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  • 11 Great Beauty Buys for the New Year
    With all of the craziness of the holiday season, you probably haven’t done a whole lot for yourself lately. And since you’ve successfully made it through to the new year, why not treat yourself to some super-awesome beauty products.
  • 6 Tips for Caring for Skin This Summer
    Summer weather can be beautiful but it can also be harsh on skin. From the drying effects to the dreaded sunburn, it seems like skin requires so much more care when it’s hot outside. Here are six fabulous tips for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.
  • Grow Hair Longer with Viviscal Extra Strength
    If your hair has always been a problem for you, kick your hair products to the side and try nourishing it from the inside out. Viviscal Extra Strength is dietary supplement that will get your hair growth back on track. See how it works.
  • 5 Beauty Products that Are Worth the Extra Money
    Summer is coming and there is no better way to celebrate your beauty than by updating an out-dated skincare routine. Instead of settling for your norm, try out some of these fantastic new skincare products which will have you feeling fantastic in no time.
  • 4 Tools to Get Your Body in Shape for Summer
    Looking for some extra motivation to get yourself in shape this summer? Check out some of these awesome fitness tools that are sure to help you get the job done.
  • 7 Summer Skincare Products that Your Face Will Love
    Summer is a great time to revamp your beauty routine and try out some new things to get your skin looking great. My list of favorites includes goodies that will refresh, renew, and rejuvenate tired, worn out skin.
  • Therafit Shoes: A Must Have for Your Gym Bag This Summer
    If you’re looking to get fit this summer, these new shoes from Therafit are definitely a must-have in your gym bag. The Therafit line is perfect for women who want to live a more fit lifestyle but still want to be fashionable.
  • 7 Skincare Favorites for Spring and Summer
    Spring is here and you’re probably noticing your skincare routine will require a bit of change as we move into summer. Whatever your needs, these products are some of my absolute favorites and they’re sure to take care of all of your skincare needs.
  • 5 Simple Tips to Reducing Cellulite in Time for Summer
    You probably haven’t seen much of your cellulite this winter because it’s probably been covered up and for good reason, its been cold. But now that spring is here, its time to get rid of that cellulite and get that booty back into shape for bikini season.
  • 9 Beauty Must Haves for Spring
    This spring, rejuvenate your tired winter beauty routine and try out some my must-have beauty products. Here are some goodies for the hair and skin, and some fabulous scents to brighten your spring days with.
  • Pitusa: Comfy, Boho-chic Clothing for Spring
    If you’re looking for something beautiful, comfy, and totally unique to add to your wardrobe, then Pitusa is definitely a place you will want to check out. Pitusa has a nice selection of quality, boho-chic clothing and accessories for women of all ages.
  • Popular Spring Fragrances for Her
    With spring here, its the perfect time to try out some of these new fabulous smelling fragrances. If you are into the celeb fragrances, or simply want to try something new, my top choices for sweet-spring fragrances are sure to impress.
  • 5 Fabulous Hair Products to Try This Spring
    Now that is spring is here and the warmer weather is on its way, its time to to take your hair from drab to fab. Whether you hair needs protection from the sun, added shine, extra moisture or some anti-frizz action, I've got something for you here.
  • Great Spring Beauty Buys Under $20
    Spring is here and it’s a great time to add some of these fabulous new products to your beauty collection. My faves include goodies for the eyes, lips, face, body, and even for the teeth, and the best part, they're all under $20!
  • Romantic Gifts for Couples
    Still looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? Show them your really care this year by planning the night of their dreams. These romantic treats are sure to create a night that neither one of you will ever forget.
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Guy
    Looking for some great Valentine’s Day gifts for your guy? All of these options make perfect gifts and have been totally guy-tested and approved. This year, show him how much you really love him and give him something unique, that he would never expect.
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for the Lady You Love
    If you are looking for the perfect gift for the special lady in your life, why not try a few of these. All of these gifts are less than $35 and are a great way to show you care.
  • Medical ID Marketplace: Facing Medical Conditions with Fashion
    Medical ID Marketplace carries stylish medical identification bracelets that can be completely personalized to the wearers needs. They also have other options like watches, necklaces, lunch bags, car visor pouches, key chains and wallets.
  • LightInTheBox.Com: Affordable NYE Dresses that Fit
    At you can literally order the dress of your dreams with a price to match. They have a huge selection of dresses for under $100, with some starting at less than $50! They also have a nice selection of handbags, earrings, and shoes.
  • Dr. Scholl's Shoes - 2012 Fall/Winter Collection
    Of course you’ve heard the name, Dr. Scholl’s when it comes to foot care products like their magical gel inserts, pain relieving creams, and odor control products, but did you know that they have a new line of shoes?
  • Coastal.Com - a One-of-a-kind Fashion Find is an awesome online retailer that carries everything from contact lenses to prescription glasses, and even a huge selection of sunglasses. I'm talking everything from vintage to business casual to chic and trendy. They've got it all.
  • Delivering Happiness One Smile at a Time at Zappos.Com
    First a book, then a bus tour. Now, its one of the nations largest happiness movements with a stylish clothing line to fund it.
  • Elle Magazine & Kohl's Cares Team Up to Fund Breast Cancer Research
    Kohl's Cares will be offering Elle fashion items for just $5 and $10 with 100% of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. These items are only available for a limited time and will sell out fast thanks to their great prices.
  • Agabhumi’s 'Pearl Girl' Summer Fashion Accessories
    Agabhumi and their new Pearl Girl collection, has definitely caught my eye this summer when it comes to fashionable accessories. Agabhumi has an exotic line of beautiful Balinese-made accessories that are simple in design and incredibly exotic-looking.
  • 2012 Summer Beauty Trend: Beautifully Bronzed Skin
    These awesome products are all summer favorites of mine as they do their job, they’re affordable, and they’re definitely safer options to getting a sun-kissed color than sitting in the sun all day.
  • 8 Skincare Products to Beat the Summer-Skin-Blues
    To rid yourself of the summer-skin-blues, try adding some of my favorite summer skincare products to your beauty routine. Each of these goodies can safely replenish moisture-starved skin in minutes, leaving you silky soft and summer-ready in no time.
  • Rescue Your Dry Summer Hair with 7 Easy to Use Products
    Summer heat and intense UV rays can be detrimental to your hair's health. Fortunately, there are some products that you can use to rejuvenate tired, dry hair and keep it looking great all summer long.
  • How to Keep Your Fashion Fresh This Summer
    This year instead of hanging clothes straight from storage boxes, give them a fresh new look and smell, by tossing them into the wash first. You may find yourself wearing clothes that you thought you'd never wear again.
  • 7 Great Beauty Products to Try This Summer
    Summer elements can wreak havoc on skin, hair, and even makeup. From the heat's drying effects to the intense summer sun, adding these great beauty buys to your daily routine will keep you covered from head to toe.
  • Stay Smooth This Summer with the New Schick Hydro Silk Razor
    The Schick Hydro Silk razor has several fabulous new features including a hydrating water-activated serum built right in to the cartridge. It's the perfect tool for a bit of spring cleaning and pampering for the body.
  • OnePiece Jump Suits Take Over SoCal Fashion Scene
    The latest craze in celeb fashion, the OnePiece Jump In. You may have already seen some familiar faces in these get-ups like Justin Beiber and Kate Moss. With the new flagship store open in LA, you too can own one of these ultra-comfy creations.
  • Echo Touch Gloves: The Perfect Gift for IPhone, IPad & IPod Users
    Echo Design has become a favorite brand among fashionistas everywhere because of their fantastic selection of trendy but practical wraps, scarves, ponchos, hoods, hats and especially their gloves.
  • Ash and Dans Accessories: Trendy Winter Scarves, Wraps & Hats
    What a better way to combat the cold weather than with a beautiful new scarf? Ash&dans has made what was once just neck-warmer, a must-have winter fashion accessory.
  • How to Twist an Itsatwist Scarf: The Ultimate Fashion Accessory
    A true fashionista just may be the hardest person on your list to shop for. Maybe she is super-picky or maybe she already has everything she wants. But this year, you can give her the ultimate fashion accessory created by designer Isabel Garreton.
  • How to Wear Amy Matto New Year's Eve Party Dresses
    New Year’s Eve is a fun time of year for fashion-loving ladies and trendsetters everywhere. It’s the perfect time to show off a fabulous new dress. Instead of buying a dress you can only wear for NYE, try one of these trendy fashions from Amy Matto.
  • Trendy NYE Party Dresses from Muse Apparel
    New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to glam up and welcome a new dress into your wardrobe. So, why not choose a dress that can be worn for other occasions too. Muse offers a collection of fashion-forward dresses that are trendy and affordable.
  • Easy hairstyles for date night
    Date night is a time to look good and feel fabulous. But sometimes the stress of styling your hair can leave you in panic mode. Try some of these fun, easy, and absolutely perfect styles for date night.
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  • How to deal with static hair in the winter
    The cold, dry air, can bring static to your hair causing unsightly and annoying flyaways. With a few easy fixes, you can avoid these hair mishaps and make the season a little bit more jolly for you and your hair.
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  • Holiday Gift Guide: Dazzle Dry "Quick-Dry Nail Polish System"
    Dazzle Dry offers a fantastic selection of nail lacquers as well as a fabulous 'Quick Dry Nail Polish System' that is absolutely perfect for women on the go.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Serenity Home Spa Aloe Vera Face Mask
    A trip to the spa is always remarkable but sometimes bring the spa home can be even better. These easy to use face masks from Serenity Home Spa are perfect for a home spa facial and can pamper your skin and your senses.
  • DynaTabs: Quick Dissolving Dietary Supplements
    DynaTabs are quick dissolving dietary supplement tabs designed to keep you healthy even with a hectic lifestyle. DynaTabs have no calories, no carbs and no sugar and dissolve in seconds when placed on the tongue.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Tweezerman Luxe Crystal Gift Sets $75-$200
    Tweezerman is well-known for their incredibly precise and well made stainless steel tweezers. And these Swarovski crystal-covered gift sets make fantastic gifts and gorgeous display pieces for any beauty lover.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Jack Black Holiday Balm Squad Lip Quad $25
    Jack Black has introduced a new lip balm collection for the holidays that make a great gift for men. The Jack Black Holiday Balm Squad Lip Quad features four tubes of Jack Black's award-winning lip balm in four incredible flavors.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Eos Holiday Lip Balm Collection $9
    Eos lip balm is 100% Natural and 95% Certified organic and is petroleum, paraben and gluten-free. The balms are enriched with nourishing Shea butter and soothing jojoba oil and provide long lasting moisture and dry-lip relief.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Bellabaci Face & Body Cupping Therapy Sets $50
    Bellabaci offers face and body cupping sets that make a great gift for anyone looking to relieve some stress through massage, improve their skin tone or help with injuries or disorders that cause pain.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Footzyrolls Foldable Shoes $20
    Footzyrolls are super comfy, bendable, rollable, foldable shoes that come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Could they be the perfect holiday gift?
  • Holiday Gift Guide: WrinkleMD Anti-Aging “iPod” System $129
    University Medical has recently launched a fabulous alternative to plastic surgery and the endless face creams that promise results and never deliver. The procedure is extremely easy, completely painless and can be performed at home in just 40 minutes.
  • 5 common hair care mistakes
    From skipping the conditioner to using the wrong brush, these small and very common mistakes can leave your locks limp and lame. Try some of these quick fixes to rejuvenate hair and bring it back to life.
  • Hard Rock’s 2011 Pinktober Mechandise for the Cure
    Hard Rock International has introduced a line of Pinktober merchandise specifically designed for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The includes tees for men and women, pins, tote bags and even bed sheets.
  • LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Scrub Supports BCA
    For the month of October, LaLicious will be donating 30% of every Sugar Kiss Sugar Soufflé Body Scrub that is sold to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  • Power Support & LBBC Offer Limited Edition ‘Hope Lives On’ IPhone Air Jacket
    For the month of October, Power Support will donate 50% of the proceeds from each iPhone air jacket sale to LBBC. That is over $27 for every purchase!
  • Souchi ‘Tricia’ Head Scarves for the Cure
    The ‘Tricia’ head scarf from Souchi was specifically designed to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Souchi will donate 30% of the proceeds from the sales of these scarves to the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Aspen Valley all year round.
  • Artist Heather Brown Designs IPhone Cases for the Cure
    In an effort show her commitment to a cure, Heather Brown has teamed up with Tru protection and Power Support to create a series of iPhone 4 Air jackets that will protect your iPhone while supporting three very important charity organizations.
  • BCA Month: Jenna Leigh Bra’s for the Ta-ta’s
    For the month of October, Jenna Leigh will be donating 20% of the sales from their gorgeous best-selling ‘Laos’ lingerie collection to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC).
  • BCA Month: Only Hearts ‘Delicious’ Pink Chemise
    For the month of October, Only Hearts will be donating 10% of the sales from each Only Hearts ‘Delicious’ Chemise that is sold to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC).
  • BCA Month: 'The Butterfly Project' Bracelets by Adesso
    For each purchase from The Butterfly Project collection, Adesso will donate 25% of the purchase price to The Butterfly Project which supports FORCE.
  • BCA Month: Carpe Diem Bracelets by Efva Attling
    For the month of October, Efva Attling will be donating 50% of the proceeds of the ‘Carpe Diem’ bracelet to MountSinai Breast Cancer Center created by Eva and Glenn Dubin.
  • BCA Month: Charme Silkiner Pink Topaz ‘Honor’ Earrings
    For each pair of ‘Honor’ earrings that are sold, Charme Silkiner will be donating 50% of the profits from these beautiful earrings to LBBC. The limited edition “Honor” earrings can serve as a constant reminder of those who have touched your life.
  • BCA Month: Dalla Nonna Peony Bracelets from the 'Portafortuna' Collection
    For the month of October, Dalla Nonna Jewelry is showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating 50% of the purchase price of their beautiful ‘Peony’ bracelet to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • BCA Month: Erin Condren ‘Pink Ribbon’ Personalized Stationary
    The BCA Pink Ribbon stationary sets feature 12 personalized cards, pink envelopes and matching return address labels. For every Pink Ribbon set that is sold, Erin Condren will donate 50% of the proceeds to a BCA charity of the customer’s choice.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Popcorn for the Cure
    Dale and Thomas recently introduced a new Pink Ribbon Collection to celebrate both National Popcorn month and Breast Cancer Awareness month. See the collection here.
  • Palm Springs Fashion Council Hosts YDA Fashion Show
    The fashion show featured pieces that were designed and created by local young designers; Stephanie Green, Kristin Santiago and Amaris Hall. The styles covered everything from flirty and fun to casual, business and formal.
  • Duchess Marden: 100% Vegan Anti-Aging Skincare
    Duchess Marden skincare products are made from natural plant-based ingredients and are 100% vegan. The line features a variety of organic facial cleansers, hydrating masks, skin exfoliants, face creams, pure rose water spray and anti-aging serums.
  • Updating Walls with a Smooth Finish Texture
    One of the newest trends in home improvement is skimming the walls to create a smooth finish texture. This modern approach to home improvement can take time but can also greatly increase the value of a home which is exactly why I did it.
  • Changing the Oil on a Toyota 4 Runner
    Changing the oil on most vehicles is easy and inexpensive when you do it yourself. Because of the high costs of having it done at a shop I have been doing my own oil changes for years. It saves me money and I like knowing the job has been done right.
  • LashControl: Makeup Artist Mascara for Non-Artists
    LashControl is an award-winning innovative take on traditional mascara. LashControl’s unique squeeze tube design allows for full control when it comes to the amount of mascara on the brush which makes achieving makeup artist lashes possible for everyone.
  • 15 foods for healthier skin
    Eating healthy foods can have a positive impact on having healthy skin. Adding some of these skin foods to your diet can improve how your skin looks and feels.
  • My Experience Working as a Pharmacy Technician
    Several years ago, after a much needed change of pace I decided to go back to school to become a pharmacy technician. With less than a year of schooling and a lot of hard work I earned Pharmacy Technician diploma and my certification from PTCB.
  • Owning a Freelance Writing and Editing Business
    Writing was just a hobby until an unexpected offer turned my longtime hobby into a new career almost overnight. What I do, what I know now and what I wished I would have known then.
  • Finding and Buying My New Vehicle
    Buying a new vehicle can be a daunting chore. Luckily, with my past vehicle purchases I have learned a few things that can make a vehicle shopping journey a little easier.
  • Ice Watch: Celebrity Style Watches for Men & Women
    Since their introduction in Belgium in 2007, the Ice Watch brand has quickly spread across the world becoming a hot new trend in the United States. Known for their style and fab color choices these affordable watches have also become a hit among celebs.
  • 10-minute pampering ideas for moms
    Having "me time" is important for moms even if it is only for ten minutes a day.
  • Get Your Gaiam On: Earth Friendly Fall Fashions for Women
    Gaiam, a green fashion fave, will launch their new fall fashion line this September and will feature both performance wear and causal wear. Gaiam's earth-friendly fashion pieces are made from natural fibers of earth-friendly fabrics.
  • Ta-ta-toos: Making Football Season Fun for Women
    Ta-ta-toos are temporary tattoos specifically designed to be worn on your ta-ta's. With football season well on its way these temporary tattoos are totally perfect for football wives (and their lucky hubbies).
  • Urban Sanctuary Shopping Event Coming to Beverly Hills
    Guests will have an opportunity to shop an incredible collection of the season hottest products and services. Everything from discounted flights to 5-star vacations, clothing, accessories and luxury must-haves all while being treated like royalty.
  • Carissa Rose: Perfect Fitting Shirts & Dresses for Busty Women
    Carissa Rose designs are known for their perfect fitting shirts and dresses made especially for busty women. The Carissa Rose Tara black dress features a sophisticated yet flirty take on the little black dress making it an ideal choice for day or night.
  • Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief: Fast Relief for Sensitive Teeth
    Colgate has recently released a brand new line of oral care products especially for sensitive teeth sufferers. These new products from Colgate are said to start relieving pain in just two weeks.
  • Elaine Turner Handbags & Shoes: Caribbean-Inspired Accessories
    Elaine Turner's incredible collection of handbags, shoes and accessories, have made the brand a well-known name in fashion and a favorite to fashionistas everywhere. Find out what makes them so unique.
  • Bochic Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills
    Bochic will be presenting the newest collection of designer jewelry with a fabulous trunk show at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus store on August 26th. Get the details here.
  • Tattooed by Inky: Trendy Fragrances for the Younger Crowd
    With names like Drako, Monkey Business, A Mi Amor, Sudden Freedom and Koi, these body sprays leave a light fragrance for the skin and a full dose of attitude for the mind.
  • The Trend Event at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills
    At this fabulous fashion event shoppers will find some of the hottest trendiest items of the season. And the best part is that Neiman Marcus rewards to you to shop till you drop.
  • 6 Fabulous Skincare Products for Women
    These skincare products are fab because they provide instant noticeable results and are recommended for use on all skin types. Better yet, they are all reasonably priced products that are beauty-editor-recommended especially for women.
  • Beauty Editor Faves: 6 Must-haves for Your Makeup Bag
    These fabulous beauty finds have been beauty-editor-tested and approved as definite must-haves for your makeup bag. With all of them coming in at $15 or less, these beauty bargains will not only please your skin, but your bank account too.
  • Pamper Yourself for Less: 5 Home Spa Faves Under $25
    Heading to the spa to enjoy a day of pampering can be an incredible experience for your mind and body. But not so much for your bank account. With these fabulous spa products you can pamper yourself for much less than a traditional day at the spa.
  • Donna Karan Fall 2011 Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills
    Donna Karan, a favorite name in luxury fashion, will be presenting her designer sportswear collection for fall 2011 with a truck show at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills next week.
  • Chanel No.19 Poudre Launch: Wine & Fragrance Pairing Event in Palm Desert
    Chanel, one of the worlds most popular perfume brands is launching a new mainstream fragrance, known as Chanel No. 19 Poudre, in celebration of the famed-Cocoa Chanel's birthday on August 19th.
  • Saksfirst Double Points Event at Sak's Fifth Avenue
    A favorite time of year for shoppers, the Sak's Double Points Event is back for 2011 bringing some much-appreciated extra rewards for Sak's shoppers.
  • Guerlain Hydrating Facials at Sak's in Palm Desert
    Guerlain, most known for their perfume house in Paris and the more than 700 fragrances they have created since 1828, is also making quite the name for themselves in the world of skincare.
  • The Frye Company Opens Flagship Store in SoHo NYC
    The Frye Company, a favorite in luxury boots, has just announced the opening of their brand new flagship store in New York City's historic SoHo neighborhood on August 1st, 2011.
  • Estee Lauder Dream Event at Neiman Marcus Begins Today
    Get a fabulous Neiman Marcus tote bag with Estee Lauder skincare and cosmetics ($190) at the Estee Lauder Dream Event, FREE with a $60 purchase.
  • H20 Plus Aquafirm Advanced Marine Firming Skincare
    With marine botanicals to restore skin's health and sea minerals that are vital to skin's renewal, H20 Plus Sea Derived Skincare has quickly become a favorite to men and women with even the most sensitive skin.
  • Tiffany & Co. Introduces New Jewelry Line from Frank Gehry
    The new Frank Gehry Torque collection features the same striking designs as the architecture he is known for. Gentle curves, trendy twists, and unexpected materials make the Torque collection truly unique.
  • Winnie Couture: Exquisite Couture Wedding Dresses
    Winnie Couture's modern mix of classic, elegant and sophisticated custom made gowns has made them one of the fastest growing bridal labels in the world.
  • Get Gorgeous Hair at the Jake Turner Salon in Palm Desert
    In Palm Desert, California lives fabulous full service salon known as the Jake Turner Salon. This amazing paradise for hair features some of the deserts most talented stylists and colorists. Find out what makes them fab!
  • Stript Wax Bar in L.A. Offers Women the 'Vajacial'
    A California favorite, the Stript Wax Bar is offering a brand new treatment for their clients; know as a Vajacial.
  • Designer Trina Turk: The Talent Behind New Designer Emails
    One of Palm Springs most-loved fashion designers, Trina Turk is turning plain old emails into stylish stationary with
  • Pink Body Spa Partners with Alter Ego Salon in Palm Desert
    One of the best places to be pampered in the desert, Pink Body Spa has just announced their partnership with the Alter Ego Salon in Palm Desert. Get all of the details here.
  • Heavenly Couture: Fashion on a Budget in Palm Springs
    The famed-Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs is home to one of the most loved stores in town, Heavenly Couture. Where everything is just $15, Heavenly Couture has quickly become a favorite to local Palm Springs residents and tourists alike.
  • Salon 119 & Day Spa: New Location in Downtown Palm Springs
    A favorite to locals, Salon 119 & Day Spa is the happening spot for beauty buffs and spa lovers alike. Boasting a services list of some of today hottest treatments, Salon 119 & Day Spa is the go-to place for all your maintenance and pampering needs.
  • Phytomer Hydracontinue Instant Moisture Cream: For Soft, Supple, Moisturized Skin
    With all of the facial moisturizing creams on the market today, finding one that actually does what it says seems to be quite challenging for most women. But Phytomer Hydracontinue Instant Moisture Cream is perfect for just about anyone. Find out why...
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