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Joan Haines M. Ed. is a parent of three, and a grandparent of one. She currently teaches fifth grade. She s also taught an enrichment program for gifted students. She has been working in education for twenty-four years. Other jobs she s had include driving the Bookmobile, selling Christmas trees, and working at a service station in the mountains of Wyoming. She s traveled in forty-seven of the United States, and has been across the U.S. coast to coast by car and plane numerous times. She s visited Mexico, Canada, Iceland, and Italy. Her hobbies include photography, reading, writing, and staying healthy.
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"What the world needs now is more love and less paperwork."- Pearl Bailey
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  • Start a Digital Photography Hobby for Creative, Low-Cost Fun
    Start a digital photography hobby for meaningful, creative fun that doesn’t cost much!
  • Pennsylvania Early Autumn Snow Storm
    The snow and ice came two days before Halloween. Trick or treat! here's what we saw just north of Philadelphia the morning of October 30, 2011.
  • Reasons to Choose E-delivery of Bills and Statements
    How do you receive your bills and statements? Do you get paper account statements and bills in the mail? Have you considered getting e-delivery instead? If you choose to get your information electronically, it is quite convenient, and saves resources.
  • The Twelfth of September
    A poem about 9-11 and 9-12 and our hearts.
  • Rick Perry- Callous, Disrespectful Bully?
    It is my hope that the Republican presidential candidate will be one who has good character. Here, I am helping bring to light two instances that show Rick Perry's character. Is he self righteous, and a bully?
  • Mist of a Symphony
    Mist of a Symphony is a love poem by Joan Haines.
  • DC Earthquake Felt in Philadelphia
    I was sitting at my computer on the second floor of my 1890's sturdy stone house, when the room started to slowly undulate and shake. Whoah. It's an earthquake, I thought. Yes, indeed. I've felt a couple of tiny quakes before on the east coast, and many
  • Dr. Ben Carson- a Quick Bio
    Learn about Ben Carson, a brilliant African American doctor with a fascinating back story. Ben Carson is a famous brain surgeon who has done mega-good in this world. He is a pioneer in pediatric neurosurgery.
  • Funny Money
    What if we designed our money a little differently? Would life be more fun? Would our money be laughing with us, or at us?
  • Haiku of Summer Strolling
    Here's a summer haiku I wrote. I live where the summer nights are very warm and humid.
  • Tritina Encouragement
    You can do it. Try writing a tritina. Here's an attempt of mine at writing a tritina poem.
  • A Good Sudsy Tritina
    Here's my attempt at a good, sudsy tritina poem. Tritina poems require the same three words to be used at the end of each of nine lines in a certain ordered pattern. The tenth line must use all three of the words.
  • Summer of the Black Widows' Refuge
    He tested the loose organization gently by pushing on a cross thread. The spider web didn't yield. '..."Yup,' said Dad, '..."It's a black widow web, alright.' He jumped straight up out of his chair, and all of us started to squeal.
  • Disheveled
    A pseudo-astrological poem about messiness.
  • When Students Say This is Boring
    As a teacher, when you hear the words, 'Å"This is boring!' coming from a student's mouth, it might upset you. When a student says a class or a teacher is boring, what that really means is usually one of the following:
  • An Unsound and Untimely Premise
    A very short memoir of a disorienting experience.
  • Anyway
    A poem about writing and perfectionism.
  • Little Boys Driving Real Cars
    What is it with little boys driving real cars? I just read about another one. A seven year old Detroit boy wanted to go see his dad. He was wearing his pajamas. He just grabbed the keys, went out, got in the car, and started driving at speeds above 60 M.P
  • Thought Provoking Quotes About Love
    Love is a funny thing, and thought provoking quotes about love help us think about it differently. Love is such a mysterious, weird phenomenon. Enjoy these love quotes:
  • Best Ways to Relax
    The very best ways to relax are the ones that meet a set of simple criteria. To qualify among the best, a relaxation technique must be easy, immediate, free or low cost, and highly effective. When you're tense and anxious, you need to relax right away.
  • Cheep, Cheep, Cheep
    Nothing like happy birds in the morning! Here's a poem about that.
  • Chilling Rattles
    A poem about a rattlesnake, spring to spring.
  • A Woman I Want to Be
    Someone I want to be...will it ever happen?
  • A Menagerie of Collective Nouns
    A population of people may enjoy this poem that includes tons of collective nouns for animals, like "a romp of otters," and "an unkindness of ravens."
  • Prenuptial Agreement- Reasons to Consider One
    If you are planning to marry, you should at least consider a prenuptial agreement. It can give you both peace of mind. Come on down off your love cloud for a minute and read this.
  • Stop Saying That!
    These old adages became part of my internal script, and they held me back significantly until I recognized they are not helpful, nor are they true. If you use these sayings in your own self talk, or use them on children, you may want to stop.
  • Support Your Opinions with Reasons- Getting Ready for Persuasive Writing
    This is a thinking skills lesson that requires students to give reasons and hear reasons for opinions. It is ideal to use before teaching persuasive writing.
  • Easy Math Games for Parents and Children
    Parents can play these easy math games with kids for fun and to develop reasoning skills. These games require children to use higher level thinking, but keep it light, so it's an enjoyable time together.
  • Ecosystems Lesson - Living or Non-Living, Biotic or Abiotic?
    What do "biotic" and "abiotic" mean? What are biotic and abiotic things found in our local ecosystem? Answer these questions with a hands-on science lesson about living and non-living things for upper elementary students.
  • How to Develop Your Intuition
    Develop your intuition. It is a facet of you that just knows things without knowing how or why you know. Intuition is a feeling, a hunch, or a gut feeling. Everyone has intuition, that unexpected and unexplained knowing.
  • Prepare to Take a Scuba Diving Course
    So you want to swim with the undersea creatures and explore the watery depths? Scuba diving is the ticket to that world, but you must get certified to scuba dive. Learning how to prepare for a scuba diving course is smart.
  • Classroom Jobs: How to Assign and Manage Them for Upper Elementary
    Assigning and learning to manage classroom jobs in the upper elementary classroom requires forethought. You can foster responsibility and good citizenship in students by expecting them to take part in their own classroom community.
  • Managing Hands-On Cooperative Group Activities
    Managing Hands-On Cooperative Group Activities well ensures that students get the most out of the experience. If you don't plan ahead by addressing the issues noted below ahead of time, chaos may reign. Yikes.
  • Best Classroom Jobs List Elementary School
    Here is the best classroom jobs list for elementary school. These classroom jobs have worked very well for my fifth graders for many years. Consider this best classroom jobs list for your students.
  • Unrelenting Age
    A poem about age and what we decide to do with it.
  • Spanish Rice Recipe as a Hearty Side Dish
    Spanish rice is a hearty side dish. Take regular rice, and add tomatoes, vegetables, and seasonings. This one's an easy, quick prep, crowd pleaser.
  • A Quick Class Valentine Exchange
    If Valentines Day party time is limited at your school, these quick ideas may be just right for you. The tips below will help to streamline the class valentine exchange process.
  • What Not to Wear for Teachers
    Knowing what not to wear for teachers is essential. Educators need to promote an up-to-date, professional aura with their clothing. Students and parents automatically respect a teacher who is dressed professionally.
  • Swinging Jack
    A snow day poem...
  • Teacher Presentation Skills
    You might be boring your students to death. It doesn't matter how sparkling your content if you don't present it in an engaging fashion. Use these dynamic teacher presentation skills to grab your kids.
  • How to Balance Work Life and Home Life as a Teacher
    Knowing how to balance work life and home life is essential to your sanity, your family, and your effectiveness as a teacher and a human being.
  • Cooperative Learning Strategies- Who Goes First in Partner Activities
    Students working in pairs need a way to determine who goes first in a pair. Smart teachers use cooperative learning strategies to make this a random choice.
  • Recession Rox
    A poem about our current circumstances. Is there a Rx for this "Great Recession?"
  • A Person I Want to Be like
    A poem inspired by Eve Merriam's "Two People I Want to Be Like."
  • Best Real Estate Agents Don't Make Excuses
    You may feel that your agent has quit on you. You may be really sick of hearing excuses like these from your real estate agent for not mounting an aggressive, smart house marketing strategy:
  • Budget Cooking for a Crowd
    If you need to do some budget cooking for a crowd, you need some delicious ideas. Plan to feed a crowd on a shoestring. When the gang is ready to converge upon you, try some of these budget cooking ideas:
  • Handling Foreclosure Stress
    Weather the emotional and physical stress of foreclosure well, or you may lose much more than just your house. You could lose your health, and ultimately, your life. This is not exaggeration. Here's how to handle foreclosure stress.
  • 403b Retirement Accounts - Why Teachers Must Invest
    403 b retirement accounts are an amazing vehicle for getting ahead in saving for your golden years. Only teachers and some others can invest in 403 b retirement accounts. If you are eligible, it is an absolute must. Here's why.
  • Get the Best Checking Accounts
    Every bank claims to have the best checking accounts around. So how do you get the best checking accounts? Ask the right questions of a bank representative.
  • How to Learn and Remember Students' Names
    Students will feel more engaged, positive, and accountable when you learn their names. Because you know their names, pupils begin respecting you, and care a little more about your course right off the bat.
  • Providing Movement Breaks in the Elementary Classroom
    Students attend better and avoid lethargy when they get to move. I'm convinced students need time to exercise and move in order to do their best academically. Here are some cool ways to get your class moving.
  • Informational Text Features Instruction
    Teachers need to explicitly teach students to read nonfiction using text features as a tool. If readers don't understand how to use informational text features on a page, the text features can actually work against comprehension by confusing the reader.
  • Informational Text Structures
    When students recognize the basic nonfiction text structures, they will comprehend more easily. Understanding these informational text structures will enable kids to read, write, and most importantly, think in a logical and organized way.
  • Great Canned Pumpkin Soup Recipe
    Serve this rich, creamy pumpkin soup recipe as an opener for your Thanksgiving feast, or any autumn gathering. The pleasant aroma of this pumpkin soup will fill your home as it simmers.
  • Food Chain Science Lesson
    Where does the energy in our food come from? This is a science lesson about food chains that can be part of a unit on ecosystems or as a supplement to a Unit on nutrition. Use this food chain lesson with grades 4-6.
  • Make a 5 Step Writing Process Bulletin Board
    In my classroom, there is a 5 step writing process bulletin board. It gives students a concrete way to move along the 5 step writing process continuum until they have published. It allows the teacher to see just where everyone is on their writing.
  • Cutthroat in the Snake
    So, how did those cutthroat trout get into the Snake River in the first place?
  • Get Students to Think for Themselves
    "Where should I throw this away?" "What day is it today?" It makes it terribly hard if students expect the teacher to do their simple thinking for them, and it's worse if you actually cooperate.Here's one way to get them thinking on their own.
  • Grotesque Gargoyles
    These grotesques decorate the castle of Arcadia University just north of Philadelphia, PA. They are so darn spooky. If I were an evil spirit, I'd be scared away by these guys, wouldn't you?
  • Prepare for Last-Minute Travel Bargains
    When last minute travel bargains come available, you had better be ready. This takes planning and preparation. It seems a bit ironic that you need to prepare ahead to take advantage of a whim vacation, but you really do.
  • Living Room Decoration for Men
    Use these 10 living room decoration ideas for men to make your home comfortable and handsome.
  • How to Have a Clutter Free Classroom
    Teachers are famous for hoarding "good stuff", because we can see the lesson potential in everything. Clearing out what doesn't belong, categorizing, and giving each item a home is how to have a clutter free classroom.
  • Saving Paper in the Classroom
    In this day of reduced school budgets, we need to find ways to trim paper usage. Saving paper in the classroom also helps reduce pollution and saves natural resources.
  • Plant Activities for Fourth and Fifth Grade
    Use plants to teach kids about science, to enrich language arts, and to foster kindness and service to others. These plant activities for fourth grade and fifth grade can add some hands-on interest for your students.
  • How to Make S'mores in the Car
    Who needs a campfire when you've got a Ford in the driveway? Your car is an excellent heat source for making s'mores. Graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and heat to melt it all. That's what you need.
  • My Sister, the Bon Vivant Adventurer Named Alice
    She doesn't call to rub it in. She calls to share the amazement and appreciation of it all. She calls because she is a marveler at the world's treats. She calls because she loves me.
  • How to Make an Easy Thousand Island Dressing Recipe
    This is the classic, chunky, sweet and tangy dressing. I asked many people in the Thousand Islands region of New York how to make it, and this is based on what the locals said.
  • How to Write a Summary of an Article
    write an ace summary of an article. Students from upper elementary school all the way through college and graduate school can use the same techniques given here.
  • How to Climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
    Just look at the majestic and thrilling sight of Half Dome, and imagine yourself at the top. Prepare well, several months ahead, and you can make this arduous, mile high, 18 mile round trip hike in Yosemite National Park.
  • How to Fight Seasonal Allergies Without Medicine
    If you want natural ways to fight seasonal allergies without medicine, try these actions and home remedies.
  • How to Call Off a Wedding
    The arrangements were all set, but now the tough decision is made to call off the wedding. The goal now is to preserve as much financial, social, and emotional capital as possible under the circumstances.
  • Texture from Longwood Gardens
    The textures of plants at Longwood gardens are compelling. Take a look.
  • Longwood Gardens Color
    Color abounds in the flowers at Longwood Gardens. Come look.
  • Age Appropriate Chores for Ages 6-8
    By doing age appropriate chores, youngsters gain confidence, self-respect, and a sense of belonging. Find a list of age appropriate chores for ages 6-8 at the end of this article.
  • Papa Red and Mama Blue
    Here's some purple poetry for violetphiles.
  • National Aquarium in Baltimore
    When you visit the National Aquarium at Baltimore's Inner Harbor,you'll see an amazing variety of creatures.
  • Waterlilies at Longwood Gardens
    This pool at Longwood Gardens has gorgeous waterlilies. Here are 12 images of them.
  • 10 Ways to Feel Happy in 5 Minutes or Less
    Sometimes you just need to feel happy. You need to take a break from feeling blue, bored, mad, or overwhelmed. Use this quick list of 10 ways to feel happy in 5 minutes or less. Get your smile on, folks!
  • Three Silly Spacey Limericks
    Three silly, spacey limericks from the mind of a certified space cadet.
  • Fuel Fool- a Limerick
    This is a silly limerick, based on the author's silly misadventure on the way to work one morning.
  • Teachers - Write Back-to-School Letters to Parents
    A back-to-school letter from a teacher makes an indelible first impression on parents. A carefully drafted teacher letter to the families you work with is one of the first steps you should take toward a productive, positive school year.
  • This Land is Your Land
    If your nature is to be less than organized, read this. Maybe you can relate.
  • How to Enjoy Cooking and Eating at Home
    Here are some ways to make cooking and eating an enjoyable shared experience for everyone in your home.
  • Japanese House Gardens Exterior
    These are the gardens that surround the seventeenth century Japanese house. Here is a taste of spring in Pennsylvania, Japanese style.
  • Japanese House Interior, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
    The Japanese house and garden that is found in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park was a gift from the Japanese People in 1953. It is a seventeenth century style house, put together with no nails.
  • Autumn in Pennsylvania 1-2-3-4
    The air is crisp, like the riotous, yet silent, leafy color. This is Speedwell Forge lake, in northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • How to Help Choose a Wedding Dress
    When you're asked to help choose a wedding dress, it's an honor. This is the time to use love, tact and your best social skills. You want the bride to find a dress she is thrilled with.
  • Lesson from Taoist Philosophy
    In the western world, most of us think in terms of good and bad. Right and wrong. All or nothing. We have a goal.We expend massive amounts of single-minded effort. Are we intense, or what? Admirable? That's a dubious question.
  • Yellowstone Art Shots 1-2-3-4
    Yellowstone National Park is hot! Every one of these geothermal closeups is very, very, very warm.
  • Zany Zinnias
    Zinnias are the best cut flowers ever!
  • Sunflower Study 1-2-3-4
    Light and a flower intersect on a 98 degree day.
  • Kayak Doggie among the Thousand Islands
    Here's a kayak surfing doggie on the St. Lawrence River in New York.
  • Summer Spider Splendor
    This splendid summer spider was captured on a July night along the Delaware River in New Hope, Pennsylvania.
  • How to Make Cast Iron Radiators Give Maximum Heat
    Did you know there are a few simple ways to maximize the heat you get from your radiators? They're an old fashioned heating source that can be made more efficient by taking the following steps:
  • How to Get a Perfect Hourglass Figure
    You can balance your figure so you look like you are an hourglass. Fashions that will balance your torso and lower body will create a convincing illusion of the perfect hourglass figure.
  • How to Calculate the Height of a Tree with a Shadow
    It's fun to calculate the height of a tree using just a ruler and shadows. Kids enjoy doing this hands-on math activity. This is most appropriate for grades 4-8.
  • How to Clean Out Your Makeup Bag
    To keep the cosmetics clutter down and keep your makeup clean, throw away the old stuff. Keep what's current, and chuck cosmetics that are less than fresh. Follow these guidelines to know what to keep and what to get rid of.
  • How to Keep Aging Gracefully
    Aging gracefully means you can handle whatever comes because of all of your experience. Aging gracefully requires wisdom ,flexibility, and acceptance.
  • How to Live with Boomerang Kids
    Boomerang kids are adult children who have moved out, but then come back again to live with you. Follow these steps to live successfully in a mutually respectful arrangement with your boomerang kids.
  • How to Look 10 Years Younger
    After 45 or so, who wouldn't love to look 10 years younger? You can get closer to that healthy, dewy look of youth by following a few tips and tricks. All at once, or little by little, you can transform into a younger you.
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