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Michelle Burton is a contributing editor for a variety of publications and media firms. She has several books and hundreds of feature articles to her credit. Ms. Burton holds an MFA in Creative Writing and she recently completed her first short story collection.
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National University: Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Creative Writing; Loyola University of Chicago: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communications/Journalism; University of Chicago, Creative Writing Wksp.


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  • Delish Lakeview Bagel Shops
    Chicago is home to bagel shops galore--from corporate eateries to mom and pop shops. We found 3 Lakeview bagel shops that fall somewhere in between and you're going to love them. Read on...
  • Awesome Vegan Restaurants in Chicago's Lakeview Neighborhood
    Whether you’re a full-on vegan, vegan-curious, or dabbling part-time, there’s a vegan eatery just for you in Chicago.
  • Credit Counseling Pros and Cons
    An additional benefit to credit counseling is it can educate you on how to better manage your finances and it will eventually help to minimize or prevent future debt.
  • How to Get Tax Debt Relief
    An Offer in Compromise (OIC) can provide tax debt relief for taxpayers who cannot pay their tax debt in full or if an installment agreement is not an option. An OIC is an agreement between . . .
  • Student Loan Consolidation
    The federal government offers a wide variety of options for financing your education ranging from “free” money such as Federal Pell Grants and the Monetary Award Program (MAP) to PLUS Loans, Stafford Loans, and Federal Perkins Loans...
  • Unique Holiday Wine Ideas: Spotlight on Mead
    Considered the oldest fermented beverage in the world, mead dates back 20,000 to 40,000 years. Compare this to regular wine made from grapes, which has been a part of world culture for just over 6,000 years.
  • Preparing for Your New Puppy’s Arrival
    Puppy-proof your home before bringing your new puppy home. Secure chemicals, cabinets, and other hazardous areas by installing baby gates, cabinet and toilet locks, and outlet covers.
  • Choosing Car Insurance for a College Student
    Discounts may come in handy for parents or students facing sky-high premiums. Choose at least five well- known auto insurers and begin obtaining online quotes for each.
  • Chicago No Longer Fourth Largest North American City
    Chicago is one of the top five largest cities in North America, and it is the third largest city in the U.S. Further, downtown Chicago has seen a 36-percent increase in population in the last decade.
  • Chicago's Most Authentic Irish Pubs
    Chicago bars are plentiful, and Irish-style bars can be found just about anywhere in the city. If you're looking for an "authentic" Irish pub, you might have to consider taking the road less traveled.
  • 5 Winter Weekend Escapes Around Chicago
    Chicago is surrounded by dozens of quick escapes that will make you feel like you’re a world away.
  • 5 Chicago Places That Seem Like You're in Another City
    Chicago full of bars, restaurants, shops, and even entire neighborhoods that will make you feel like you’re in another country.
  • Chicago's Monadnock Building: World's First Skyscraper
    When it was completed, the 16-story Monadnock Building was not only Chicago's tallest building, but also the world’s tallest, and it was considered the world’s first skyscraper.
  • How Chicago's Marquette Building Got Its Name
    When is comes to Chicago architecture, nothing attracts more attention than the city’s awe-inspiring collection of skyscrapers and historic buildings.
  • Chicago Chefs Make Mark in World of Reality TV
    Chicago has its fair share of "Top Chef," "Hell's Kitchen," and "Iron Chef" contestants. The city is also home to a few winners. Win or lose, today, many of these super chefs are at the helm of some of the Chicago's best restaurants.
  • Exploring Some of Chicago's Oldest Bars
    Chicago’s oldest bars can be found all over the city from Bridgeport, where former Mayor Daley’s boyhood home is located, all the way north to the Chicago/Evanston border. Most serve food, so there's something for everyone.
  • Bed Bugs Make a Beeline for Chicago
    Hundreds of reports have been made over the last several years about sightings or all out infestations in apartments, condos, hotels, and offices on Chicago’s North Side. Bed bugs make their way into these spaces via luggage and more.
  • New Ice Skating Rink Coming to Chicagoland
    Five million visitors pass through the Millennium Park annually and ice skaters can also enjoy the rink at the new MB Financial Park.
  • A Public Art Tour on the Brown Line of Chicago's 'L'
    Chicago is filled with free art. From the murals of Logan Square to the installations of Millennium Park, Chicago is a leader when it comes to art and culture that's accessible to all.
  • Chicago Teachers Strike Affects All
    What Chicago teachers really want is respect -- respect for their extraordinary effort under often impossible conditions. They want respect for having an advanced education and the special skills needed to be a Chicago Public School teacher in 2012.
  • President Obama in Lincoln Park, Chicago, to raise funds
    President Barack Obama was in town for several fundraising events Wednesday. One took place in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood at Fred Eychaner’s 80-foot-long concrete home.
  • Walmart opens in Lakeview, Illinios - Now what?
    The opening of the new Walmart Express in Lakeview really isn’t news anymore. So where does all of this leave Lakeview? Pretty much where it was before Walmart came to town.
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  • Goofiest Christmas Decorations in Chicago
    Looking for fun Christmas displays in Chicago? Head over to Roscoe Village or Hamlin Park. Don't forget to bring the kids!
  • Unique New Year's Eve parties in Chicago
    This year, you don’t have to deal with the usual nonsense that comes with New Year's Eve thanks to a handful of unique NYE celebrations that promise to show you a better way to ring in the New Year.
  • Where to see Santa Claus in Chicago
    Chicago is definitely the place to be on Christmas. From the Magnificent Mile to State Street, people from all over the state travel here to meet Saint Nick and see the spectacular displays.
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  • 2011 Christmas shows around Chicago
    With Christmas mere weeks away, most people are already in the Christmas spirit. If you’re one of those folks who just can’t seem to get into it no matter how hard you try, a good Christmas show just might do the trick!
  • Military monuments around Chicago
    Chicago military monuments can be found all over the city, from Bronzeville to Navy Pier and beyond. Some are subtle, while others are nothing short of spectacular.
  • Best Chicago neighborhoods for trick-or-treaters
    This year, Chicago came in fifth place on the list of best cities for trick-or-treating by Zillow, an online home and real estate marketplace. This means the Windy City has a lot of freaky fun neighborhoods to choose from.
  • Chicago Halloween laws and regulations
    Whether you’re planning to take your children trick-or-treating in Chicago or you’re heading to a Halloween bash in the burbs, there are a few unofficial rules to be aware of so you can stay safe this Halloween.
  • Chicago's biggest Blackhawks fan: Bob Gertenrich
    Bob Gertenrich has an unblemished Blackhawks attendance record totaling more than 2,020 home games in a row since 1966.
  • The Best Gym to Join in Lakeview
    Lakeview Athletic Club (LVAC) is one of the few health clubs around with multiple swimming pool options for swimmers. The club has one swimming pool on the lower level and one on the roof.
  • Chicago's Lakefront Trail (Barry and Lakeshore)
    One of the most popular jogging trails for Lakeview residents is the Lakefront Trail that starts at Lincoln Park and Barry Street. The distance from the Lincoln Park at Barry Street starting point to Oak Street Beach is around 4.29 miles.
  • Gold Coast Hi-Rise Becomes Illinois' First Smoke-Free Building
    The Gold Coast has become home to Illinois' first smoke-free building. The luxury hi-rise, located at 1418 N. Lake Shore Drive has banned smoking in all common and private areas of the building.
  • Wicker Park/Bucktown Chamber Light Recycling Program
    Recycle your Christmas string lights at the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce through January 18, 2011. The collection site has convenient hours Monday-Friday.
  • DePaul Art Museum Coming Soon
    DePaul's $200-$250 million construction plan includes a stadium, art museum, and a mixed-use development and academic center.
  • Art Institute of Chicago Free Schedule is New and Improved for 2011
    The new free days schedule at the Art Institute of Chicago will help give priority to local taxpayers that support the museum through property taxes. Chicagoans will also enjoy $2 off the regular admission price.
  • $55 Million Truman College Project Nearing Completion
    The $55 million Truman College project is coming to an end, so residents can look forward to a quieter Wilson Avenue experience soon.
  • The Chicago Photography Center Open House (Free!)
    The Chicago Photography Center will hold an open house event through Friday for almuni, current students, and visitors. All are invited and the event is free.
  • Magnificent Mile Lights Extended Through February
    The Magnificent Mile in Chicago will remain lit through February.
  • How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
    Losing weight and keeping it off requires a solid plan and a lifelong commitment. The worst thing you can do to lose weight is to go on a fad diet.
  • Get to Know Your Lakeview Neighborhood
    Did you know that Lakeview is one of Chicago's most educated neighborhood's? Continue reading to learn more about Lakeview Chicago.
  • Get to Know Your Neighborhood: River North
    River North has its fair share of gems from galleries to antique shops to spas. But even residents might overlook an excellent venue from time to time, so read on to learn which spots are worth seeking out.
  • CTA's Train Tracker Now a Reality
    Chicago commuters can plan a bit better now that the CTA will finally release the organization's Train Tracker program.
  • Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce Closing
    The Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce will close it's doors as early as February of 2011 thanks to mounting debt, including $40,000 owed to the IRS.
  • Lincoln Park Book Drive Underway
    The Lincoln Park Chicago Book Drive is well underway, so gather your best books and head to the 43rd ward office before January 16, 2011.
  • DePaul Residents, Students, Supporters Get New Vanity Plates
    DePaul residents, students, and supporters can show their community spirit by purchasing vanity plates in early 2011.
  • The New Admiral at the Lake: Coming Fall 2012
    The New Admiral broke ground November 5, 2010 at Marine Drive & Foster Avenue in Chicago. The 31-story tower will feature a 91,588-square-foot Healthcare Center.
  • Update on Lathrop Homes
    The Lathrop Homes redevelopment project has Lincoln Park, Hamlin Park, and West Lakeview wondering what will happen next. So far, the CHA is collecting proposals, while residents are relocating at a rapid pace.
  • 5000-Series CTA 'L' Cars Coming to Lakeview Brown Line
    Lakeview commuters will have much to cheer about when the new 5000-Series rail cars finally replace the old. The cars are expected to reduce that sardine-like feeling on the morning commute, by incorporating wider aisles into the new design.
  • Urban Outfitters Opens in Lakeview/Lincoln Park
    Urban Outfitters has opened yet another awesome store in the Lakeview/Lincoln park area of Chicago. To many it was a surprise, and to others they just couldn't wait barge in and start shopping.
  • Terrorism in Lakeview Chicago?
    News reports mention a foiled bomb plot in Chicago, but they forgot to mention that the bomb was headed to Lakeview. Here's what really happened.
  • Wrigleyville "Project" Threatens Local Businesses, Chicago History
    The new Wrigleyville Mall has the green light, but soon to be displaced businesses and residents are fighting the development by Facebooking their fears.
  • Will There Ever Be Another Dominick's in Lakeview?
    The only activity at the old Dominick's lot at Broadway and Barry consists of people parking there to go shopping at other stores and the occasional curious passerby who stops to read a sign that says "Dominick's Coming Soon."
  • Trader Joe's Coming to Lakeview/Lincoln Park (Confirmed)
    Lakeview and Lincoln Park Chicago will soon have a Trader Joe's. The store is scheduled to open as early as February, 2011.
  • Mark Thomas OWNS the Alley
    The Alley has come a long way from the punk and heavy metal days spent at the corner of Surf & Broadway. The store still serves its core customers well, but today The Alley has softened a bit to make room for the Starbucks and American Apparel crowd.
  • Lakeview Chicago: Sidewalk Etiquette 101
    It's that time of the year when the shops stay open late and the population in Lakeview swells far beyond what this already congested area can hold. Fortunately, there are a few things visitors and residents to do to share the sidewalk in harmony.
  • Guess Who's Coming to the Vic?
    Poi Dog Pondering is scheduled to make two appearances at the Vic in February 2011.
  • Bungalow Closes, "The Belmont Lounge" Opens
    The Bungalow Lounge has been closed for sometime and it will be missed, but destination bar hoppers seem to love the "new" Belmont Lounge that opened in the space located at 1622 W. Belmont.
  • Volunteer Opportunities in Lakeview Chicago
    Several Lakeview organizations would love a helping hand, so if you are looking to volunteer this holiday season, or anytime of the year, the organizations below should be added to your list.
  • Last Resident Moves Out of Historic Cabrini Green
    The last resident has moved out of the infamous Cabrini Green Housing Project on Chicago's Near North side.
  • Best Lakeview Chicago Thrift Stores
    Lakeview Chicago thrift stores come in all shapes and sizes from the outrageous Hollywood Mirror to the tame Buffalo Exchange. Fortunately, no matter which Lakeview thrift store you choose, you will always walk away with a rare find.
  • Get to Know Your Neighbors: Bike Lakeview!
    The bike Lakeview event is scheduled to take place Sunday December 12, 2010 at 10 a.m. Bikers should bring a bike lock, helmet, and a little cash for coffee after the event.
  • Christmas Tree Lots in Lakeview Chicago
    Christmas tree lots in Lakeview are quite easy to come by. Each lot offers a wide variety of trees to choose from and all sizes. Whether you live in east or west Lakeview, you will find a Christmas tree lot near you.
  • Best Lakeview Chicago Bakeries
    Lakeview Chicago has lots of places that sell baked goods, but nothing compares to The Bagel Restaurant and Deli and The House of Fine Chocolates.
  • Walmart Planning for Lakeview Chicago Store
    Walmart has big plans to build a little store in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. The project has already been met with opposition from the voices of this congested community.
  • The Chicago Spire A Failed Project?
    The Chicago Spire would have been the tallest building in North America, but a bad economy pushed the ambitious project beyond the brink of death.
  • Lincoln Square Health Club Opening Soon
    Lincoln Square Athletic Club (LSAC), a member of the Chicago Athletic Clubs Group is set to open sometime in first half of 2011.
  • Wrigleyville Hotel Coming "Soon"
    The Wrigleyville Hotel is still on, but no one knows exactly when the 42-room boutique hotel will open its doors. What we do know is this. . .
  • Down Dogging it in Lakeview: Super Conscious Yoga Studios in Your Own Backyard
    Chicago yoga is a hodgepodge of high-end health & fitness centers, communal neighborhood exercise clinics, and members only mat classes. This is what makes yoga in Chicago accessible to all '" especially in the city's no-nonsense Lakeview neighborhood.
  • Things to Do in Lakeview
    No other neighborhood in Chicago has every type of ethnic cuisine you can imagine, plus theaters, clubs, and bars galore. If you haven't discovered the best things to do in your own backyard yet, read on to plan your next night out in East Lakeview.
  • BMW Z4 Roadster
    BMW doesn't stop at ample horsepower and drop dead gorgeous design. Even the most judicious color connoisseur will find a hue that will make them happy. An array of striking colors ranges from alpine white to sapphire to space gray.
  • Chicago Wine Bar
    Chicago's best restaurant wine bars for all budgets.
  • Top Ten 2009 New Year's Resolutions for Chicagoans
    Besides a few hundred thousand loyal Cubs fans that vow to pray harder for the Cubs to make it to the World Series in 2009, the top ten 2009 New Year's resolutions for most Chicagoans are not unlike other top ten lists across the country.
  • Drawbacks of Purchasing a Custom Home
    While the number of drawbacks of purchasing a custom home is much less than the positives of purchasing a custom home, potential homeowners may still have to deal with a few issues that may arise during the design process and when the time comes to sell the home.
  • Best Landscaping Companies in Chicago, Illinois
    Take a stroll around Chicago's famous lakefront or any popular Chicago neighborhood and you are sure to find some of the most spectacular landscaping in the city. Each of these areas offers excellent examples of what some of the best landscaping companies in Chicago can do!
  • Discount Home Decor Outlets in Chicago
    Sure, Chicago came in at number four on Forbes list of "Most Overpriced Places in the U.S." (2005), but no worries at all -- you can still find some pretty darned good deals on home decor merchandise for that costly condo you just purchased! Read on to find out more.
  • Pregnancy Facts All Expecting Mothers Should Know
    Unfortunately, there few real solid facts about pregnancy and plenty of myths, small studies, opinions, advice, and "not enough data" to go around. Some women will experience symptoms, while others will be virtually symptom free.
  • Lose Weight with Fitness Walking
    Unlike regular every day walking, fitness walking is an aerobic sport of brisk, paced, rhythmic and vigorous walking. Fitness walking is popular in the United States and Europe and it is considered one of the leading exercises of 2008.
  • Memorial Day Parades in Chicago
    The most popular Memorial Day parades in Chicago include the Chicago Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony and Parade, the Woogms Memorial Day Parade, and the Beverly Hills/Morgan Park Memorial Day Parade.
  • Explanation of Your Blood Pressure Reading
    If you would prefer a simple explanation of your blood pressure reading and even simpler answers as to how to improve your blood pressure reading, you're not alone. For a simple explanation of your blood pressure reading and diet tips, read on.
  • St. Patrick's Day Family Fun
    St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is as over-the-top as you can get - the Chicago River turns bright Irish green, the bars are ready to rock in roll at roughly 7 a.m., and you can't walk a block without stumbling (literally) across a parade or people dancing in the streets.
  • Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
    While Asperger's Syndrome is not a debilitating condition, it is a neurological disorder that shares some of the same symptoms as Autism. The main symptom of Asperger's is severe trouble handling social situations.
  • The Best Places to Live in Chicago
    Chicago is a city that's brimming with culture and diversity, along with some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the world. A large portion of what Chicago has to offer can be found right in the middle of some of the city's most popular "residential" neighborhoods.
  • Chicago Facts: 15 Things You Didn't Know About the Windy City
    Chicago may not make national or world news headlines as much as New York or LA, but it certainly has its fair share of world (and national) titles to brag about. Here are 15 amazing facts you may not know about Chicago and its many attractions.
  • West Lakeview Chicago Walking Tour
    Tucked between Roscoe Village and the trendy Southport area is one of Chicago's best-kept secrets -- West Lakeview. This pocket-of-a-neighborhood is sadly overlooked, but it happens to offer some amazing shopping deals, healthy eats, festive bars, and fun arts and crafts.
  • EPA: Dumping Pollution into Lake Michigan "OK"
    Chicagoans are up in arms due to the Bush Administration's recent backing of dumping, by BP refinery of northwest Indiana, into Lake Michigan.
  • The ABC's of Anxiety
    Anxiety disorders affect an estimated 19 million Americans and they occur slightly more often in men than women.
  • High Chairs: The Basics for First-Time Moms
    So your little one has finally made the jump from liquids and mushy stuff to solids? Then, it's time for him to make the jump from the lap to the highchair!
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments
    Ankylosing Spondylitis is a progressive form of arthritis that targets the spine and sacroiliac joints. The disease affects 129 out of every 100,000 people in the US.
  • Facts and the Future of Progeria
    If you haven't heard of Progeria, chances are you know it by another name - "rapid aging" disease. Progeria, also called Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome, HGPS and Gilford, is so rare, it only affects 1 in 8 million newborns worldwide.
  • Rosa Parks: An American Legend
    Throughout the decades, Rosa Parks was instrumental in just about every boycott or protest in civil rights history. Her courageous activist career is a constant reminder to Americans that all it takes is a stand to make a difference.
  • April Fool's Day Ideas
    No one really knows exactly where, when or how April Fools Day began, what we do know is that a day filled with foolery and trickery called "All Fools Day" began to catch on in Europe during the Middle Ages.
  • The Korean War Armistice Agreement
    The year 1953 marked the beginning of the Korean War Armistice Agreement that sought to stop the Korean War and insure a complete cessation of hostilities and all acts of armed force in Korea until a final peaceful settlement could be achieved.
  • America's Best Comedy Clubs
    The results are in and it's safe to say, no matter where you are in the good old U.S of A, you're bound to stumble across a pick from the following list of the best comedy clubs in America.
  • The Best Rock Band You Haven't Heard: Danko Jones
    Danko Jones is one of the best kept secrets overseas. The band already has a frantic following in Germany, Holland and Norway and legions of fans in Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and right next door in Canada-Danko Jones' home country.
  • Funniest People of All Times
    Lucille Ball, Richard Pryor and Henny Youngman gave the world laughter and joy throughout their careers as comedians, musicians, producers, writers and actors. Their performances attracted legions of fans and followers for decades
  • Most Notable African American Authors of All Times
    Some of the most notable African American Authors of all times are also poets, lecturers, professors, historians, producers, actors and activists.
  • Most Notable African Americans of All Times
    The list of the most notable African-Americans of all times is vast, varied and virtually endless. African-Americans are noted for their contributions throughout history in every field imaginable.
  • Best Movies Involving the Korean War
    If you're looking for the best movies involving the Korean War, you might be subjected to a serious search. The Korean War hasn't been covered much in the media and you'll be hard pressed to find Korean War movies at your local video store.
  • African American Skin Care
    There is very little about African American skin that can be safely assumed which is why African American skin care is a combination of general skin care, individual skin care and a few "extras" that may be specific to people of color.
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