Vincent E Heck Jr

Vincent E Heck Jr

Vincent Heck is from Philadelphia, and has been writing since he was six-years-old. Heck has written professionally since 2009. In addition to his regular contribution to Yahoo! Sports, Heck has published sports content on sites such as: Aol Fanhouse, Philly Sports Daily, and

Heck has also served two years being trained by one of the world s most advanced publishing houses, The Watchtower by Jehovah s Witnesses, in Brooklyn, New York. The Watchtower currently serves over 260 lands/territories worldwide; producing publications in some 415 languages.

Heck loves the world around him and shows a love for learning, researching and analyzing everything. At times, he can be opinionated, but that is what fuels his love for life.

Vincent is also working on a few novels, which he is continually editing. He works hard at his writing and welcomes any suggestions openly.
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