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I'm a writer by nature, but only realized that my voice had a potential audience recently. Since the middle of 2010, I've been a Featured Contributor for Yahoo!'s Associated Content, written for Yahoo! TV, and ghost-written everything from blog posts on pet care to beauty and fashion tips for Allure magazine.

As a native New Orleanian, I was raised on gumbo, the spicy soup that's a farrago of all that's best at the market. I take a similar approach to my writing: a little of this and a little of that makes the flavor richer than any single ingredient could. As a "Jill of all trades," I'm interested in virtually any subject.
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University of New Orleans, 1987 - 1992, dual major in English Education and Biology
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  • Why Do Such Young Celebrities Look so Old?
    Age may be just a number, but for some surprisingly young starlets, that number looks much bigger than it really is. What's making some starlets look older than their years?
  • Tips and Tricks for Wearing Nail Art
    Nail art has gone from a fad to a bona fide trend. Trends don't always work for everyone, but a look-at-me manicure is one that you can make work with your personal style.
  • Boutique Bath and Body Products Online: The Allure of E-Commerce
    Department stores and drugstores that sell bath and body products aren't likely to fold anytime soon, but they're facing increasing competition from niche companies that make their own.
  • Celebrity Chemistry: How Tom and Katie Compare to Other Star Pairs
    Some couples seem to have an indefinable spark; others seem as lifeless as a pair of dead batteries. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes lacked chemistry from the start.
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  • Makeup Tips for a Day at the Beach
    Sunscreen may protect you from ultraviolet rays, but it doesn't leave you much coverage. Find out how to wear makeup at the beach without melting or looking overdone.
  • Good Grooming Gifts for Father's Day
    Women aren't the only ones who use beauty products. Grooming products for men are taking up an increasing share of shelf space on beauty product aisles, so why not give Dad a gift he'd never buy for himself -- but will absolutely love?
  • Regrettable Celebrity Tattoos: Who Needed to Think Before Getting Inked?
    Celebrity skin is prime real estate for tattoo artists, but not all ink deserves a permanent place on its wearer. Which stars might wish they had an eraser for their tattoos?
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  • Reality TV that Won't Rot Your Brain
    When you've had enough of teen moms, terrible toddlers and Kardashians, turn to reality TV that won't cause brain-rot. These reality TV shows can teach you a few things, and they're just as entertaining as the fluff.
  • New Ways to Wear Pastel Makeup for Spring
    If you think pastels are just for Easter eggs, think again -- the newest way to wear pastel makeup is surprisingly edgy. Get in on the runway makeup trends and look fresh-faced for spring.
  • Chic Accessories for St. Patrick's Day
    While you could have fun in a bright green plastic hat and head-to-toe green, you aren't relegated to novelty-shop accessories for the wearing o' the green on St. Patrick's Day. Look chic at your next party.
  • Four Makeup Rules to Break This Spring
    Last year's makeup rules become this year's makeup ruts. This spring, break a few old makeup rules; you'll discover new colors and styles that reveal new facets of your beauty.
  • Stars' Embarrassing Moments: Why Do We Look?
    When celebrities manage to look less than perfect, we can't look away. Is it because we revel in their embarrassing mishaps or because we see a glimpse of someone who's just a little bit like us?
  • Give Her Green Gifts for Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day gifts in pink and red might please her, but you'll really win her heart if you give her a green Valentine's Day gift.
  • Five Tips for Red Lips on Valentine's Day
    Red is the official color of Valentine's Day, so it's perfect for your lips as well. Make a major impact without saying a word by following these rules for red-hot lips. Yes, you can use them for the other 364 days of the year, too.
  • Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair Over 40
    They say 40 is the new 30, but if you're still wearing your fine hair in the style you had a decade ago, it's time to treat yourself to a change. Try one of these flattering looks to make your new year feel like your best year.
  • Celebrity Breakups That Surprised No One
    Common wisdom says that opposites attract, but when two celebrities are so obviously headed in different directions, no one's surprised when the honeymoon is over.
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  • Hair Color Trends for the New Year
    What Mother Nature didn't give you, your hair colorist can. This year's hair colors are anything but subdued, so get ready to be bold with your signature style.
  • Nail Trends for 2012
    From brilliant color to daring dagger-like shapes, nail trends are extreme this season. One trend that always holds true: wear what's right for you. Find out what's hot for your hands in 2012.
  • "Ugly" Actresses: Gorgeous Stars Who Lost Their Looks for a Role
    Most of the time, celebs look gorgeous. However, not all movie roles call for glamor, and sometimes a beautiful star needs a "make-under" to play the part. See which dreamboats became shipwrecks for a part.
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  • Holiday Gift Ideas: Best Hair Tools for Straight Hair
    If someone on your holiday shopping list loves pin-straight hair, give her the tools she needs to get the look. Not all flat irons are created equal though; pick the ones that leave hair silky, not sickly.
  • 5 Celebs Who Deserve Coal in Their Stockings This Christmas
    Santa isn't the only one who can find out who's naughty or nice. Entertainment reporters and paparazzi also keep track, and if Santa's list is anything like theirs, these five celebs are getting coal for Christmas this year.
  • Beauty Gifts with Purchase: A Gift-Giving Guide
    'Tis the season not just for holiday gift-giving, but for stashing a few beauty essentials away for yourself. Gift-with-purchase perfume and makeup deals are a great deal, but beware these beauty gift pitfalls.
  • Best Everyday Conditioners for Fine Hair
    Heavy conditioners weigh down fine hair, yet leaving it without conditioner leads to dryness and frizziness. The solution: conditioners calibrated to condition fine hair weightlessly.
  • The Worst Holiday Specials Ever
    Celebrities enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else, but their season's greetings don't always go as planned. From an infamously hairy Wookiee-filled Christmas to a Kardashian katastrophe, take a look at some of the holiday's worst offenders.
  • Cardio Machines That Work With You
    Finding the motivation to get off the couch and onto the treadmill becomes easy when your cardio equipment works with you. Pick the cardio machine that fits your lifestyle and embrace your fitter, healthier self.
  • Natural Makeup Versus Hypoallergenic Makeup: A Shopping Guide
    Terms like "natural" and "hypoallergenic" often go together on a makeup label, but natural cosmetics and hypoallergenic cosmetics are not the same.
  • What's Wrong with 'Glee'?
    What three things are making this usually brilliant school-days comedy suffer a sophomore slump?
  • Best Oral Care Products for Sensitive Teeth
    It's good to have a sensitive nature, but that shouldn't extend to your teeth. If your teeth hurt when you encounter something hot, cold, sweet or sour, you have sensitive teeth. Take care of them painlessly with these products.
  • Winter Makeup Trends for the 2011 Holidays
    What's the must-have lipstick of the season? Are metallics back? Know your winter makeup trends and look stylishly beautiful this season.
  • Shopping Guide to Jewelry Cleaners: Do They Really Work?
    Even the most beautiful jewelry loses its impact when dust and oils hide its luster. A jewelry cleaner makes your jewelry sparkle, but not all jewelry cleaners work on all gems. Find out which jewelry cleaners get the job done safely.
  • Celebrities Who Do Playboy: Desperation or Smart Career Move?
    Marilyn Monroe's iconic image graced the first Playboy in 1953, setting both the starlet and the magazine on a path to fame. Other actresses' careers have taken the opposite course after a Playboy shoot. Is Playboy a career builder or a career killer?
  • Fall's Hottest Trend: Cleavage-Baring Dresses
    Every starlet who's got it is flaunting it in plunging necklines. Cleavage is the hottest accessory for celebs this fall.
  • How to Grow Out Your Bangs Gracefully
    Bangs look adorable when you first get them, but growing them out presents a challenge. A few clever tricks with pins and the right products will let you grow your bangs out gracefully.
  • Hot Lip Trend: Lip Stains
    Lip gloss wears off and lipstick fades, but lip stains last and last. Wearing a lip stain gives you translucent color that resembles a natural flush -- perfect for winter's blustery weather when you need a little lift.
  • Best Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin
    As beautiful as a winter wonderland may be, it wreaks havoc on your skin. Dry winter air combined with arid heated indoor environments can leave your skin parched. Sensitive skin requires non-irritating moisturizers.
  • Kate Gosselin: 'Mediocre' Mom or Reality TV Celeb?
    Fame is what celebrities earn; infamy is what reality TV stars who've outlived their shows endure. Once they're out of the spotlight, where can a reality TV star turn for a quick buck?
  • Fall Hair Help: Best Conditioners for Autumn
    Between heavy wool hats and brisk autumn winds, your hair doesn't know whether to turn oily or dry. Hair needs a little extra care in the fall, so treat it to some conditioners that help harried hair.
  • Best Picks for Halloween Hair Color and Accessories
    Whether you want to glam it up as Lady Gaga or look a fright with a witch-worthy wig, you'll want to have hair that does the rest of your costume justice.
  • Home remedies to refine your pores
    Nothing short of a major skin peel will actually shrink your pores, but you can minimize and refine them with a few home remedies.
  • Fall's Cool Makeup Palette: Pinks and Purples
    Autumn may conjure images of warm colors to contrast with the chilly weather, but the hottest trend this fall focuses on decidedly cooler hues.
  • Five Top Hair Trends for Fall
    Fall hairstyles range from sophisticated up-dos to appealingly undone buns. Rich color in the form of lowlights brightened runways, while salon clients have clamored for cuts that give them more "bang" for the buck.
  • Yoga Tools for a More Beautiful You
    Yoga is thousands of years old, but even this venerable practice benefits from the latest tools to perfect your asanas and keep your body in perfect alignment.
  • Wedding Makeup for Fall
    An autumn wedding lets you make the most of fall's rich color palette. Incorporate the beautiful hues of the season in your wedding makeup.
  • Worst Celebrity Excuses
    With all the money they earn for making things up, you'd think that Hollywood stars and their publicists would come up with more believable excuses. Maybe celebs behaving badly should hire a writer or two for their entourages.
  • Mayor Alec Baldwin? Stars Who've Held Public Office
    His role on "30 Rock" already links Alec Baldwin to New York City, but the native of Long Island hasn't ruled out a run for mayor sometime soon. Here's a look at how other actors have fared in politics.
  • Female face shaving: Beauty 'do' or beauty taboo?
    If you've ever noticed how smooth your legs are after a shave, you may have been tempted to see how that razor will work on your face. Learn about the dos, don'ts, and does-she-really's of women who shave their faces.
  • New Orleans Will Miss Reggie Bush, but Not Number 25
    When the New Orleans Saints drafted Reggie Bush in 2006, they made a smart choice. Letting him go now is equally smart.
  • Home Hair Color: The Best Reds
    If you've ever aimed for auburn and wound up with aubergine, you know what it's like to pick the wrong red. The latest line of do-it-yourself reds are dazzling, not day-glo (unless you want them that way).
  • Drugstore Moisturizers: Which Ones Work and Which Don't?
    Department store creams can cost hundreds of dollars per ounce, but do their drugstore equivalents provide similar benefits? Are some drugstore moisturizers not worth even their smaller cost?
  • Argan Oil for Hair: What Makes it Special?
    This Moroccan tree oil is making its way into all sorts of hair products, but why is it so popular?
  • Do Facial Exercises Work?
    People with products and books to sell will tell you that your face needs to pump iron to plump out the wrinkles, but experts disagree.
  • Amy Winehouse: Another Tragic Member of the '27 Club'
    Soulful singer Amy Winehouse died Saturday, July 23, but she isn't the first star to die at the tragically young age of 27. She joins a list of other celebrities who were taken too soon.
  • Updo Accessories for Long Hair
    Stylish accessories dress up a simple updo or add a sense of fun to a more formal style. Make the most of your long hair with accessories that make everything from a French twist to a braided bun a snap.
  • Hottest Nail Trends for Summer
    Summer is for sandals and sundresses, so give yourself a manicure and pedicure pretty enough to put on display.
  • SPF Without Sunscreen: Sun Protection From Beauty Products
    Any dermatologist can tell you how important sun protection is, but the high-SPF sprays and lotions that work for the beach aren't always good for the office. Here's how to keep your skin safe from the sun with beauty products.
  • Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Safe From Summer
    Sun, chlorine, and wind conspire to turn your hair all kinds of funky colors, but the right products help you keep your color looking its freshest even in the cruelest of summer months.
  • How to Create the Perfect Makeup Look for the First Day of College
    Between getting to class on time and meeting your instructors, anyone would find the first day of college daunting. No matter how you feel, you can still look perfectly cool and fresh-faced.
  • Celebrity Philanthropists: Charitable Stars Doing Good Deeds
    It's easy to assume that fame corrupts, but there are some stars who shine as brightly in their personal behavior as they do on the silver screen or stage.
  • Summer Shaving Myths and Facts
    Summer means bare legs and sleeveless tops. Find out which shaving habits will keep your skin in good shape all summer long and which will leave you bumpy.
  • Most Awkward Award Show Moments
    Live award shows give entertainment industry folks the chance to bask in the praise of their peers--and gives audiences a laugh or a shudder when things go wretchedly wrong.
  • Best Summer Skin-Care Products for Your Body
    Skin-baring summer clothes require lusciously smooth skin. Get your skin into shape with the best moisturizers, body washes and sun protection.
  • 5 Celebrity Breakups that Are for the Best -- Probably
    Being fabulously rich and famous doesn't protect celebs from heartache, but the good news is that a lot of their messier breakups turn out better than they or anyone else could've predicted.
  • 8 fun, summer hair accessories
    Summer isn't always kind to your hair, but you can help it feel the love with these fun, fashion-forward accessories. Keep cool while looking hot this summer with a prettier ponytail or more dramatic updo with accessories.
  • 10 Married Celebrities Who Changed Their Names
    Famous folks who marry don't always keep the names that made them famous. Sometimes it works out, but all too often, that married name becomes an unpleasant reminder after a nasty break-up.
  • Where Did Network Television Drama Go?
    The major networks are fine for half-hour comedy, but none of them have managed to produce compelling and innovative drama since "Lost" ended years ago. Where have all the top-notch television dramas gone?
  • Summer Picnics New Orleans Style
    New Orleans is famous for its fantastic food and infamous for its scorching summers. Still, New Orleanians love a picnic in City Park or along the lakefront even in summer. Try some New Orleans flavor for your next outing.
  • Four 'Glee' Characters Who Need to Go Away
    Some of the most familiar 'Glee' characters are becoming victims of their own success. Others just don't have a place on the show.
  • Lindsay Lohan's Most Challenging Role: Penitent Prisoner
    Lindsay Lohan has eluded jail more effectively than Al Capone. However, the judge has sentenced her to community service. How will the actress cope with having to act penitent for her bad behavior?
  • Update your makeup for summer
    Spring cleaning your house? Don't stop there; give your makeup bag a spring cleaning as well and make your face ready for summer.
  • Celebrities With Good Looks Don't Always Translate Box Office Hits
    Now that Lindsay seems to have a job lined up as Victoria Gotti in the new Gotti biopic, will the film be a bomb? Here's a look at some actors who, despite their high salaries, seem to make movie audiences stay away in droves.
  • Why 'Glee' Needs New Story Arcs
    TV shows are like sharks; if they don't move forward, they die. Despite its habit of creating story-lines just to drop them again the next episode, "Glee" is running perilously close to stagnation.
  • Best Straightening Products for Curly Hair
    Want to tame wild curls into a stick-straight style without turning it into overcooked spaghetti? These straightening products will produce the sleekest hair with the least effort.
  • Four Food Fads that Need to Die
    Food is about fashion as well as taste. From Jell-O salads to seafood foams, some bizarre foods would make anyone wonder what the chef was thinking--or what he was drinking. Today's haute cuisine is tomorrow's culinary joke.
  • Why Soap Operas Are Dying - How Snooki Killed Erica Kane
    "All My Children" has flown the nest and "One Life to Live" has no life left. What is killing off daytime TV soap operas? If you were playing "Clue," you might guess that the murderer was a "Real Housewife" in the accounting office with a script.
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  • Five Beauty Myths Makeup Companies Want to Perpetuate
    Does that toner really shrink your pores? Is it important to "lather, rinse, repeat" when washing your hair? The companies that make astringents and shampoo would like us to think so.
  • Spring Trend: The New Neutrals for Nails
    While this spring's clothes blaze with color, the trend in manicures is for neutral nails. Neutrals don't have to be dull, though; try playing with metallic, matte, and creme colors in the classic French manicure style.
  • Ten Actors Who Remade Their Bodies for a Role
    Controversy may swirl around Natalie Portman's turn in 'Black Swan' and how much dancing she really did, but there's no doubt that the star reshaped herself for the part. Portman is far from the first actor to transform herself for a role.
  • Why 'The Biggest Loser' Loses to 'Heavy'
    Weight-loss reality television has become big business. "The Biggest Loser" is the heavyweight, but A&E's scrappy "Heavy" should topple the "fatsploitation" behemoth from its perch.
  • Give Your Feet a Treat with a DIY Pedicure
    The best pedicure doesn't have to come from a spa. Give your feet some love now and your toes will be a "perfect ten" on the beach this summer.
  • Gentle Products for Color-Treated Hair
    Color may make hair feel lush at first, but it also makes hair fragile. Keep that blonde hair from breaking or that head-turning red from fading with products designed expressly for color-treated hair.
  • How 'Glee' Perpetuates a Stereotype
    "Glee" has some big stars. However, the big stars who are also "big" stars get played for laughs more often than not.
  • Should You Wear Makeup at the Gym?
    You do a lot to keep yourself looking beautiful, but it's hard to look your best when you're working out. You don't have to look immaculate at the gym, but adding a little makeup can be a big confidence-booster.
  • Who is the Target Audience for 'Glee'?
    Is "Glee" for tweens with a few nods and winks directed at their parents? Is it for adults, but covered in a youth-friendly candy coating? Sometimes it's hard to tell if even "Glee" knows for sure.
  • Hot Nail Color Trend of 2011: Black Nail Polish
    Think black nail polish is just for emo kids? Tired of pallid pastel nail lacquers that fade into the background? Come to the dark side and get a contemporary edge on nail trends.
  • Truth or Fiction? 'Treme' Offers Both in Season 1
    How closely did "Treme" creator David Simon come to the realities of post-Katrina New Orleans in the acclaimed HBO series' first season?
  • Is Hypoallergenic Makeup Worth the Price?
    If your skin is sensitive, you'll pay just about any price to use cosmetics that keep it calm. But are hypoallergenic products your best bet for avoiding a reaction?
  • Is Beauty Sleep a Myth?
    If you ever needed another reason to enjoy sleeping in, here are some eye-opening ones. Did you know that beauty sleep not only improves your skin, but also affects your diet? Looks like Mom was right when she told us to get our beauty sleep.
  • Is 'Glee' Sexist?
    Despite its reputation for fearlessly tackling subjects no other television show would touch, 'Glee' seems like it's stuck in the 'Mad Men' era when it comes to how its female characters are portrayed.
  • Best Irish Beers
    Discover the best ales and lagers that Ireland has to offer (no, none of them are green). Whether you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day or just another Saturday, these top Irish beers are a treat.
  • Five Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes
    A sugar scrub feels like a spa treatment, but it's simple to make them at home. Here are five sweet-smelling recipes that'll leave your skin silky for a much better price than any spa could offer.
  • 5 "Glee" Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time
    These five "Glee" characters may not all be the most lovable, but they're the most exciting. Here's who should get a solo or two.
  • "Glee" Season 2, Episode 12, "Silly Love Songs": Do These Romances Work?
    A valentine from Ryan Murphy to "Glee" fans, "Silly Love Songs" had some romance possibilities that fans thought (or hoped?) were dead. Which of these "Glee" romances works and which ones don't stand a chance?
  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
    You don't have to do your last-minute Valentine's Day shopping at the gas station. Here are some ideas that won't involve crowded card shops or faded roses.
  • "Glee" Season 2, Episode 11: "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" Review
    The latest episode of "Glee" cost millions, but was it a successful mash-up of glee club and football or was it just mixed up?
  • Five Tips for Writing Romantic Love Letters
    Find the perfect way to express what's in your heart and learn what one phrase is guaranteed to make your sweetheart melt (it isn't the one you think).
  • The Best Length for Thick, Curly Hair
    Curly or wavy hair demands a cut that shows off its style without turning frizzy or weighing itself down. Discover your perfect length and never face the dreaded "pyramid-head" again.
  • Ten Aging Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making
    The rest of you looks great, but are you still doing that thing with your lips that adds years to your face? Is keeping the same makeup style you wore years ago classic or catastrophic?
  • Color Care Hair Tips from a Professional Stylist
    Until I talked with a pro stylist, I didn't know how much damage I was doing to my color with nothing more than a shampoo bottle and a dip in the pool. My stylist set me straight on how to keep my hair color longer.
  • How Often Should You Wash Color-Treated Hair?
    "Permanent" hair color is only as permanent as you make it. Find out how you could be sabotaging your stylist's best efforts with nothing more dangerous than your shampoo bottle.
  • Top Curly-Haired Celebrities
    When is a hairstyle more than just a hairstyle? When it's the trademark mane of a curly-haired star.
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