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  • Caveat Emptor This Holiday Season
    Ways to save money on gift giving this holiday season and traps and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Legalities of Mobile Vending
    Operating a mobile business from a home base exposes you and your families to legal and financial liabilities. In some jurisdictions, an operator can earn jail time within only a week of operation.
  • Obama and Education
    President Barack Obama states that teachers exhibiting poor performance should lose their jobs and more spending combined with reform will result in better schools
  • Evaluating Infant Care Providers
    After you assess the childcare options available to you and narrow down the list potential providers, use these tips to evaluate each provider to ensure your child receives the best quality of care
  • Assessing Childcare Options
    Selecting a childcare for most of us is largely a monetary based decision. If money were not a factor, most of us would choose childcare centers as sterile as hospitals with 1:1 caregiver ratios.
  • Steps to a Healthier Kitchen
    According to USAToday, 1 in 7 home kitchens in America would flunk a restaurant health inspection. While your kitchen may not pass a health inspection, but there are some small steps you can take to make your kitchen healthier.
  • Preparing for College Sucess - Study Skills
    An important skill for college preparation is good study habits. It is recommended that a college student spend three hours in study and preparation for each hour spent in the classroom.
  • Steps to a Healthier Kitchen-Temperature
    Monitoring food temperatures is a great start to a healthier kitchen. Keeping food at the proper temperature prevents the growth of bacteria in food. The first step is making sure that food is kept cold
  • The Problem with Teen Sexting
    What is sexting? Is it the sexual banter that frequently occurs between teenagers? Or is being used as form foreplay in the sex lives of teens? Or is it child pornography created for and consumed by teenagers.
  • Tips for Harmonious Breastfeeding
    Breast feeding is essential to the growth and health of your baby, as well as yourself. These are tips to help you as you continue breastfeeding.
  • The Heart of Texas is Magnolia Cafe
    Magnolia Café is a 24 hour diner in the heart of the SoCo area. Set as the gateway to a variety of eclectic shops lining South Congress Avenue, it provides the perfect respite for the weary shopper.
  • Your Privacy Rights and Your Employer
    A new ruling handed down by the Supreme Court states that employers have the right to view messages, both work related and personal, transmitted by an employee on an employer-owned device.
  • Concerns for Mobile Vendors
    Increasingly major municipalities are adding new regulations for mobile vendors which can affect their day-to-day operations and bottom lines. These changes are being spawned by the lobby of local restaurant associations and owners of large commissaries
  • Preparing Your Kindergartner for School
    Preparing your child for kindergarten is vitally important to make their first year successful. Good preparation can help you avoid some of the tears and frustrations that come with poor adjustment.
  • Experience Cancun Cheaply
    A cheap vacation is possible even in wintry economic times. Cancun can be your best bet for a cheap vacation. Cancun provides a variety of activities. You can explore ancient civilizations after breakfast and snorkel in the afternoon.
  • Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated?
    Has your budding career recently come to an abrupt end and you feel the circumstances were based on more than just a downed economy? Truth is your termination may amount to an unfair subjective bias on the part of your supervisor
  • The Wonders of Virgin Gorda
    For a unique island vacation try visiting Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Isles. Virgin Gorda is the third largest island in the territory and offers the opportunity to experience "the eighth wonder of the word"
  • Rules of Dating for the Single Parent
    There are numerous reasons for dating as a single parent. As long as you act in the best interest of yourself and your children, there is no harm in a little fun
  • Temptations Spa and Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico
    Temptations Resort and Spa is an all-inclusive adult only resort located in Los Cabos. The resort offers a perfect getaway without the kids and various opportunities to rekindle that spark.
  • How to Start a Catering Business
    Starting your own catering business can be a rewarding experience that allows you to share in the special moments of other people's lives while sharing your culinary talents
  • Mortgage Exec Charged with $1 Billion in Fraud
    Lee Farkas was arrested and charged for sixteen counts of securities and bank fraud. Mr. Farkas was the chief executive officer of Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker Mortgage Company, which serviced loans for Freddie Mac
  • Public Assistance vs. Gainful Employment
    Public assistance is an all or nothing proposition. Many American women are forced to make a difficult choice between gainful employment and public assistance.
  • How to Start a Mobile Food Business
    Mobile vending has become extremely popular in most major cities as a small business will low start-up costs. Learn what it takes to start your own mobile food business.
  • Learning a Craft in Austin, Texas
    If you have been considering indulging your creative passions, now is a great time to start. Austin provides a variety of crafting classes in diverse settings with convenient hours.
  • Food for Thought: Finding the Right Location to Start a Restaurant
    A good business plan for a restaurant requires research of your target market and your competition in the area. Location is an integral part of these decisions. Find out how to determine which location is right for you.
  • New Retail Business in Austin, Texas
    A map of the who, what, and where of starting a new retail business in the City of Austin. Tips and tricks on how to build your business from the ground and ways to find FREE business counseling and services.

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