Jenny Dee

Jenny Dee

I m a single woman, living in the Midwest, trying to keep her head above water. Not literally, but the longstanding debt I have and the research I ve done to help me cope with it have left me stranded.

I was diagnosed with chronic severe depression only six years ago, but suffered from it most of my life. Learning this about myself, and learning to retrain my thinking that I m not a lazy slob, but that I have a mental disease, has been hard. It s an ongoing process.

Being single and in debt has plagued me for over 15 years. Well, the debt has; I ll work on the single part elsewhere on the web. Finding information on being single and how to eliminate debt has been hard. I m hoping to help other singles out there with ideas. Maybe you can help me with your ideas.

I m a science-fiction geek who s been attending conventions since 1995. Hence, the debt I ve accrued. Who knew that a plane ticket to England back in 1999 would still be on my credit card today? Not me!
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