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Laura Kuehn, LCSW

Laura is a licensed child and family therapist with over 15 years experience. She is passionate about partnering with parents to help them achieve their parenting goals and does so through information and services at
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Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology, Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, Licensed for 12 years
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  • A Meaningful (But Inexpensive) Teacher Gift Idea
    Need a meaningful but inexpensive gift idea for your children's teachers this year? Try out this creative and thoughtful idea that won't break the bank.
  • Kids' Dollar Store Items: Deal or No Deal?
    Not every children's item at the Dollar Store is a good buy. Use these tips to help you differentiate trash from treasure.
  • Setting Limits on Screen Time: One Family's Story
    Do you struggle to find ways to effectively manage your children's screen time? Try these tips to tame technology in your home.
  • Making it Through the Winter: Fun Family Ideas
    Say good-bye to the winter doldrums with these great family activities!
  • The pros and cons of having children 4 or more years apart
    Some parents wonder about putting too many years between siblings. This article will explore the positive and negative aspects of having children further apart in age.
  • How and Why We Said Goodbye to Snack Time
    Are you wondering if it is time to re-think your kid's daily snack time? We did, and as a result meal time is much better! Here's how we did it.
  • Letter Recognition Activities for Preschoolers
    Learning letters is the first step towards reading. Use these simple yet fun ideas to easily integrate letter recognition into your preschooler's day.
  • Have you become a short-order cook in your own kitchen?
    Many moms find that they have become short-order cooks in their own homes- creating as many different meals as there are family members. Find out how you can quit this "job" with these five easy steps.
  • Questions to Ask Your Psychiatrist Before ECT
    If you are considering ECT, it is vital that you be well-informed in order to make the decision that is right for you. Here we will explore the best questions to ask your psychiatrist during your initial visit.
  • Parenting Styles Revealed: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Here we take a fun look at the main sub-types of parenting. Which one describes you? Are you are "fearful controller?" A "pride-filled praiser?" Read on and see if you catch a glimpse of yourself!
  • How to Find a Good Mental Health Professional or Therapist
    Finding the right therapist is very important in order to have a successful course of treatment. Here we will explore how to find a therapist, what credentials and qualities to look for as well as questions to ask at your initial meeting.
  • Indoor Play Places Near the Connecticut River Valley
    If you are a parent living in the Connecticut River Valley, you are in luck! There are a number of wonderful indoor play places your kids will love. Rainy days don't need to be dreaded any longer. Check out these inexpensive and fun alternatives.
  • Help! I Don't like Playing with My Kids
    Dread play time with your kids? You are not alone. Read on to find out what you can do about it.
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  • Why Won't My Kids Play with Their Toys?
    Have kids surrounded with tons of toys and claims of boredom? You are not alone. In this article, we will explore two underlying reasons for your child's stalemate with his or her toys and some surefire solutions.
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  • Understanding Your Teen's Brain
    "What were you thinking?!" is a common question parents ask of their teens. Research has uncovered the answer: They weren't. Here we will explore some research findings and how parents can use that information to better understand their teen.
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  • 5 Children's Books that Build Character
    Did you know you can read stories with your children and reinforce your family's values at the same time? Here are a few all-time favorite children's books along with tips to help you do just that.
  • How Well Do You Know Your Child?
    Do you think you know your child? By taking this quiz you will not only discover the answer to this question, but you will also discover an important key to unlocking the mystery of parenting.
  • How to Raise a Thankful Child
    Unfortunately, thankfulness does not come naturally to most children. Nevertheless, there are things parents can do to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Read on for tips and ideas.
  • Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Gear
    Parents are inevitably left with a mound of baby gear once their children outgrow that stage. While you could give or throw away many of these items, don't be too hasty! Here are some creative ways to give your baby items a second chance at usefulness.
  • Resources for Parents of Gifted Children
    Need help weeding through all the information on gifted children? This article includes links to and descriptions of a variety of reliable web and print resources to help parents identify, support and enrich the lives of their gifted children.
  • Gifted or Not? The Problems with Hothousing Children
    Parents who go to great lengths to ensure that their child enters school "ahead of the pack" are often referred to as "hothousing" their children. This article will explore this unbalanced view of academics and the problems it creates.
  • How to Create a Thanksgiving Family Scrapbook
    With all the distractions this time of year, it is easy to let Thanksgiving slip right by without really thinking about the reason for the season. Use this guide to create a scrapbook full of thankful memories to be enjoyed for years to come.
  • What to Do with a Child Who Questions, Argues and Debates
    Have a child who challenges your authority with questions, arguments and debates like a skilled lawyer? Don't sweat it; you can create a great counter-defense with a little inside information and solid solutions.
  • Why Does My Child Hit Others at School?
    If you hear reports that your child is aggressive toward others at school, don't wait to act. Investigate, collaborate and intervene early for the the best results.
  • What to Do When Your Toddler Hits
    Do you have a toddler who hits? Are you unsure how to handle it? This article will give you the tools and information you need to weather this common storm of childhood.
  • How to Donate Money While on Budget
    With the economy the way it is, everyone is cutting corners to make ends meet. Cutting your giving doesn't have to be one of them. Use this creative idea to generate money to donate to a charity of your choice.
  • Resources for Postpartum Depression Sufferers in Connecticut
    Postpartum depression is a common but difficult issue for many new mothers. You don't have to suffer in silence. If you are in need of resources and live in CT, this article will give you a great head start on available resources.
  • Why Won't My Baby Stay Asleep?
    Sleep problems are one of the biggest challenges facing parents of babies. Getting babies to sleep is one battle. Getting them to stay asleep is another! This article will explore some causes of and solutions for helping your baby to stay asleep.
  • Postpartum Depression: a Step by Step Guide with Information and Resources
    Postpartum depression affects 1 in 10 new mothers. This article will identify the symptoms, treatment and steps to recovery from this very scary and isolating disorder.
  • How to Create a Homework Organization Center
    Back to school means homework. Prevent lost or forgotten assignments while increasing your child's independence by using these tips to create your very own homework organization center.
  • The Problems with Over-Parenting
    Most parents want to do the right thing. But sometimes, too much of a good thing has bad results. Over-parenting is a phenomenon in our culture where parental investment and involvement is altering the face of childhood.
  • How to Increase Your Child's Self-Confidence
    As parents, what we say an do can have an impact our children's sense of self-confidence. We may be tearing them down without even knowing it. This article will explore what parents can say and do to build their children up.
  • Should My Children Watch TV Commercials?
    Do you wonder about the effects of TV commercials on your children? You are right to be concerned about the propaganda and commercialism that go hand in hand with commercials. This article will explore ways to reclaim TV time with teachable moments.
  • How to Transition Your Child Out of a Daily Nap Routine
    Eventually all children give up their daily nap. It is a rite of passage in childhood that most parents dread. While you can't avoid it, there are some things you can do to make it smoother. Follow these tips to reap long term benefits.
  • Is Three the New Terrible Twos?
    Most parents agree that three is now the new terrible twos. Temper tantrums and emotional outbursts are common place. Here we will explore some tips on how to manage the "terrible threes."
  • Common Causes of Parental Inconsistency
    No one wants to be an inconsistent parent. But there are some subtle ways that you may be undermining your authority without even knowing it. Check out these common parenting pitfalls and ways to avoid them.
  • A Sample Schedule for a Summer Day at Home with Kids
    Stuck at home with the kids and a long aimless summer day ahead of you? You can put any fears aside and adopt a version of this fun-filled family schedule.
  • Purple, Passion and Promise
    A haiku on the color purple.
  • Parenting a Gifted Child
    Parenting a gifted child is a complex task. This article will explore some common pitfalls and remedies to the unique challenges that come with parenting this population.
  • Birthday Party Alternatives in Central Connecticut
    Live in central Connecticut? Tired of the same old birthday party venues? Want to give your wallet a break? Pick one of these fun party packages and celebrate your child's birthday with joy this year.
  • Why Children Ask "Why?"
    All children ask why. That is how they learn. But curiosity is not the only reason for that pesky question. This article will explore the reasons and remedies for all those why questions.
  • 5 Ways to Stop Kids from Fighting in the Car
    Driving in a car with children in tow doesn't have to resemble World War II. Try some of these tips and you will be able to transform your car rides from a war zone into an oasis.
  • A Better Approach to Summer at Home with the Kids
    If you are dreading summer at home with your children, this article is for you. You CAN have a fun and relaxing summer at home by following these few simple steps.
  • Does My Child Need Therapy? If So, What Kind?
    Seeking the right mental health treatment for your child may seem like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be. This article will explore the reasons to seek treatment and different options available for children and their families.
  • Best Travel Toys for Preschoolers
    Traveling with preschoolers is not for the faint of heart. But you need not worry, you don't have to avoid your vacation altogether. Check out these tried and tested toys that captivate the attention of even the most restless preschooler.
  • The 5 Voices of Parenting
    Parents, you have a greatly under-used tool at your disposal - its your tone of voice! You can communicate a great deal not just with what you say, but how you say it. This article with explore the many voices of parenting.
  • How to Create a Behavior Chart
    If your child's behavior has hit a "bad patch" and you need to get back on track, a behavior chart can be the perfect solution. This article will explore how to create and implement a positive reinforcing behavior chart.
  • Best Backyard Items for Summer Fun on a Budget
    Summer fun doesn't have to be expensive! This article will explore some creative, budget-minded alternatives for expensive backyard play equipment. You will be saving money and stimulating minds at the same time.
  • What to Do when Time Outs Don't Work
    Many parents want to use time outs as a discipline technique but find that they can be ineffective. This article will explore how to use time outs correctly to have the greatest impact on your child's behavior.
  • 7 Things You Should NOT Do If Your Child Discloses Sexual Abuse
    There is nothing more devastating than learning that your child has been sexually abused. This article will explore the 7 things parents should NOT do following a disclosure of sexual abuse.
  • Helping Your Child with Transitions
    Some children just HATE to leave when they are having fun. They let you and everyone within a square block know. Don't worry, there is hope. This article will give you 5 clear steps to help your child have a transition without tantrums.
  • Getting the Most Out of Story Time with Your Kids
    Reading with your children is important in its own right. But did you know that you can use your every day story time to discuss and develop your family's values in your children? This article will explore how you can do just that.
  • What to Do when Children Lie
    Many parents struggle with how to handle a child caught in or suspected of a lie. This article will give step-by-step instructions on how to respond to and discipline a child in this situation.
  • Teaching Your Children to Ask, Not Want
    Try these tips to encourage your children ask instead of demand. You will be teaching good manners and a healthy dose of submission to authority as well.
  • Understanding Your Child's Fear of the Dark
    Many children go through a phase of being afraid of the dark. If you find yourself in a nightly battle with your child, here are some insights to help you get to the bottom of their fears.
  • What to Feed a Picky Toddler
    Being a picky eater is part of being a toddler. Being undernourished doesn't have to be. Assuage your worries with this nutrient-rich pancake recipe.
  • How to Keep Your Toddler Busy
    You have a task that you need to get done with little or no interruptions. While the TV may be an option, many parents feel guilty about the over-reliance on this media. Try a toddler multi-station instead!
  • Your Guide to a Peaceful Family Dinner
    Dinnertime doesn't have to be a disaster. Try out these tips, and you might find that the only "whine" at the table will be in your glass!
  • Managing Sibling Rivalry
    If you have more than one child, chances are there is sibling rivalry in your home. When one child seems to be at the center of all the discord, you may have a bully on your hands.

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