Asher Kade

Asher Kade

Asher Kade is a reknown crime novelist and is a former law enforcement officer. Asher has 17 years of professional experience in criminal behavior and activity as well as mental illness. He has compiled his experiences into a fictional format and published them in his books. []

Asher has personal experience with autism. His eldest child/son from his last marriage is autistic as well as Bipolar. He has a personal blog about mental illness at The Grim Ether.

A passionate leader in philaprophy and social justice, he eagerly seeks bridging gaps between religious groups and ethnicities so peace can be obtained as much as possible.
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Bachelors in Behavioral Science, Hardin-Simmons University, former law enforcement officer
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  • Political Candidates Vocal Pitch Proven Deciding Factor for Election
    Vocal pitch, not attraction, size, wealth, or dress, determines whether or not a political candidate will be elected. Research explains why and how this happens.
  • 100 Most Clever, Creative, and Cute Names for Gray Cats
    Whether a new cat owner is looking for a funny, cute, clever, unusual, or creative name for their new gray feline friend, they will find their name here in this article. Feline lovers won't find boring names like Smoky here!
  • 25 Things Divorce Taught Me
    Divorce can be met with many losses and difficult emotions. This article is a self-help and satire all in one about what divorce can teach you along the way.
  • The Pros and Cons of Taking Citalopram
    The popular Bipolar Depression name-brand medication Celexa, also known as Citalopram, can work very effectively for some people and have serious side effects for others. Withdrawals from this medication can cause sexual dysfunction.
  • Popular Anesthetic Drug Shown to Relieve Severe Depression
    Traditional antidepressant medications are slow-acting and don't directly target the cause of depression in the brain. This anesthetic could be the medical brainchild of tomorrow.
  • The Realm Within a Realm
    This creative writing piece is about finding love and sexual satisfaction after a very horrible divorce or loss in one's life.
  • Negative Gossip Makes Faces More Rememberable
    You have heard of bad publicity is better than no publicity. Scientifically, negative gossip is better than positive, and here's why.
  • The Psychological Fallout of Japanese Tsunami Victims
    The psychological effects of disasters like Chernobyl and Japan's recent tsunami are often overlooked. Instead, many charitable organizations focus on rebuilding efforts and physical needs.
  • The Environmental Dangers of Growing Marijuana
    Growing marijuana illegally is not new. However, deforestation due to illegal marijuana crops is a new and serious security,health, and environmental threat to America. It's constantly evolving.
  • The Carver
    This creative article described the cunning carver masterfully building his ideal mate. Ironically, he is never satisfied with his masterpiece. The ending is reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe wit and dark humor.
  • 50 Easy Ways to Attract an Abusive Partner
    Approximately 33 million people are abused by their partner each year in the U.S. Chances are that you are either one of them or know one of them. Here's a sarcastic look at how to avoid being a victim.
  • Love's Eulogy
    This creative piece about the loss of a relationship can be applied to death, divorce, or spousal abuse. This encouraging poem symbolizes overcoming incredible odds and be able to be a survivor.
  • How to Decrease Fear of Death and the Benefits of Doing So
    By decreasing fear of death, one can lower prejudice, bias, improve healthcare (both giving/receiving), and decrease social problems and crime. This article explains why this happens.
  • Tanorexia: The Dangerous Addiction to Tanning
    New tax penalties on tanning salons have ushered in recent awareness to tanning addiction. The addiction is wide-spread and affects everyone. This article details more about this addiction.
  • What One Billion Dollars Looks Like
    If you make the average American income of 29,000/year, it would take you 34,482 years to make a billion dollars. A billion dollars can open doors for you, but it can't buy you morals, ethics, and character.
  • Are Chinese Parents Better Than American Parents?
    Amy Chua, author of recent best seller, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother", argues that Chinese parents are superior and that Western parents have a lot to learn from them. Here is what research and evidence shows.
  • How to Begin Disibility Services for Your Child
    When a parent suspects that their child has an abnormality, where do they go for help? What's the first thing they should do? What services are out there, how much do they cost, and what are the criteria? This article answers these questions.
  • Conveyance of the Bell Tower
    The bell tower symbolizes a woman who has been abused and had a life full of diversity. No longer wanted and rejected by society, the building is torn down and another one is erected in it's place.
  • Locked, Loaded, and Insane: Gun Laws and Mental Illness
    Despite the fact that only 3-5% of the gun violence is caused by mentally ill persons, it's tragedies like Virginia Tech and the Arizona shootings that blow the problem out of porportion. Here's how we can lower the number of these incidents.
  • Where Have You Gone Dear Ambrosial?
    The lost of a child or spouse is very difficult to accept and mourning can continue for a lifetime. In this article, the subject is left alone, lost, wondering what could have been but never will be.
  • Shocking Truths About the Death Penalty that Affects Everyone
    The five most popular myths of the death penalty are outlined and debunked in this article. The death penalty affects every American, particularly in finances.
  • Living Near a Freeway Increases Odds of Autism
    Many false theories have plagued the public about what causes autism. It has recently been proven that pollution is linked to autism. This article explains why.
  • Certain Diets Increase Mental Illness Symptoms
    Autism has long since been thought to be worsened by certain foods. Now, the worsening of mental illness in general has been linked to food. Read this article to find out what those foods are.
  • Easy, DIY Clothing Embellishments Anyone Can Do
    Clothing embellishments are very popular and trendy. They are also very expensive. Look like an A-list star without the hassle and cost!
  • Twas the Night Before a Depressive Christmas
    The famous carol, Twas a Night before Christmas, has been comically rewritten to fit those with Major Depressive Disorder and/or those who have a special needs child.
  • Research Links Suicide and Biological Changes
    Suicide has been linked to serotonin and dopamine. However, little was known how biological factors affected suicidal patients. Research has now proven that biological changes in the body are key to depression.
  • The Mental Repercussions of Airport Security
    New TSA security measures are claimed to be safe. Complaints from sexual assualt victims state the new techniques violate their privacy and make them relive their assault. Is it possible to find a common ground on security?
  • Why TSA Scanners Weren't Created With Privacy In Mind
    Most people traveling by plane worry about terrorism, evasive body scanning by the TSA, and radiation fears brought on by the media. However, some of these myths aren't true. Privacy wasn't the government's top concern.
  • 10 Signs It's BS and What to Do About It
    In tough economic times when its a dog eat dog world and everyone fends for themselves, one must recognize classic BS signs and how to counteract being taken for a ride. Here's how to do it.
  • Klinefelters Syndrome Gets Child Killer Off Death Row
    Klinefelters Syndrome is an unfortunate chromosomal disorder that affects 1 out of 1,000 males. Even more unfortunate, the mere fact that being teased about it has granted a child killer pardon from death row.
  • If Employed by Hitler, Don't Quit
    There isn't a stigma with getting fired, but there are things to learn from the rite of passage. Here is how to overcome adversity and come out on top in the job search.
  • How to Tame the 5 Common Boss Types
    In a bad economy where jobs are scarce, it benefits employees to learn what type of boss they have and how to get along with them the best way possible. Here's how to do it.
  • Is the Color of Insanity Black?
    Schizophrenics were once seen as white women in rural parts of the U.S and abroad. Now, insanity has a new color--black. Black men are more likely to be diagnosed with the disease;here's why.
  • The 4 Shocking Facts About Anorexia You Need to Know
    We all know that anorexia can kill a person. However, do you know how it affects the victim decades later? Or, how it can affect men? Shocking twin studies reveal much more.
  • Scarcity, Inequity, and Inefficiency in Mental Health Resources Fuel Abuse
    Mentally ill people are likely to be overwhelmed with not only their health, but the lack of resources afforded to them in the health care industry. This article explains what is lacking with mental health services.
  • ENRIQUE METINIDES: "Todo Mal" but Wickedly Beautiful Photography
    Enrique Metinides, the infamous Mexican photographer, has photographed earthquakes, wars, crime scenes, and catastrophes for over 60 years. He is legendary with his gory images.
  • Delivery Time of Day Predicts Stillbirth
    The time of day when a woman delivers her baby and whether or not it occurs on a weekend has a strong influence on whether or not her baby will survive. Research has eliminated other causes.
  • URGENT:Chilbirth Proven Link to Brain Growth
    Move over dietary suppliments and cognitive excercises! There is one method, proven by new research, that leads to brain growth. Only women can utilize this method and it takes 9 months of dedication.
  • Francois Robert: The Bone Chilling Activist
    Artists are well known for being activists in their area of passion and expertise. Franscois Robert creates disturbing art from bones to bring public awareness about violence.
  • Is Wim Delvoye's Art Animal Cruelty, Vulgar and Offensive?
    Wim Devolye is a famous artist who pushes the boundaries of offensive and activism. However, many critics have cried foul, wondering where the activism lies in what is clearly animal abuse.
  • Career Choice Determines Location of Dementia in Brain
    One's choice of career affects where dementia, if one gets it, will affect the brain. Certain career paths will affect the right side of the brain, some will affect the left side.
  • Money Not Well Spent: Incarceration Up, Social Services Gone
    Social services agencies that assist the impoverished, the mentally ill, and the homeless are disappearing due to the lack of government funding. Meanwhile, prison subsidies continue to soar.
  • Winter Island of Anill
    The premature burial of a loved one is portrayed in a bizarre religious conflict between Creator and Devil. The person is unable to revive his beloved as she returns to ash.
  • Mipolis Sea
    This article is about a person with various addictions looking back at his life, the futility of trying to control one's destiny, and how quickly life changes when one least expects it.
  • 50 Worst, Most Annoying, and Funniest Office Buzzwords Ever
    These office buzzwords are simply over-rated, over-used, and overly-annoying. The comical part is that everyone is guilty as some point of using these office buzzwords.
  • 5 Secrets to Improve a Dead End Job in a Bad Economy
    If one leaves their job because it is miserable to endure, the chances of being unemployed for a long period of time in a bad economy will be high. Here is how to improve the job one has now.
  • Number One Sex Technique that Can Kill Women
    This sexual technique and this sexual position is a killer for women. It causes air embolisms to travel from the vagina to the heart,lungs, and/or brain. Here's why that happens.
  • Africa Too Poor to Conquer Environmental Toxins, Deaths Climb
    Recent flooding in Africa has caused a fungal outbreak that has poisoned crops. Widespread shortages of food with starvation, and death have occured. World aid has not come. Environmental alterations to blame.
  • DIPHALLIA: Born with Two Penises
    Sometimes having two of something is not a blessing. Such is the case of Diphallia (duplicate penis syndrome), where a male is born with two penises. Death, infection, and sterility is commonplace.
  • University of Scams: Read This Before Enrolling
    For-profit college scams are making $20 billion off taxpayers a year. Worse, the enrollment for these colleges have soared from a 365,000 to 1.8 billion in a year.Read this article and protect yourself!
  • Early Puberty in Girls Linked to Poor Infant Attachment
    Poor attachment to mother during infancy can lead to early puberty, earlier child bearing, and a higher risk of contracting a STD. This research explains why that is.
  • What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself from Rape
    There are many articles to teach you about protection from rape. Few articles get you inside the mind of a rapist and understand how they operate, important when learning how to protect oneself.
  • Two in Five Youths Self Harm, Cases Skyrocketing
    Self harm is quite common among adolescents and young adults. It is not widely discussed nor is there a lot known about it among the general public. Here is what you need to know to help save someone's life.
  • Inside the Mind of a Psychotic Predator
    The mind of a psychotic predator who stalks and preys on his victim is a fascinating science few know about. Not all are male or are delusional. You will be surprised at why they stalk their victims.
  • What Your Unique Microbes Say About You, Where You Have Been
    Skin microbes advertise to the world everything about you, where you have been and who or what you have been in contact with.Law enforcement is using these microbes to get to know you.
  • What Happens to the Bodies After Disasters like Katrina
    Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina bring all sorts of unique problems when addressing and solving crisis. Here is a first hand perspective of responding to the corpses left after disasters.
  • How Gaza is Going from Dependent to Green Energy
    The systematic breakdown in Gaza is affecting people globally. The US aid of $140 million dollars is being controlled by terrorists who don't want Western civilizations to prosper and become independant.
  • Semen to Blame for Increase in HIV Potency
    Blood is not the primary, the most common method of transmission of HIV. It is also not the most potent bodily fluid infected with HIV. Semen, new research shows,is 100,000 times more potent.
  • The Very Bizarre World of Narcolepsy with Cataplexy
    Narcolepsy is a very strange,bizarre disorder that renders the person suddenly unconscious and helpless without warning.This article will show videos/pictures of what narcolepsy looks like.
  • Freebasing in Jerusalem: The Untold Story
    Heroin addiction, as well as other drug addictions, are taking over Jerusalem. In recent years, Palestinians are losing control over resources due to the growing "opium wars". This is the untold story.
  • Living in Your Infection
    Dealing with an alcoholic, abusive spouse is emotionally and physically damaging. The affects of living with an abusive alcoholic can be permanent. This article describes the pain one goes through in vivid description.
  • Seven Eyes of Blazing Fire
    Divorce and domestic violence can have a huge, negative impact on a person's mental and physical health. This poignant article describes the raw imagery of that impact.
  • The 6 Lasting Effects of Prejudice Against Islam
    The new Immigration Law has revitalized a sleeping monster, prejudice. Society can't continue to thrive under segregation, no matter which political side one is on. Here is how prejudice affects everyone in society.
  • Anger Helps in Negotiating in Some Cultures, Others Not
    Anger guides us to react favorably or neagtively in relationships, and in important job interviews, negotiations, promotions, and work relationships. This is important information to know about other cultures.
  • How the Vatican Mafia Began and Grew Dangerous
    Most people know that the Mafia has close ties with the Catholic Church. However, many people don't know how this strong bond came about or how it affects the world economy. This article explains this dangerous relationship.
  • Soldiers Marching to Higher Suicide Rates
    Suicides in the military continue to climb uncontrollably to exagerated numbers. This is why it continues to happen and what the government and society is not doing for our soldiers.
  • When Orgasm Desperation Kicks in for Females
    Female orgasm disorder is just as real, prevelent,and problematic as male sexual disorders. Currently, there is nothing that can medically be done for the disorder. This article talks about the disorder in detail.
  • Relatives of Autistic Persons Share Eye Deficits
    Relatives of autistic people have been proven in new research to have similiar eye movement abnormalities and other traits associated with autism. This article explains why that is.
  • This Common Household Item is Greatest Danger to Toddlers
    There are common household items that are often overlooked or deemed unecessary to lock up by parents. However, read this article and the information learned might save a life.
  • Be Aware of These Autism Signs in Infancy
    Infants have now been discovered by research to show the early signs of autism. By looking for the signs outlined in this article, a parent can get intervention for their child sooner, making the future brighter.
  • This Color Sparks Women's Attraction to Men
    Certain colors attract women to men, others don't. To portray an extinguished, dominating, and wealthy appearance, this color is the world-wide choice according to research.
  • Serial Sexual Murderers More Complex, Varied Than People Believe
    The media portrays serial sexual killers as calculating, organized, and planned killers. Research shows this is not true. Here are the facts in this article about a rare breed of killer.
  • Light Skinned Indians Better Position for Success
    Skin lightening creams are big business, particularly in India. Society still doesn't look favorably upon dark skin. Racism is still rampant. White women are raped in India in efforts to have light skinned babies.
  • Tech Workers Drawn to Cities with High Diversity, Gays
    Homosexuals tend to run in large masses and congregate in certain cities. Those cities are famous for having a certain job market. This article explains why that is.
  • Why Blacks Are Seen as Objects and Pets Wear Coats
    The human race naturally humanizes inanimate objects like pets and cars. Conversely, humans also dehumanize people unlike themselves. This article explains why that is.
  • Narcissistic Men Target Rage to Certain Women, Prefer Others
    This is what most people don't know about domestic violent men. This is why they choose their victims and what type of person to victimize.
  • New Technology and Innovative Way to Diagnose Autism
    The LENA technology is inexpensive, easy to use, and can be used anywhere in the world. It can diagnose a child as young as 18 months old with autism so that treatment can begin early.
  • What Your Avatar Says About You
    The decision of what avatar to adopt is a complex one. Before choosing an avatar or changing the existing one, read this fascinating article about what avatars really say about a person.
  • The Laziest People in America Live Here
    Americans who spend the most on cable and entertainment live in a specific area in America, find out where in this article. People with certain social status, careers, and marital status also spend the most on these things.
  • Why DIY Tattoos Are like Russian Roulette
    DIY tattoos are growing in popularity due to the poor economy.Diseases like HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C are also on the rise due to this art form. With poor regulation, people are resorting to DIY tattoos to make a quick dollar.
  • Is Sex After Severe Brain Damage Wrong?
    Who is in the right or wrong when it comes to having sex with a brain damaged spouse? Should outside agencies interfere for the sake of the brain damaged spouse? Where do vows and the law begin and end?
  • Slaves Theft
    Irony is the theme in this creatively written horror story. Sex and violence is intertwined in the climatic scenes where social roles are reversed. No longer are the wealthy people in control of their fate.
  • What 600 Million Year Old Sperm Looks Like
    Sperm cells are created by a gene called Boule. This gene has not changed at all in any animal specie in the past 600 million years. Here is why that is.
  • Those with Certain Body Shape Found Smarter
    Obesity is a significant health concern. However, coupled with estrogen and fat deposits in certain areas of the body, some obese people can find higher levels of cognitive functioning, studies find.
  • Is There an Emergency Brake on Mentally Ill Deaths?
    A sharp decline in deaths among the mentally ill has recently been declared by reputable studies. What has caused this news to occur? Education and a decrease in drug and alcohol abuse might be why.
  • Pakistani Jails Birthing New Jihadists to Destroy World
    Middle Eastern extremists bent on killing as many Americans and people in Western societies are being cultivated from Pakistani jail cells. Locking up terrorists in jail is worsening the problem, not improving it.
  • Studies Prove Your Name Decides Your Career
    The name a person is given at birth will decide who they marry, what pet they will get, what possessions they will buy, what career they will choose, and how long they live. Here's why.
  • The Blue Servant
    The man in this article describes to the reader what it's like being a servant in oppressive circumstances. He details his emotional state through symbolism and color.
  • How to Help Autistic Children Understand Death
    Death is difficult for any child to understand. When a child has autism, the likelihood of understanding death is much less. These tips will guide the parent on how to explain death to an autistic child.
  • 5 Deadly Relationship Sins Made by Sensitive People
    Dating can be especially difficult for older people (35+). Here are the common mistakes made in relationships particularly when people are lonely and desperate for commitment.
  • How to Conquer Lack of Motivation at Work
    In the summer months, especially, it is hard to stay focused at work. The recession is eliminating many jobs, so it is important to impress the boss even when motivation is lacking.Here's how to do it.
  • After the Supreme Court Says Yes to Gun Ownership
    Gun control advocates believe that putting limitations on guns will make society safer. But is this really true? Does having one or more firearms in the home make a person safer?
  • Are You Out of the Loop About Wikipedia and Pedophiles?
    Wikipedia has become a safehaven for pedophiles and parapheliacs eager to prey on unsuspecting children who use Wikipedia widely in schools across the nation. It has been ongoing and no action has taken place.
  • Twilight and Fate
    The author equates himself with a twilight sky full of stars and a bright moon. After meeting his life mate, his self esteem and self image is shattered by domestic violence abuse.
  • The Ultimate Sarcastic Quotes List
    This article lists the very best sarcastic quotes and sayings. These humorous quotes will improve your website, articles, speeches, and conversations.
  • The Most Disturbing and Provocative Photography Ever
    This article discusses the controversial photography of Maria Lawton. A philanthropist and talented poet, she addresses current social issues through disturbing photographic imagery.
  • BREAKING NEWS'"Studies Show Schizophrenia Now Detected in Newborns
    Diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia is very challanging. The future of those suffering from the disease is quite grim. This study promises a better future for schizophrenics.
  • Increasing Blog Traffic Secrets You Need to Know
    Blog traffic is very important in order to achieve notoriety and get paid well. There are numerous articles on the Internet promising better blog traffic, but many are scams. This article uncovers proven traffic tips!
  • The Most Dreaded Oil Spill Disaster Question
    The oil spill disaster created by BP has birthed public hysteria, media misinterpretations, and political blame games. In this article myths about the oil spill are debunked and the truth is explained.
  • The Spirits and the Rogue
    Sin and punishment come from the afterlife spirits detailed in this article's imagery. The Rogue, guilty of many transgressions, realizes he is dead only after a long journey with the spirits.
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