Jeffrey Marbury

Jeffrey Marbury

I've never had to sum up my life in 2000 characters or less? This is going to be interesting, I hope! OK, here goes!

I was born in 1967 to the best parents in the world! I miss them both every day! I am the youngest of three. My sister is the oldest and my brother is in the middle. I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful daughter, and one on the way; she'll be here in June.

I am a career technology and customer service professional. I realized pretty early in life that I was drawn to helping people to help themselves. So, naturally I thought I was going to grow to become a world-renowned psychiatrist. Then I realized that I like to take everything apart to learn how things work; everything that is, except for the human body so psychiatry was out. Next year, 2011, will be my 20th year in the fields of computer technology and customer service. I have been a bench technician, a help desk manager, and a lot of other job titles in between.

Like most geeks I have some technology-related interests like Star Trek (original, Next Generation, Enterprise, Voyager, and no, I have not been to any of the conventions nor do I own a star fleet uniform), chess, video gaming (if only I had the time), and music. My daughter and I are currently exploring her talents with the guitar.

I just recently discovered my love for writing. I have begun several books which I hope to finish in the near future. I am also trying my hand at writing a screenplay. I am excited about the potential of a sight such as this! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

OK. That wasn't so bad! And I think I have about 400 characters to spare. I have to get out more! Ha!
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