pretty chaotic and rough relationships, she often helps others in the same situation. From dealing with an abusive partner to how a baby changes a relationship, Tiffany has covered a variety of topics. Her articles can be seen on Yahoo Shine.

She is extremely frugal and budget-friendly. Tiffany enjoys trying to save as much as she can while still getting the things she and her family love.

Tiffany is currently writing for Yahoo Voices and Yahoo Finance.

If you would like to contact Tiffany, she can be reached at
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