Dr Scott M Barao

I hold advanced degrees in Human Nutrition and Biochemistry (BS), Microbiology (MS) and a PhD in Animal Nutrition. I am a retired college professor with over 25 years of experience in the fields of human nutrition, food production, food safety, natural diets, grass-fed beef production, marketing and customer service. I also have extensive knowledge and experience in association management, leadership,and leadership development.

Finally, I am trained and skilled in the area of Christian marriage and family counseling. I speak, teach and write extensively on God's design for marriage and family as well on other topics related to understanding, developing and living a biblical world view.
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  • Genetics for Producing Grass-Fed Beef
    This article provides specific guidelines for the production and marketing of grass-fed beef. It is useful for beginners in the beef business and those who are already beef producers but who wish to adapt their production system to a grass-based program.

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