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Hi. I believe that life is about learning, and I m a willing participant. I graduated from CSU Chico, CA, majoring in Political Science, with a minor in history. Earning two teaching credentials, I have taught classes including English, history, business, and agriculture in grades K - 12. Volunteer positions include church school, cheerleading coach, 4-H leader in horse, forestry, and sewing, Girl Scout leader for brownie through cadette, and Cub Scout den mother. My military service provided me the opportunity to travel around the world, including Japan and Korea. The brotherhood of Army Engineers is a privilege to belong to, a special badge of honor. A course in The Army Maintenance Management System prepared me for the duty of checking to be certain military equipment, including vehicles, were maintained and ready to go. I have organized travel both in the Army and civilian occupations. I ve been involved in designing and participating in political campaigns. Most important is sharing knowledge with others, and learning from them. My online writing career is a fundamental part of my life and my mission to bring the joy of knowledge to as many as possible.
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CSU Chico (CA) B.A. Political Science, 3 teaching credentials. US Army Corp of Engineers Graduate Basic & Advanced Officer s Course. Graduate Command & General Staff, US Army. US Army Transportation & Quartermaster Courses


Everything that happens is a learning experience - Treasure it!

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  • The Truth About My Tax Return
    My tax return will not be used for fun or a vacation as planned. Instead, it will cover necessities.
  • Grades Are Important, While Learning is Essential
    There is a good reason that grades are given to children for homework and overall performance. No student should hesitate going back to school because of the grading system.
  • Gentle Rays of Hope
    Do you believe that things exist even when you can't see them? The sun is proof enough.
  • My Perfect Valentine
    With luck, we find one. Some people are blessed with two. The perfect Valentine can't be bought or bartered. Cherish them forever.
  • Natalie Goes to Vegas
    There are quite a few ready to trade the bitter cold in for warmer weather. Natalie dared to follow her dreams to Las Vegas.
  • January Reflections of a Winter Day
    Old Man Winter has announced himself with down blanket nights and a challenge to remember what warm feels like.
  • Creative Humanity
    Sacramento, CA is a unique delight of architectural creativity. Humankind exceeds the barriers of conventional design with artistic elegance.
  • Stop the Hunger with Pumpkins
    Shopping at the grocery store is just a bit too pricey for many of us. We get the basics and then get creative. When my vegetable garden croaked 3 times in 2013, I began to panic about a food supply.
  • King of the Farm
    The rooster believes he is the king of the farm. His impressive posture backs up that attitude. This haiku identifies how he looks for special treats for dinner.
  • The Face of the 2016 Summer Olympics
    Hosting an Olympic event appears to be more complicated than hosting a royal marriage. Surviving the challenges of an ever-changing exhibition deserves a gold medal.
  • Dishonorable Reinforcements
    Since the beginning of time, friends and family have been called upon to provide support. At times, the ones trusted the most let everyone down.
  • Teach Your Kids Safe Bus Habits
    School is right around the corner. For year-round schools, it is still in session. Millions of children ride the bus to school each school day. Protect your kids with these tips on school bus safety.
  • The Day You Left Me
    One moment passports were the topic of conversation as you planned a trip to the Dominican Republic. Unexpectedly, you took another trip instead.
  • Finding My Way
    Companionship adds fun to a journey. It lacks clarity when done alone.
  • My Wedding Crashers: They Might Have Taught John Travolta the Tricks
    The opportunity for ordinary people to boast about being at a famous wedding has escalated to the chance to sell a story and make money. I still do not understand why people crashed my wedding.
  • Give Me Movies and Forget TV Shows
    A commercial-free movie that tells a story is far more welcoming to me a TV show continually interrupted by ads from sponsors. My preference for viewing is typically a movie.
  • Savings Tips I’ve Learned for Shopping at Sam’s Club
    It was the 1960s. My dad received a Unimart membership card for the new trend of discount shopping. Groceries, sundries, jewelry, clothing and gasoline – the huge store had it all when our family arrived.
  • The Ones Left Behind
    Death causes a tight band around the heart of loved ones that is hard to ignore. Does dealing with death ever get easier?
  • Variety in Harmony and Beat: I Love Going to Music Festivals
    Regardless of where they are held, music festivals provide a sense of anticipation. It's exciting to wonder what certain artists, known or unknown, will choose as their significant sound for the event.
  • Adventure Awaits with the Megabus
    The Megabus makes travel between Sparks, Reno, Sacramento and San Francisco affordable and adventurous.
  • Keep Your Public Happy
    What keeps people returning to the same online or brick-and-mortar business? Perhaps it's genuine customer service.
  • Architectural Ingenuity
    Some buildings go beyond beauty to reach the state of elegance. This structure on the banks of the Sacramento River is a tribute to the vision of designer and builder.
  • Add India to Your Bucket List: A Haiku
    Traveling is more than an opportunity to say "I was there." The Taj Mahal is a testament to love and inspiration. Add it to your bucket list.
  • From Consumer to Wizard
    Take the word professional or producer and contract it with consumer to arrive at prosumer. Consumers today are recognized as the wizards of product customization.
  • Running on Empty: Meeting My Financial Goals in 2013
    The most important economic lesson I learned as a child is that there has to be enough money in the budget to pay the bills.
  • Steps to Becoming a Champion
    Mitts and bats of all sizes hang in the utility porch, ready for the next game. The dream of participating in a World Series game lives on for the next generation.
  • Upcoming Spring Turns Thoughts to Baseball
    Listen to the birds chirping outside the window. The sun rises earlier and sets later. The signs of spring carry glad tidings: Baseball season is nigh.
  • State of the Union 2013: My Hope for Education Reform
    The benefit of human resources lessens when students fail to learn basic education in school. It is time to put emphasis back on the 3Rs as a unified society.
  • Five Reasons to Treasure Your Valentine
    Treasure February 14 because it is the day set aside to show others our appreciation.
  • Superstar Qualities of My Dog, Flag
    The Westminster Dog Show has yet to add a class for gentle, yet protective, guardians. Flag takes pride in being a good example of what extended family represents.
  • Ineffective Victory
    The price of winning can change a victory into crushing defeat.
  • Why Chuck Hagel Can Make a Difference to the Military
    Viet Nam veteran Chuck Hagel has been nominated for Secretary of Defense. How does my experience in the Army make me feel about this selection?
  • Pledge to that You Can Do
    Waiting patiently for promises to be kept leads to devastating disillusionment.
  • Love Should Be Given, Not Earned
    Have you ever strived to make someone happy and earn their love? That process only lasts until it is no longer possible to work that hard. Love and its reciprocation should be a gift.
  • Reasons that Labradors Love Snow
    While the other critters huddle tight and snug in their nest, Flag wakes up to frolic in the snow. December 2012 cured some of the drought from the year while providing fun to our oldest furry friend.
  • My Favorite Five 2012 Sports Images
    There are a number of sporting events to watch in person or various forms of media. Additional photos flood websites and magazines. Selecting five for 2012 was a challenge.
  • My Top Ten Sports Resolutions for 2013
    Even those who are perfect have some habits and mannerisms that need changed. An avid sports fan, I have identified my top ten sports resolutions for 2013.
  • Nevada Wolf Pack Top Five Bowl Season Moments
    There is more to Nevada Wolf Pack football than highly anticipated games with arch rivals, UNLV Rebels and Boise State. Each year, the question arises about a possible bowl game and memorable performances.
  • Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Fan on Your List
    Just like kids, adults like to find something in their stocking besides a lump of coal. Following are suggestions for the sports fan on your list.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas Song for the San Francisco 49ers
    Whether you start the Twelve Days of Christmas on Christmas Day or the day after, it is a great way of carrying out the celebratory season. Following are gifts I would like to give the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Top Ten 2012 Christmas Gift Wishes for the San Francisco 49ers
    I love the San Francisco 49ers whether they are riding high on a great season or simply playing the game because it is scheduled. Following is what I asked Santa Claus to deliver to the team for Christmas.
  • My Favorite Thanksgiving Sports Moment: He was Just Kidding
    Wow! My younger sister and I had finally hit the age to prep Thanksgiving Dinner. Mom and Dad wanted to give us freedom, so our older sister and younger brothers left for the family football game while we ruled the kitchen.
  • Winter 2012: Great Ice Skating Rinks in Reno and Carson City
    Ice skating rinks in Reno and Carson City, Nevada, start construction in the late fall and open the last of November. Family fun is the theme for this popular winter sport.
  • Great Sledding Fun at Soda Springs Winter Resort
    Snow brings out the winter fun as families want to participate in sliding across the snow. Skiing and snowboarding are part of Soda Springs Winter Resort. The tubing hill is spectacular.
  • Looking for Choices in the 2012 General Election
    The nation has a number of choices to make in the 2012 General Election. Research all options before casting your ballot.
  • Thankful for the Food
    The cold and continued drought in 2012 made it difficult to grow a garden. Now early freezes have killed the squash.
  • Photos: Autumn Foliage in Western Nevada
    Plants are putting on a mid-October colorful display across the United States. Trusty camera in hand, I took time out during my daily walk and while in Reno to memorialize the autumn foliage.
  • Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron and Why I Remember the 1957 World Series
    Baseball legends like Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle and Tony Gwynn contribute to baseball lore. There is a special reason I remember the 1957 World Series and it all has to do with an exceptional teacher.
  • Defiance from the Fire
    All living things request people take extra care to not allow fire to take over their habitat.
  • View from Space
    What does Earth look like from space? Some of us have seen it from miles above during a flight. Others have observed it from beyond its boundaries.
  • Natural Game of Leather and Wood: Baseball Haiku
    One sport captures the interest of those around the world. Baseball is a game for any age.
  • Flexibility and Family: A Haiku
    Plans fall to the wayside when a family member or friend needs help. That is when I hope that others will understand and forgive my changed schedule.
  • San Diego Chargers: 2012 NFL Team Profile
    The San Diego Chargers started their 2012 season with a bang. They have not been to the Super Bowl since 1994. This team profile indicates this is possibly the year for their return.
  • Nevada Wolf Pack's All-Time NFL Busts
    Even the best college-level football players fail to achieve the quality required to succeed in the NFL. Following are five Nevada Wolf Pack players that failed to make the grade as of 2012.
  • Book Review: From the Blood of Cain by Kevin James Sweeney
    From beginning to end, Sweeney delivers a dark plot of evil and intrigue. From the Blood of Cain is one of those books that should be read in order, with characters and events carefully noted for review.
  • Share the Bounty with Cheer
    That mean farmer terrorized the little rabbits that snuck into his garden for a snack. What drove him to such measures?
  • This Voter’s Reaction to Bill Clinton’s DNC Address
    Former President William J. Clinton nominated President Barack Obama with clear-cut reasons. Instead of an attack on the Republican opponent, his reasoning focused on events of the past few decades.
  • Travel to the Sea with Me
    Some travel plans are better with friends and family, such as a trip to the beach. We can sit on camp chairs and chat. Barbecue for lunch or dinner just takes a bit of time if we share the task.
  • Daily Changes Provide Variety
    No day is really the same when a person actually looks at what is going on.
  • San Francisco 49ers Tailgating Rules
    49er Fans are reminded to be on their best behavior and follow the 2012 tailgating rules for Candlestick Park.
  • Perfect Beings: A Steampunk Story
    The natives called it Earth. Refugees from Elian were pleased to find a similar planet that contained the mighty oceans and high mountains so similar to their own home, enabling them to survive.
  • Ten Great Facts and Trivia Details About Nevada Wolf Pack Mascots
    The University of Nevada Reno mascots appear at community events and participate in charitable events. Alphie and Wolfie Jr. are proud representatives of northern Nevada.
  • 35 Years Later, Elvis' Legacy Remains
    When I heard that Elvis Presley was found dead, my first thought was that it had to be a mistake. How could someone so young and full of life leave the building?
  • Fan Selection: The Best London Olympic Moment
    It is hard to decide what motivates athletes to outshine prior successes. Jamaica and the United States delivered a relay race to thrill the heart of any runner.
  • Tailgating With the Nevada Wolf Pack: 2012 Rules for Mackay Stadium Football
    Tailgating is a privilege, not a right. Stay informed about the rules and keep the option open for all fans. Mackay Stadium in Reno hosts the home games for the Wolf Pack. The tailgating rules are quite fair.
  • Gymnastic Olympic Spirit of 2012: A Shadorma
    A step or two on landing cancels an otherwise perfect performance. An individual delivers an exercise that no one else will beat. Acknowledgment of the competitions is an inspirational part of the 2012 Olympics.
  • Top 10 Nevada Wolf Pack Football Tailgating Foods for 2012
    College football fans get hungry before the game, leading to team spirit and good food with tailgating. A competition of its own, great recipes are derived from this pastime.
  • First Person: A HARP Refinance Saved Us More Than $300 a Month
    It took time to collect, organize, complete and submit paperwork for the Home Affordable Refinance Program. The result was wonderful.
  • Ripe Time for the Summer Harvest
    My Fernley, Nev. garden is a bit sparse in 2012, thanks to the drought. Canning and freezing will be limited. Our first harvest is being celebrated with a fresh peach and zucchini salad.
  • Repetition: A Haiku
    What happens when repetition is encouraged as the norm? Perhaps the crushing of creativity will provide the answer.
  • A Break in the Drought: A Haiku
    Nevada, along with twenty-five other states, is officially a 2012 drought zone. On July 22, rainclouds began to build. Resulting in the familiar flash of lightning and the crash of thunder, the storm dropped rain.
  • Nevada Wolf Pack: Top 25 Football Players Over the Years
    Selecting the top 25 top players from decades of UNR football history is a challenge. Not all advanced to professional football careers, but each left remarkable memories at the university.
  • Summer Storms Arrive With a Bang
    In the middle of a drought, we have been blessed with two short periods of thunderstorms within the last two days. July 23, 2012 was the most impressive, with forked lightning and loud thunder.
  • Top 25 Reasons for Being a Nevada Wolf Pack Football Fan
    Whether they are referred to as the Pack, Nevada or the Wolf Pack, Reno’s college football team demonstrates the best of college sports every year for these twenty-five reasons.
  • Think of Whom You Marry
    When life throws a curve and we must scramble to figure out how to pay a debt or afford necessary medical treatment, thoughts often drift to what-if scenarios. Lots of money would certainly avoid that problem.
  • First Person: Destructive 2012 Nevada Drought Hurts Our Small Farm
    Nevada is one of the 26 states affected enough by the 2012 drought, which has been given the dubious honor of the largest natural disaster to affect the United States. Our small farm has suffered.
  • Protecting His Own: Dominant Rooster Haiku
    There is nothing submissive about our rooster, Roost. He has assumed personal responsibility for keeping every creature safe, especially Chicken.
  • Happiness and Pink Roses: A Haiku
    The climbing rosebush is so lifeless during the winter, bare and covered with snow. Just before summer, it puts out a lovely assortment of trailing blossoms.
  • Relating to the Fourth of July: A Veteran's Declaration
    Civilian and military personnel feel strongly about their country and its tenets. I am proud to have always been a part of this nation. My military experience increased my understanding of the Fourth of July.
  • Highly Visible and Very Safe: A Tale in Poetry
    Spring Vibrations was one of the events held in the area during the late spring. A novel idea for parking the motorcycles kept them highly visible and very safe.
  • Implications of Independence Day
    School is out and the heat of summer beats on the United States of America. What else is expected on Independence Day?
  • Reno and Sparks Liven Up the 2012 Nevada Summer
    The weather is finally warming up in Northern Nevada. School is out. Locals and visitors alike are planning a summer of fun in the Reno/Sparks area.
  • A Night with Uncle Kracker and the Band
    While others headed to their backyards to enjoy barbecue and coleslaw, I headed to Sparks for a Country Crossroads musical event with Uncle Kracker.
  • First Person: Discovering How I Wasted Money
    Shopping is a normal activity, but sometimes it becomes a habit. Here is how I realized I was a shopaholic.
  • Noah Had a Difficult Job
    Another creature showed up at my small farm last week. Having so many animal guests drop by made me realize that building the ark was probably the easiest part of Noah’s job.
  • Ten Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts for the Crimson Tide Fan
    Honor every dad you know with a gift from his favorite college team, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.
    Also published on:
  • Economic and Job Growth Promising Despite Statistics
    Although unemployment is on the rise, there are a number of ways to build business. Business and government working together is one.
  • My Brief Status as a Mechanic Trainee
    Times were tough and the money was tight. Mom’s car needed repaired and the mechanic agreed to fix it if she could find someone to work alongside, cleaning and fetching parts. He accepted me.
  • Life in the Corral
    Saddle and bridle fastened, the horse eagerly awaits his rider. It is time to leave and start on the journey to the future.
  • Perhaps Missing, Never Forgotten
    Centuries of soldiers explaining a loved one is missing stretch behind today’s history. Whether they return home or remain an unresolved mystery, remembering them is honoring them.
  • Flexible Exercise Keeps My Clock Ticking
    A trip to town or the doctor means hours of driving and waiting. A flexible exercise plan lets me work out in various locations and stay strong and healthy.
  • First Person: How My Family Sticks to a Budget
    Reduction in income, but not in expenses, led to guidelines on how this family sticks to a budget. It has taken time, but adjustments are easier.
  • Five Great Reasons for Loving Summer
    An inanimate object to some, summer is a season of action and excitement. It brings smiles to faces and provides sunny days to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the day. I love the summer.
  • Missing the May 2012 Solar Eclipse: A Haiku
    I was so excited about the pending solar eclipse scheduled for May 20, 2012. The indication was that this section of Nevada would get a clear view. Glasses and camera ready, I waited.
  • Member’s Mark the Ultimate Ooey Goody Chocolate Dessert
    We try to refrain from temptation, but every now and then, someone slips a delicious treat home for me to prepare. The picture on the box was too tempting for hubby to pass it by.
  • Saying Goodbye to Donna Summer
    I went to Yahoo to check my email and saw the news that Donna Summer has passed on to the great music hall in the sky. I appreciate the music she brought to my life.
  • Iris Acrostic Poem for Spring
    It has been so cold, with morning temperatures below freezing. I did not get out to weed the few Iris plants that remain by the front door. Imagine my surprise to walk out and find this.
  • Recharge Your Batteries in Fernley, Nevada
    A segment of the population is ready to use spring travel as a time of rejuvenation for the busy months ahead. This year, leave the pressured trip for the fall and enjoy Fernley's low-key fun.
  • Remembering Dad Every Day: A Father’s Day Poem
    I am so glad to have memories of my dad. Following is a Father’s Day poem in tribute to the person who taught me so much. Thank you, daddy.
  • Where Are Those Jobs: A Haiku
    What constitutes an increase in employment, anyway? The shifting of positions from one area to another does not create new jobs.
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