Vladimir Moraru

Vladimir Moraru

I was a columnist for a Romanian daily sports newspaper before seeking political asylum in the United States at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. I was invited to attend the Games as a guest journalist / Olympic expert by the San Diego Union-Tribune sports editor, the late Barry Lorge.

A US citizen since 1991, I worked as a sports editor for a group of community newspapers, Northeast Newspapers of Los Angeles, and Pasadena Herald Tribune. I also worked as a foreign correspondent for Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany, and Gazeta Sporturilor (The Sports Gazette), Romania’s leading sports paper.

I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Olympics and several sports, including soccer, track and field, basketball, golf, tennis and chess. I had high aspirations in low hurdles in my youth and two documented hole-in-one on the Verdugo Hills par-3 course, but I generally did better at writing about sports than practicing them.
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