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Retired nurse with over thirty years of experience. I worked as a Medical-Surgical-Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist at a large urban medical center and taught Medical-Surgical nursing for many years at Avila University. Holistic health and complementary modalities to support health are passions. I also enjoy writing poetry and travel articles. My husband, Mike Oberg, and our daughter Maria Roth are both Yahoo! Contributor Network writers.

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Masters in Nursing. Worked in nursing administration and nursing education.Am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and CoreStar energy healing school graduate.
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  • My Journey into Holistic Nursing
    I have been a registered nurse since 1973 and have received much personal satisfaction in being a nurse. But, it was my journey into learning ways to support clients in a holistic manner that has given me the most joy in my nursing career.
  • The Cycles of Fatherhood
    The different cycles of fatherhood throughout lifetime are explored in this 4 stanza Haiku poem! Happy Father’s Day for all fathers everywhere!
  • Garden Views Throughout the Seasons
    I enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flower gardens. I experience joy when visiting gardens throughout this country in all seasons. This Villanelle poem shares the many flowers that I enjoy viewing throughout the seasons.
  • Favorite Things to Do in Estes Park, Colorado
    Estes Park, Colorado, is a favorite vacation destination. Hiking and viewing wildlife in magnificent Rocky Mountain National Park, going on a ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel, fly fishing, and golfing with elk are some of the favorite things to do.
  • Happy Mother’s Day, Maria!
    A Mother’s Day poem for our daughter, Maria!
  • Childhood Easter Day
    Childhood memories of Easter Day in the early 1960's are shared in this Tanka Poem. Happy Easter Day!
  • Earth Day Wishes
    My wishes for the future earth environment, foods and land as well as my hopes and wishes for future mankind are expressed in this Earth Day poem.
  • Memories of Easter When Growing Up on a Kansas Family Farm
    While growing up in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s on a Kansas family farm, Easter was eagerly awaited as an opportunity for receiving Easter eggs and chocolate bunny rabbits to eat. This religious holyday was also observed by our Catholic family.
  • Agent Orange and GE Sweet Corn
    The USDA is considering approval of Dow Chemical Company’s new GE sweet corn for planting in the US next year. The chemical 2, 4-D, a major component of Agent Orange, will be the herbicide used on this new sweet corn. Why should we be concerned?
  • Monet Tulip Fields
    The Impressionist paintings by Claude Monet elicit a sense of wonder. His 1886 painting “Tulip Fields at Sassenheim, Near Leiden” is on display at Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA. This painting inspired a Tanka Poem based on this image.
  • Valentine's Romance
    A Tanka poem for Valentine's Day.
  • Celebration of Audrey's Milestone
    Our 6 year old granddaughter, Audrey, recently completed her 28 month chemo and treatment protocol for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. This Tanka Poem shares the fun times we had with our grandchildren recently in celebration of this wonderful milestone.
  • My Three Favorite Sports Bars in the Kansas City Area for Watching the Super Bowl
    Three favorite sports bars in the Kansas City area to watch the Super Bowl are 810 Zone, Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant and Johnny’s Tavern. Each has a unique atmosphere. One has a radio station broadcasting inside and one brews its own beer locally.
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  • Four Tips to Reduce Anxiety During the Holidays
    The many demands of the holiday season may lead to anxiety for one in four people during this time of the year. Here are four things that people can do to help cope with holiday anxiety.
  • Christmas Morning Reflections
    Christmas morning may be a time of reflecting on the Christmas season. These are my Christmas morning reflections while gazing at the Nativity manger scene.
  • The Other Side of the Holiday Season
    The Holidays are usually a time for merriment and joy for most people. For people who have lost a loved spouse during the past year, holiday time may be painful instead. There are several things that friends and family can do to help a grieving spouse.
  • Memories of Christmas when Growing Up on a Kansas Family Farm
    Memories of Christmas when growing up the 1950’s and 1960’s on a Kansas family farm are much different than today. Enjoy this glimpse into a yesteryear Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving Day Blessings
    Thanksgiving Day is a day to celebrate the many blessings of the past year. This family meal-time is a time to also create new family memories and blessings as well!
  • My Five Favorite Attractions in Oklahoma City
    Oklahoma City is a city with many cultural and fun attractions for people of all ages to enjoy. My five favorite Oklahoma City attractions are identified in this article!
  • Winter Time is Arriving Soon!
    It is that time of the year with freezing temperatures and the accompanying weather arriving soon! Are we ready to experience winter time this year?
  • Earthquake Danger Evening!
    I had my first earthquake experience in Oklahoma City tonight. Along with the severe weather forecast, there is the potential for a frightening weather evening.
  • Magical Halloween Evening
    What are you doing on Halloween this year? Grandchildren visiting and watching Chief’s football on TV are planned at our house this year!
  • GMO Foods in the US: How to Identify These Foods
    There are eight foods readily available in the US food chain that are from genetically modified organisms (GMO). These foods are present in the majority of the processed commercially made foods. How do consumers recognize GMO foods?
  • My Five Favorite Attractions in Boulder, Colorado
    My family enjoys traveling to Colorado and experiencing new attractions in Boulder, Colorado, during each visit. Learn about my favorite museum, tour, restaurant and other attractions while visiting this city located near the scenic Rocky Mountains!
  • Aspen Glow Byway
    In the Colorado Rocky Mountains during the fall, scenic byways are bordered with aspen trees in glowing colors of yellow, red, orange and lime-yellow. The Peak to Peak scenic byway is a gorgeous fall drive in late September to early October each year.
  • My Favorite Fall Place: Rocky Mountain National Park
    Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is beautiful year-round. In September and early October, the aspen leaves light up the mountainsides in colors of yellow, lime green, orange and red. Wildlife also abounds at this time of year.
  • Prohibiting Water Fluoridation at the National Level
    A petition has been filed with the White House on prohibiting artificial water fluoridation in the municipal or public drinking water of the United States. People have an opportunity until October 26 to sign this petition at the national level.
  • Late Summer Afternoon at the Arboretum
    We recently enjoyed a warm mid- September summer afternoon at the local Overland Park Arboretum. Many of the flowers had renewed blooms after the long hot dry summer.
  • The Rewards of Being an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
    The essence of Medical-Surgical nursing is caring for people who are having a health challenge. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses support and educate patients, staff nurses and may teach in schools of nursing.
  • Art in the Gardens!
    We recently visited the Denver Botanic Gardens. We were greeted with art interspersed among the gorgeous late summer flower gardens. On display were 24 bronze sculptures depicting American Indian life and people created by Allan Houser.
  • Vitamin Supplements Soon to Be Regulated Unless We Act Now
    Vitamin Supplements may soon be regulated. Are you willing to be part of a national call-in to your Congressmen in order to be able to continue to buy your favorite supplements? Congress will vote on a proposed FDA bill in early October.
  • Grand Canyon Morning Splendor
    We visited the Grand Canyon in early August on our summer vacation. We entered the south entrance and enjoyed an early morning hike along the south rim with few tourists present.
  • Experiencing Awe in the National Parks!
    Our summer vacation was spent visiting National Parks in the South-West United States this year. We visited six National Parks and enjoyed the unique beauty of each!
  • General Sherman, the Largest Tree on Earth
    We spent an early August day at Sequoia National Monument and Park. Giant groves of sequoia are present here. General Sherman, the largest tree in the world, grows here as well as some of the 10 largest trees on earth.
  • King's Canyon Scenic Byway
    Kings Canyon National Park is located east of Fresno, California. Magnificent wilderness rivers, canyons and waterfalls await the visitors on this 37 mile scenic byway leading to this National Park.
  • Famous Yosemite Landmarks
    We drove through Yosemite National Park on a cool July afternoon. Since there was rain and a late snow melt this year, many of the waterfalls were still flowing and roaring. The sun came out to shine as we entered Yosemite Valley.
  • Tioga Pass Drive
    Afternoon rains and a mountain mudslide met us on our entrance to Yosemite National Park. Soon the rocks and debris were cleared and we entered the park from the East entrance at Tioga Pass. We enjoyed a drive through Yosemite on our summer vacation.
  • Overseas Vacation Changes Impression of 9/11 Attacks
    Not all Americans were in the United States on 9/11. My memories of 9/11 are of my second trip to Egypt with my husband and the Arabic TV version of what happened in America that day.
  • Kolob Canyon Morning
    We visited Zion National Park on our summer vacation. It was a cool summer morning after a rainfall the day before. The north entrance Kolob canyon walls were glowing as the sun was rising! The sounds of nature surrounded us in this magnificent canyon.
  • Ouray Jeep Tour
    We enjoyed a scenic jeep trip to Imogene Pass in Ouray, Colorado. We were rewarded with magnificent sights on this tour!
  • 'Extraterrestrial Highway' in Nevada
    There is a highway in Nevada called the 'Extraterrestrial Highway' that is 100 miles long on State Highway 375. It is a desolate highway with open range cattle and only a few farm houses nearby. There are no gas stations or services on this road!
  • Santa Fe and Reno Travel Poem
    Santa Fe and Reno are travel destinations for our vacation this year. It is also a time for family reunions and meeting friends! A Tanka Trio poem.
  • The Joys of Being a Grandparent
    Being a grandparent brings great joy to my heart. We enjoy spending time with our grandchildren and planning fun activities to share with them. These were some of the fun things we enjoyed doing with our two grandchildren recently. A Villanelle Poem
  • Joplin's Recovery
    The devastation caused by the F-5 tornado that struck Joplin, MO, on May 22, 2011, was widespread. Many church groups and individuals are donating time each day for the clean-up efforts and recovery. An Haiku.
  • My Transformation in Mystical Egypt!
    My first trip to Egypt was a life transforming tour in November, 1995. People who had traveled to Egypt told me that "you are forever changed" after a visit to Egypt. This was certainly true for my professional life afterwards!
  • My Favorite Summertime Flowers
    Meet some of my favorite summer flowers that grow in my garden! A Tanka poem!
  • Monet's Water Lilies at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
    The three panels of the Water Lilies triptych are being exhibited together for the first time in 30 years at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. Monet's intention was that these panels should be seen together.
  • Walmart Donating Food for the Nation's Food Bank Network
    Walmart and Feeding American are teaming up to provide $2 billion worth of food for the nation's food bank network over the next 5 years. This is the largest donation ever of its kind.
  • Fourth of July Celebrations on a Kansas Farm
    Memories of the 4th of July, while growing up in the 1950's and the 1960's on a Kansas farm, are much different than today. A lot of preparation led up to the excitement of the fireworks display in our own backyard for this special celebration!
  • The Decorah Eagles: an Internet Sensation
    Three juvenile eagles in Decorah, Iowa, are the source of the most watched video stream on the internet. These eagles have been viewed by live stream video since the first egg was laid. Now these birds are fledging (or preparing to take flight)!
  • July 4th Kansas City Memories
    A Tanka Poem celebrating Kansas City memories of the 4th of July!
  • Long's Peak Haiku Trio
    Rocky Mountain National Park is a favorite vacation destination for many people each year. This is a Poem Inspired by an Image of Long's Peak, located in this national park near Estes Park, Colorado.
  • Sheridan's Lattes and Frozen Custard
    Sheridan's Lattes and Frozen Custard is a franchise that originated in the Midwest! Only natural milk and fine natural ingredients are used in the custards. Their motto is "No compromises"! 'Unforked', a natural food resaturant, will be opening soon!
  • Perfect Foods to Help Fight Cancer
    Find the "perfect" vegetables and fruits that help to fight and prevent cancer. Eating these foods regularly can be incorporated as part of your overall lifestyle to help to prevent cancer.
  • Father's Day Remembrances!
    A Sestina dedicated to my Dad, Tony (1923-1994), in honor of Father's Day.
  • Fury Unleashed in Tornado Alley!
    For the people of Joplin, Missouri and the many emergency workers and volunteers helping in the clean-up after the devastation caused by the F-5 mega tornado on May 22, 2011. A Sestina!
  • What's Really in Your Favorite Fruit Salad?
    People may not always be aware of the danger of pesticide residuals hiding in fruits, vegetables and meat. Here are some of the highest and lowest foods laced with pesticides.
  • Tornado Preparedness in 'Tornado Alley'
    Each family needs a Tornado Preparedness plan in order to save lives. This includes a plan of where to go during the next tornado warning and emergency supplies to keep on hand.
  • When Unexpected Guests Come Calling
    This was an exciting day at our house when the local police, EMT and firemen arrived!
  • Memorial Day Poem 2011
    Memories of local World War 2 veterans in this poem.
  • A Traveler's Paradise in the Ozarks at Eureka Springs, Arkansas
    A favorite place for vacation in the middle United States is Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This town is an historical Victorian mountain town with extraordinary arts, nearby lakes and streams, and world class attractions.
  • Blue Spring Heritage Center in the Ozarks
    The Blue Spring Heritage Center near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is a National Register Site. People visit to view this beautiful natural spring, the Bluff Shelter outcropping and the native flower gardens.
  • Exotic Big Cats in the Ozarks--Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
    Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a large Exotic Big Cat Refuge located near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Over 100 exotic big cats have been rescued and live here. Feeding time at 5:00 pm is one of the most popular times to visit the refuge.
  • White Street Studio Art Walk in Historical Homes in the Ozarks!
    The annual White Street Studio Walk is held the third Friday of each May. Over 40 artists participate by opening their home studios on the Historical District's White Street in Eureka Springs. Art, refreshments, music and fun happen here in the Ozarks!
  • The New Great Passion Play in the Ozarks
    The forty-third season of The New Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is now underway. This play is America's #1 attended outdoor drama. The 2011 season started on May 6 and ends on October 29.
  • Thorncrown Chapel--Serenity in the Ozarks
    Thorncrown Chapel is considered one of the world's top 10 churches for beauty. The setting of this exquisite glass chapel surrounded by the quiet Ozark woods in Arkansas provides a serene experience.
  • Father's Day Poem for Mike
    A Father's Day poem for my husband, Mike! May we share many more special Father's days and years together in the future!
  • Laughter Yoga
    Laughter Yoga originated in India and now has social Laughter Yoga Clubs world-wide. Laughter Yoga combines Yogic breathing with Laughter. Studies show that twenty minutes of Laughter Yoga is sufficient to develop full physiological benefits.
  • Book Review: "The Four Things that Matter Most" By Ira Byock MD
    The Four Things That Matter Most is "A Book About Living". Ira Byock provides a unique perspective on life and relationships based on his experiences as a physician in the emergency room and with palliative care and hospice patients.
  • Earth Changes Poem
    A Tanka trio poem about the earth changes happening in the world today!
  • Earth Day Poem
    A Poem for Earth Day.
  • Spring Poem
    A Tanka Poem celebrating the arrival of Spring!
  • Navigating the Transitions in Life
    People experiencing the death of a dear family member or friend will experience grief and loss. Palliative Care Teams and Hospice grief experts can help family members cope with the stages and behaviors of the grief process.
  • March Madness Tanka
    A tanka poem dedicated to the hopes and dreams of the Kansas University basketball team and their many avid fans each March
  • Encore Careers and the Purpose Prize
    People 60 years of age and older in encore careers are changing the world. These social innovators can be nominated for a $100,000 Purpose Prize award. Applications close on March 31, 2011.
  • Hearts Bring Families Together
    The specialness of life is always brought to the forefront when there is a medical emergency in a person's life. The need for heart surgery is often a crisis time for family members, but may also be a time for family reunions in the waiting rooms.
  • Happy Valentine's Day!
    An acrostic poem to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14
  • World Cancer Day
    World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4th each year. For 2011, the theme is to be "Sun Smart". The goal is to teach children and teenagers to avoid UV exposure and thus prevent skin cancer.
  • Season for Nonviolence Tanka Poems
    Tanka Poems in honor of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. The Season for Nonviolence is 64 days from Jan 30 to April 4 to celebrate their lives and actions.
  • Actions for Parents to Take to Prevent Dental Fluorosis in Children
    There is a proposal to decrease the fluoride levels in public drinking water in the United States in order to decrease dental fluorosis. There are actions now that parents can take to prevent dental fluorosis in their children.
  • EPA Considering Reducing the Fluoride in the US Water Supply!
    The EPA and Department of Health and Human Services have proposed reducing the recommended level of fluoride in public drinking water. The public can comment about these proposeded changes until April 15, 2011.
  • The Creation of Holistic Happenings of the Heartland
    Retirement may be a time to create a discussion and activity group with holistic health topics. The creation of a group may be a way to advertise holistic health topics and energy healing to your local community.
  • Thermography Screening for Breast Health
    Thermography infrared technology may allow breast cancers to be detected several years earlier than a mammogram. This screening could potentially save many lives due to earlier breast cancer detection.
  • Happy New Year Poem
    My Thoughts and Hopes for the New Year are reflected in this acrostic poem! Happy New Year to all! Thanks for being there to support me in my new writing endeavors!
  • My December Birthday
    Memories of my birthdays through the years in Kansas City are the subject of this Tanka Poem.
  • Merry Christmas Acrostic Poem
    An Acrostic Poem about the meaning of the Christmas Season
  • Thanksgiving Memories Poem
    Tanka poem of recent family Thanksgiving memories!
  • Veterans Day Tankas
    City cemeteries have many markers and remembrances in place for the military veterans. Veterans are buried next to their family members with military grave markers proudly displayed. Let's honor our veterans today.
  • Halloween Tanka
    Wonderful costumed kids roam the street on Halloween. Will you know who these special kids are?
  • EFT: How to Tap into Your Bliss!
    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or what is termed "acupressure for emotions" is so effective that it can transform one's life for emotional conditions as well as some physical conditions.
  • How to Remove Fluoride from Household Water and Decrease Fluoride Ingestion
    Many people are concerned about public fluoridation of drinking water and potential effects on health. Water filtration systems and non-fluoridated toothpaste are ways to decrease fluoride for everyone in your house-hold.
  • Fluoridated Water is Risky for Your Health!
    Fluoridated water has been in use for over 60 years in the US and is now present in 66% of the water supply. Thyroid, bone changes and other health concerns occur from the ingestion of fluoridated water over many years.
  • Earth Songs--Documentary Film Review
    Earth Songs is a documentary film narrated by Michael York. It is about mountains, water and the healing power of nature. It is a film to enjoy as a documentary and also to experience for relaxation.
  • Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
    The largest wild carnivore animal sanctuary in the United States is located 30 miles northeast of Denver, Colorado. This sanctuary houses large wild carnivore animals such as lions, tigers, bears, jaguars and wolves.
  • Flower Garden Haiku 4
    We visited the Overland Park Arboretum and saw many sunflowers growing along the roadside. The smells of late summer hung in the warm air on our drive to this arboretum!
  • Flower Garden Haiku 3
    The water garden has many flowers blooming. What a wonderful surprise that the lotus blossoms are still blooming!
  • Flower Garden Haiku 2
    It is wonderful to see a flower garden with many butterflies alighting on the many flowers! The lantana flowers are particularly attractive for the butterflies!
  • Flower Garden Haiku 1
    On our family visits to gardens and places of natural beauty, I am often my husband Mike's photographer assistant. I move a flower into better sunlight or spot a bee for his flower photos.
  • Natural Meats: What a Difference at Chipotle Restaurants
    The Chipotle restaurant motto is "Food with Integrity". The animals that are raised for Chipotle restaurants are humanely raised without added antibiotics and growth hormones on local farmer and ranch operations, not factory farms.
  • AminoSweet -- a New Name for Aspartame
    One of the leading manufacturers of Aspartame has rebranded this food product to disassociate itself from the negative publicity associated with this sweetener. Are your favorite diet food products now containing this new sweetener?
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