M. Kay Heitkamp

M. Kay Heitkamp

Kay's passion is writing. Throughout her career, she has written extensively on legal issues and developed training materials as an IT contract manager and independent grant writer. In her mid forties, Kay went back to school and earned a Juris Doctorate while working full time and raising three children. Her professional background has included working with Native American tribes and organizations - she was the editor of a quarterly newspaper for the Seventh Generation Fund, an Indigenous nonprofit in Northern California and has written extensively for the last remaining Native American weekly newspaper in California. She has collaborated with in-house attorneys to develop contracts and has created and presented educational materials describing legal procedures, nonprofit and board development, research and grant writing. Kay's an outdoors type of person who balances writing with her love of colors and textures that she uses in dyeing, spinning, weaving, beadwork, painting, growing roses and photography. She has displayed her original artwork in galleries throughout California. Cats, including feral kittens, also play a major part in her life!
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  • Recycling Brings Big Savings to Northern California School District
    One man works tirelessly 5 days a week to recycle trash from 3 schools, sorting garbage entirely by hand. He does this to help save the school district big bucks. 'Å"Recycling '" you have to believe in it and get into the right mind set for it to work.'�
  • TEDNA - Big Changes in the Air for Native American Education
    Greg Masten, Vice-President of the Tribal Education Departments National Assembly (TEDNA), traveled recently to Washington D.C. to meet with House and Senate representatives and testify about Indian Education issues during a congressional briefing.
  • Settlement Agreement Reached in Cobell V Salazar
    After 14 years, a settlement agreement has been announced in the long-running Native American class action lawsuit, Cobell v Salazar, a case involving allegations that the federal government mismanaged individual Indian trust accounts and trust assets.
  • Don't Let Heat Stress Harm Your Dogs and Cats
    Taking care of your pets during the summer to prevent heat stress requires a little planning. This is true whether the animals in your life live indoors or outdoors. Heat stress can be life threatening and involve a costly trip to the vet for treatment.
  • The Newly Amended Indian Arts and Crafts Act
    Great news for Native American artists and craftsmen! The Indian Arts and Crafts Act was recently amended in July. It applies to all members of federally recognized Tribes and will help reduce sale of arts and craftwork fraudulently labeled as Indian.
  • How to Dry Your Own Fresh Herbs
    Herbs spice up any meal. Whether you grow your own herbs during the summer, or purchase fresh herbs at a supermarket or your favorite farmers' market, you'll save money by learning to dry herbs at home. Drying herbs is easy if you know a few tricks.
  • Grant Writing Tips: How to Submit a Proposal
    If you are new to grant writing, the task of developing a full grant proposal to send to a foundation can be daunting. Be sure your nonprofit's goals closely match those of the funder and follow website guidelines to maximize your chances for success.
  • Grant Writing Tips: Creating an Effective Letter of Inquiry
    Are you new to grant writing? Are you aware that most foundations require a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) before they will accept a full proposal? Many grant makers do not accept unsolicited proposals - however, they may accept a Letter of Inquiry.
  • Grant Writing Tips: Components of a Grant Application
    If you are new or fairly new to the process of submitting a grant application, here are some tips for the types of information you will be expected to provide. This is true whether you fill in the blanks or develop your own submission from scratch.
  • Grant Writing Tips: Before You Begin
    You've recently formed a nonprofit or you've been in business for awhile but your initial funding is depleted. It's time to start looking for new financial support. Why not try your hand at grant writing? What do you need to know before you begin?
  • Native American Nonprofit Produces a Film to Showcase Their Quechan Culture
    Ah-Mut Pipa, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was established in 1996 by Quechan elder, Preston Arrow-weed. This Native American foundation has used contemporary media techniques to produce a film that tells the story of their Quechan culture and traditions.
  • Chocoholics Alert: These Chocolate Scones Will Become a Favorite!
    These scones are filled with three kinds of chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles. They are great served warm with fresh raspberries or strawberries. These are a chocolate lover's dream and are sure to keep chocoholics coming back for more!
  • Bleu Cheese, Bacon and Chicken Potato Salad
    This isn't your grandmother's potato salad! Bleu cheese, bacon and sautéed chicken are blended with herbs and a tangy dressing to enhance the flavor of new potatoes. Great served warm or chilled.
  • A Summer Wedding in Patrick's Point State Park, Northern California
    One of the most beautiful settings for a wedding on the Northern Californian coast is atop Wedding Rock in Patrick's Point State Park. Having camped in the park for many years, this was my daughter's choice for her mid-morning August ceremony in 2002.
  • A Feral Cat Community in Our Backyard
    The rural area in which my daughter and I live provides great habitat for all types of wildlife, including a multitude of feral cats that come in wondrous colors and coats. This is a snapshot of the feral cats that call our backyard home.
  • Great Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Houses in Eureka, California
    Eureka, located some 270 miles north of San Francisco, is a charming coastal town that borders on Humboldt Bay. An abundance of excellent restaurants and cafes serve a variety of ethnic foods. Some are formal, but most offer a casual dining experience.
  • Summer Camps and Programs for All Ages in Humboldt County, California
    Humboldt County in Northern California offers a vast array of summer camps and programs for all ages. Scholarships and discounts are available for many of these. Some have already begun, but others extend into August. Most require pre-registration.
  • 2010 Summer Music Festivals in Humboldt County, California
    Humboldt County in Northern California is home to a multitude of talented musicians who take part in local festivals to celebrate the joys of music. Fortunately for music lovers, most of these festivals take place during the summer months.
  • The Ink People of Eureka, California
    The Ink People, founded in 1979, advocates for and supports Humboldt County's incredible array of talented artists. There are more artists per capita in Humboldt County than any other county in California.
  • Develop a Strategic Action Program for Your Nonprofit
    Development of a strategic action program for your nonprofit should follow the creation of a strategic business plan. The program describes the key strategies, activities, processes and procedures needed to support your mission and meet your goals.
  • The Seventh Generation Fund
    Seventh Generation Fund (SGF) is a Native American owned and operated nonprofit located in Northern California. The business was established in 1977 and serves as a grantmaking intermediary to Indigenous peoples throughout the Americas and Hawaii.
  • Globalization from a Native American Perspective
    Wikipedia defines globalization as a process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and trade. Acceptance of this definition varies according to one's frame of reference.
  • Trinidad State Beach
    Trinidad State Beach is off of Highway 101 about 25 miles north of Eureka. Scenery is unparalleled. Take a stroll along smooth sand, watch kites flying, explore tide pools, collect rocks and driftwood, try ocean kayaking and surfing, enjoy a picnic.
  • Small Business Success in Indian Country
    Xontah is the Hupa word for house. Xontah Builders, a small business established in 2005 by the Hoopa Valley Tribe, is justly proud of the workmanship, design & quality of materials used in construction. Their motto is "Built for Generations."
  • Hupa Language Recovery Programs
    Language represents a cultural link between generations. In the past, tribal knowledge was passed between generations as an oral tradition rather than in writing. Today, few elders remain who are fluent in the Hupa Language of the Hoopa Valley Tribe
  • Law Firms in Eureka California Represent All Areas of Law
    All areas of law are well-represented by law firms in the coastal town of Eureka. California Indian Legal Services is unique in that it is the first Indian-controlled law firm to provide specialized legal representation to Indians and Indian tribes.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Fundraising Plan for Your Nonprofit
    Whether your business is a newly formed nonprofit corporation or one that has been in existence for awhile, it is crucial that you take the time to develop an overall comprehensive fundraising plan with long range goals to support your mission.
  • Oak Woodlands in California
    Oak woodlands have long been a part of the historical and scenic landscape of rural California. However, increased economic pressure for agricultural conversion and haphazard residential and commercial developments threaten this vital natural resource.
  • Tips for Developing Sustainable Food Systems
    Sustainability is defined as, "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs," and, "capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment." (Brundtland et al)
  • Does Your Board of Directors Meet Expectations?
    A well-developed Statement of Agreement can be used as an effective tool to define the roles, responsibilities and scope of authority of a nonprofit's board. Annual performance reviews and workshops are other tools.
  • California - a Great Place to Grow Roses in Pots
    California's weather lets you enjoy roses from the time they first bloom in April through November. Growing them in pots allows you to move them around for maximum exposure to the sun and to create exquisite color patterns and textures in your garden.
  • Tips for Forming a Nonprofit Corporation
    You're in the initial stage of planning a new business. You have goals in mind. You know your target audience and the types of services you want to provide. What steps do you need to take to form a nonprofit? Here are some tips.
  • A Rather Remarkable Tale of Feral Kittens Born in the Wild
    Last November, I heard loud cries from a nearby old garage filled with stacks of boxes taller than me. I couldn't see anything, but the cries grew louder and more insistent. All of a sudden, I saw movement. A wriggly grey blur of motion on grey dirt.
  • The Critical Need for Recovery of Native American Languages
    Countless Native languages have already been lost and others are on the brink of extinction. Tribal youth now use cutting edge technologies for recovery and preservation of languages previously passed down through generations as an oral tradition.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit's Board of Directors
    The board members of a nonprofit hold positions of trust. Effective performance of their roles, duties and responsibilities directly correlates to the overall reputation and business success of an organization.
  • Camping at Patrick's Point State Park in Northern California
    Patrick's Point State Park is unsurpassed for camping in the heart of Northern California's redwoods where the world's tallest trees meet the Pacific Ocean. Great for couples, families and even your dog!
  • Creating a Strategic Business Plan for Your Nonprofit
    A strategic business plan is the basis for more detailed planning to help track the direction, progress and growth of your business. Use it as a checklist to help meet milestones and ensure that your organization stays on target to meet its goals.
  • Follow the Trinity River to Outdoor Recreation in Hoopa Valley
    Enjoy the outdoors in Northern California's picturesque Hoopa Valley, home to the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk Tribes. Discover opportunities for camping, biking, hiking, kayaking and great photography and learn about tribal histories and culture.
  • Tips to Help a Board of Directors Avoid Liability
    Liability refers to the legal responsibility for costs or damages incurred as the result of an action, omission or failure to act. To avoid liability, a board of directors must adhere to certain duties, responsibilities and rules.
  • Writing Corporate Bylaws for Your Nonprofit
    Bylaws describe your business operations and form a framework that becomes the foundation of your business. Draft them after your state confirms approval of your Articles of Incorporation and after you have applied for federal and state tax-exemptions.
  • Visit the Coastal Town of Trinidad in Northern California
    Take a trip north on Highway 101 to this picturesque town located 25 miles north of Eureka. This is small-town California at its best, situated at the edge of the Pacific Ocean near majestic redwoods. Trinidad is a great destination in any season.

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