David A. Reinstein, LCSW

David A. Reinstein, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60 s. Fan of technology, guitars, creating music and poetry. Mental wellness coach, staff trainer and parenting educator.
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BA: U. of Wisconsin 1968, MSW: U.C.Berkeley 1974: Exister and Observer


If you (or I) want something to be different - You (or I) need to do something differently.


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  • With a Little Luck
    A little luck is part of what it takes for life to go reasonably well for most of us. It is not everything, but it certainly is not usually part of the problem.
  • I Have Every New Client I See Read This in Our First Meeting
    As a therapist, there are somethings that are important to communicate to everyone who comes to see me at the beginning. Two of them are about confidentiality an mandated reporting. This is the third.
  • Change: Sometimes Easier Said Than Done
    Talking about change is one thing - a relatively easy one. Actually changing - Now, THAT is a challenge of a different order!
  • Power Pins from BigRock Engineering: An Update 5 Months Later
    New technology for acoustic guitars is rare. I took a chance and tried something genuinely new - Power Pins from BigRock Engineering. I am more than pleased with the continuing benefits of using them!
  • “Cross My Heart” by James Patterson, a Brief and Deserved Critical Review
    A good story deserves a good closing set of scenes. In this instance, Patterson has written an exceptional story and then failed to end it in a sensible or satisfying way.
  • "The Wolf of Wall Street": Glittering Smut
    Leonardo DiCarprio recently won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his performance in this film. He and director Martin Scorsese have sullied their names and reputations with this film. Smut by any other name ...
  • The SNAPZ BRIDGE PIN PULLER from BigRock Engineering: A Guitarist’s Review
    The bridge pins hold the strings in place on a guitar. They need to be removed each time the strings are changed. This device makes that process much easier and less risky!
  • Samsung Ultra-Thin Portable DVD Writer (Model SE-218): A Users Review
    Lightweight ultra-books have left out the opticcal drive to reduce bulk. Many time you still require one. Here it is!
  • I Have Not Been in Hiding
    Looking both around and in to check on my own whereabouts.
  • The HP Envy 5530 E-All-in-One: A User's Review
    A low-priced multi-function printer with no FAX but many other commendable features!
  • Power Pins from BigRock Engineering: A Significant Advance in Guitar Technology!
    The technology of acoustic guitars has not changed much over the years. This new innovation, Power Pins, makes routine maintenance and string changing a breeze.
  • Where Have I Been?
    I have been around the internet and around life, continuing to visit here and there. I find myself returning to this place out of habit, familiarity and a continuing sense of community.
  • The LIFEPROOF Lightning Adapter to the Rescue! a Grateful User’s Review
    The new Lightning connectors on the iPhone5 (and new iPads) are great - But the necessary adapters have been very slow in coming. LIFEPROOF saves the day!
  • Misdirected Feelings
    Feelings are commonly misunderstood and, as expressed, twisted and misdirected. Sometimes this can be important and consequential. Sometime, it is probably OK.
  • IHome Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock and USB Charge/Play for IPhone/iPod: A User’s Review
    More devices are being built to accommodate the new Apple Lightning connector. This one performs many functions of a good wake-up device and music player very nicely.
  • Jesus Never Came Running
    Jesus was rarely, if ever, known to be in a rush. He mover with deliberation and conviction. Racing was not his thing: Nor should it be ours.
  • Twinkies Redux
    Twinkies died - briefly, much to the benefit of the eating public. Rebirth benefits no one, except for the stockholders of Hostess.
  • Paula Deen Serves Up a Big Batch of Ignorance
    A TV Food Maven Prepares and Pitches Some VERY Foul Balls.
  • Maui Moment
    Some places seem to have been well suited (better than most others) for human inhabitation. Maui is one of them.
  • Pain and Painful Feelings
    Living necessarily involves some pain - some physical, some emotional. Both are real and both hurt.
  • Failing in Middle School
    The change for most kids from elementary to middle school is profound - and can be profoundly difficult and upsetting. Many kids experience failure for the very first time as Middle School begins.
  • Wishin' and Hopin' ... They Just Don't Cut It!
    The sentiments of an old song rendered true by life.
  • ICanonic Juice Pack Elite Rechargeable Battery Case for the IPhone 5: A User’s Review
    The iPhone5 is a great device, but the battery doesn't last much more than a day. Here is a solution for users on the go!
  • The Nature of Color
    Colors, as solids, have certain properties. The properties of colored light are entirely different.
  • WTF Accessories: A China-Based Business to Avoid
    A website electronics retailer based in China that one should best avoid! The lowest price is not always a good thing!
  • The Grace of Silence
    Reflections on the one sound that is forever - silence.
  • The Kensington AbsolutePower Dual 2.1A USB Wall Charger : an I-Device User’s Review
    Apple makes fine i-Devices, but has failed to provide necessary accessories for them. Kensington has stepped up and filled an important need.
  • The Kensington KeyCover Vs. The Logitech Ultralight Bluetooth IPad Keyboard
    Bluetooth keyboard covers are a necessary accessory for iPad users who want to create (and not just obtain) content on them. Here are two of the best compared.
  • The Dark Side of Humanity
    Humans are capable of doing great good. We also have the potential to commit grave harm and create pain and destruction. Here is a glance at the darker side.
  • Airborn
    The experience of air travel can be explained by the laws of physics and aerodynamics. To me, however, it remains somewhat magical.
  • WD Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive: A User’s Review
    There are several main types of back-up that can save your precious computer data from catastrophe. This WD Elements 1TB Portable External Drive from Western Digital is a truly best bet!
  • Private Thought
    All thoughts start on the inside and some, it is likely, best remain there.
  • Baked Babies
    Back in the 1950's, the direct link between sun exposure and cancer had not been firmly established, Some of us who were children at the time have come to pay a price for that lack of understanding.
  • CREATIVE Labs D80 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: A User's Review
    This small Bluetooth speaker at a small price can be (and IS) perfect for a small space!
  • We Are What We Do
    A Haiku septet exploring the relative irrelevance of Descarte's Latinized idea: Cogito ergo sum.
  • Thought and Action: Corrected
    One leads to the other. Responsibility for the transition is always an issue. This is a re-post of an earlier submission wherein the text was scrambled by some virtual gremlin.
  • Thoughts and Actions
    Thoughts and actions are connected. One can and often does lead to the other. There is always choice.
  • Vertigo
    An internal experience that distorts perception and experience.
  • Inbreeding Beauty
    Those who regard themselves as being better than most may be tempted to try to reproduce that effect by pairing with another so endowed and then creating a child. Success does not reliably follow.
  • Whining
    Whining drives parents nuts. It is never a welcome or easy to tolerate sound!
  • Antiquities
    If we live into old age, wisdom sometimes flourishes just in time to enrich understanding. Often, it is too late to share it - or to find receptive ears that are interested in learning.
  • You Don't Know Jack!
    Who knows jack? Is it Jack or is it ....?
  • The NS TRI-ACTION CAPO from Planet Waves: A Guitar Player’s Review
    A capo is an important piece of gear for a guitar player. They are not created equal. The best of the lot is currently the NS TRI-ACTION capo from Planet Waves.
  • California Poppies in the Morning
    Nature awakens much as do humans. Each day brings some promise and hope that, to experience, all life must open itself to.
  • The ROKU LT: A User's Review
    THe ROKU LT brings streaming video from your home WiFi network to your TV at a minimal cost.
  • "IST"ing
    One good 'ist' deserves another... and another ... and another.
  • Morning in the City
    The new tomorrow transforms what was today, with just a tad of transition, into yesterday.
  • The Day After Christmas
    After the night before and Christmas itself, inevitably comes the day after.
  • No: Lessons Learned
    Like everything else, the meaning of "No" is defined by its context.
  • Guilty!
    Committing a crime is not the same thing as getting away with it. Criminals are likely to leave behind some incriminating evidence and are, in most instances, caught. The prisons are filled with people who were pretty sure they would get away with it.
  • The Siberia Neckband Headset by SteelSeries: A Review
    Many gamers and other wired headphone users prefer neckband devices. This new model from SteelSeries, the Siberia, is a high-quality low-priced option that works perfectly with Apple devices - and all others.
  • What it REALLY Takes to Stop Smoking
    People say they want to stop smoking and go on a quest for the 'best' program. There is no 'best' program. None will work until a person is really ready to stop. Once a person is ready, any of them will help get the job done.
  • The Dumb Diet
    Know less and be less. An idea diet to reduce weight.
  • Second Thought
    Slowing ourselves down to entertain a second thought - even when the first one seems ideal in the moment - can be a VERY good idea. If only we can contain our impulsivity.
  • Relationship Requirements
    Relationships require care - ongoing maintenance. Secrets tend to undermine the trust that healthy relationships require.
  • The MAXELL Maxsound Soundbar: Reviewed
    Improve the quality of the sound you hear when watching your HDTV (or other device) for a modest price. The MAXELL Soundbar is really worth considering.
  • Considerations to Consider
    There is so much to learn and to know... So many things to be aware of and to consider.
  • One Year as a Teacher
    To escape the poverty of studenthood, I took the first job I was offered out of college. I was never trained to be a teacher, but I became one - for one year.
  • Sometimes with Intensity
    Sometimes, intensity is appropriate and even appreciated. Sometimes, gentleness is the order of the day or situation. Knowing the one from the other is of the essence in any relationship.
  • Two Brothers from the Old Country
    Some people are driven by ambition while others are at ease with simple survival. In my family, there have been some of both since they first arrived at Ellis Island.
  • Mothering (or Not)
    Mothers are often nurturing. Admittedly, some are a lot better at it than others. Muthas, on the other hand, tend to be ‘takers’ not ‘giver.’ The use of a similar word might be almost humorous if it were not, more fundamentally, distressing and misleading
  • The Maven
    In Yiddish, an expert (about anything) is known as a "maven.' They always know more than most others about that which they know best. With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe ...
  • After Saying Goodbye
    What does one say after saying "Goodbye?"
  • Congenital Genitals
    Men seem unduly concerned with the size of their penis. This concern has given rise to an entire industry of fraudulent promises of devices and medications. Genes determine the length and breadth of our arms, legs AND penises. Don’t waste money trying to
  • How to Get the Best Price for a New Guitar
    Arriving at a final purchase price for a guitar is a lot like dealing for a new car. A lot of numbers are thrown around. Knowing what each one is and means informs a buyer and allows for a better deal to be made than might otherwise be the case.
  • Autumn Is
    The path from summer to winter is predictable and perennial. It is reliable and predictable. How we feel about autumn is of no consequence to it.
  • The Risks of Freeware
    There are some very good software programs available at no cost. There are also many programs classified as "freeware" that can disrupt and damage your system. Always research them. Caveat emptor! (Even if the buyer doesn't have to pay anything.)
  • Electronic Voice Recognition: Say It and It Is So
    Since the idea first became actualized through technology in the 1930s, voice recognition software and equipment has become increasingly available, affordable, easy to use and popular. Keyboards may go the way of carbon paper.
  • Playing to Lose
    Race tracks do not allow patrons to bet on a horse to lose because they don't want to have to pay all the people who would win.
  • He Said that (The Other) He Said
    In politics, like in life in general, there is what is said and then there is what someone says was said. In this political year, the game is intense and the stakes are profound. It is too bad that words are so cheap.
  • The Degenerate
    The degenerate has no moral compass. Perhaps s/he had one once, but if so it is no longer functioning.
  • The Taylor 856ce 12- String Acoustic-Electric Guitar: A Player’s Review
    A player's review of the top-of-the-line Taylor 856ce acoustic-electric 12-string guitar. Quite possibly the very best American-made, mass-produced 12-string guitar on the market today. This one is "a keeper!"
  • Travel Babble
    Being away from one's home base can be a recreational, educational and sometimes disorienting experience.
  • Free Associations: Functions and Costs
    The concept developed by Sigmund Freud as a method to advance self-discovery and healing is often misused and can be quite a problem!
  • This Stage of Age
    As we age, things not only appear different, they ARE different. We know more (sometimes,) but it often does not seem to matter much.
  • More on Being Unsure
    Cognition requires some aspect of doubt and open-mindedness. Too much surety can yield stagnation. At a point, stagnation equals death.
  • When You’re SURE You Are Right … Beware!
    The more certain we are that we are right, the greater the chance that we have not noticed a more viable and possibly more adaptively correct alternative.
  • Chronic Pain
    When pain comes, we seek relief. When no one knows how to stop it, it begins to devour our lives one minute at a time.
  • Creativity Considered
    To create is to form something internal and personal into something external and sharable. What is intended is not often what is perceived. The viewer is the other half of the creative equation.
  • The Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard: A User’s Review
    Wireless connections allow for eliminating cables and clutter in computer spaces. They also offer the user greater mobility and freedom. The Logitech K360 keyboard does a nice job on all counts.
  • The Science and Science Fiction of Scientology
    Science Fiction author L. Ron Hubbard had quite an imagination and, as it turns out, quite an ego. The prophet of a new system of beliefs embraced by many celebrities: Scientology and Dianetics. Science or Science Fiction?
  • Inebriated and Negated
    Drinking liquor is both legal and socially accepted. This does not mean that it is a good thing.
  • The Therapik: A User’s Product Review
    Most of us try to avoid getting bitten or stung. When we fail, there are many traditional remedies available – and one new one, the Therapik.
  • The Wisdom of Age
    Sometimes: The older we get, the more we know. The more we know, the less time we have to use or share it. Three Haiku worth of reflection on aging.
  • Eating and Speaking the Positive
    What we put out (say) is connected with what we take in (listen, learn.) We are as much what we say as we are what we eat... or, what we "...ate."
  • The Iron Horse Rides Again
    Every "Iron Horse" is not a locomotive. Sometimes a "horse" is just a horse.
  • Gull (ible)
    The gull coasts with grace until he is on land, competing for the food we are trying to get into our face.
  • Bamboozled!
    Deceived, cheated, grifted and scammed. Ouch to all.
  • The Gargoyle
    High, tucked into the cornices of old buildings, the gargoyle watches and waits to be noticed.
  • The Very Best Free Vacations
    To some people, "Vacation" is simply a state of not working. To others, it is about going somewhere special. Going somewhere can be a physical activity OR a mind-powered visit to just about anywhere.
  • A Blank Screen
    When staring at a blank screen, we will see things on it. They come from within us though they can seem to be external images.
  • Blind Sight
    How and what we see is unique to each of us as individuals. No two people will perceive precisely the same thing in any given situation.
  • Towers into the Fog
    Spanning both horizontally and vertically, the top often fades into the sky-mist we call "fog." The Golden Gate Bridge rises into the obscured heights.
  • Achieving Balance
    Balance is not easily achieved but the quest for it is often a key ingredient of a sentient existence.
  • The World is Built of Rocks of All Sizes
    Large or small, the rocks that constitute the firm structure of much of our world, really DO matter …
  • Aspirations of a Player
    Making deliberate sounds for the pleasure of people is referred to as "playing", but it is not really "playing around" as much as it is "playing with sound."
  • Tips for Purchasing HDMI Cables
    There is a conventional wisdom paradigm that says “You get what you pay for.” This suggests that the more expensive something is, the better it is. In the words of an old song, “It ain’t necessarily so.” This is certainly the case with HDMI cables.
  • The Beatech KPC1 iPad Bluetooth Keyboard: A Review
    Every iPad2 user does not need or want an external keyboard. For those who write a lot and do, this Beatech KPC1 is worth a close look. It is well designed and reasonably priced.
  • Making Something from Nothing
    A brief poetic explanation of futility. CHange requires more ... MUCH more ... than the wish for it.
  • You Are Toast!
    Words are wonderful and one can have many, many meanings.
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