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You are reading the Conservative Christian’s source for the first century biblical would view as seen through the eyes of the world’s most educated man with a documented learning disability. Scripture teaches to offer our bodies to God as a living sacrifice because it is our spiritual worship (Romans 12:1). Without question, faith comes from God and from God alone (Ephesians 2:8). Salvation is impossible with man, but all things are possible with God (Matthew 19:25-26). When Christ transforms us according to the new nature, then Christ reveals himself to others through us (Matthew 5:14, John 8:12, and John 15).
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Master’s degree in Business Administration in progress, Master’s in Divinity - Liberty University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale - BA, BA; Sauk Valley Community College - AA, AS, AAS, ALS


Faith comes from God and from God alone


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  • Discipleship with Christ in Light of Sacramental Theology
    The sufficiency of the sacraments of the church of Christ for salvation are evaluated in light of the scriptural importance for discipleship with Christ in the following article.
  • Having a First Century Biblical World View in Public Universities
    Examples of instructor prejudice are given in this brief explanation of the dangers of prejudice that conservative Christians face in attending a public university.
  • In Northern Illinois, Worst Midwest Flooding Since 1993
    By Tuesday in this little town due west of Chicago, of flooding has closed parks and interfered with power production at the city's hydroelectric plant.
  • Pope Benedict XVI and the End of Time
    Pope Benedict XVI stepping down can raise many questions regarding end time prophecy. One must first ask what time period of prophecy the world is in. Are we before the tribulation or after the tribulation?
  • How I Got a Job Giving Away Free Samples
    My religious vocation gave me the experience necessary in order to do a secular job that had very similar duties. Religious vocations can give people the needed experience to do secular vocations.
  • My Childhood Church and Its Theology
    Being raised in a church that promoted Zionism as a local endeavor had some benefits and many drawbacks. A reflection is thus given from my childhood experience of the Community of Christ Church in Sterling, Illinois.
  • Paying Stock Options for Wages is a Christian Business Practice
    Although the concept of businesses paying employees in stock options in order to have the needed resources to develop a huge project can a biblical notion, one must be reminded that not every business prospers.
  • Feat of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah Marks the End of the Year
    The end of the year and the beginning of the next is a time for eschatological hopes and expectations to be fulfilled as the crops are gathered in to the barn and the weeds are burned.
  • Homer's Odyssey Has Value for Christian Scholars
    The thought patterns of the ancient Greek mind needed to be addressed in the New Testament by the gospel message, but now that people have lost sight of the origin of the ancient Greek culture it becomes illusive.
  • The Day of Atonement - Yom Kippur
    Yom Kippur and Passover work together as one teaches nationalistic salvation and the other teaches salvation of a specific group of people, and thus the eternal sacrifice of the cross and the Lord’s Supper work together.
  • My Childhood Prayer Life Before Becoming an Atheist
    Sometimes people can have bad experiences with prayer that cause them to never inter into prayer again. As a child, I had a bad experience with prayer that caused me to stop praying for decades.
  • How Communities Can Be Transformed by Local Zionism
    Churches could buy homes that are foreclosed upon and could give those homes back to homeowners as a work of local Zionism to bring redemption to those who lost their homes due to credit problems.
  • The Wealth of the World was Once Owned by One Man
    How righteousness caused one man to own the world is the message of the following article. People today can have more blessings compared to Noah that owned the world because we can receive God’s promises through Christ.
  • How Establishing Zion Complements the Great Commission
    Establishing Zion locally through commonwealths greatly complements the spread of the gospel and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Such centers can bring the establishment of divine justice.
  • First Century Business Practices in Palestine
    The Zionist concept of living from the fruit of one’s own labor and investment without interference was not a Palestinian view. Micah 4:2-4 shows prosperity flowing from God’s law from Jerusalem as this was not the Samaritan’s place of worship.
  • Why Donald Trump Spoke at Liberty University for Free
    By Donald Trump aligning himself with conservative Christian views by speaking at Liberty University’s commencement celebration, he was demonstrating a sharp contrast to the Islamic views held in Obama’s White House.
  • The World’s Most Educated Man with a Learning Disability
    I am possibly the world’s most educated man with a learning disability. Education however did not come easy to me, but instead I had to struggle greatly. At times the goal appeared almost overwhelming.
  • How to Prepare for Apocalypse with Sukkot
    Practicing your plans for survival during the apocalypse is as important if not more important than making plans. If the apocalypse happens with untested survival plans, then survival may be unlikely at best.
  • Why Cults Want Christians to Join
    The problem of cults has become a growing concern today more so compared to decades prior. People thus need to be able to understand how the system of the cult works. This article elaborates.
  • Great Ways to Prepare for the End of Time
    Tents, RVs, underground bunkers, and secluded mountain cabins are all part of the Armageddon preparedness lifestyle. Learn what you can do to be prepared if and when the end comes to your doorstep.
  • When the End of the World Does Not Happen Soon Enough
    A couple once prepared all of their lives for the end of the world by saving food, but mice over their lives ate that food away. The home thus became a cafeteria for rodents instead of a haven for the righteous.
  • Being the Most Productive Worker May Not Give You a Promotion
    Worker productivity can cause problems with extortion from jealous coworkers and bosses that realize that they are less productive. Both problems can be detrimental to the productive Christian worker.
  • Feast of Weeks, Pentecost, First Fruits, and Shavuot
    The First Fruits came by God writing the laws on the hearts of the believers at Pentecost through the Holy Ghost just as the first fruits of the nation of the kingdom of heaven become realized by the power of the cross.
  • Purim is Reflected in the New Testament
    The Feast of Lots teaches a reversal of ill intentions back on the one that plotted evil. The Lord’s Supper can distribute the kind of justice of Purim, and it brings incredible joy to receive God’s favor.
  • Preserving Holiness Can Work Against Christ’s Mission
    Sometimes attempts to be holy can actually result in a huge cost of souls by causing Christ’s mission in the believer to be unfruitful. Holiness is thus not above righteousness.
  • Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and Counting of the Omer
    The spiritual process of being redeemed by the blood of the lamb and getting rid of old sins in a person’s life come into prospective when studying the interrelated process of Pesach, Chag HaMatzot, and Sefirat Ha'omer.
  • Business Sees Christians as Crazy
    Often the thought process of Christians is judged very poorly in the business world because Christians are understood by the Bible to appear as crazy. This can pose some real civil rights issues.
  • Faith Based Boycotts Can Payoff
    Sometime giving up the things that we love can be challenging and difficult, but when a major moral issue occurs that threatens a Christian’s sanctity, preserving that sanctity can be vital to godly living.
  • Christian Independent Film Production Can Be Rewarding
    Being a small Christian independent film producer has some advantages and disadvantages over being a Christian author. The article explains some of my experiences working with film along with the challenges.
  • Cross Walking Can Help Spread the Gospel Message
    Carrying a cross around a person’s own town can be a very good method of spreading the Christian faith and can give returns decades later in the form of many blessings in life.
  • Conducting Church Services on a College Campus Can Be Rewarding
    Having a campus church can bring development and memories that can last forever and it can shape a person’s life around Christ. The article explains my reflections on my experience having a campus church.
  • Demonic Attacks Can Be Conquered Through Righteousness Hoped For
    Having hope for righteousness can become a vehicle for deliverance from evil thoughts and illness. The article gives a real life example of how healing occurred simply though faith.
  • When the Concrete Won’t Break Your Fall
    Sudden eternal peril can await people that do hazardous jobs and do not believe in the gospel message, but people that do believe and are unable to show it might be assumed by many to undergo the same peril.
  • A Wolf in the Sheep or Sheep Among Wolves
    Churches will sometimes believe that the truth is the message that everyone agrees to, but this may not be so. Sometimes everyone at a church will be hopelessly lost with the exception of one or two people.
  • Turning the Cheek Only to Be Hurt Again
    When Christians turn the other cheek to show the same of the aggressor, it can eliminate the duties of government to judge between people. The article also explains methods for implementing the practice.
  • Abraham was the Third Great Righteous Man
    The fact that Abraham that started a tribe that grew into the nation of Israel was the third great righteous man from Adam is critical because when Moses came with the name of God he was validated through this fact.
  • Love Your Enemies and Turn the Other Cheek
    Turning the other cheek and loving your enemies are both very important and critical commands for people to implement into their lives, but sometimes people can use poor methods in implementing both practices.
  • David Had Spiritual Communion with God Alone
    Psalm 51 shows David offering spiritual sacrifice and asking God to preside over him and the psalm is thus classic for implementing spiritual communion with God. Results can be both good and bad.
  • Christ Born in the Summer Doesn’t Change Christmas
    The birth of Christ should be taught on December 25 and nothing else because having a focus on the birth of Christ is essential for Christ’s mission in the world to save the world through him.
  • Denominational Distinctness May Show False Gods
    Denominations often keep themselves separate because they want to compete against one another, but often the competition generates a bunch of half-truth and slander much like politicians running for office.
  • Church Formation Mirrors the Formation of Israel
    The first seven books of the Old Testament mirror the order and content of the first six books in the New Testament and the book of Revelation concludes the New Testament.
  • Miraculous Healings May Not Validate a Message
    When a person is suddenly healed by God, sometimes that healing will be used as evidence for the church’s message being true. The problem is that Christ does not do healings to validate the truthfulness of preaching.
  • The Priesthood of Christ is Eternal and All Encompassing
    The concept that Christ presides over all people can be highly offensive to many that seek to be separatists and to lead revolts. The eternal and all encompassing priesthood of Christ is however very Biblical.
  • Passing Up Promotions Can Be a Bad Idea for Christians
    When promotions are passed up by Christians, sometimes employers can get the idea that the Christian worker is not worth keeping employed. A conflict of values between employer and employee may even emerge.
  • Life at Conception May Not Be Taught by Hebrew Law
    Although life upon conception may not be taught in the Hebrew Bible because of Exodus 21:22-24 teaching a fine for causing a woman to miscarry, any disruption of fruitfulness can be punished by God with death as seen in Genesis 38:9-10.
  • After Exorcism the Forces of Evil Can Still Oppose the Exorcist
    When demons are driven out and look for a new home, they may use their wits and enter people strategically in order to taunt and try to foil God’s servants.
  • Gays Coming to Church May Raise Issues
    When gays come to church and promote the lifestyle, it can raise many questions about how to handle that lifestyle from a conservative Christian perspective. This article explains a good approach for churches to take.
  • Study to Show Yourself Approved
    Seminary degrees can be financially burdensome, unbeneficial for getting a job in ministry, and even negatively impacting on Christian fellowship, but even if they do not add any new knowledge they are still worth pursuing.
  • Marrying a Foreign Wife Can Leave a Brother in a Predicament
    Practices like marriage in the Law of Moses can bring about sin in the lives of others simply through association. The sin of one man can thus be inherited to others in the family.
  • Priesthood Requires the Priest to Love God More Than Man
    The fundamental requirement of priesthood is to love God with one’s heart, mind, soul, and strength above and beyond love for anyone or anything else in the world.
  • A Trip to the Hospital Can Bring an 'Affair'
    As Deuteronomy 25:5 is examined closely, the practice of Jewish marriage can bring many complex problems. An example is given of a man that dies in a hospital and is resuscitated to find his wife kissing his bother.
  • The Ministry of Christ Can Be Devastating to the Business World
    The gospel message impacts both businesses and occupations, and this could cause Christians to wonder how to shape a godly vocation in life.
  • Pentecost and a Sovereign Nation Formed in a Day
    Acts 2 teaches the foundation of the Christian nation brought about by the reversal of the curse of the Tower of Babble. The weapons that God gave the nation could not be overcome by any manmade object.
  • If You Love Me Keep My Commandments
    John 14:15 is sometimes used to indicate that if Christians love Jesus that they are to obey the Law of Moses out of love for Christ, but the problem is that this is not entirely true because Christ presides over a greater covenant.
  • When a White Washed Tomb Needs More White Wash
    When the family lives in a $250,000 home and the dog has no house and is exposed to the harsh elements that can be an indication that the family tomb needs more white wash to look spectacular.
  • Silence Can Be a Valuable Spiritual Discipline
    Speaking can be a great defilement much like vomiting according to Jesus Christ in Matthew 15:11, and for this reason silence can be a valuable spiritual discipline to have in order to stay undefiled.
  • Speaking in Tongues Today May Not Always Be God at Work
    What the speaking in tongues is and its value according to the Bible is detailed in this article as well as a personal example of how not everyone that speaks in tongues is doing so by the Holy Ghost.
  • Good Moral Role Models Make Businesses More Successful
    The parable of the shrewd manager can dictate business success over the long run. If businesses follow this paradigm, then it can even multiply material wealth as well.
  • Nazism Proved the Value of the Law of Moses
    Gradual decay of morality and spiritual principles happened with Hitler in a quest for power, and a very similar process occurs all over the world with secular nations that use something other than religious principles to administer justice.
  • Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost Seen in Accusing Christians
    Christians worshiping God and teaching the gospel message on former pagan holidays shows the power of the Holy Ghost at work because it shows how Pagans had been converted from false gods to the true and living God.
  • Why Demons Respond to God’s Command
    Some people are afraid of evil and believe that Christ and Christians have to fight evil in an epic battle of power and wits in order to win, but this is false because God has power over all and he gave that power to mankind.
  • Faith of Christ or Faith in Christ
    Many people have an elementary form of the faith of Christ, but few have genuine faith in Christ. The difference is explained in this article.
  • The Law Before Moses
    The Law of Moses was based on the law of Judah, but the law of Judah had a fundamental error because it did not have a righteous judge. The resurrection of Christ proved his error in the Law of Moses as well.
  • Putting Family First Can Mean God is Last
    Family hobbies for some include going to church as this strengthens a family in a community, but the real question is if church should be more than just a family hobby and a social gathering.
  • Eternal Dwellings and Their Administration
    The concept of eternal dwellings can make or break a person’s opportunity for heaven. This concept teaches people to built their entire lives on Christ and to be worthy of welcome by other Christians into heaven.
  • Communion with God and Judas
    Judas was judged through communion as this was the time that Satan entered him. Some are thus destroyed through communion with God while others are saved.
  • Communion of Saints and the Body of Christ
    The church can emerge through those in heaven and those on Earth working together to bring about Christ’s body to the world, but Christ may not always need heavenly accompaniment.
  • Paying Your Pastor is Essential to Godly Living
    Members of a church will sometimes speak out against giving any compensation to people that provide them with religious services. This attitude can actually insult God’s grace.
  • Why God the Father Had to Show Himself Though His Son
    God the Father had to show himself through his Son because mankind that lives in the world would otherwise have no way of knowing God. This can show how distant the Father can be while showing how much the Son can gain from being in the world.
  • The Homeless God that Created the World
    Homelessness was Christ’s message in Matthew 8:20 and Luke 9:58 as he explained that the birds and foxes had something much greater than he had because they both had a place to stay.
  • Wisdom is a Shelter as Money is a Shelter
    Working to satisfy desires only to find more desires can cause a largely unsatisfying dilemma. Ecclesiastes 7:12 teaches wisdom as a lifesaver to worldly gain.
  • God Administers Charity for Fruitfulness
    Charity is understood by many Christians to be a demonstration of how God loves everyone and gives freely to everyone, but sometimes people will water weeds in ignorance. The hope of fruitfulness is what the body of Christ strives for.
  • Intercession of Priests and Its Purpose
    Works of intercession are important for assembling the many members of the body of Christ. This process takes the work of priesthood to make things right between people in the world.
  • God’s Sovereign Choice to Reward Fruitfulness
    Obeying and observing God’s law is not the same as fruitfulness. God has a choice to cut off anything that does not produce fruit in relationship with his body.
  • The Long Suffering Servant Explained
    Christ can have a purpose in his life and suffering by holding himself back from realizing his full godhood in order to have something to achieve. If Christ held himself in full completeness, then he would have little purpose for doing anything.
  • The Kingdom of Priests and the Body of Christ
    Priesthood must do work beyond natural human abilities in order to transform the incompleteness of the body of Christ into fullness. Love is the key to this process of building the body of Christ.
  • Talents Invested Brings the Purpose of Life
    The Church should be built using the talents that are invested into believers through the investment of Christ’s blood and through God’s anointing.
  • Getting Something Better Than What You Want
    Obtaining God can provide even more than what a person ever expected or could conceive of wanting. God however had to make himself known for this to happen.
  • Does What You Want in Life Really Matter?
    What you want in life may give you no improvement even if you obtain everything that you ever wanted. The problem you may face is the problem of filling a God shaped hole with other things besides God.
  • How to Have Everything You Ever Wanted
    God can fill the desires of your life so that you do not want or need anything because God can be your “everything.”
  • Noah’s Ark Teaches Ridicule and Wrath
    As Noah was building the ark of God, the fallen angels knew that their time was near and so they agitated the people against Noah. This article thus shows a stark contrast between the way of God’s servants and the way of the damned.
  • Citizenship in Israel Verses Baptism
    Citizenship with Israel does not guarantee salvation despite what many would believe as a result of Old Testament promises. Instead citizenship with Israel shows a need for redemption, and baptism provides entry into greater promises.
  • Noah’s Ark Shows the First Great Division Between People
    God’s kingdom is given to Noah and his family, but when the flood waters arrived, everyone else was proven to be outside God’s kingdom. This division between people began the study of the administration of God’s government on Earth.
  • Spiritual Warfare from the Perspective of Prayer
    Demons may be all around you all the time, but you may not realize it because you cannot see them. When you pray to God, he may listen to you and put an end to your afflictions.
  • Justification Happens Through Believing God’s Word
    Belief in what God says is enough in itself to justify a person as righteous according to the scripture, but God may test that belief. If a person fails God’s test, then they may not be considered righteous.
  • Noah’s Ark Teaches the End of the World
    The ark of Noah is often taught without realizing the importance of the lesson that the message teaches for salvation at the end of the world. This article demonstrates Noah’s work in terms of end time prophecy.
  • Justification Happens Through Faith in Christ Jesus
    Believing in Christ is enough for salvation according to the scripture, but not believing in Christ means eternal damnation for the unbeliever.
  • The Law of Moses is Established Through Faith
    Christ’s death on the cross did not nullify the entire Law of Moses, but instead his death removed the curse of the law. Now that the curse is removed people can use the law for productive and godly purposes.
  • Free Grace Should Not Be Monopolized
    Often churches will take God’s free gift of grace and use it to monopolize over everyone. Middle men should thus not turn God’s free gift into a way of keeping others in bondage.
  • Will Holy People Be Damned to Hell?
    Holiness is often understood to be the same as righteousness, but this is not so. The holy and the righteous can sometimes be two completely different unrelated people.
  • The Grace of God is a Free Gift
    God’s grace is often believed to be given to holy people that have earned it, but this article shows how the Bible says otherwise. The Bible clearly promotes grace that is freely given by God to those that he chooses to give it to.
  • Salvation Happens Through Faith in the Gospel Message
    Salvation through belief in the gospel message is taught by scripture, but some would refute this point because it can be used to undermine the institution of the church in some backward places.
  • Sins to Break Fellowship Over
    Christians often do not know when to break fellowship with another Christian over sinfulness. This article is devoted to describing what is worth breaking fellowship over and what is not.
  • What is the Old Testament?
    Many people do not know what the Old Testament is or even that it is mainly a government publication of ancient Israel. The ancient Hebrew scripture is thus described in detail in this article.
  • Salvation is Not by Works but by God’s Grace
    Many people believe that trying to do good things will grant a person entry into heaven. This article explains how the Bible disputes this belief.
  • Imputed Righteousness is Promised in the Old Testament
    Christian doctrine promotes the concept of imputed righteousness, but many would try to discredit the doctrine by pitting the Old Testament against the New Testament. This article shows the doctrine first appearing in the Old Testament.
  • The Imputed Righteousness from Christ is Very Real
    Christ’s imputed righteousness is what makes people righteous, but many will dispute this fact as they trust instead in their own works. This article explains how imputed righteousness is necessary for salvation.
  • Atonement by Substitution is Taught in the New Testament
    Substituting Christ’s death on the cross for our own is a concept that the New Testament teaches for atonement among many other doctrines of atonement.
  • New Years and Christian Views Are in Agreement
    The Festival of Unleavened Bread is described in this article to be a good underpinning for the concept of a New Year’s resolution. Readers are encouraged to make a new start in godliness this year.
  • Why Converting to Judaism Can Be a Bad Idea
    Some people believe that a non-Jew that is a Christian can become a Jew and continue to be a Christian. This article explains the problems with holding such a view as well as some of the fruitful possibilities that could be raised as alternatives.
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