Deanne ORear-Cameron

Deanne ORear-Cameron

Deanne is a Life and Finance Coach, Speaker, Author, Dance Instructor/Dancer, Teacher, and former Mortgage Professional.
She is a wife to an incredibly gifted husband whose music is spiritual and his entertaining touches lives like no other. Deanne's life experiences and challenges have given her the knowledge and understanding to help others to find their gifts and overcome obstacles. Her first business 20 years ago was a franchise with Paul J. Meyer training in communications, personal leadership, time management, selling strategies, and supervisory management. This is when she also started doing speaking engagements and radio.
Deanne's passion is to help others through encouragement, information, and action steps to achieve their true calling in life.
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Word of Life Bible Institute, Mortgage Professional (2000-2010), Management Training Professional


Believe In Your Good Before You See It


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  • 6 Bible Verses that Are Inspirational
    Starbucks may give me my motivation but the Bible gives me my inspiration.
  • Las Vegas Summer 2011 Watering Restrictions
    Las Vegas is very hot in the summer so it is important to know what the area water restrictions are. Not only will you do your part in water conservation, you will save money while keeping your yard green.
  • The Art of Delegation - Being a Good Leader
    There are many things involved with being a good leader. This video will focus on delegation as it often overlooked as an important factor in a leader's success. Proper delegation also leads to better time management and less stress on the job.
  • 6 Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
    Most salespeople already have a certain measure of these characteristics, but successful salespeople will master them all and control their own destiny. This video goes over these characteristics with an added touch of music as you read. If you are the type that prefers video over an article then th
  • A Mother's Love
    A Poem For Mother's Day or Anyday
  • What Are the Barriers to Effective Listening?
    Have you ever caught yourself day dreaming while someone is talking? Maybe you are fiddling with things? Even better, you are just not interested?
  • Benefits of Good Communication - Video Version
    Learn about the benefits of good communication in an easy to read format while listening to beautiful music. These benefits will assist in both your personal and professional life.
  • Bible Verses for Easter
    Celebrate Easter with Bible verses and beautiful music that remind us what the Resurrection is and how it applies to our lives.
  • Good Friday - Poem in Memory
    The Friday before Easter commemerates the crucification of Jesus which is know in Christianity as Good Friday.
  • 5 Bible Verses for Easter
    Celebrate Easter with Bible verses that remind us what the Resurrection is and how it applies to our lives.
  • Easter Poem
    A poem in honor of Jesus for Easter - Resurrection Day
  • Steps Involved with Getting a Mortgage
    Getting your first mortgage should not be a scary experience. With the right information it can go smooth and you will feel great about your first home.
  • Qualities of an Effective Manager or Leader
    Managers and Leaders have basic qualities that will enable them to be successful no matter which field they are in. Mastering these will most surely help to achieve results and a higher level of success.
  • Questions to Ask a Landlord Before Renting Property
    Your home is where your heart is so make sure you ask the right questions when renting property. It can make the difference in your happiness and make sure there are no surprises later down the line in the process.
  • Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
    Salespeople come in all shapes and sizes. Men or women, quiet or outgoing, aggressive or soft spoken, the list goes on. The characteristics of salespeople that are common among the most successful will be described.
  • Communicating with the Written Word
    There are many types of written communication. Every day a person can handle newspapers, magazines, and books for the intention of information, research or just plain enjoyment.
  • NFL Star Randall Cunningham Suffers His Biggest Loss
    2 year old son of Randall Cunningham, Christian Cunningham, was found in the family's hot tub by an adult on the property. The adult tried to resuscitate him, but Christian Cunningham was pronounced dead an hour later at St. Rose Hopsital in Henderson.
  • How to Remove Sticky Residue Left from Price Tags and Labels
    When removing labels and tags there always seems to be a sticky residue left. Rather than fight with it or leave the sticky stuff you can remove with furniture oil fairly easy.
  • Michael Jackson Tribute - "Forever Michael"
    The Jackson Family Foundation, in conjunction with, will be holding an event to honor Michael Jackson.
  • Affirmations to Help You Become a Better Listener
    Do you catch yourself listening to someone or something and not even remembering what was said two minutes later? This is common for many people and it can be frustrating to both the person listening and the person speaking.
  • The Barriers to Effective Listening
    Anything that gets in the way of communicating sets up a barrier. Barriers are found in physical situations, attitudes and behavior.
  • American Searching for Osama Bin Laden Has Been Detained
    Gary Brooks Faulkner, an american who was looking for Osama Bin Laden is being held in Pakistan according to CNN.
  • Jesus Statue the "King of Kings" was Struck by Lightning
    Police reported that a 62 foot statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised in the air was struck by lightning last night. The statue was known as the "Touchdown Jesus" which is no surprise with Notre Dame only a state away.
  • Singer Ali-Ollie Woodson of the Temptations Has Passed Away
    Ali-Ollie Woodson who was the lead for the legendary Temptations passed away May 30, 2010. He was 58 and had been battling cancer. Woodson was with the Temptations during the 1980's and 1990's.
  • Being a Good Leader - Art of Delegation
    A leader's main responsibility is to get work done through other people, and the most effective way is through delegation. Proper delegation magnifies your performance by using the experience, knowledge and creativity of others.
  • Making Choices for Success
    We live in the land of opportunity. It is filled with abundance and each of us have talents we never use but we can through the power of choice become whatever we want.
  • What is Personal Leadership?
    Personal leadership is the ability to control your thought life, know the direction of your life and commit yourself to accomplish whatever is the goal for your life.
  • Decision Making - Tips to Take Action
    How many times have we heard that any decision is better than no decision at all? Do we really understand what this means and why?
  • Financial Emergencies - Key Steps to Fix Them
    When your finances get out of control you may need to take a look at where you can take a money diet to get back on track. There are many little expenses that are overlooked for cutting back on a daily basis.
  • Benefits of Good Communication
    Good Communication is essential to business and personal leadership. There are many benefits to being a good communicator.
  • The Best Tips for Handling Foreclosure
    When faced with foreclosure it can be very overwhelming. The stress alone makes it hard to find the solutions and unfortunately there are people out there claiming to want to help but only with the intention of making money. Read for helpful information.
  • Getting Fear Out of Your Life
    We all experience fear at some point in our life. For some it is on a regular basis and others it may only be in specific areas of their lives. It can stop us in our tracks if not dealt with. Here is some information on handling fear.

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