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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ideas
    There are many varieties of chocolate chip cookies. Add cinnamon, mint chips, peanut butter chips, or raisins to your cookie. It’s up to you.
  • Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Recipe
    Having a gluten intolerance or a gluten allergy leaves those that have the gluten intolerance unable to eat what a lot of us take for granted, such as bread.
  • Keeping Christ in Christmas: It's Not Happy Holidays, It's Merry Christmas
    If you are offended by Christ in Christmas, get your own holiday and leave Christmas alone.
  • Frugal Tips to Help Avoid Overspending During the Christmas Holiday Season
    The Christmas holiday season often brings out the worst buying, shopping, and spending habits of the American consumer. So how can we have a nice Christmas and still avoid overspending during the Christmas shopping season?
  • How to Get Water After a Hurricane Strikes If Your Electricity and Water Are Off
    Running out of water can be a nightmare if you don't know what to do to obtain more, especially when a hurricane strikes in very hot weather. Knowing what to do to get water can make a nightmare into a very bearable situation until utilities are restored.
  • How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and Save Money on the Cost of Food
    The cost of food is rising everyday. Saving money on groceries has become more than a luxury, it's become a must. The following tips can help families save money on the grocery bill.
  • How to Survive a Week Without Electricity After a Hurricane
    Surviving a week or longer without electricity can be done if preparations are made ahead of time and even if none are made.
  • Is This Your Soul Mate?
    You've gotten to know this person that you love to spend time with. You've become great friends and can talk about anything and everything. You find yourself thinking of this person all the time.
  • Family Home Organizing and Storage Issues
    Having a family with young kids can be trying when it comes to organizing the home and keeping the home organized. Trying to find storage space can be just as trying.
  • Muhammad (Mohammed) the Teddy Bear and Blasphemy
    The story has made international news headlines. Gillian Gibbons, a 54 year old teacher from Britain who went to Sudan to teach, has been arrested. Her crime? She allowed her 7 year old students in her class to name their stuffed teddy bear Muhammad (Mohammed).
  • The Perfect Christmas Gift
    Each year as the Christmas season nears, the advertisements get hot and heavy for anything and everything that a person can shop for and purchase as a gift for Christmas.
  • When Someone You Love Has Hurt You
    It happens far too often. Words can deal a fatal blow to a relationship. People say mean and hurtful things, sometimes intentionally, to hurt the person they love the most. Once the words are out, it's impossible to take them back.
  • The Basics of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    Do you often find yourself counting steps, feeling the need to touch objects as you walk by them, washing your hands repeatedly, not wanting to shake hands with someone for fear of germs, unable to leave the house out of fear something terrible might happen?
  • Easy Weight Loss Tips
    It's important to maintain a healthy weight. Eating healthy will not only help in the struggle to lose weight, it's also the way to keep the pounds off once they are lost.
  • Best Home Decorating Tips on a Budget
    You've finally bought your dream home, and you've gotten moved in and settled. Now comes the fun part, decorating your new home. But there's one problem. You're on a budget and don't have a lot of money to spend on decorating.
  • Frugal Living Tips: Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket
    Saving money on food and groceries can prove to be difficult when the price of eating tends to cut deep into even the best made budget. There is help.
  • Dryer Lint Treasures: When Trying to Save Money Goes Way Overboard
    I'm a frugal person. I admit it freely. I'm not ashamed of it, rather I'm proud of the fact that I save money here by not wasting it so I can get something I want there.
  • Women and Abusive Relationships: Escaping the Cycle of Abuse
    It happens everyday. A woman is abused...physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally. Physical abuse happens all too often to entirely too many women. But she's not hit by some random stranger.
  • America's Greatest Tragedy: Killing Babies by Their Own Mothers
    It's one of the most horrible crimes imaginable. A woman becomes pregnant, yet instead of being filled with joy and happiness at the thought of becoming a parent, she makes an appointment and has her baby killed.
  • How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen the Frugal Way
    Those pesky little fruit flies arrive in your home, unnoticed as they grab a free ride in on the bananas or other fresh fruit. How do you get rid of them without spending a load of money on pesticides that will only smell up your house?
  • Romantic and Fun Dates for the Frugal at Heart
    You've met this absolutely fantastic person that you are crazy about. You want to ask them on a date. The only problem is that money is tight.
  • Tips for Bathing Your Cat
    Cats in general do not need to be bathed. But there will inevitably be times that your pet cat will need some help with a bath. Bathing a cat can be a fearful thing, but with these helpful tips, you are sure to survive giving your pet cat a bath.
  • Signs that Your Cat is Royalty and You Are the Cat's Staff
    Some cats are the outdoors type, wild and free basking in the sun on a warm day, not confined to four walls. Some are semi indoors cats, just as happy inside as outside. Then you have the last type, the ones who think they are royalty.
  • Saving Money on the Cost of Gifts: Gift Giving on a Budget
    Shopping for gifts can wreak havoc on the best planned budget. Gift giving can run into an outrageous sum of money. There are ways to save money on the cost of gifts and still give a thoughtful gift that the recipient is sure to love and enjoy.
  • Season Finale of Lost Leaves More Unanswered Questions
    The season finale of ABC's Lost aired May 23rd, leaving more unanswered questions and a surprise ending. The last five minutes of the show was the most powerful minutes of the entire show when Jack meets someone at the airport at night.
  • How to Have a Redneck Flower Garden
    Having a flower garden that looks like everyone else's doesn't take away from the beauty of the flowers or the garden. But why have a garden that mimics what the rest of the world has when you can have your very own redneck flower garden?
  • Solving the Color Matching Dilemma when Decorating Your Home
    It's happened to the best of us. We go shopping, searching for those delightful goodies to add new life to rooms. Of course, everything has to match. We find absolutely perfect items, and are sure the colors are perfect.
  • Seven Cleaning Tips for the Family
    These are tips that the entire family can and should use. All family members living in the home should help take care of the home they live in. Almost everyone can do something, even small children.
  • How to Recognize a True Friend
    Over the course of our lives, we run into an untold amount of people. Some people boast of the number of friends they have, wearing the number like a prized badge on their clothing. But what is a friend really?
  • Beauty Preparation for Your Wedding Day
    When making wedding plans for the big day, a bride often begins to make plans for her wedding dress, the honeymoon, the reception, the wedding cake, and the invitation list.
  • Organizing Tips for Work at Home Moms
    Being a work at home mom is great in many ways. The perks are wonderful. But having a home business can also become overwhelming quickly when it comes to balancing work and caring for the home and family.
  • Making Money as a Virtual Assistant
    The internet has made being a virtual assistant one of the hottest new work at home businesses. The low startup cost and great income potential make being a virtual assistant one of the easiest home business to break into.
  • Tips to Help Avoid the Temptation of Spending Money
    Advertisements are everywhere. No matter where you go, it's almost impossible to escape advertising. There are billboards on the highways, magazine ads, newspaper ads, advertisements on TV, internet ads, even ads on clothing.
  • Building a Niche Opt-in Mailing List of Subscribers
    When deciding on what your newsletter will be about, it's important to hone in on a niche topic or area of expertise. Picking a niche will help to ensure that subscribers are getting the information and resources they are looking for about a particular topic.
  • Tips for Publishing an Opt-in Newsletter
    Publishing an opt-in newsletter has many benefits both to you and to your mailing list subscribers. Your newsletter lets your readers know what's new in regards to your services or products.
  • Unique Ideas to Help Save Money: Tips to Keep More Money in Your Pocket
    The cost of living is steadily climbing. It gets harder and harder just to make ends meet. Rather than get stressed out over finances, there are some things the average person or family can do to save money and live on less, yet not do without.
  • Buying Pet Health Care Insurance for Your Cat
    Cat owners thinking of purchasing pet health care insurance for their pet cats need to determine what type of pet health care policy is best suited for their needs. Is the cost of the insurance going to save you money or end up costing you for services that you won't use?
  • Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day is the traditional day of the year that we give a romantic gift to the one we love to show them how important they are to us. One might give the usual gifts of items such as candy, flowers, or jewelry, and these are indeed thoughtful gifts.
  • Turn Your Love for Scrapbooking into a Home Business
    Starting a scrapbooking business doesn't have to cost a lot of money to get started. That's one of the nice advantages to this particular home business. It doesn't require a lot of money to get it going.
  • Pay for Your Nursing School Tuition with Grants
    For the past several years, there has been a shortage in nurses. Because of the high demand for nurses and shortage of them, some organizations are providing funds for prospective nursing students to obtain their nursing education through grants.
  • Tips for Building a Profitable Opt-in Newsletter Subscriber Base
    Having a newsletter is a must for anyone doing business online. A newsletter is the main lifeline to the customer. It's through the newsletter that businesses can let customers know about sales and discounts or updates to their website.
  • Using Vinegar to Clean: How Vinegar Can Help Clean and Save You Money
    Long before store shelves were lined with various cleaning products, there was vinegar. Women used vinegar to clean in a number of ways. Rather than spend loads of money on different types of cleaners, you can save money by using vinegar to clean.
  • Tips for Overcoming Procrastination
    We all put off things that need to be done. But when it becomes routine to leave necessary tasks unattended, it's possible that we have turned into a procrastinator. Procrastinators put off things that need to be done, on a regular basis.
  • Saving Money on the Cost of Child Daycare
    Having a baby is a wonderful experience, and life with the new baby is just beginning. But the fact is that six weeks after the birth of your child, you have to return to work. Your finances have changed with the new addition to your family.
  • Tips for Dealing with Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy
    Being pregnant can cause a lot of discomfort for a woman. Perhaps one of the most uncomfortable things during pregnancy is lower back pain. The pain can go from mild to agonizing, even in the early stages of pregnancy before any weight is gained.
  • The Importance of Appropriate Prenatal Care for Pregnant Women
    Pregnant women absolutely need good prenatal care. Good prenatal care is essential to ensure not only the health of the mom, but the health and well being of the baby as well.
  • Building Your Self Esteem and Learning to Love Yourself
    Low self esteem isn't a rare thing among the human population. A surprisingly high number of people suffer from low self esteem. Often a person who has a low self esteem doesn't love themselves, making the feelings even worse.
  • How to Flip a House for Profit
    Real estate has become big business, more so today than ever. One of the oldest trends in real estate marketing is to purchase a home in need of restoration, do repairs and restore the home, then flip it for a substantial profit.
  • Tips to Decorate Your Home on a Budget
    Decorating your home doesn't have to cost you a small fortune. There are many ways to decorate your home on a budget, and still have it look like it was decorated by an interior designer. Save money on decorating by doing it yourself and doing it frugally.
  • Stem Cell Research: Is it Right or Wrong?
    Embryos that are just days old are frozen, and although they are fertilized and can eventually be implanted in a woman and a baby born, there is a debate as to whether they are considered a life as a frozen embryo and whether it's right or wrong to use their stem cells.
  • Parenting an Autistic Child
    When my oldest child was born 17 years ago, it was obvious to me immediately that something was different about him. I had no idea at the time how all the dreams I had for him before his birth would change.
  • How to Keep Online Visitors Coming Back to Your Website
    You've built the ultimate website. You've promoted your site and the hits have been coming in, but suddenly there's a huge drop in your hits. What's going on and how do you keep traffic returning to your website?
  • Toxic Dog Treats: What Not to Feed Your Dog
    Dogs love getting special treats from their owners. Pet owners spend money on dog treats to give their beloved pets something that seems like it's a good thing. Unfortunately, pet owners may be giving their dog pet treats that are toxic to them.
  • Signs of Child Abuse from Your Babysitter or Childcare Provider
    Many American women leave their kids with a babysitter or put them in daycare while they work outside the home. But just how safe are your children in the care of a person who might be watching a number of kids?
  • Finding the Time to Write: Better Time Management for Freelance Writing
    Finding the time to write isn't always easy. Working from home often leaves the impression that you are available to do anything at any given time. Learning to tell someone NO isn't easy but is often necessary.
  • How to Self Promote and Market Your Work
    You've created some wonderful work. You want it to be seen and noticed. You want people to buy your creation. You want publicity. After all, how can you make money if what you have created to sell is never seen by the general public?
  • How to Get More Subscribers for Your Newsletter
    Are you at a loss for ideas on how to obtain more subscribers to your newsletter? Have you just started a newsletter and you need to build your opt-in subscriber base?
  • Women Fishing for Men: How a Woman Can Hook the Right Man
    One of the main quests in life for a woman is to find the right man that she can not only love but be happy and content with, and actually like.
  • Tips to Get Organized: Home Organization and Decluttering
    The stresses of day to day living can often overwhelm us, leaving us feeling that we have no control over what's going on around us, even in our own homes. If our homes are disorganized and cluttered, it can easily overwhelm us.
  • Baby Gift Basket Ideas: Perfect Gifts for a New Baby
    Are you looking for the perfect gift for the new baby of a friend or family member? Gift baskets for babies are adorable and thoughtful gifts, allowing you to give a more personal gift to the mom for her new baby.
  • How to Keep Your Home Cooler in the Hot Summer Months
    The heat of the summer can cause your power bill to skyrocket. Trying to keep your home cool while trying to keep your power bill down isn't always easy, but it can be done.
  • Things a Woman Should Never Do on a Date
    Dating can be fun and exciting, and can lead to more dates with a wonderful man. But there are some things a woman just should not do if she hopes to have another date with that wonderful man.
  • Tips to Save Money on Laundry and Clothing Care Costs
    The cost of caring for your clothing can get expensive over a period of time. But the cost of doing the laundry doesn't have to eat a hole in your budget.
  • Energy Saving Tips: 13 Ways to Save Money on Power Bills
    There are many ways to save money on electricity and power costs. Following are just a few ideas to help cut the cost of your power bill and save money.
  • Natural Skincare Techniques: Beautiful Skin the Healthy and Natural Way
    Beautiful skin does not have to cost a fortune and it does not have to involve putting chemically enhanced beauty products on your skin.
  • Partial Birth Abortion Ban is Backed by the Supreme Court
    On Wednesday April 18 the Supreme Court backed the ban on partial birth abortion. Pro-life and anti-abortion activists celebrated the 5-4 decision that bans the controversial procedure while those for abortion protested in anger.
  • Unique Ideas: Frugal Money Saving Tips to Budget Better
    You can save a lot of money with these frugal money saving tips. Saving money helps the budget plus provides funds for doing something special.
  • Finding Faith When There Seems to Be None
    It's often easy to have faith when there are no storms or trials in life. When there's nothing going on, we usually have no problem at all in having faith. After all, why would there be a problem in having faith when everything is fine?
  • Parenting Tips: Dealing with the Stress of Raising Special Needs Kids
    Anyone that parents a special needs child knows the stress that usually accompanies the parenting of the child. The stress level can sky rocket, and if you don't have some backup help and/or respite care for yourself also, the stress level can become overwhelming.
  • A Woman's Guide to Surviving a Divorce Financially
    Getting a divorce doesn't only hurt the heart, it can hurt your budget and finances as well. With a divorce comes not only personal changes in life and lifestyle, but also changes in finances and the budget.
  • Pet Care: Helping Your Overweight Pet to Lose Weight and Be Healthy
    Being overweight isn't just confined to the human population. The number of overweight pets is growing. There are ways to help your pet lose weight and be healthy by eating better and getting more exercise.
  • Relationship Tips: How to Know If Your Significant Other is Cheating
    One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship is to learn that the one you love is cheating on you. Nothing breaks trust faster than cheating. But how can you really know if the one you love is cheating on you?
  • Starting a New Relationship: Dating Tips for the Recently Brokenhearted
    Starting to date again is the first step in finding the person who is not only a good friend, but the one who understands you, who listens to you, encourages you, and believes in you. To begin dating again is the beginning of a wonderful new relationship.
  • How to Deal with an Angry and Bitter Person
    There is simply no escaping it. Sooner or later, you are going to run into and have to deal with an angry and bitter person or persons. Unfortunately, it's a fact of life.
  • Stomping Out Plant Abuse: A Call to Action to Stop Abusing Helpless Plant Life
    It started out innocently enough. Some humans started petting Betsy the Cow and before long they stopped grilling her up for burgers. The idea of grilling Betsy for supper became unheard of among this new breed of humans. They even gave themselves a name.. Vegetarian.
  • Relationship Tips: What Women Really Want in a Man
    These relationship tips give men the lowdown on just what women really want from a man.
  • Blessings from God
    How many times have you heard someone complain about the way his or her life is going? How many times have you heard the same complainers thank God for what He's given them and done for them?
  • How to Have a Loving Relationship by Learning to Love Yourself First
    If you don't like the person you are, chances are high that any relationship you are in or get into will fail. Loving yourself is paramount to having a successful and loving relationship.
  • Morality Has Gone to Hell in a Hand Basket
    Society as a whole has went to hell in a hand basket. So few have any real morals left. It's nothing for a person to talk filth in front of an elderly person.
  • Playing Games with the Nintendo Wii
    Nintendo took on PlayStation 3 by releasing its popular Nintendo Wii at the end of 2006. By the end of of 2006, Nintendo had already sold over one million Wii gaming units. This gaming system offers some cool game playing time.
  • Saving Money on Food and Groceries
    Saving money on food and groceries can prove to be difficult when the price of eating tends to cut deep into even the best made budget.
  • Letting Go of a Relationship: How to End a Relationship, Move On, and Be Happy Again
    One of the hardest things to do in life is to let go of a relationship. No matter what the cause of a breakup, learning to let go just often isn't easy to do.
  • Gas Saving Tips
    Gas prices are on the rise again. Following these gas- and money-saving tips can lower your fuel bill and save money on the high price of gas.
  • Shopping for a Digital Camera
    Digital cameras offer an assortment of features, and shopping for one can prove to be overwhelming. Before buying your new digital camera, it's helpful to determine your needs and wants in a new camera.
  • How to Create and Host a Podcast with Podcast Software
    Podcasting has become an online trend. With the widespread use of broadband internet connection services, creating podcast videos has become popular and used as a marketing tool.
  • Choosing the Right Work at Home Business
    Some would consider working from home as a dream job. Before quitting your job however, there are some decisions to be made and many things to take into consideration about working from home.
  • When People Expect You to Give Your Writing Away to Them for Free
    Most of us who write expect to be paid for the work we do. After all, who in their right mind would work and not expect to be paid when it's payday? Is a writer somehow different?
  • Saving Money by Buying the Right Auto Navigation System
    Choosing the right Global Positioning Satellite (GSP) device can prove to be difficult with so many auto navigational systems on the market today.
  • Better Budgeting Guide: Tips and Tools to Budget Your Money Better
    It's a good idea to have a budget set up for yourself. A budget is simply an outline or plan or what to do with your money.
  • What Every Woman Should Know About Preventing Heart Disease
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States.
  • Harry Potter New Book Due Out July 21!
    The latest and last installment of J.K. Rowling's highly popular book series is due to be released at 12:01 AM July 21. The book is already #1 on in sales!
  • Preventing Hair Loss and Baldness with the Proper Vitamins
    You can help your hair to grow thicker and stronger simply by being sure to get enough vitamins. Hair loss is often a result of not getting enough of the B Vitamin supplements.
  • GPS Technology and Auto Navigation Systems
    Most of todays auto navigation systems use global positioning technology, or GPS. While this technology was once reserved for wealthy individuals, GPS technology is now in mainstream America.
  • Exercise Back Pain Away
    The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons past studies and research says that 80% of all Americans will experience some sort of back pain during the course of their lives.
  • Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft While Shopping
    Identity theft is becoming more and more prevalent. As more people use credit cards to shop, the chances of having one's identity stolen increase.
  • Keyword Density for SEO Writing
    It is important that you understand keyword density if you write for the web and write SEO articles. keyword density basically indicates the amount of times that a selected keyword or keyword phrase appears on a web page or in an article on said page.
  • Gift Jar Recipes ... Just in Time for Christmas!
    Gifts in a jar make wonderful gifts for any occasion and anytime of the year.
  • How to Get Started With a Website for Your Home Business
    If you have a home business or hope to have one, you need a website. While most home business owners don't rely on the internet to sell their services or products, they do rely on the web as a marketing tool to reach customers around the globe.
  • Getting Paid to Take Online Surveys
    One of the easiest and more entertaining ways to make money working online is to take paid surveys. Companies pay for your opinions on their products, from what you have used to products you might purchase.
  • HUGE Coloring Sheets Collection on CD ... Christmas is Coming!
    This fantastic collection has 6,800 printable coloring pages on CD!
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