Teri Pastore ~

Teri Pastore ~

Teri Pastore is an award-winning writer with an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Her work has been published in print journals, newspapers, anthologies, and on the web.

Currently, Teri is a Paralegal Major at an ABA approved program and teaches writing part-time at a local community college.
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  • Privacy and Your Profile Page
    Does our Constitution protect potential employers from gaining access to a potential new employee's Facebook account?
  • Stand and Deliver Divinity: What Whitney Houston Meant to Her Fans
    No one could stand and deliver a song like Whitney Houston. No one. Her loss is a worldwide rift in the firmament of stars. Without question, Whitney Houston will be missed. But her legacy does not stop there.
  • 86 the Conversation: A Side of Flat Screen TV with Your Burger
    In America conversation has become a dying art? Ideas, dreams, a personal observation, or the fecund ground where opposite beliefs intersect are being buried under the dead weight of Reality shows, advertisements, and the need for HD TV, all app
  • Moon Tides by Brenda Patik Sunoo
    Moon Tides chronicles the lives of the diving women of Korea's Jeju Island, known as haenyeo. Women age 39 to 93 dive into choppy water to pluck abalone off the ocean's floor, originally with nothing more than a basket and a healthy set of lungs.
  • "The Lovely Bones" Movie Misses the Mark of Grace
    Peter Jackson was criticized for his unicorns, rainbows, and glittery spectral treatment of Suzie's heaven. His attempt to juxtapose the grief at the heart of the story against a landscape of Saturday-morning cartoon-esque setting just did not work.
  • Oregon's Gov. Kitzhaber Shares State Mansion with Long-time Companion
    Governor Kitzhaber's decision to live in a committed relationship rather than bend to the pressure of political clout mirrors that progressive attitude. The choice is edgy and took guts, but another quality is at play and that quality is vision.
  • Keeping 'em Honest in Egypt: The Fall of Real News
    Sorely absent by America's intrepid reporters is evidence of a regime, facts to support their picturesque premise of an oppressed people, a government committing genocide against its own people. Instead I see reporters capitalizing on the situation.
  • Contingent Faculty Educators Are Nation Builders Who Remain in the Shadows
    In his State of the Union Address, President Obama said,"South Korea, teachers are known as "nation builders." Here in America, it's time we treated the people who educate our children with the same level of respect." Wow. What a concept.
  • Search Continues for Kyron Horman
    Adorable 7 year-old Kyron Horman has been missing from Multnomah County, Oregon, since June 4th, 2010. Kyron's disappearance has left federal, state and local authorities, and a wake of Oregon citizens anxious his over his safety and whereabouts.
  • First Person: State of the Union at the Bipartisan Cafe
    The tradition of folks gathering around to hear their president's address to the nation has not gone the way of the eight track, and is certainly alive at the Bipartisan Café, in the Montavilla Neighborhood of Southeast Portland, Oregon.
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  • Oregon's Rep. Wu Loses Key Staff Over Allegations of 'Strange Behavior'
    Over six of Congressman Wu's longtime aids, including his chief of staff, Julie Tippens, have resigned due to allegations of strange behavior exhibited by Congressman Wu.
  • 'Glee' Deserves Its Golden Globe
    I'm not going to try to convince viewers who profess to not like Glee, many of whom have never watched it. Nope. Instead, I am going to glee-oat over Glee's deserved recognition.
  • Eliminating the High Cost of Corruption in Illinois Politics
    The State of Illinois and its long arm of corruption are an almost seamless thread woven into its history. At last count three of its governors (one republican, two democrats) served time in the Big House for one manner of criminal activity or another.
  • 'Portlandia!' Comedy, Starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, Pokes Fun at Locals
    Brownstein and Armisen have created hilarious, spot-on characters who poke fun at all things Portland such as our obsession with biking, our love affair with the printed page.
  • The Assassination of Words: Making Sense of the Giffords' Shooting
    In tragedies such as the Giffords' shooting, it's natural that we reach for an explanation to make sense of the horrific act of violence and its consequences, both seen and unforeseen.
  • Get Gluten-Free in Your Grill
    You may have noticed a new dietary request, "Gluten-free" being tossed around. The demand for an alternative to wheat-based food products is finally making its way into mainstream markets and eateries.
  • Portland, Ore., Mall Santa Pulls 50- to 70-Hour Weeks to Delight Children
    It was a slow news day and the holiday crush was in full gear. An assignment appeared in my inbox: Interview a Mall Santa. Who else were they going to send to the mall at Christmas-time to interview Santa, a place where even angels fear to dread.
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  • Elizabeth Edwards Took on Ann Coulter, Big Business and Bullies
    Ms. Edwards was a real life Atticus Finch, fighting for fairness, decency and justice for those unable to do so for themselves.
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  • First Person: John Lennon's Presence Inescapable to Non-Typical Fan
    For some of us, the day John Lennon was shot and killed is as important as the day Kennedy, King, and Kennedy again were also assassinated- it never gets easier to have to use that word.
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  • First Person: Grandmother 'Shared' Her Birthday with Pearl Harbor
    My Grandmother remembered sitting on the wooden stairs, huddled with her kids, her husband, and other neighbors listening to the accounts of the bombing, the president's address to the nation, and the estimates of those who were missing and presumed dead
  • First Person: Caring for HIV and AIDS Patients a True Privilege
    I saw two men for whom the struggle to beat this lethal disease dominated their lives, and yet at the same time they did not collapse under the weight of their burden, nor give up on the everyday joy of life.
  • The Achievement Gap: America's Biggest Loser to Educate Black Boys and Achieve Success
    The consequences of black boys who fall into the achievement gap and fail in school typically end up unable to achieve success in their lives and in their communities.
  • Ma Huang: Dangerous Substance or Healing Herb?
    Using Ma Huang as a weight loss supplement is like using a car to listen to the radio; its purpose and potential is vastly misunderstood.
  • What is an Adjunct College Instructor?
    The majority of college instructors teaching in America's institutions of higher learning are called "adjunct instructors." Indeed, the difficulty to aptly name this labor group is endemic to its existence in the shadowy margins of higher education.
  • The Enviable Misanthrope
    Imagine a physician popping Vicodin in between sentences as he accuses you of lying. Throw in a cane, a scruffy beard and a sidekick, and you'll have a compound for the hit Fox TV series "House" starring Hugh Laurie.
  • Why You Should Not Take an Extended Family Vacation
    While in theory a family vacation breeds the notion of being of the Von Trapp family in loud shirts and flip-flops, take it from someone who's been there, it is among the worst ways to get away from it all.
  • Why You Should Watch Glee
    What show, aiming to keep their advertisers happy, would dare mix entertainment with taboo issues from modern culture, and ask their viewers to think as well as laugh. Unheard of, until "Glee."
  • Community Colleges-First Responders in Goal to Restore the Economy
    Community colleges and workforce development is perhaps where this seamless alchemy is most evident, especially when considered against the backdrop of record unemployment and an economy still trying to find its bottom.
  • Screenplay: The Movie Star of Its Genre
    As a stodgy prose writer, I wanted to learn more about this glamorous writing-cousin, so I signed up to take a screenwriting class from a friend, who earlier in her career had sold two screenplays that were made into made-for-TV movies.
  • Opinion: John Kitzhaber for governor of Oregon
    Oregon needs a political leader who can leverage the movers and shakers, innovate policy, and create industry. As the former Governor of Oregon, lifelong public servant John Kitzhaber is a proven leader ready to take office.
  • Treating Grief with Acupuncture
    Traditional Chinese medicine regards emotions as a significant contributor to a person's health. Grief and its symptoms such as fatigue, depression, insomnia can be helped with acupuncture.
  • Alternative Medicine and Thai Massage
    Thai Massage involves a series of moves done to the body designed to stretch the fascia, release toxins from the body, and deepen relaxation.
  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice of Cupping
    Cupping tonifies the major organs and cleanses the blood, and like all TCM practices is gentle on the body, without causing harsh side effects.
  • Buzz Kill
    Blood had soaked through his Converse All-Stars. The smell of metal, of iron more specifically, nudged his mind out from the fog of shock, closer to the reality of his circumstances. The nroar of the buzz saw once again sputtered as steel met bone.
  • Get Thee to a Chiropractor
    Through the use of physical adjustments done to the body, the chiropractor re-aligns the muscular-skeletal system in order to alleviate physical pain in the body. What surprised me was the mental and emotional healing involved in a chiropractic treatment.
  • Acupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Good Fit for You?
    Several factors to consider to determine if acupuncture is right for you.
  • The Constant Gardner
    Teaching is as much about sharing knowledge as it is about shepherding students beyond the comfort zone of their own limitations.
  • Auditing a College Course: A Fun and Affordable Fit for Seniors
    By auditing a course, Seniors can take a college course for free (almost) at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham Oregon, as well as other local community colleges.
  • Breaded Cauliflower-Italian Style
    Not always the first vegetable chosen to accompany the main course at dinner, but this recipe is guaranteed to make cauliflower the rock star of side dishes on your table!
    For those who don't like overly sweet pies, and enjoy the natural sweetness of pears, with the crunchy texture of crumbs an pecans, this pear and pecan pie is a gold medal winner!
  • The Soy Zone
    Sears, whose Seven Zone Diet books sold more than 3 million copies sees The Soy Zone Diet not only as a method to achieve and maintain maximum health, but also as means to conserve Earth's dwindling resources.
  • Sex Over 40
    Dr. Saul Rosenthal, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, wrote Sex Over 40 due to the egregious lack of information on the sexual shifts and practices of patients over 40.
  • What's Your Menopause Type?
    Dr. Joseph Collins, a naturopathic physician, identifies twelve different types of menopause in his book, "What's Your Menopause Type?"

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