Darcy Russel

Darcy Russel

I'm a twenty-one years old and female. I'm a single child with a sister I adopted myself and step-siblings I don't particularly know. For most of my life I've been obsessed with dogs (of which I now have one, an amazingly lazy Jack Russell Mix, yes, I am well aware of the insanity in that). I've grown up half in the mid-west and half in the south and I frankly identify more as a southerner most days.

I'm also decently liberal, barring a few random issues, and have a complete belief in the powers of humans as humans. As for my writing...well, I'm more of a creative writer. I'm new to even the idea of writing articles, but I do try my best to write things that are engaging.
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High School Diploma with two years of undergraduate on my belt so far. I'm working towards at least a bachelor in Creative Writing.


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  • Book Review of "Moonlight and Vines" by Charles DeLint
    An unusual look at reviewing books. A mix of a creative short story and a tale of how this book managed to make freshman year of college bearable.
  • Women and Religion: Compatible?
    In this essay I discus the five major world religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism and how their tenets affect the women inside these religions. Are they treated poorly? Equally? Can feminism blossom inside them?
  • Turn Me into Ash
    A poem about the fires of love and the desire to be burned.
  • My Pack
    About my friends and I and the dynamic of our group. Also about the difference between mere friends and pack mates.
  • Bruises Are Not Enough
    A tale of the search for love and how desperately the search goes.
  • Inked World
    A poem on the wonders of reading.
  • Golden Apple
    A poem on what men truly seek and what this woman, at least, will not be.
  • Brown Eyes
    A woman and a man fall passionately in love--but passion is not always a good thing.
  • Reflection
    A tale about a young woman coming to terms with her past and acknowledging how much of a hold it still has on her.
  • A Princess Can Have Thorns
    A discussion on how Disney perverts classic tales to devalue women and promote the idea that women must be in need of a savior and only by being saved can they find true love.
  • The Silent Language
    The essay focuses on the difference between self-injury and suicide. It also talks about some of the reasons for self-injury and helps bring the reader into the mind of a self-injurer and helps demystify their actions and emotions.
  • How to Conduct Oneself During an Online Role-Play
    For those of you who know how to get to the role-playing stage but are still unsure how to act once actually role-playing, this guide is for you.
  • What to Do Before You Start Role-Playing Online
    This article is meant for those who are wanting to get into role-playing and would like to learn basic role-playing etiquette. Basically it's how to not act like an utter moron and perhaps maintain role-playing partners.
  • An Introduction to LARPing from the Female Perspective
    An introduction for females into the geeky and wonderful world of Live Action Roleplaying.

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