Alexandra E. Gulkin

Alexandra E. Gulkin

Alexandra Gulkin exhibits a unique and unyielding fervency for both creativity and efficiency in her writing. Her powerful compositions are signed with scientific precision of SEO, SMO and SEM tactics, sealed with savvy ingenuity and delivered to targeted audiences with seducing power.
When she's not composing, optimizing or contextualizing content, Alex can be found wielding kettlebells by the beach.
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  • Gravity
    Planets are moving to satisfy moons
  • Elizabeth Taylor: A Glamorous Remembrance
    The transcending violet eyes of Elizabeth Taylor are accented with Bvlgari jewelry in the 1973 film, "Ash Wednesday," where you can catch a glimpse of her 50 carat sapphire 'sautoir' (necklace and pendant) and the sugar-loaf sapphire ring.
  • A Brief Glimpse of Love
    He returns to his creation with a subtle grin. "My Dear, I do believe that you would probably win."
  • US Army Veteran Turns Injury into Tattoos and Business Opportunity
    With goals to honor wounded soldiers and disabled veterans through non-profit approaches with, Glasser has found a way to modernize the defining principles of honor and integrity of the US Army.
  • Fashion Trends of 2011
    Taking women from flowing dresses of '70s sophistication to buckled biker-boots and latex leggings, the mix of futurism and sophistication seen in the fashion trends of 2011 are uniquely dangerous.
  • Ten top contenders for UFC inspired gifts
    Ten Top Contenders For UFC Inspired Gifts Find the perfect present for the UFC fan in your life
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  • The Illusion of Time
    Isn't is funny, the deception of mind, those memories falling to the small cracks of time, lost in riddles and puzzles and questioned design, left only to die on blank crossword lines.
  • Thanks Be to Life
    Thank you birth, for you have given life Thank you death, for you will bring the light
  • Top 5 PC Laptops for Students on a Budget
    A variety of well-designed and fully functional laptop PCs are available for 500 dollars or less.
  • Iris Unwinds
    The Power of Those Eyes: This photograph that always shines Every time I watch your green iris unwind
  • Trepidation
    In all that I shield myself from with all of this running away, despite all of my armor, is the imposter of protection that will surely kill me some day. This is the torture of trepidation, a constant hesitation of uncertain apprehention.
  • Miami Falls Mall Fashion Show Competes with Yahoo! Ask America Van
    The Ask America Van, part of the Yahoo! News movement to inform and engage the Nation arrives at an upscale Miami shopping mall to observe a sad display of a materialistic self-absorbed social scene of South Florida locals.
  • Flight
    This crying out for all of life's great questions was written during one of those extreme phases in life that tests your character, strength and determination all at once. I was 18 at the time.
  • Sweet Sedation
    I wish that I did not demand so much from you But I do and I will and this you should know Before everything breaks and we're the rubble below
  • The Wall
    Metaphoric mantra to physical matter and emotional elements in a dedication to the loss of one's counterpart: A loss of sanity in the mind of the heart.
  • Then Forever It Shall Take
    if it should take forever then forever it shall take this heart will faithfully wait for you as only for you was it made
  • Impatient Lilies
    A relation of silently sublime elements poisoning themselves with the pollution of sound. Metaphorically representative of what will become of passion and humanity in society as we know it.

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