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I am a freelance writer and novelist. A highlight of my career was teaching creative writing to junior high and high school students for three quarters. I have practiced wellness, complimentary/alternative medicine for over twenty years. I paint with oils and water colors, garden and am a do-it-yourself person. I schooled three sons K-8 at home. My husband, sons and I are entrepreneurs. While of Irish and English descent, I am also Native American. My name is Thunder in a Cloudless Sky. I enjoy camping and paddling my canoe. I came here from Life-Only and Health Insurance. I'm happy to be here, and thrilled to meet you.
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Institute of Children s Literature - 2008, Editor s Choice Award 1994. I have written business proposals, resumes and advertisments for twenty eight years. I take speech classes one day a week and I continue to study the english language.


The glory is in the finish. & Run with horses.- Thunder in a Cloudless Sky/me


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  • Places to Hike While on Vacation in Sonora, Jamestown and Angels Camp California
    Walking outdoors promotes good health. Choose a trail that's right for you and your hiking ability. If you live around, or plan to vacation in Jamestown or Sonora California check out these local hiking trails and walk your way to a healthy you.
  • Abandoned Mountain Real Estate
    Annabelle is fascinated with a piece of real estate she passes on her way to work every day. When she snoops around the property she discovers the door is unlocked, which leads to other eerie revelations.
  • When Spring Visits Hyacinth Garden's Bed and Breakfast
    The grounds around Hyacinth Garden's Bed and Breakfast are filled with the sweet fragrance of blooming spring bulbs. Spring is a time of change for Deirdre. Behind the spring gladness looms anxiety and a secret Easter keeps.
  • Entrepreneurs Open New Businesses in Jamestown California, U.S
    Companies have downsized or closed completely. However, small businesses like cleaning services, thrift shops and games stores are opening every day. Creative entrepreneurs in Jamestown, California have opened their doors in 2011.
  • Organic Grocery Stores in Sonora, Valley Springs, Angels Camp and Jackson California
    Genetic engineering, chemicals and handling rob food of flavor and nutirents. This lowers the quality of nutrition you consume. Organic grocers aim to provide the most nutritious food for your health and well being.
  • Leading a Healthy Lifestyle is About Making Choices
    Choose to lead a healthy lifestyle each day. Leading a healthy lifestyle involves several areas of life and making changes as you age. I relate my lifestyle experience through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.
  • Answers Are Key to Your Love and Mental Health
    Life's problems may cause you to carry heart breaking of pain. Answers to four questions can defuse harsh and depressing experiences. Your answers can bring you peaceful mental health. Do the work and peace may be yours.
  • The Chick in a Winter Snow Storm
    A sudden snow storm sends the Jones racing to protect their farm. They must bring their animals in, latch doors and get to shelter before it's too late. Sam is forced indoors without her pet chick named Peep as the snow storm hits.
  • A Wretched Heart Thaws in the Dead of Winter
    Chrissie is young widow that relocates to a small town. She finds a residence on Main Street from where she can also operate her business. Making ends meet alone, her wretched heart grows cold.
  • Friendly Green When I Spring Clean in 2011
    Open the windows and doors this 2011 spring breathing energy and life through your house. Eco-friendly cleaning brings the balance of nature indoors. I use nontoxic, organic products to go green with spring cleaning.
  • Hypothyroidism Produced Symptoms that Brought My Life to a Standstill
    An underproduction of hormones in the thyroid gland slows your body's ability to process the food you've eaten into living tissue, energy and waste. Ignoring the symptoms that result can be dangerous. I sought medical help and got back on track.
  • The Handmade Italian Tea Pot
    Kayla is invited to a high tea. She decides to dress in fashion and attend. It's a day full of surprises.
  • The Best Day of Summer
    Josie misses out on the last fling of summer before school starts. Her regret becomes the greatest experience of her summer.
  • Night Seekers
    Ronny and Nate combine their skills and team up with a master plan to outsmart their pursuers. The fugitives of darkness dare to enter the light.
  • Calm, Cool Hearted and Collected
    When the county sheriff department does not help Emma, her nightmares become reality. Her sanctuary of peace is violated by greed.
  • O.B.A.M.A-Operation To Bear Arms Military Assist
    Tom Rembrandt appears to be the average guy that works nine to five, five days a week. However conspiracy, thrill and adventure always find him. Journey with Tom Rembrandt through the exciting ventures of the, O.B.A.M.A. series.
  • Write Professional SEO Freelance Content
    Write your content in a way that it's easy to find on the Web and invites your readers to stay on your page. Basic Search Engine Optimization methods and good freelance business practices help your satisfy your audiences need to know.
  • Warped Bearing
    Warped dimensions cause sink holes, black holes, catastrophic storms and unexplained mysteries in the earth. Regia (Shae) travels back in time to save the earth and her dimension.
  • Bacteria Inside Your Body Causes Body Odor
    Friendly bacteria grow naturally inside your body. When bad bacteria proliferate, an imbalance occurs and bacteria inside your body produces offensive body odor.
  • Spider-Man 4 Canceled and Starts Over
    Sony movie productions canceled the fourth sequel of Spider-Man. The Marvel comic book adventure begins again with a new actor as Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield.
  • Purple Net is the Best Experience
    A haiku written about the power of purple on the internet.
  • Use Essential Oils and Herbs from Home for Stomach Disorders
    Calming your upset stomach with over the counter treatments can be expensive. Learn healthy remedies to sooth your stomach with products you may already have in your kitchen.
  • Quantum Jump into a Parallel Universe or Another Dimension to Gain Skills and Knowledge
    Bruce has been dealing with depression since the death of his parents three years ago. He wakes with headaches every morning until he discovers another coping technique.
  • Twitter Changes as the Networking Site Plans to Make Money
    Twitter has been funded by investors since 2006. As of 2010, Twitter is valued at over 1 billion dollars, and now plans to make its own revenue. These plans will affect the social networking site.
  • The First Day of Summer and the Longest Day of the Year Poem
    Summer begins about June 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year. Life and beginnings are celebrated in many ways by most cultures. Some plan poetic weddings on this midsummer's day.
  • The Sea Takes What it Wants
    Gray's tales of a missing boy haunting anniversaries and the sea's ability to claim land and people entertain and frighten friends and relatives. Then, Gray learns what it's like to be on the receiving end of a prank.
  • The Effects of Scandals Within the Catholic Church
    Jesus gave instructions to take care of his little sheep, and shepherd the flock with tenderness. Instead, the Roman Catholic Church has caused devastation by preying upon and molesting the little sheep of it's flock.
  • Take Care of Your Skin
    Heredity may play a role in the appearance of your skin, but other factors affect how quickly and to what extent your skin shows age. Sun exposure, poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise and proper skin care are related to premature aging.
  • Homemade Whole Food for Your Pets
    Commercial pet food is made with additives, fillers and is referred to as 'unreal' food. Chemicals and preservatives affect your pet's health. Feed your pet a whole food diet that you make yourself.
  • Homemade Dog Food
    Commercial dog food is processed with fillers, preservatives and chemicals. Meat flavor dog food may not contain actual meat. Provide healthy dog food by making it yourself.
  • Homemade Natural Lip Gloss
    Commercial grade lip gloss is made from petroleum or animal base products. There are natural alternatives to these lip glosses you can make at home. Your lips will be soft, smooth, glossy and inviting to kiss.
  • How to Bake with Flaxseed
    Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids. It adds substance to a diet low in fiber. Flax as an enjoyable nutty flavor that is adaptable to many foods.
  • Tadpole Willy: From River Pollywog to Pond Frog
    Tadpoles are hatched baby frogs that look like chubby fish. They grow in rivers and ponds. Tadpoles, also called Polliwogs, are fun pets.
  • Miniature Board Gamers Go to Tournament
    Gamers wage war on a board map with opposing units that represent major countries. Some players play for fun, while others are competitive.
  • New Nutritional Rating Systems and Labels
    Food labels tell you what the ingredients or nutritional ratings are on food packages. Finding the smartest buy for your nutritional value, however, may be confusing. New nutritional rating systems and labels claim to simplify your health food options.
  • Build a Greenhouse from Recycled Material
    You can design a greenhouse that enhances your landscape without spending a lot of money. A homemade greenhouse can be made from recycled materials like: old casement windows, lumber and broken cement.

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