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Jabari Abramson

I'm a writer that covers business, politics and local news. I keep my ear close to the ground and report on important topics that seems to get overlooked by other mediums.
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  • Summer in Suburbia
    A summer poem reflecting over a hazy environment.
  • To the Bottom and Back in My Honda Prelude
    My 1997 Honda Prelude SH is the best car I have ever driven, owned or had the pleasure of being in its presence.
  • Fast Fuel Nation
    Fast food and fuel alone can kill us but together they can heal our wounds. An effort among the big and small companies will help guide America into a new future that can help prosper and bring back the failing economy.
  • The Priorities of a Nation
    A victorious day it was when the 9/11 Responders Bill was passed but I was left scratching my head thinking, what took them so long?
  • Israel's Power Grab
    A major field of natural gas has been discovered off the coast of Israel by U.S. company, Noble Energy, again.
  • Top Ten Cars of the Decade
    The years 2000 to 2010 was a defining moment for automotive companies. This new era has brought several new contenders to the sports car spotlight and revamped some older models.
  • Green in the Middle East
    A green revolution could be a start to supply much of Iraq, or any developing country, the basic needs the war-torn people need to restart a new economy that can compete with the industrial nations without being too dependent on foreign aid.
  • The Other Oil Spill
    Chevron has been quick to clean up the Salt Lake City region spill and stifle any negative press by aiding local and federal agencies with any issues regarding the response.
  • The Label of the European Union
    The European Union recently adopted legislation that would improve the labeling of processed food products but has some large opponents against the measure.
  • Congress and the Bill
    Nearly ten percent of America is unemployed and the Senate is stuck on a bill to extend unemployment benefits. Regardless if the 127 billion dollar legislation passes, without a plan to put Americans back to work, this bill cannot stop the bleeding.
  • The New Land of Opportunity
    A report from the Pentagon and U.S. Geological Survey found one trillion dollars of minerals beneath the barely accessible Afghan mountains, based from a 2007 survey. With one year left until troop withdrawal this rehash story is interesting.
  • Movie Night with the Supreme Court
    Senator Arlen Specter and seven others have sponsored a bill requesting the viewing of court proceedings on television giving an up close view to the mysteries of the Supreme Court.
  • Meet the Bottom of the Hill
    Our nation's natural beauty is threatened by yet another fossil fuel giant but at least our lights will stay on...for now.
  • Corporate Probation
    Energy independence starts with reducing lax oversight and reinforcing responsibility for the corporations that run our nation and if they have a violation, like any citizen or small company, they need to be held accountable and pay for their actions.
  • The Green Revolution Versus Imperial Oil
    Rhetoric for green energy has gone up but the action toward it seems similar to the 1970s. The time is now for a new age of energy and the United States should be the leader.
  • The Future of Energy
    In lieu of the recent oil spill and natural gas well explosions, it is time to put down a clear, concise plan for our future energy consumption.
  • Puff the Magic Legislation
    Marijuana is already known to have positive medicinal effects but is it enough to cure some of the economies woes?

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