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Whyte Panther -- Born and most likely conceived under the Verrazzano Bridge in Brooklyn, NY (god how my mom LOVES it when I tell that part). I am now living in the south east corner of Arizona in Geronimo's old stomping grounds. Sometimes life throws you unexpected curves that change your life forever. Stumbling across this beautiful part of the country is one of the most amazing blessings I have ever been given. If you had told me three short years ago that I'd be known as "Luigi, the Brooklyn born italian cowboy" I would have just about fallen over. Spreading joy and a hunger for more of it is now my task in life. I've inherited a Karaoke DJ gig at a local watering hole and have been "infecting" folks with the "let the song flow from your heart" virus almost to the point of an epidemic. When the spirit moves me I jot down a word or three and over time I'll be sharing those words here. Find your joy... cling tightly to it... and share it with all you know and love.
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Live in and walk towards the light and the darkness and shadows will always be behind you
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  • The Studio Sessions Round 3
    Here are the back stories and recording experiences behind the songs on "So Fed Up" my third demo double CD. I hope you enjoy a peek behind the scenes
  • Ten Tons of Rock -- Lyrics
    Inspired by a day or hard labor moving 10 tons of river rock to cover the yard, this started off as a little work chant and evolved into a song of its own.
  • Beautiful Sight -- Lyrics
    I love how she can make me smile by even just sitting there on the couch... at least until she catches me in the act. I wrote this little ditty in celebration of just such moments.
  • Sing with Angels -- Lyrics
    Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms at may different times... a bit of rain during a recent road trip to Texas had me waxing melancholy... this song came to me about someone remembering a rainy day when he said goodbye to his beloved
  • Stringless Guitar -- Lyrics
    When the mood to write hits me, I often find myself sitting up on the roof looking off into the mountains and strumming away on my stringless guitar. I have done this so many times that I finally had to write a song to pay homage to it.
  • Meet Me in Tucson -- Lyrics
    I remembered stumbling across a picture not to long ago that reminded me of a time when a currently strained relationship wasn't quite so hard. I so did not wanna write a song about it, but we don't get to choose how or when they come to us, do we?
  • What Do You Do - Lyrics
    Sitting on the couch with a pounding sinus heading and yet... this song still manages to pound its way out of my head... Hard to admit that sometimes... you can only do so much
  • Riding Across the Desert -- Lyrics
    Just had another feel-good song come to me... sometimes when things get to be too much I hop in the saddle and just take a nice long ride to recharge my batteries
  • Four Chord Song
    Caught myself laughing last Saturday when I was in the car and started writing a song only to realize that I was writing another in a long line of songs that followed the same four chord progression. Ever heard "Axis of Awesome"? Read on.. you might enjoy
  • Tgo's Blues - Lyrics
    Had to laugh at myself the other day when the dog's(Tgo's) antics and the soulful, sorrow filled look in his eyes put this little bluesy ditty in my head... this one's for Tgo!!! LOL
  • Bad Juju - Lyrics
    Easy when you're on the outside looking in at someone's misfortune, especially if you had a hand in it. I've been using the term "bad juju" for a long, long time. But what are you gonna do when the "bad juju" comes for you? This one's for Zay-Zay.
  • I Could Be Wrong -- Lyrics
    Have to laughingly admit that even a few notes from the end of the jingle of a TV commercial can get me writing another one for my baby... Don't know how long the gift of song writing will last, jut know I am grateful
  • Pristine
    Tired... oh so tired... of defending my character against unfounded and ludicrous accusations... once again I look within and walk tall with my pride wounded, but character intact
  • Sometimes -- Lyrics
    Part of writing good country music... in my not so humble opinion... is putting yourself in imaginary places and letting yourself feel... not just imagine... but truly feel what the subject would feel... think that's the part of the magic... ;)
  • Faith's Promised Change
    Been put down and knocked down several times in my life... but fate has always smiled upon me afterwards... here's a small tribute... as I await fate's next smile
  • Into the Night -- Lyrics
    Was planning to do some work on what I consider to be my very best piece of work... a ballad called "I Miss Her" (posted here as well)... my studio session got cancelled so my mind does a 180 degree turn and I spew out this dark little toe tapper instead.
  • So Fed Up -- Lyrics
    When you're tired of ridiculousness... of small minded people... and you long for the old days, when times were simpler and people were more genuine... and you just can't take anymore... just tell the world you're fed up!
  • Upside Down -- Lyrics
    When, for whatever reason, things don't feel right with your beloved and the world seems topsy turvy... you just need to take hold and turn it all upside down and set things right again
  • Trust -- Lyrics
    Finding time and time again that writing is the quickest path to healing... particularly when in comes to music... here's a short bit of "therapy" ;)
  • Champagne Taste -- Lyrics
    Sometime when money gets tight, it's a little hard to learn to change your lifestyle and live within your means.
  • Just Ain't Christmas -- Lyrics
    A song about Christmas.
  • Stay -- Lyrics
    This one just started buzzing around in my head and SOOOO has Gary LeVox's voice from Rascall Flats written ALL OVER IT... I'm torn on adding the echos in the chorus... what do you all think?
  • With Me -- Lyrics
    A little too deep in thought... as I occasionally get... a little to deep in anticipation... I indirectly ask the obvious question
  • Dear God -- Lyrics
    Caught myself just saying "dear god" at one of those odd images that pop up when you're browsing the internet... and the phrase just bounced around in my head until this spilled out... sometimes we get the oddest reminders when prayer is overdue
  • Will You Still Be Here -- Lyrics (Duet)
    Everyone sings in the shower... but this one I actually WROTE in the shower one morning... my second duet
  • Mild to Wild -- Lyrics
    Was at my buddy Daniel's auto repair shop the other day and found a metal rod with the words "Mild To Wild" written on it... next thing I know, my toes are tapping and I'm playing air guitar and this little number came tumbling out
  • Music First
    When I write music, the melody and lyrics usually come to me at the same time... here are a few examples of where I started with a known piece of music (3 classical) and let the music pluck the lyrics from my mind
  • If I Offered Her My Heart -- Lyrics
    The spirit moved me this morning while thinking about our first night together... just started playing in my head so I had to put it down... a cappella vocals for now ;)
  • The Studio Sessions Round 2
    Hard to believe that 4 months had elapsed between my first round of studio demos and the second, but apparently that's what happened. Here are the back stories behind those sessions. Hope they provide some insight into my writing process and inspiration.
  • My Wife -- Lyrics
    Reflections on asking the question... this was NOT... repeat NOT a proposal... but you can't blame a guy for thinking about it when he's with a beauty like mine ;)
  • My Demo Collection on Reverb Nation
    Didn't know I could embed the player here but apparently it works! ENJOY!!! Look for a full breakdown of the second set of studio session here soon!
  • New Recordings!!!
    recently got into the studio and laid down some new recordings... I will soon be posting the background on ALL of the second set of demos, but for now... give a listen and let me know what you think...
  • Claire -- Lyrics
    A third in a set of lyrics that just seem to effortlessly fall over a favorite piece of classical music... this time Debussy's "Claire De Lune"... What is it about the moonlight that inspires us all so?
  • Cry -- Lyrics
    Was watching "The Notebook" and the scene where Rachel McAdams' character plays this piece on the piano brought these words. End of last May, I posted a similar piece I had to for Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata... look for posting called "Moonlight" too.
  • Wild Side -- Lyrics
    Last week I met with Catherine "Cat" Vigil of "The Duke And Cat Show" out of Tucson to discuss a new project. I told her a little about my song writing and she asked me if I would consider writing a theme song for the new show... here it is!
  • More Than One Lifetime -- Lyrics
    Sitting on the couch across from her watching her sleep I realized that a lifetime just isn't enough time to show her how much I love her... gonna need "more than one lifetime"
  • Out of My Head -- Lyrics
    This toe tapper just popped into my head a few minutes ago and will lay it down as the last track for my second demo album... forgive the whistling... it's just filler for what will be a killer guitar riff
  • Make Your Move -- Lyrics
    Just picked up my buddy Joe from the airport and we were in the studio for the afternoon so he could see the music process. The big haired gal would just not stop giving him the eye... so I wrote this song for a little encouragement... LOL
  • Her Five Haiku
    Plucked from the assignment desk, these five haiku describe how she makes every part of my day... and life... so much better
  • The Less I Ask -- Lyrics
    Saying good night to my baby last nite when I uttered the words, "it seems the less I ask of you... the more you give" and it's true. She is a truly amazing woman and I am so very, very lucky to have her. She inspires me and the music every single day.
  • Little Things -- Lyrics
    Thinking about how much I really do appreciate and love all the little things she says and does and how they've all made my life so much better. She's the reason for everything that is good in my life
  • Fleeting Beauty - Haiku
    A pre-dinner conversation diverted to some fading flowers... and how even at their best... they pale in comparison to her beauty
  • Sun Goes Down -- Lyrics
    At the end of a hard day's work there isn't anything like the thought that she's waiting there for me with a big smile and her love
  • All Over Again -- Lyrics
    I have been so extremely blessed to have not only found this amazing woman, but to literally be able to fall in love with her over and over every single day.
  • One More Patron -- Lyrics
    Sometimes you get wronged in life and.. given the chance... karma and the fates take care of everything... was I completely over my last injustice? Apparently not, but this helped put it away... a fun little number that just popped into my head
  • Last Thing I Ever Had -- Lyrics
    An odd topic popped up tonight in a weird way... what if tonight was you last night... what would you do? The musical muses did their dance and this tumbled out
  • Ain't Nothing -- Lyrics
    Ain't nothing that can change this feeling... just a happy happy man and it gets better by the day
  • Lost -- Lyrics
    Getting lost in a singular thought night after night and day after day brings me a happiness unimagined before... how better to celebrate that gift than to put it in song?
  • Today -- Lyrics
    A little song about the desire to start the final fairy tale... today
  • Morning Smiles
    Waking beside my love yields the warmest smile on any day
  • Love so Hard -- Lyrics
    Sometimes we need to let ourselves be soft before we see how hard we can love. These thoughts sneak up on me in the middle of the night and wedge themselves in my head and can only be released when I set them down in song
  • Perfectly Tender Moment
    Tenderly retreading familiar ground still gives me butterflies and yet I fearlessly set sail
  • Because She's Mine -- Lyrics
    Listening to the rains from the monsoons pounding on the roof and thought how I really didn't need this right now... then I thought about what it was I needed... and I don't need a thing, not as long as I've got her
  • Into This Night
    Sleeplessness gets the better of all of us from time to time... we occasionally get the better of it... this short piece celebrates that rare victory
  • What I Need -- Lyrics
    Couldn't stop the songs from coming if I wanted to... not matter how much I wanna give her what she's needed... and I have... I still need her more than ever... she's my everything... she's my world... and she needs to know that
  • She's Beautiful -- Lyrics
    Her modestly is exceeded only by her beauty... and I am gonna be in SO MUCH TROUBLE for writing this one... ;)
  • Because of You
    What else can I say except that I am everything I have become... every single thing I am... because of her. The seed of the artist I have become would have just withered and disappeared had she not touched my life
  • Page One -- Lyrics
    Even though every step and mis-step along the way makes us into who we are, sometimes you need to just toss the past and start over... and how better to do that than with new love
  • Make it with You
    Sometimes words not matter how simple or eloquent don't convey sentiments quite the way we'd like... no matter how many different ways we try... no matter how many different times we try... so we just use the ones we have in hopes they'll come close
  • This Time -- Lyrics
    After another sleepless night this one came bouncing out of my head... another toe tapper... I'm definitely on a roll again ;)
  • Beside Me -- Lyrics
    Denied sleep and in turn denied her even in my dreams... what else is a songwriter to do but weave words and music into song
  • My Girl -- Lyrics
    This song popped into my head right after the last one... Eerily similar lyrics at the beginning to a song by Blackhawk called "Hole In My Heart"... that's where the similarity ends... but the music train chugs on
  • Make Things Right -- Lyrics
    Simple melody popped into my head while trying to... of all things... locate a cricket in my kitchen... the words just followed... funny how they manage to find their way out of my head sometimes
  • Why -- Lyrics
    the song train just keeps on a running... yepp, even a SINGLE WORD can get me rolling now... but for some reason, this one came out in the third person... hmmm... wonder WHY
  • I Just Love -- Lyrics
    Thank goodness the songwriting bug is back biting me on a daily basis... this one has been jammed up for a while and finally just came out... a million and ONE reasons I just love her
  • Eyes -- Lyrics
    Have you ever been so completely moved and utterly subdued by a vision from a dream that you barely feel like you can function? I awoke from such a dream this morning and I will never, ever... CAN never, ever... be the same
  • Love You like Me -- Lyrics
    Recent songwriter's block has been banished... recently got my batteries recharged and the music just started flowing again... here's the latest creation
  • Another Sleepless Night
    Another night comes and goes without a visit from an overdue friend called sleep... Time has taught me not to fight these nights, so instead... I write
  • Opportunity Missed
    A wistful look at a handful of recent thoughts and events where fate's distractions spun me about a bit
  • Comfort of a Saddle
    When times are difficult and confusing it never ceases to amaze me how reaching for something familiar, as simple as it seems, can bring such great comfort
  • A Year Ago
    Reflecting briefly on the transformation that has taken place in me over the last year when an amazing woman,,, a genuine angel... came into my life. I'll thankfully never be the same
  • Always
    We don't always need to rely on lofty words to relay deep sincere sentiment... So with simply words and rhyme I offer... eternity
  • When I Awake
    The mornings without her bring little solace save for the memory of her visits in my dreams
  • Midnight Meanderings
    Once again awakened in the middle of the night by words that needed to reach the page
  • Her Tears
    What could possibly hurt you more than the painful sight of tears in the eyes of someone you love so dearly?
  • Dare I
    As a long awaited moment approaches... humility and fear... a healthy fear, if such a thing exists... surface and required expression
  • Let Me in -- Lyrics
    One more for the collection... not quite as... umm... HEAVY... as "Let Her Go"... THANK GOODNESS!!! But still just miss this sweet, sweet woman
  • How is It
    Trapped in my own mind in deep reflection, these seven questions keep running over and over through my thoughts... and time and again... the simply answer is... I just don't know
  • What If
    Contemplating all the unshakable "facts" in life and the sacrifices we make along the way... just playing... "what if?"
  • My World
    There is no other way to describe this world, my world... no matter how many have tried... no matter how many ways... no matter how eloquent one could be... she is it... she's my world
  • Only Hell -- Lyrics
    An adrelanline rush from disposing of a huge scorpion had my heart and head thumping so this toe tapper just screamed out of me... once I lay this down I DEFY you not to get up and dance
  • Let Her Go -- Lyrics
    Sometimes love means giving everything you've got even when you don't think you can... when what your beloved wants and needs means more to you than anything... finally got vocals down after a week... my best to date I think
  • Closing Time -- Lyrics
    Met a young man through a friend on Facebook... checked out one of his original instrumentals, the lyrics wrote themselves. PLEASE forgive the hiss on my el-cheapo home microphone... DEFINITELY need to take this to the studio. Thanks Chris!!!
  • If She'll Have Me
    Been so swept up in music lately that I had almost forgotten the taste of how my inspiration first found the page... but the thought of her and the gift she's given me brought it all back... I am so blessed to have her call me hers
  • Memorial Day Memories
    Some things we should never forget... others we wish we could keep from remembering... honoring our fallen heroes amidst my personal loss
  • On the Chin -- Lyrics
    Talking to a buddy about some things I've been dealing with in my life when he said that when you trust people too much, sometimes you're gonna take one on the chin... T.K.O. Got wornged my friends, but the silver lining? I got TWO songs out of it! LOL
  • Son of a Gun -- Lyrics
    Someone I considered a friend showed their true colors and not only stabbed me in the back, but went to the trouble to set me up in order to do it When life hands you stupid people, just write a song about... STUPID PEOPLE!!!
  • Safe for Me -- Lyrics
    Remembering some feelings from not too long ago standing at the door as my baby drove home and I woudl just wait for her to get home safe... secodn song today... I'm on a roll LOL
  • Where is My Heart -- Lyrics
    a new song about missing a gal that was left behind
  • Whyte Panther's "High Noon" Video
    Whyte Panther's "High Noon" Video... a lighthearted look at doing "less drinking and more thinking" and poking a little fun at a TV commercial that rubbed me the wrong way
  • Dance of the Tumbleweeds
    Mamasan was moved to jot down some words the other day after a drive home that she was kind enough to let me share with you.
  • Calling You Mine -- Lyrics
    Imagining a moment of reflection while remembering a love lost
  • God Opens a Window -- Lyrics
    My buddy tossed his keychain on the table at lunch a couple weeks ago and this saying was on the tag, "When somebody closes a door, god opens a window"... here you all go
  • High Noon -- Lyrics
    My son was joking how I had written "Daydreaming At Night", "Another Tucson Sunset", and "Sunrise In My Rearview Mirror" and said that to cover the full day, my next song should be "High Noon"... LOL... here's what came out!
  • Faint of Heart -- Lyrics
    Nothing is more frightening than to give yourself completely and unconditionally to someone else and let yourself fall in love
  • Just in a Mood
    As sleeplessness grips me yet another night, I find myself deep in though and emotion... what else is there to do for one who paints pictures with words... except to write
  • Down a Lonesome Highway -- Lyrics
    Sometimes the road to where we need to get is long and difficult... but we know in our hearts where we're going and that we still need to get there... that we WANT to get there... so we drive
  • You Lie to Me -- Lyrics
    Not exactly an original idea for a song, but thw words started buzzing in my head and just had to come one out
  • Will She
    Amazed each and every day at her humility in light of just how amazing and wonderful a woman she truly is
  • Walk Through This World
    My dear friends Adam and Jen just became man and wife... here's to the newlyweds
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