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Will Ross

Will Ross is a writer, poet, and satirist from Omaha Nebraska. He is the author of Cattywompus and The Schoolwork of Bobby Anderson. He lives in Omaha with his pack of three wild terriers. Will has been writing, podcasting and producing for the past five years. He recently began podcasting his work on the show Prefaces and Asides, to excellent early reviews.
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Even during the darkest night, we see stars and can recall the light..


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  • Jokes I Do Not Make About Muslims
    There are things a satirist should not do out of self-interest, one of which is playfully tickling Muslims for fear that his words would be heard by those being so tickled, and they would not see my humor as Puckish.
  • Drinko De Mayo!
    Why stealing a Mexican holiday (spoiler alert: Not Mexican Independence Day) for the purpose of drinking was such a good idea.
  • Three Tips for Keeping Focus as a Freelance Writer
    The hardest part of being your own boss is behaving like one. By following a these three simple tips you'll find you produce more, leading to an increase in writing revenue!
  • At the End
    Using traditional iambic pentameter, I produced a short sonnet about aging and death.
  • Just What is a Tomahawk Missile?
    On March 19th, 2011 American and British ships fired 159 Tomahawk cruise missles at 20 Libyan air-defense targets in the cities of Tripoli and Misrata in order to enforce a "No-Fly Zone." Just what IS a Tomahawk missile and how does it work?
  • Benjamin Franklin: The Man Who Didn't Discover Electricity
    Every grade schooler has heard the story of Benjamin Franklin's famous kite experiment, where a lightning strike and a well placed key led the famous scientist to the discovery of electricity. It would be an amazing story... if it were remotely accurate.
  • Baby Cthulhu
    Need a song to put your little Elder Gods to sleep with? Look no further!
  • Three Signs You May Need a New Mental Health Professional
    Your doctor should always have final say in your treatment. But what if your doctor is the problem? Not all doctors are created equal. Here are a few signs that you may be in need of a second opinion.
  • Leonard Cohen and Regrets
    When a love affair cools, there is always the fear that it's over for good. Will it warm again, or has it reached it's peak boil? Will it slow to a simmer, or cool to a tepid friendship?
  • Bobby Anderson's Therapy Journal
    When Bobby steals Daryl's T-bird while trying to lose his virginity, he accidentally runs it into the stockyard cess pool and is put into mandatory therapy. His therapist forces him to keep a journal, an act she will later regret.
  • Three Signs You May Need a Mental Health Professional for Depression
    There are quite a few signs of depression, but these are three of the most telling. Check for these signs to decide if you're just upset about something in your life, or actually clinically Depressed.
  • Things to Know Before Starting Ritalin
    Ritalin, a drug commonly prescribed in the treatment of ADHD and other conditions is a fantastic tool, but needs a little care to be used properly. I'll teach you the ins and outs of this stimulant and let you know what to expect when taking it.
  • Epilogues Are for Better Books
    Just when I thought it was the end of the line, she pulled me back and she was mine.
  • Mr. Shadow Tugs on My Sleeve
    I named my depression "Mr. Shadow," as a way to materialize him. They say if you know the true name of a demon, he's easier to slay.
  • Three Things New Mental Illness Patients Should Keep in Mind
    There are many things to keep in mind early in the treatment process for mental illness. As a long time patient I'll give you the ground level view of three issues I've had during treatment, and show you the light at the end of the medical tunnel.
  • Clean Green in Omaha Nebraska
    If you're looking for Green or "Bio-Based" cleaners in Omaha, Nebraska, there's no better place to go than The Cleaning Mart. They carry a full line of products for any size job, with a staff that's trained to teach you how to use them!
  • Lineless Kisses
    Waiting for the first kiss in thirteen years, a young poet ponders an opening line.
  • Departing for Chicago
    Fear of flying, hatred of Muzak, and the joy of new love.
  • Introductions Are a Sign of Hubris
    A poem about the friendship between a poets reader and the poet.
  • Ways to Prevent or Avoid a Mugging
    I've been mugged successfully and unsuccessfully several times. Here are some things to consider when you go out at night should a mugger ever interrupt your night.
  • Pops and the Kid
    When a bizarre series of robberies plagues the neighborhood, Pops and the Kid, the two best robbery detectives in the area, track down the culprit. But will it be who they expect?
  • The Sprint Store
    Sprint has the worst customer service of any phone service. I should not be able to write an entire mocking poem in the time it takes me to be told they can't help me.
  • Thanksgiving Non-Denominational Grace
    A non-denominational grace to say before thanksgiving.
  • The Woman's Curse
    A poem for the bitter, angry, and just those who need a little catharsis.
  • Dear North Korea, China Won't Back You This Time
    North Korea should be very careful. They may think they have an ally in China. They don't.
  • Aftertaste
    A one night stand with a playboy ends bitterly.
  • The Garden Statuary in Autumn
    A beautiful series of statues, fall colors; Winter is coming. Soon the plants will be gone but the statues will wait for the spring.
  • Before You I was Great, Beside You I'm Greater
    A love poem about the spring and marriage.
  • A Woman Named Maxine
    A poem about a real spitfire of a woman. She will be missed greatly and remembered always.
  • What is an "Independent Artist?"
    What is the difference between an independent artist, writer, musician, etc? One thing. Putting in the work.
  • Three Tips for Launching an Independent Art Career
    Nothing is harder than launching an art career by yourself. It's an exhausting, nerve-wracking, rejection filled roller coaster. From my experience as an independent writer, I've assembled the following tips that will smooth out the experience!
  • Six Editing Tips for New Fiction Writers
    Editing your own copy is difficult, but it's both necessary and a lot easier than you think! Here are some simple tips to help you edit!
  • Boudica: A Woman You Should Absolutely Not Scorn
    When the Romans stole her land, raped her daughters and flogged her, Queen Boudica didn't take it lying down.
  • The Irish Mocha
    A delicious homemade mocha with a little kick to it!
  • The Button
    The devil offers a man something he can't refuse.
  • The Insane Clown Posse Education Program: Part 1
    "What about magnets, how do they work!?" The Insane Clown Posse's song "Miracles" shows that they are incredibly confused about a broad range of topics like fire, giraffes, and rainbows. In a four part series I will explain these for them line by line.
  • How to Pick an Office File Cabinet Lock with a Hairpin
    How to use a basic hair pin to open an office file cabinet lock after you lose the key.
  • Seven Tips for New Writers
    An article on some of the things I've been taught by other writers, learned the hard way, or wish I was doing regularly. A series of tips for aspiring writers.
  • Why Rappers Swear so Much
    The complaint is often made that the hip hop community swears too much. As a poet, I'd like to argue on their behalf. It's all about the syllables, baby.
  • Three Tips for New Poets
    Tips to help new poets write better poetry including tips and free online resources like rhyming dictionaries, dictionaries, and thesaurus'.
  • Using Twitter to Build Readership
    How to properly use Twitter to reach new audiences for your art or writing.
  • Dialog Tips for New Fiction Writers
    Learn three of the most common pitfalls new writers fall into, that often keeping a manuscript from being sold. Writing solid, grammatically correct dialog is easier than you think!

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