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  • The Strange Costa Rican Earthquakes - Was a Priest to Blame?
    Costa Rica experiences more than 5,000 earthquakes a year. That's right, a year. The frequency has contributed to some of the most unusual effects, including the destruction of some notable churches.
  • A Call for a Town's Name Change and How a Young Girl Prevented a Disaster There 100 Years Ago
    In 1912, the daughter of a railroad man made history in newspapers throughout the United States. Thanks to her quick action and courage, a Southern Pacific passenger train avoided disaster.
  • How a Japanese Shogun's Teachings Resonate With Us Today
    Nine centuries ago, a Japanese philosopher committed to writing his views on Common Sense, Influence and what he called Timidity. These three books capture the fundamentals of human nature and prove that 12th century philosophy is still relevant today.
  • What Are the Chances? Meteor Strikes Ship in the Open Atlantic
    The American brig, Vidette, encountered hailstones, a water-spout, vicious tropical storms and a hurricane in its career. But perhaps its most bizarre incident came on a clear and calm night in 1886.
  • Roger Philip Bresnahan - Player, Manager, Hall of Famer
    In the early morning hours of July 11, 1911, a train derailed in Bridgeport, Conn., killing 14 and injuring 40 seriously. On board was the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team heading to Boston for a series.
  • The Bridgeport, Connecticut Rail Disaster of 1911
    Just outside Bridgeport, in the early morning of July 11, 1911 a train launched itself from the rails at 60 mph killing 14. The death toll would have been far worse but for the passengers who assisted in the rescue- the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team
  • The Wreck of the Santa Rosa-Who Really was to Blame?
    A minor ship grounding near Santa Barbara turns deadly after 15 hours of price haggling by a ship's captain and his steamship company
  • Precious Seconds Lost Forever
    In July 1911 a Maine excursion train was returning a high school band after the group spent the day down the shore. The train's engineer and conductor thought they could shave off a few minutes that evening by rushing ahead of a southbound train.
  • A Brave Connecticut Lighthouse Keeper Gives His Life in 1911
    In the Greens Ledge Lighthouse a young man gives his life to keep the beacon shining despite food and water for 11 days
  • Nebraska's Great Train Disaster-1911
    On the foggy morning of May 29,1911 two passenger trains were streaking towards one another and neither crew was aware of the danger that lay just ahead. Lives would be lost but a baseball team would go on to achieve immortality.
  • Kite Screams: How Kids Held on for Dear Fright
    Two children, separated by 78 years share a kite flying experience that neither would ever want to repeat
  • Balloon Boy- the 1910 Version
    In June of 1910, a young man held on for dear life suspended beneath a balloon by a fragile rope while high over Lincoln, Nebraska
  • David Graham Phillips
    David Graham Phillips was a famous 1900's novelist whose work as a Muckraker earned him a reputation for uncovering political corruption in Washington . Read on!
  • Rear View Mirror
    Two old men, former workers on Coney Island's famous roller coaster return to the site days before it is demolished. The visit evokes a flood of memories, some painful. But both men realize this place shaped the course and meaning of their lives.
  • Lindy McDaniel - Oklahoma's Pitching Hero
    In an August 2010 interview with the author, Lindy McDaniel shares his thoughts about growing up as a young athlete in Oklahoma and his 1960 season. He also looks back on his which spanned 20 years in the major leagues.
  • Weehawken Street - Greenwich Village
    The shortest street in Manhattan is overlooked by many, including Greenwich Village residents. This street and the surrounding buildings are now part of an official Historic District with good reason.
  • USS Akron - Dirigible Disaster of 1933
    This accident preceded the Hindenburg disaster by four years and claimed the lives of 73 Navy sailors.
  • Jack "Colby" Coombs - the A's Greatest Pitcher
    Jack "Colby" Coombs had his greatest season in 1910 when he won 31 games. But his most important contribution was winning 3 of the 4 games in the World Series for the Philadelphia Athletics.
  • The Empire State Building - the Mooring Mast
    The New York's Empire State Building can credit its architectural form to a ambitious design failure that dates back to the Great Depression.
  • Father of Coney Island, Hot Dogs
    How a 24-year-old immigrant went begging for customers and invented the hot dog and found America's first great amusement park.

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