Raymond  Milam

Raymond Milam

Raymond Burl Milam
Born: July 23rd 1984
Occupation: US Army

Currently working full time as a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. I love writing as well as sharing my knowledge/ideas with others. I hope all who read my articles enjoy what they read. I spend what time I have available with family and am a budding new freelance writer.
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  • Fighting to Help Defend the Country
    I was a Senior in High School, sitting in English Class. I remember watching as the events unfolded on television trying to absorb what was going on. Because of those events my life has become what it is today.
  • Best Automotive Shop in Georgia
    I had some work done by C&C Automotive a couple months ago and still I am amazed at the care, professionalism, dedication and overall outstanding service provided by everyone at C&C.
  • Awakening
    Jackson Willard awakes not knowing where he is. This is his story of the trials and tribualtions of living as a Zombie.
  • Must Read Science Fiction/Fantasy Series
    If you love Science Fiction/Fantasy you have to read these imaginatively amazing tales from today's great writers.
  • Best Auto Repair Shop in Hawaii
    I used this Auto Repair shop about two years ago and still benefit from the work they did.
  • Chronicles of the Illumination V
    Poetic tie-in. This is written from the the perspective of the characted the Redeemer in the Chronicles of the Illumination story, though his name has not been given yet.
  • Chronicles of the Illumination: Chapter II
    This is the second installment of the Chronicles of the Illumination storyline. It picks up where Chapter I leaves off. Enjoy, there is more to come.
  • Chronicles of the Illumination IV
    For those of you whom have become attached to the Chronicles of the Illumination storyline, I give another tie-in.
  • History Gothica
    From the Dark Ages forward, gothic design has affected mainstream design and culture.
  • Secret Society and Work
    From a military point of view I ask myself "Can Secret Societies or groups of Secret Soieties exist in a Military atmosphere where one cannot show partiality or segregation?". Maybe you can help me.
  • Chronicles of the Illumination III
    Another tie-in to the ongoing story. It will come together. The actual story is labeled by Chapter. Tie-ins are only labeled by number.
  • Hawaiian Life Part Two
    I posted an article title giving five things to do on the island of Oahu. Here are five more.
  • Chronicles of the Illumination: Chapter I
    Alright, hopefully a fan base will continue to grow. I do not claim to be the best, I simply will deliver something that is new to Science Fiction.
  • Schick Quattro VS. Mach 3
    Is four blades really better? I think it's more a question of quaility not quantity.
  • Hawaiian Life
    If you are in the neighborhood or planning a future vacation to the island of Oahu, Hawaii you should work these places into your schedule.
  • Chronicles of the Illumination II
    This ties in to the Chronicles of the Illumination piece Closing in Stages. I hope my readers enjoy my work as I have massive plans for this.
  • Couch Potato or Adrenaline Junkie?
    This is my all time top ten best shows on television. If you are looking for something new get your mind racing and your blood pumping with these fantastic tales.
  • Through a Soldier's Eyes
    Being a soldier I have been asked numerous times what I think of the War on Terror. Now for the first time am I able to get a few thoughts out so that more than one person can see with my eyes.
  • Identity Theft?
    Ever had an issue with fraud or identity theft?
  • Hawaii's Best Beaches for Kids
    Have kids that love the water? Of course you do, well most kids love the water anyway. If you are in the area or on vacation and are looking for a nice, calm, clean beach to take your kids this is the place.
  • Work from Home
    Wanna earn extra money while working at home in your spare time? You might wanna look at starting your own business before thinking you will make "extra" money with certain at home jobs. This is what happened to me.
  • Chronicles of the Illumination
    Follow the tale of the Redeemer in this gripping Science Fiction saga that will envelop you in a tale of vengeance, redemption and love. Enjoy as I lead you on this captivating tale of Illumination.

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