I was born in Orlando FL,but grew up in the military.I have lived in Germany and traveled to 35 of the 50 states in America.I am a mom to 2 children as well as 2 cats! My experiences growing up have helped me to be easily adaptable to any situation. I am currently working on a book. Many thanks to all the wonderful people on here without I wouldn t have a clue. Fiction is my specialty look for my name soon on the closest book shelf.
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Life has been my best teacher,I can look at the world and see it as a child would.


just keep swimming Dory from Finding Nemo
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  • Schooling a New Way
    There are times when traditional schools are not in your child's best interest. Perhaps your son or daughter needs a more challenging curriculum or a smaller class. Charter schools can be the answer.
  • Moon
    The glow of a full moon makes the world seem peaceful.
  • How I Feed My Family on Food Stamps
    Stretching the food dollar is even more important now than ever before.
  • First Person: In DOMA Case, It's a Fight for Equality
    There are many reasons to deny a marriage ; sexual orientation shouldn't be one of them.
  • When Your Child is Being Bullied
    How do we as parents handle the issue of bullying? What can you do if your child is being bullied? What if your child IS the bully?
  • Fireworks Over Lake Michigan
    Sparklers,poppers, and strings of of little fireworks, the 4th of July was about the best holiday after Christmas & Halloween.
  • Wake Up America!
    History does not favor the loser,only the winner.If we allow things to continue as they are going,then we as a free nation will cease to exist. We will be a footnote in another history as the fallen giant much like all the great fallen empires.
  • Importance of Music in the Schools
    This is the 1st year band of my son's middle school. Before this year most of these kids had never picked up an instrument. In just one short year they have come a long way. It is so vital to keep the arts in our public schools.
  • My Tax Dollars at Work?
    The police are there to protect and serve(?) right? So explain what just happened.
  • Christmas with Family
    As time passes I yearn for the old days when Christmas meant going to see family. The one time a year when we all tried to be together. The joy of seeing a child's eyes light up for the first time, the laughter of a beloved grandparent. Aah! memories
  • Why She Does What She Does
    The daily routine, so normal if you can call traffic normal. It had such a integral part of her life that she was almost sorry that it was ending.
  • The Protectors
    A sacred lake, unexplained disappearances, & a young woman with a part in two worlds.
  • Legend of Sasqautch
    Without being able to go back in time, we can only ponder the mystery of where they came from. Perhaps I am not far from wrong.
  • Terrorism Has Awakened a 'Sleeping Giant'
    The sad truth of the matter is that I, along with the rest of the nation, had grown complacent, accustomed to the "things like that don't happen here" mentality. We had already forgotten the OKC bombing. Tim McVeigh was homegrown.
  • More Views from the Corner
    On a rare beautiful evening I was sitting outside enjoying the cool breeze. As I often do when I am out on the porch,I decide to 'people watch'. As I have written before there advantages to living on the 'corner'.
  • For Sale 1 Young Nation, Slightly Battered $ 13 Trillion
    We are in debt to the tune of trillions. I don't have any idea what that amount would even look like? We lend to all, who will loan it to us? What happens to the recipients of SSA,SSI, & all the other govt. aid. Who is going to help them?
  • The Corner
    I can always find something interesting to watch or write about just by stepping onto my front porch. Today was no exception!
  • OMG! for Real?
    You thought your bank had some vicious fees,& penalties.
  • Justice?
    Well it's over for now.The jury's verdict is in.
  • "Are You the Mother Of...?"
    The knock at the door or the chime of the bell. Unlike T.V. there are no flashing lights just an officer, doing their job. Oh no! What do you do? Who do you call?
  • Yes I Am a Witch!
    I became a Pagan/Wiccan at the age of 20. I am what is known as an 'eclectic solitary'. I mix different aspects of both Native American beliefs & different paths of Wicca to find the path I am on.
  • Local Secret
    This delightful little cafe/ Deli in the midst of Lake Mary and Heathrow im Seminole county Florida has the perfect blend of charm & taste.From the made to order breakfasts to the delectable pastries, it is worth a trip.
  • RAIN!!
    The clouds were full & generous this week end dumping a much needed deluge on us.
  • The State of Florida V. Casey Anthony
    Casey is on trial, accused of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony. back in 2008. The trial began May 24 with Judge Belvin Perry. Day 21 started with a brawl this morning outside the Orange County courthouse.
  • Silence
    When noise,any type , of noise was made something bad usually followed. Children grew up knowing to make no unnecessary sounds; even babies were kept as quiet as possible. However their very silence was their best weapon aginst the enemy.
  • The State Rests?
    On this day 18 of the Casey Anthony trial, the state has called it final witness. The tattoo artist who did her 'Bella Vita' tattoo.
  • Our forcast for the week!
    Results of the late start to the rainy season. As you can see FL. is (((hot)))!!! If anyone out there in need of some dry weather please send us your rain,your downpours,& you can have all the sun YOU want. No fireworks for Volusia county.
  • The Trial of Casey Anthony
    For the last 2 years the public has waited to hear what really happened to little Caylee. Now with her mother on trial for murder some of the truth may come out
  • Summer of the Tsar
    The story of the last Tsar of Russia is a tragic story of betrayal, bad advice, a sickly heir & a man who never wanted to be Tsar. What would you do if you had the chance to change history?
  • The old graveyard
    The town of Cassadaga started from the founding of the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association.The Camp was chartered on December 18, 1894, and as they say, the rest is history!!Lake Helen became incorporated in the summer of 1888.
  • Dads Vs. Fathers
    Major Winchester said it to Hawkeye " Where you had a dad. I had a father." Yes there is a difference.
  • Classic & Antique Autos
    Every Friday night they come. The Fords,Chevys,Pontiacs, & others,to entice a new generation,& remind an older one of days gone by. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.
  • Colored Eggs
    As simple as wrapping string around an egg or as elaborate as layer on layer of dye to make designs in wax outlines on the egg, you can turn your Easter eggs into little works of art.
  • Worst Moving Day EVER!
    Moving can be stressful even more so when you have a deadline,& it's been raining for 3 days straight! To make matters worse your driver gets the truck stuck in front yard in ....mud!!
  • When Yesterday...
    The only thing left to do was retreat into the past.The world was dying,the population had been fleeing for years. Yes science had done a good job of informing the governments that an exodus was needed.
  • Rent or Buy
    I am a renter.I have always lived in rental housing. Even as a child growing up in the military we lived in 'base housing' which is like renting but we didn't pay rent.
  • Being Ready for a Natural Disaster
    When you live in Florida natural disasters are just something you learn to deal with. From wild fires to hurricanes we get it. With a little planning though you can be ready for anything!
  • Sky photos
    I love to watch the sky change colors as the sun rises or sets.Sometimes I see things that just beg to be photographed like the shuttle going up or the launch of a spy satellite.
  • Migraine
    A headache is bad enough, I mean it might mildly disrupt your day,but MIGRAINEs are the worst in my opinion. I can feel one coming before it hits. Light begins to hurt,sounds is nauseating,then the throb begins.... oh God just kill me.
  • To Touch the Sky
    A story about the little questions we all ask .Where are going? Where have we been? Where did we come from?.Why are we here?
  • My Journey to See Journey!
    The Tacoma dome was still fairly new,only a few concerts had been played there.I along with my best friend Carin were going to go see Journey, & we were going to be totally parent free!! Yes!
  • Real Jobs Online
    We all see them.Ads that promise BIG returns on your investment. There are some real money makers out there you just need to find them.
  • "Aw Go Read a Book!"
    I am a firm believer in reading.I read,my children both read.Books can be a great way to spend a rainy day,or relive history, but books can also be costly. My solution? The local public library!
  • The Day the Challenger Died
    I was almost 21,that cold morning in January.I had moved down here from Tacoma,WA. only a couple months before & this was the first shuttle launch I had ever seen.
  • Historic Hotel Putnam Closing
    The Hotel Putnam is located in beautiful downtown DeLand in Florida.Locals claim it is haunted by at least two ghosts.For anyone who wants to visit, I'm sorry to say that the hotel/apts operations will soon be gone.
  • The Hottest Band in the World
    They have been around for almost 40 years.The music has grown,but yet stayed the same.They became the band they always wanted to see onstage.Rock-n-Roll forever.
  • Aggravation
    Just a vent about all the BS that goes on in my little corner of the world.
  • Good-bye 2010
    Just a few stand out thoughts from the old year.
  • Happy Holidays
    A little note to say to all: Hope the holidays are good for you and yours!
  • I Don't Like That!
    Do you have a picky eater? Is dinnertime a battle ground? Try these tricks to get the good stuff inside them,and save your sanity as well.
  • Free to Serve
    In an historic decision Saturday,the senate voted to repeal the DADT policy. Now homosexual soldiers don't have to serve in "the closet" any longer.
  • Enocpresis
    Some reasons why children suffer from "wetting" and/or messing their pants.
  • Winter's Here!
    OMG! It got cold overnight.I woke up to find FROST on my lawn & car windows.Frost in December, not something we see much of this early in winter.Hmmm, I guess winter came early this year.
  • My Favorite T.V. Commercials From the 70s
    Although some of these are still made, nothing quite captures the product like these classic ads from the 70s.
  • The Sandhill cranes
    I wrote about the family of cranes which live by me.They were a family of 4, now there are just 3.
  • What I Learned as a Parent
    The lessons learned,myths exploded,wives tales that actually have a grain of truth,and how to survive on next to no sleep.
  • The River
    A mighty tea colored body of moving water.This is the St.Johns River.
  • Restoring History
    This is an ongoing project that is being done close to where I live. I am friends with one of the people who is involved in restoring this old boat to its former glory.
  • The Strangeness of English
    Did you ever wonder where our language came from.Why do we spell words the way we do? Where did these words even come from?
  • Holiday Dinner with Family
    For the first time in 4 years we were close enough to enjoy holidays with family.My grandparents lived only an 8 hour drive away.
  • Decorating with LED
    LED lighting is more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.These lights can be used in a variety of colors and themes.
  • Christmas in Alaska
    When a child discovers that reindeer are real,and Santa lives just outside of town.
  • How to Handle the Invisible Parent
    What do you tell your son when his dad doesn't call? How do you make the hurt go away when another promise gets broken?
  • Boy Scout Mom Pt. 2
    It's that time of year again.
  • Halloween ,a History
    Find out why we carve pumpkins,wear costumes and go trick or treating. Learn why this night was called the "wiccan new year"
  • What Were They Thinking?
    Do you remember the things we were told as kids? Don't make that face or it will freeze like that?
  • Florida's Film History
    Florida has long been used as a setting or back drop for the motion picture industry.From 1910 - 2010 Producers have taken advantage of our weather and scenery to film both masterpieces as well as grade B horror flicks.
  • The Empty Apartment
    Out of all the units in the building only 1 seemed to never have tenants for more than 1 month.
  • Living with ADHD
    My son has ADHD as well as we think a bit of OCD.Life with him is a real experience at times.
  • Some Helpful Plants
    Some of the more common and easily recognized plants which are beneficial to mankind.Also a brief reveiw of the many uses of honey.
  • Livingwith Cats
    Life with my crazy feline companions.
  • Antique Dolls
    Do you have some old dolls that you wonder may be worth money? Do you just love to collect antiques.
  • POGO
    A place to meet people and have fun at the same time. It is a paid subscription site but it is reasonable.
  • Not at Ground Zero
    In deference to all concerned, please show some respect.
  • Technology Can Be a Real B****!
    Windows XP to Vista how did I do that?
  • Boy Scout Mom
    So my son is a boy scout, now what?
  • Thanks to Everyone
    I have met (in a way) some very nice people on here.
  • Federal Judge Overturns Prop 8
    Will California once again allow same sex marriage?
  • Summer of the Tsar Part 2
    The conclusion of the story
  • Going Crazy
    A short trip thru the world of multiple personality disorder
  • Humans
    just a short piece on how irrational we humans are
  • Summer of the Tsar
    two friends embark on a mission to change history and save innocent lives.
  • Alone in the House
    One night when home alone,I hear strange sounds and strange things happen.
  • Alcoholism
    are you or someone you love suffering from alcoholism?The road to recovery is long and hard, but worth every step.
  • Life
    A short prose about life
  • Borrowed Land
    The native Americans said the world is not ours to keep,for we merely borrowed it from our children
  • The Wiccan Law
    Do we really obey out own laws?Or do we write them down just to prove we can?
  • This is Paradise
    For a while each year in spring and autumn Florida's weather can be described as perfect.
  • Watching the Cranes Play
    To watch a family of sand hill cranes is both beautiful and funny.When the adults play they jump in the air, pick up a stick and make that distinct call that Floridians recognize.
  • What Have We Done
    Words of wisdom to learn from.
  • Wings of an Angel
    Emotional thought provoking
  • You and I
    The end and renewal of a sisterhood.

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